We all like to get a look Behind the Scenes of our favorite idols’ work and lives, but at times maybe some fans go a little too far.  There should definitely be a line between the idols’ public and private lives that shouldn’t be crossed.

In Love?

  • Netizens continue to amaze me (or should it be scare me) with their investigative prowess.  f(x)’s Victoria had uploaded a picture of a meal on her Weibo account and netizens saw a reflection in the spoon in the picture–which turned out to be DBSK‘s Changmin (the picture above is an enhanced image of the original).  Immediately rumors of the two being a couple spread with SM Entertainment claiming that they weren’t and that even though the two were sharing a meal, staff were also present. (joinsmsn)
  • SNSD‘s Sooyoung also was caught up in a dating scandal with actor Jung Kyung-ho.  They of course have refuted the rumors and claim they are just close friends from church. (nspna)


In Music…

  • BEAST revealed their contribution to the OST of leader Doo-joon‘s K-drama IRIS 2 Black Paradise.” The song was produced by Jun-hyung and Composer Kim Tae-joo.
  • Amoeba Culture released the latest from Yankie “I.N.D.O,” his first in two years, featuring Epik High‘s Tablo.
  • YG Entertainment‘s super rookie, Lee Hi, pre-released the intro song of her comeback “Turn it Up.”  Her sunbae, Gummy made her return with a contribution to the OST for K-drama That Winter, The Wind BlowsSnow Flower.”
  • The Nuts return with “Love Note.”

  • Cross Gene released the PV of their Japanese debut “Shooting Star.”
  • Woohyun of INFINITE does a duet project with K-indie singer Lucia and released the MV and song “Cactus
  • Brave Brothers released the MV “You Got Some Nerve” for his special project group made up of Jun-hyung from BEAST, Feeldog of BigStar and EXID‘s LE, rookie group ICONIZE debuted and wanted to “Show You What I Got.”
  • Two new boy bands debuted: MAIN, whose member attended Seungri’s Academy and leader was the vocal trainer of B.A.P.‘s maknae Zelo, with “Love Is” and ICONIZE with “Show You What I Got.”
  • YG Entertainment announced that Se7en will be enlisting a little earlier than we all 20130302_seoulbeats_Se7en_thankuexpected–this month.  He will serve for 21 months as an active duty soldier at a Uijeongbu base. The exact date of his enlistment hasn’t been revealed and YGE said that Se7en will share the date with his fans at his Thank U concert for fans on March 9th at the Seoul Center of Education and Culture. (hankooki)
  •  LOEN Entertainment has a segment called Let’s Dance that they release through their YouTube channel and recently had B.A.P. and NU’EST teaching fans how to do the moves for their songs “One Shot” and “Hello.”  They also have a series called CSI, Coming Soon Interviews, in which they talk to artists who will be releasing music soon the latest episode was with Woohyun and Lucia.  They’ve also been covering things like Teen Top‘s comeback showcase and all with English Subs. LOEN, I love you.  Can all K-pop companies follow your lead–I’m sure we have you to thank for more and more companies adding English subs to their MVs and videos they’ve been uploading to YouTube.
  • Woollim Entertainement release a Making of for INFINITE H‘s Fly High album, but with no English subs.  Come on Woollim, you’re behind the trend.

  • Woollim Entertainment released a Behind-the-Scenes video for INFINITE H‘s Fly High promotions.
  • 20130302_seoulbeats_cnblueworldtourposterC.N. Blue has released the official poster for their 2013 Blue Moon World Tour. They also have released dates for the first leg of their tour which include stops in Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia, and the Philipines. Dates in Europe, and North and South America are still expected to be announced.
  • Proving that SM Entertainment isn’t all work and no play, they uploaded a video of SHINee’s managers doing a ‘mop’ cover of “Dream Girl” (unless it was work–like learn SHINee’s dance so you can practice with them!).  It was pretty cute, just like the manager in the white jacket and SHINee jeans.


In Politics…

  • After 2 years, JYJ finally were allowed to appear on national television again and the presidential Presidential Inauguration of Park Geun-hye.  It was not without controversy though, as fans were upset over uncomplimentary comments made by anchors of TV station Channel A during their performance.

  • Eun Ji-won‘s company announced that he and his wife of two years had divorced… in August of 2012.  They claimed that the late announcement was to respect the privacy of his wife who is a private citizen.  Yeah, I’m sure it had nothing to do with the political campaign of his aunt, who just happens to be the new President of the ROK. (OBSTV)


In musicals..

  • 2PM‘s Jun.K and the Wonder GirlsYenny both tweeted pics of themselves in costume backstage of the musical The Three Musketeers. (@ Jun2daKAY, WGyenny)

20130302_seoulbeats_JunK 20130302_seoulbeats_Yenny

  • And ZE:A‘s Kwanghee shared a pic of him at Siwan‘s debut in the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. (Newsen)



In Fandom…

Looks like fans took it a step too far as G-Dragon posted a tweet telling fans to not visit his home anymore.


“These days, young friends come to my house…all the way to the front gate… I can understand everything but this is really not right…When my mom and nuna come home at night, they get really surprised… Don’t hide. Stop coming to my house.” (@IBGDRGNenewsworld)

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