Cho PD and Brand New Stardom have recently debuted their latest female quintet EvoL, and these girls made a clear landing onto the pop scene with their title track “We’re A Bit Different.” Members Say, Jucy, Hayana, J-DA, and Yull all bring the edge and charisma to the forefront in this MV. Not only that, all members also participated in the lyric writing and production album alongside Block B heartthrob Kyung for their debut album Let Me Explode, as well as for the choreography for “We’re A Bit Different.”

With much hype and anticipation built up behind their sassy bad girl image and innovation of sound, the question that remains now is have Cho PD and EvoL delivered on their promise of ingenuity?


I’m going to start off by staying that I absolutely love the colors in this MV–the neon purples, pinks, and greens clashing with the extensive use of the fire element was a great way of immediately catching my attention. Overall, the MV is a fabulous cinematic production–it is able to tell the story of a gang of badass girls without actually being a story at all. I was also surprised by the amount action in the MV, and by action I mean destruction. It created a dark, vicious environment in which we are able to witness five vixens tearing up the dance floor, with clean, exciting choreography.

I will say the teasers had me terrified about the wardrobe–I had initially gotten some weird, spacey, race car driver feel from them, but the actual wardrobe of the MV was far from that. They kept it relatively simple in black and military print ensembles, and edged up their look with chunky jewelry, statement making hairdos, and plenty of eyeliner. Against the raging fire and the wet pavement bathed in glittering lights, these girls make their debut with electrifying confidence and force.

In terms of delivery, I was pleasantly surprised to find a great amount of talent. BNS has a way of making their idols play an integrative part in the creation of their image and sound, and you can very plainly see the energy and passion the girls have when it comes to presenting something they played a major part in creating. These girls brought a lot of personality to this MV and really made this showcase their own, making it seem like playing with flame throwers and painting graffiti are all too natural of pastimes for them. The choreography was also tailored to the music of the song very well, as every drop of the bass or sharp switch of a note was duly matched with emphatic dance moves.

Now, upon the MV’s release, many were quick to criticize EvoL and “We’re a Bit Different” as 2NE1 look-a-likes, in terms of concept and style, to which I , even as an ardent 2NE1 fan, have to readily disagree with. EvoL’s music carries a distinctly different flavor, with more deeper, heartier pitches that focus more on delivering equal parts melody and rap. Their image is also less ornate and, dare I say, even a bit more mature. Whereas 2NE1 come off as hardy and yet still flirty and playful, EvoL appears, at least with this debut, to be stone cold foxes down to their cores. While I won’t call this MV an original masterpiece, it’s X-factor nabs points for building on this bad girl concept and for making an overall daring presentation (flamethrowers and sparklers aside).

Overall Rating 4.0 out of 5

And that’s a wrap! Hope you enjoyed this review of EvoL’s debut MV “We’re A Bit Different.” Be sure to leave your opinions on BNS’s latest girl group, and watch out for them as they hit the dance floors of our favorite music shows!

(STARDOMent, BrandnewStardom)