• sleepyneve

    Like the majority, I just use tumblr to get the info translated and seen. Idols and SNS are such a good combo of entertainment. I enjoy reading comments from fans on their idol biases on tumblr too. There are some seriously humorous people there. I think Jaejoong is a hoot…mainly because I think he likes to take so many dang bed selcas that it’s like a tease with the fans. Seungri is such a golden user. He posts some of the most laughable things ever, especially when he’s writing it all in English. Plus, who else would find bad images of himself and tell people to stop posting them. He calls out all the fake accounts too. So much laughable goodness right there. I’ve noticed some of Amber’s posts too. I’m actually surprised she wasn’t mentioned since I’ve noticed a lot people enjoy the stuff that she posts. Yep, that’s pretty much it.

  • http://twitter.com/AnnaDowns2 Anna Downs

    best use of twitter for a kpop idol is a tie between seungri and jonghyun. such trolls. i only wish seungri still kept his active :(

    • Whirly Pop

      Yo !! I’m start Twitter yesterday! for Study English . !! Anyway U so good man !!

  • Jaclyn

    The only realy twitter worth following is Jonghyun’s.
    I tried to make a weibo because I really wanted one, but then after a few times logging it it demanded that I add a Chinese phone number, which I obviously didn’t have, and gave up on it after being unable to my account back.

    • http://twitter.com/MissMareLuvShow MissMare1028

      Jonghyun’s tweets are very interesting, a lot of times he either rambles about nothing or make jokes, HAHA

      • Jaclyn

        LOL His twitter’s always interesting (unlike some other ones…) It’s so random and weird. I love it. Though he doesn’t respond to fans, the way he tweets is very immersive to fandom

    • lokifairy

      I follow SHINee’s me2day & Key’s instagram.
      I also follow Onew’s twitter because I feel special when I understand his tweets (well at least for the most of the time)

      • Jaclyn

        I don’t have either so I can’t follow them :3
        I follow Onew too. You’re so lucky that you can understand some of his tweets, his tweets never make sense to me

  • Brooklyn

    I follow a lot of K-Pop stars on twitter actually. I do admit a lot of them are boring and post ridiculous pictures (blurry pictures of roads, coffee cups, food *cough*Siwon*cough*), but some people are hilarious! I also know how to read hangul, and my vocabulary is growing, so I love to try and translate tweets and I actually learn a lot haha. My favorite idols to follow though are the English speakers (Kevin, Eli, Jay, Amber, etc.) because I can completely understand them! I just wish that idols would update their twitters more than once every month haha.

  • http://twitter.com/MissMareLuvShow MissMare1028

    the only kpop idols I only follow are SJ members (including Henry) plus Onew and Jonghyun~ I can’t read Korean but I can read English and Chinese, so having a weibo account helps me understand their tweets since a lot of their fan sites translate their every single update. Not all of their tweets are interesting but at least they make efforts to communicate with the fans, I think it’s sweet of them to do that. ^^

  • itsmysunshine

    I used to follow a lot of kpop idols’ twitter, but then I got a bit tired of seeing Hangul on my twitter feed. Sometimes I wonder if they know that a lot of international fans are following their account which pops the pleading, “Please tweet in English once in a while~”

    But anyway, I decided to just put their accounts on one of lists I have on my Twitter account. Sometimes I will check the list, but more often not :p

    I prefer to follow fanbase accounts, they are quite fast with translation and sometimes they also can catch other people’s tweet that includes the idol.

  • WorthInClay

    Kevin (U-KISS) is sometimes like my pastor – on some Sundays I would get reminder Bible verses tweets about God’s goodness. :D I wld silently agree ‘Amen’, then realize “oh! it’s Kevin…”

  • Whirly Pop

    when they all first swarmed in, i was so excited i followed all kpop idols i could find but then unfollowed most of them later on when i got annoyed at all the korean symbols which i can’t even understand

  • http://twitter.com/JohnDeSims JDSono

    I follow Idols on AsianJunkie

  • Guest

    And another one falls to peer pressure! Teen Top’s L.Joe has officially joined twitter. Quickly, everyone go follow him, @ljoeljoe1123

  • http://twitter.com/CheonjinTea Bom

    I see everyone mentioning Seungri and Jonghyun, but what about Amber? Her twitter is mostly english and (omg) she’s one of the coolest idols on twitter. Totally worth a follow, imo.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nielsgabriel Niels Gabriel Nable

    Just within this week, I had followed more than 50 K-Pop idols on Twitter. I’m not really into their update tweets because all I see is Hangeul characters that I don’t even have the slightest idea of what the hell they’re talking about. I followed them for their photo posts. And seeing them interact with each other, particularly from other groups, make me really happy. Sounds cheesy, isn’t it? But it really makes me feel more connected and updated with K-Pop, if you know what I mean.