• Casey

    I enjoyed this article :). Previously, I didn’t know much about LEDapple or Lunafly, aside from seeing comments from their fans in kpop news articles saying they are a bit underrated. However, recently, some kpop news sites have been writing articles weekly, posting the videos to these covers, and that has caught my attention. I gave them a try when a song they picked piqued my interest, and now see how talented they are. For lack of time, and not really knowing where to start with looking up their music, in addition to the large number of groups that have been debuting in the last year, I would have probably not given either of these groups a chance until they possibly released something for official promotions that was also being buzzed about constantly, but through their weekly covers, and doing what I think of as hand to hand combat in the fight for kpop attention, they have really clawed their way to some sort of…recognition, and have gained an advantage, as well as new fans (like myself ^^) I’m sure.

  • TurnUptheAC

    I have really been enjoying ledapple’s covers and now i’ll check out lunafly’s. I agree, it is totally a smart way to promote themselves without using too many funds and if their company lacks political clout with the TV networks in Korea. one has to think outside of the box in the kpop industry these days with the flood of rookies.

  • jakemanroe

    Doing covers is good but if their covers overshadow their own songs it starts to become a negative. It’s a double-edged sword and can work for or against a group. Personally, it may be harder to work with new materials than to tweak something which has already been performed. Furthermore, the group has to fight against being labeled as a lounge band who are only good for doing covers.

  • Judith Mopalia

    Excellent article on several levels. First, because I don’t have a lot of free time to dig for music, I rely on sites like Seoulbeats to keep me informed when new releases are out. So It’s almost impossible to find out about groups low on the radar – unless there’s something like this article. I love both LEDapple and Lunafly and wondered why I never saw more about them – now I know. And, better yet, I know where to look. Thank you!
    Second, I’m getting sick of all the cloned articles on Seoulbeats – it seems the same topics are covered over and over, often with a great lack of scholarship (you’re writing about pop music – unless your degree is in international relations, let’s not have another uninformed, contentless blather about the importance of North Korean hostilities to K-pop. There are plenty of sites that I read for political commentary – you might start with Ask A Korean, for example.). This article extends the range of Seoulbeats, as do the ones that introduce Indie bands (Nell! Wow! ). I really could do without ever reading another article about Orange Caramel and aegyo, but I don’t mind them being there if that’s your thing – but let’s keep content like this coming. Expand the range, dig a little deeper, and I’ll be a happy reader. Thanks for thjs.

    • http://twitter.com/badmarkz Alfia Rahmawati

      actually, i came to love lunafly because an article in seoulbeats several months ago. though i don’t really mind the political posts, basically, i agree with this comment. i like seoulbeats because it offers a wider range of news coverage, instead of just rolling around in gossips and mv reviews all day. basically, it lived up to it’s name to deliver the beats of seoul. and i’d like the seoulbeats team to keep walking down this path in the future :D

  • bangsstory

    When LEDApple debut I listened once then never again. But I came across Hanbyul’s cover of Bruno Mars’ Talking to the Moon and I just fell in love. I occassionally see him hosting Simply KPop when flipping channels but never knew that he was a new member of LEDApply and that he has a wonderful voice. I started following their weekly Music Note (and now Hanbyul’s ‘Blah blah’ :D) Then when I saw their Go Away cover here I was happy because readers who don’t know of it will see how good they are. I love watching covers in Youtube and most of the time purchase the cover than the originals. Kurt Schneider is my favorite, and the list of amazing covers and medleys goes on. Covers shows how much more beautiful and/or different one song can sound with a different artist and arrangement. But the downside is when their covers overshadow their own songs. I am guilty of loving LEDApple’s covers than I do their singles. But the next time they actually do release a song (I’ll count out Hanbyul’s OST), I know I’ll definitely be looking forward to it.