• AcadiasFire

    Absolutely loved this mini. My first experience with Nell was also Slipping Away and that album blew me completely away.

  • mumfords

    this mini was absolutely perfect and definitely deserving of the perfect score. i can always trust nell to deliver an album that i wont regret buying.

  • http://twitter.com/distiii disti

    While i personally believe that there’s nothing perfect in this world, i can see where the score coming from. And completely agree that while White Night is a strong title track, the other songs left bigger impression to me. A (mini) album where non-title track aren’t just fillers and even stronger than the title track, this alone should be taken as blessing

  • http://infinite-stress.tumblr.com/ ian

    I’ve been following Nell for what, 6 years now and I’ve never been disappointed.

    Jongwan’s voice is just perfect to express that feeling of longing and sadness while sounding vulnerable yet unbreakable at the same time. His voice will forever be one of my most fave ones of all times.

    I agree with how Holding Onto Gravity and Blue left bigger impressions than White Night on me. Same thing that happened with Sunggyu’s mini where my least liked track is the title track. I guess that speaks for the quality of the production and songs themselves.


    I have this mini on repeat since it came out. I love NELL their music is amazing and just love how consistent they are and are alawys pushing to bring something new.
    If any body haven’t see their new interview on youtube you guys better check it out, it has subs.