• Mariana Ferreira Albuquerque

    And europeans, you know we’re the most disgraceful ones.

  • honeyHW

    I agree very much with this article. When I went to music shows a couple of years back, the SM staff was VERY helpful with helping me and one of my friends (who is also a foreigner) into the show. They even squeezed us in at the very top of the venue because there were no seats left but we were just so happy to see them. Kudos to SM for that but I don’t know what happened here because for every pre-recording I attended for TVXQ (and fx), the SM staff ran it, not the actual show staff. On the other hand, I went with my friends to help them get into a pre-recording to see Big Bang and the YG staff basically told me that you have to have a “special pass” and the only way to receive that was to be apart of their official fan cafe. I checked the fan cafe on my phone and only Korean citizens can join the fan cafe. Then I told the YG staff that it’s very unfair that international fans cannot receive the same privilege to see Big Bang as they paid a lot of money to fly all the way here to just see them. I think the YG staff person understood and told us to show up at Big Bang’s concert at a later date with this piece of paper she gave me…my friends went and got into the concert for free. So there are downs but there are ups too.

  • D A N I ★☆

    Can I just say that people should stop blaming EXO specifically? go ahead and blame the broadcast company, go ahead and blame SM, but EXO literally has no say in those things. And EXO is one of the groups, who has Kris ALWAYS adding a “Thank you I love you” in English, referring to all the fans who aren’t Korean/Chinese.
    And the thing with the fans not getting in? They probably misunderstood, or weren’t properly prepared for the event, Korean fans know how to, we international fans don’t, and if they don’t even speak the least bit of Korean, I doubt they’d have it easy. That’s why, if you really want to be a fan, not just one who listens to the music and admires from afar… LEARN KOREAN.
    Also, there’s no point in being an official fan unless you move to Korea.

  • Demi

    This is a sad true fact. A lot of Korean fans sometimes turn off international fans, they even rare share info about the same group idol they adore so much.

    And it’s ironic if I remember how KBS world always upload video how ‘hallyu wave’ spread around the world, showing international fans from around the world to make comment about Korean drama and kpop in particular, how they like them so much, bla bla bla, and how they make international fans look stupid in their documentary, while the truth is many people stay ignorant about the existence of kpop. Sometimes LOL with Korean media exaggerating how big their hallyu was, while actually not.

    I know they realize how important international people, because we bring foreign exchange for them, kpop fans or drama fans, especially for international fans who take a lot of risk fly to Korea to meet their idol… but end up trauma cause how bad their treating us. They won’t grow if they never change the attitude, hallyu will die for sure, it’s just the matter of time.