• http://twitter.com/sebsobandsky Sabah

    I would not want to pass on my cynical view of journalists, but I believe that is is ALWAYS wise to verify facts you read/hear in the news BEFORE passing those very same facts
    on. Unfortunately many reputable establishments have become nothing except gossip propagators. Unfortunately most people are not ready nor willing to accept neither trust their loved ones words BUT are readily able to accept the words of a complete stranger who may have the moral compass of a flea.

    Long gone are the days when journalism served to bring people the truth.  Journalists like Woodward and Bernstein are few and far between.  It now serves its masters and acts as a kind of advertiser or marketing purposes.  Defaming and promoting upon whims and fancies.  Ruining lives in a kind of collateral damage where individuals are lost in pages of numbers and profit figures.

    I didn’t know that KBS and MBC were government owned BUT it does not surprise me.  Look deep enough into most organizations and you might find that a lot of power is vested in just one or two conglomerates.  Laws governing conflict of interests are in need of thorough updating!

    If you want the truth then you will have to seek it. Until then trust and respect those whom
    you love, and base your esteem upon their actions which you witness with your own eyes and not the manipulated lens of an unknown source.

    • Gaya_SB

      As Thiruvalluvar would say:

      “What you see with your eyes is false
      What you hear with your ears is false
      Only thorough investigation gives the truth”

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=513439726 Sharon Overlord

    I would like to point out that’s it’s not just Korea. In Canada, the media is owned by very few companies. This is ofcourse very worrisome because then it brings in media play and the news reported is very bias. 

    Unfortunately Journalism is a dying a profession. It’s all about getting the maximum number of readers and with companies laying off people, there is hardly anyone left to fact check and review the article before it is published. 

    • jakeasd

      i agree. i
       both bill cosby and bill nye were reported dead by the media. it was on cnn and several other media outlets.

      this is a problem with journalism as a whole.

    • MAR_M3anie

      “In Canada, the media is owned by very few companies. This is ofcourse
      very worrisome because then it brings in media play and the news
      reported is very bias.”

      Welcome to America!

      As of 2011 six companies produce 90% of what Americans read, watch and listen to:

      CBS Corporation
      News Corp
      Time Warner
      General Electric
      Everything is consolidated down to a few companies this also goes for Hollywood studios.

      In some ways its reflective of some books like Fahrenheit 451 or 1984.

  • http://twitter.com/silverukiss Silver

    I wish that is something people would pay attention to. Every article is going to be slanted toward the writer’s pov on a subject, and even ones that actually bother to report verified facts can change the way someone perceives them by the choice of words that are used to convey the facts. But too many people take what’s written on newspapers (and the internet) as unbiased truth.

    About entertainment companies writing the news articles, things make more sense now. I was watching an episode of Idol Manager (with Mblaq) and was trying to figure out what the “managers” were doing, until I finally realized that they were supposed to be writing articles to send to the newspapers. I couldn’t figure out why these people, with no training or a lot of experience in journalism, were writing the articles instead of the actual journalists themselves. If they weren’t there themselves, how could the newspaper even know if the story is true or not?

  • http://www.askakorean.net/ The_Korean

    It’s important to understand the hierarchy of trustworthy news source in Korea. By complaining about NoCut News, you are basically complaining about a supermarket tabloid running the wrong facts.

    The three largest newspapers — Chosun, JoongAng, Dong-A — are trustworthy. The next tier of newspapers — Hankook, Kyunghyang, Hankyoreh, Kukmin, Seoul — are pretty solid. After that, you are looking at 50-50 propositions.

    • http://twitter.com/asianjunkiecom Asian Junkie

      In terms of entertainment news, yes, those sites are more trustworthy, but mainly because they focus on the major news events in the entertainment world that everybody reports (either that or “vanilla” entertainment news). However, the entertainment journalism that goes on in terms of actually breaking stories/scandals is maybe the equivalent of The National Enquirer in Korea across the board. Not even TMZ, because TMZ does research, has sources, and gets their stuff right most of the time.

      Besides, the problem with just talking about Chojoongdong in terms of entertainment news is that “The Big Three” are the mainstream media for all issues in Korea. Basically, I just wanted to point out that there are a ton of problems in terms of actual substantial issues (not idol-related crap) stemming from Chojoongdong outlets in terms of their relationship with the government. They have quite the long and rich history of being mouthpieces for government agendas, which is quite a journalistic issue. So even if they’re fine on the entertainment side, the overall problems still exist in spades. Let’s not forget about their involvement with the Jang Ja Yeon suicide/scandal either. Just appalling.

      Not saying you’re wrong about No Cut News being crap or those sources listed being better, but there’s a definite journalism problem there, and yes, it’s worse than what we see elsewhere.

      Just my opinion.

  • Maya Lee

    Illuminati controling the world, the end is near, hehee…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DHOWWIKR3XYJBQSDWJDUTWCLYM Leonard

    Korean media and journalism is a pile of shit. Korean culture pretty much consists of shit aside from their traditional culture and cuisine. The rest, terrible.

  • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    I dunno if it’s true or not, but I’ve heard more website news sites actually don’t have their journalists write all their articles? A netizen told me entertainment companies send articles about their artists to news sites, and that reporters just Copy&Paste the article.

    Like I said, I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some truth to it.

    • Ditu3ka

       I´m not surprised at all. It´s a practice that´s not really new. Two of my friends from university (who studied journalism) actually had a part time job in some on-line gossip magazine and they really did that. People (those quazi-celebrities a lá Paris or their agents especially) called them in advance where they gonna be and stuff like that (in order to have reporters there, “accidently” of course) or they just received written info to make up an article or they got a alread written one. TBH I lost my faith in any on-line news because of this.

      • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

        I see. :/

  • goldengluvsk2

    -feel bad for the real journalist in SK but- being a journalist in SK must be the coolest job ever…! you sit your ass all day in your office, just check your email, download the file the company sends you, copy and paste, upload it and you get paid! … T___T i mostly think of these news networks as “gossip” portals and their harmless news and media play dont usually bother me but to think theyre as lazy to not even call her agency to confirm if a serious matter like someone’s death is true or not its too much. Its even sadder because I  read Newsen went as far as making public the full list where the name of the real victim Ms. Jang and her relatives were appointed for her wake… when none of the people n the list were public figures. thinking about it, I just wish they could just STICK to the reports the managers/companies write for them… they do the journalists’ job better than them :S

    about the broadcast companies and media bias, I was familiar with it but I find it funny how in my country right now everything is the complete opposite with the rich and influential people being the ones moving the “journalists” like puppets behind the newspapers and broadcast companies against the government because the government had affected them financially lol…