• sleptopia

    I own all of Psy’s albums and this is by far his worst, I can’t even convey how disappointed I am. Gangnam Style epitomised this for me, it’s as though he just thought ‘forget making any good music, if i just stuff it full of celebrities people will be bound to love it.’ Not to be a mainstream hater but this is the first time I can remember two albums in such quick succession so I hope it’s not YG forcing him to create this crap. 

    On the plus side Never Say Goodbye is fantastic and the style is something I would never really associate with him. Still Korea’s best live performer along with Seo Taiji, but please don’t disappoint me like this again.

    • http://twitter.com/adhsty Stevani Adhisty

      well maybe because it’s just part 1 of his album, let’s hope the part 2 is better. But actually I enjoyed Gangnam Style MV and stage. I agree that he’s the best performer in Korea, his energy never drops and he always owns the stage.

    • CJux

      Quite frankly I doubt he’ll ever be able to produce another album that tops the masterpiece that was “싸집”, but I’m still pleased with this album and I disagree with you about Gangnam Style. PSY still maintains his quality as a non-idol who is able to transform pop culture into an artistic product wrapped in sarcasm, the difference now is that his sound was updated to ultra-modern trends. 

    • nhoki

      Gangnam Style is really catchy but just like you, I think Right Now is a much better song – I still don’t get why it was not that well received. 
      I don’t know if you have read the recent interview PSY gave to enews, he said that for the first time, one of his song (Gangnam style) topped all the online charts, and he seemed happy about it so it’s all good I think.. 
      Gangnam style is not that bad, it’s a great song for summer

      • sleptopia

        Also bear in mind that I look at his music with a view to his liver performances being most important as well. I’ve been to see him 5 times now so ‘Right Now’ is far better in this regard, I’d have to say that ‘We are the ones’ is probably best and he usually uses it to climax (though it does feel slightly odd from a foreigner’s perspective singing along with it.) 

        Call me a hipster but I guess this album and Gangnam style in particular seems to just be ‘Kpopified’ (hence the popularity, celebrities and the fact that almost every track is a collab) and is drifting away from his own art direction to be more in line with YGs.

  • CJux

    What I got from this album (part 1 at least) is that PSY wants to modernize his sound and break some past trends while maintaining some of his characteristic traits. While he was able to do that with Gangnam Style, with an MV that looks more like a parody of K-pop’s formula of success, he’s still stuck with some old sounds that no longer feel innovative. That’s at least why I think “What Should Have Been” and to some extent “Seventy-Seven 101” feel insipid and a tad boring in an album that has “Green Frog”, “Gangnam Style” and one of the best ballads of the year, “Never Say Goodbye”.

    But I’d rather wait for the second part of the album before I start overly praising him or criticizing him. So far I’m pleased with the result. Thanks for the review!

  • ggoma

    Never Say Goodbye is a rather hopeful song to me, I didn’t feel like it was an ending but a circle back to the beginning. The lyrics all really powerful. It’s my favorite song on this album.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004586911479 Israel Rosenthal

    WOW these comments show a real lack of vision! 800,000,000 views later, what have you got to say?

    • sleptopia

       I haven’t changed my opinion at all, since when did popular equal good. I have a right to my opinion and I still believe that Psy 6 is his worst album. If any Kpop artist was to become famous I’m still glad it was him but by his high standards this album was poor.