For the 2.5 Equations out there, the wait is over. Cube Entertainment‘s unfortunately-named M4M has finally released their Chinese mini-album! After debuting in South Korea for a hot minute with “Sadness,” band mates Jimmy, Bin, Vinson and Alen have been doing steady promotions in China.

Despite Cube’s claims that the band will promote in both Korea and China, it seems they’re banking on M4M making it in the Chinese market. The mini-album consists of four new tracks in Chinese, with the addition of the Korean version of “Sadness.” The majority of the songs echo “Sadness” as middling dance tracks, though the one ballad “When You Leave Me” shows off the boys’ smooth vocals:


“When You Leave” has also been consistently showcased during their live performances, with Alen playing the piano. It’s obviously their current showstopper song. However, “Perfect” gets my vote as personal favorite because it starts off with a cringingly bad intro, but ends surprisingly well:


The album is a little underwhelming, but the boys come off so down-to-earth in interviews, it’s hard not to root for them. Readers, what do you think? Has M4M grabbed your attention yet?

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