Just weeks after f(x) showed up at indie music festival SXSW, they’ve surfaced again in the Western media and blogosphere, this time in a Funny or Die skit with a new member in tow: none other than America’s sweetheart, Anna Kendrick (most recently of Pitch Perfect fame).

Check it out below:

Funny or Die is a popular website that regularly produces humorous videos, oftentimes with cameos from big stars from all over Western pop culture. In addition, Anna Kendrick just happens to be one of the biggest trending stars in Hollywood right now, so while this may only be an internet release, it’s still a pretty big deal in terms of exposure for f(x). The fact that it’s a video not meant to be taken seriously makes it all the more better, as put into context, it lessens the degree of offense caused by pervasive bad acting and/or accents (excepting native speakers) that have plagued other more “serious” K-pop attempts to break into Western media.

It’s also interesting to note that there are subtitles for the video in both languages, which makes it so that Korean audiences will also have no problems understanding the video. Western pop culture trying to invade the East whilst Eastern pop culture actively tries to invade the West… it’s actually pretty meta, if you think about it.

Readers, what are your thoughts?

(Funny or Die)