• kyl3er

    The song wasn’t worth the wait.

  • http://twitter.com/countingvowels Victoria

    I really don’t think that this song was really that good, but that is this release. Hopefully what they make for his album will be better.

  • http://www.twitter.com/veiledheart veiledheart

    I hate Will.I.Am’s music, so I was never excited about this. I just hope it’s decent enough to leave a good taste in people’s mouths.

  • http://twitter.com/IgnisInvictus Ignis Invictus

    “Take The World On” is the first official, large-scale outcome from this partnership

    It’s for an ad campaign, not promoted except for the site where it was downloaded and it’s not even a complete song. Some of the lyrics were removed and I’m guessing there is a complete version to be officially released so I don’t see this being large-scale in any way. But I know a lot of blackjacks are happy because this is a move forward… finally.

  • Sophia

    Any clue when this album will actually arrive? I’m mean this 2ne1/Will.i.am album has be in development for what feels like frigging YEARS!!! Which is like unheard of in K-pop, its feels very strange.

  • happy_slip

    Take the World On is for Intel. If you actually followed the campaign, a couple of the songs in there imo sound similar to TTWO — the songs are basically created not for the sake of releasing actual music for the public, but to promote what the user can do with the computer. A bit similar to Be Mine they had last year. lol that song is so old and some parts where even removed, it hardly counts as an actual “large-scale” promo to me.

    Not feeling this Will.I.Am collaboration/partnership ever since, but I’m quite looking forward to hearing something new from 2NE1 again.

    *Although I have this strange feeling that it will be an edited and “completed” TTWO. lol I hope it’s not.

  • http://twitter.com/bb_the_best_ guess_what

    take the world on is terrible

  • http://www.facebook.com/myrna.moisset Myrna Moisset

    The song isn’t that good :( To my big disappointment….Im gong to expect way more when they’re first english comes out, and english album comes out.

    But on the bright side…that song was just for the project – the one on his album is going to be completely different… ii just hope that it will be better.

    For the english album it will be with Teddy + will.i.am, so im totally hoping that they’re debut album in the U.S won’t be so 180 degrees different.

    I think the reason why k-pop groups or k-pop solo acts don’t make it, is because they are completely changing they’re music style for the style of the producer and taking out what makes they’re style theyres.

    Which is that thing that makes k-pop K-POP!

    Please don’t let them mess up !!!

    Im a very big 2NE1 fan and they have, in my opinion, a very big potential of being successful in U.S… unless they decide to COMPLETELY change EVERYTHING!!! To be more Americanised :D 2NE1! Fighting! NOLZA!

  • severely

    I didn’t think “Scream and Shout” was a very good song, and “Take the World On” isn’t even as good as that song. Honestly, if this is the sort of work we can expect from will.i.am, then I imagine my reaction to 2NE1’s English album will be along the lines of “not worth the years they’ve spent talking about this.”

  • http://twitter.com/J2201987 Justin Asomugha

    With Will-I-Ain’t (allegedly) leading the sound and production on most of their album, sadly, I can’t say I’m looking forward to any of it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nate-Broadus/100003245734823 Nate Broadus

    If there is one thing I absolutely LOATHE in modern music (hate isn’t strong enough, this is gut-churning, soul-crushing loathing), it is autotune.

    If autotune was crack cocaine, Will.I.Am would be dealing it like Nino Brown.

    I have so far listened to every teaser that has come out of 2NE1’s English material, and each time I came away with the same question: Where is 2NE1 under all that autotune? It disappoints me greatly, because it feels like 2NE1 is being absolutely submerged underneath studio tricks and generic house beats. Sadly, this is standard operating procedure, as they say, for William.I.Is.

    I’m just going to cross my fingers and — perhaps futilely — hope that 2NE1’s eventual English album lives up to even a fraction of the hype that has been pushed for all these years now. I will also hope against hope that Willy goes against his habits and stops burying this group under the beat.

    I’ll also cross my toes and hope that a giant purple elephant that craps golden bricks and sings Notorious B.I.G songs will walk through my house with 10 half naked women riding on his back.

    • igbygrl

      Nate you had me at Niño Brown…:)

    • http://www.facebook.com/chibijoshie Josh Chinnery

      Where are these teasers for this mystical English album you all keep talking about?

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nate-Broadus/100003245734823 Nate Broadus

        I wouldn’t know the exact address. It’s been a while (we’re going on year 3 of hype, possibly 4, I lost count), but the clips should be somewhere on youtube. I’m sure a quick “2NE1 English album” or similar term will yield some results.

  • http://twitter.com/trulyyoursabby ♥ a b b y ♠

    Unpopular opinion: I REALLY LOVE IT! Maybe i’m just too 2NE1-deprived so i end not expecting too much and i just wanted to hear something new. Although i have to agree with some of you, the song feels incomplete but i still enjoy listening to it especially at home i turn the speakers in full blast and it sounds SICKKKK, it makes you dance and i can sing along since it’s English lol i can’t wait for the English Album or the song in Will’s album.. no pressure 2NE1, i love you girls so i’ll support you all the way i believe it took so long because they carefully chose what song to be included in that album so yeah, i will wait <3

  • Chocho268

    It’s probably not going to happen but I just wish 2NE1 would drop all their plans for their English album, end their collaboration with Will.I.Am and just focus on their Korean album and comeback (which has been pushed back sooo many times it’s getting ridiculous.)

    I enjoy most of 2NE1 songs but every teaser for the upcoming English album I’ve heard so far is just underwhelming. ‘Take the World On’ just sucks, I couldn’t finish listening to this mess of a song because my ears were hurting so bad from all the autotune.

    • http://www.facebook.com/chibijoshie Josh Chinnery

      I want to hate the song, but I can’t >_> CL is the only one who sounds decently; Bom and Dara are singing too high, Dara is way too autotuned (seriously, what were thinking when they had her sing like that?), and I can’t even tell where Minzy is. But it’s a uppity dance-pop track (my favorite flavor of pop) that features 2NE1 (and I’m starved for more 2NE1). It’s so bad, but I love it Y_Y

  • my self

    I don’t think YG is confident to have 2ne1 release an English album of any sorts. 2ne1 is a top tier female group in Korea and develop a strong fan base international. But the goal of 2ne1 releasing a mini English album is not to satisfied their small international niche market. YG hungers for PSY level of fame in the west to be the same with 2ne1. Will.I.Am can not promise this nor deliver that level of popularity for 2ne1. YG biggest issue is that they depend on hype in order for 2ne1 to flourish. What works in Asia will not work in the west. YG is stubborn like an Ox and to proud like a rooster to admit they are total lost when taking 2ne1 to the next level.

    Even in recent interview CL mention that 2ne1 will be going back to their old sound before “I LOve You.” When ever an artist or group express they are musically taking a step back this is never a good sign. This mean 2ne1 is for one boxed by their image from their To Anyone and IATB promotion and two lack of growth. There is nothing more disappointing when an artist or group can not transitions from their image or music to allow some level of growth. I always knew from the start that the hype, sound and image of 2ne1 would be their greatest obstacle to defeat. Thus far I don’t see 2ne1 winning the battle but accepting a defeat that fans will eat up until they grow tired and move on to the next.