• http://www.facebook.com/thuthao.nguyen.712714 ThuThao Nguyen

    ….right now im kind of in between loving T-ara and disliking T-ara. The main point is the 14 year old. THERE IS NO NEED FOR HER to have been recruited. The age difference will probally be a problem. This concept is kind of dark and sexy and i dont think a 14 year old should be apart of that. If she didn’t have any interest in singing then isnt she in the business for the wrong reasons. T-ara was great before the new additions and their company should put more effort in giving them better songs and promoting them more.

  • Lubrro

    I’ve just watched T-Ara’s new MV, “Day by Day” and I was ready to be hit with yet another nonsensical song and MV… But, WOW! The MV last for more the 15 min. but it kept my attention the whole time… I’m liking this song and MV the most out of all T-Ara’s songs to date…

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XZMSVOCJOA7ZA47SDPHNBVFNWM Lizzie Heart

      The mv just has 10 minutes plus 5 minutes of BTS.

      And the tune is just so GORGEOUS. I’m in love with the ”fairy?!”  sound…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessica-Cottle/1297801414 Jessica Cottle

    Well…I love Hyomin so I’m going to tune in. However, I’m really disliking the fact that T-ara seems to be better known for their scandals than their merits….and that it doesn’t bother the CEO.

  • infernolevel8

    yeah… I’m mostly going to go with the ignore-members-i-dont-like and fangirl over the ones that do. I also feel like KKS is creating too much drama for T-ara. They mostly have great music, especially recently, but that has been obscured by all this drama.

  • itsmysunshine

    she had no prior experience or interest in singing, dancing, or acting prior to signing with CCM

    .. are you serious? First time reading this fact, and I was shocked. How could that CCM boss even think about debuting this girl? 

    • YourYG Bias

      It’s so suspicious, I mean the girl is walking down the street and KKS just picks her up. LOL. BS is BS. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

      IKR?! They could’ve trained her for a while, just like every other idol kid from random castings. There was really no need for her to debut so fast.

    • Black_Plague

      This. I mean, even the vocally lacking members of other groups had gone through years of training before debuting while Dani practically gets pushed to the frontline with barely a year’s worth of training.
      That’s a huge deficiency in logic O.o

      • http://twitter.com/sing_h jaswin singh

        maybe KKS thinks that training is just a waste of time because like you said other idol groups has members who are not vocally great even though they are trained for years. :) 

        • Black_Plague

          That still doesn’t justify Dani being debuted with only a year’s worth of training. Sure, there are members of idol groups that aren’t vocally great out there but the thing is, they trained tooth-and-nail for years to debut and beyond – that still garners some degree of respect from me.

          Hell, if Dani can debut at that age with very little training, then I might as well say anyone can become an idol – lowering standards within Kpop even more so than ever.

    • xNoirX

      Dani’s parents paid right people, most likely CCM and T-ara members.  Paying for your debut is fairly common everywhere: as of 2006, NYC off-off Broadway debut cost about $20000USD.  You don’t need any acting experience or talent.  Just pay right people, and you get a role.  That street casting thing is just a fairy tale for little girls.  I apologize to all the little girls whose fantases have been ruined.

  • http://profiles.google.com/krstydlght kirsty delight

    I’ll tune in with the music because i enjoy their songs. but t-ara as a group just does not hold my interest like other groups have. they almost did once with roly-poly, cry cry, etc but then as I was watching their stage performances, i realized that they are boring stage performers and there’s a noticeably large disproportion of talent in the group (there are as many ‘deadweights’ as there are talented ones). To this day, I still cannot match names to faces except for Eunjung and Jiyeon and I’m not even sure I know all of their names.

    the MV just came out but not watching it. i’ve stopped since post roly-poly because, honestly, i have an attention span of a 2-year-old and i seriously dislike reaaally looong MVs (except for thriller).

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XZMSVOCJOA7ZA47SDPHNBVFNWM Lizzie Heart

      I like T-ara songs but I also don’t care about the members, I just like Eunjung a lot because I saw some interviews and she is just so lovely! I checked T-ara because of her.

  • afterschool817

    So you can accept new members joining T-ara even though that’s not their originally concept. But you can’t accept new members joining in After School when graduating and admissions have been and always will be their concept? Where’s the fairness in that seoulbeats? After School works just as hard as T-ara but all you can do is complain and talk about all that is wrong with them.

    • Dana_SB

      Different strokes for different folks – I definitely didn’t write any articles about After School :)

  • http://twitter.com/ericyumyum I’m with Beyonce

    Their new music video slayed my life. I am at awed with the music video and I am completely in love with it. I don’t care if the other members don’t get any screen time at all. Most likely they’re going to release like a regular dance version of the music video anyways showcasing all the members. As for Dani’s addition, I was iffy at first but I think she fits well with the group. She’s maybe young but something about her makes T-ara even more likeable. Their new song, “Day By Day” is catchy as hell but it’s nowhere as catchy as “lovey dovey”. Hopefully they’ll win chart battles and beat the current kpop groups that are slaying. To be honest, T-ara is becoming bigger and bigger and their fanbase is growing. Sooner or later down the road they’ll catch up to SNSD’s status. 

  • happy_slip

    MV’s out and from what I’ve observed it’s getting quite good reviews so far. 

    I enjoy their long ass mvs lol and usually, even their “nonsensical” songs. It’s their lives that I’m having problems the most ever since they debuted anyway. They really can’t capture me even if it’s their first comeback stage — me thinks it’s probably the reason why CCM promotes them for so long evreytime because they have a bit of a hard time convincing their audience to like their song right away. Hopefully, their comeback stages are, um, better this time. 

  • YourYG Bias

    Their music is always great and I actually lived through the MV this time. 

    Though I don’t stan them hard like my YG babies, T-ara is inching their way closer to SNSD and I’m very happy with that. 

    • Black_Plague

      Errr, wouldn’t think T-ara is any way closing in to SNSD, at least in popularity. Even T-ara’s fans have acknowledged this, at least in Diadem. There’s just no way SM would let any group take SNSD’s spot without one tough fight (SM vs CCM might as well be the same as an F22 Raptor vs a MiG-21).  

      • FreakyFlyBri

        He didn’t mean that T-ara was approaching SNSD’s popularity, so calm down. He was just talking about how he was personally beginning to prefer T-ara and their music more than SNSD.

      • YourYG Bias

        Like Bri said, it’s a personal opinion about their musical standing for me. Even I wouldn’t dare say that T-ara is going to replace SNSD, especially in popularity. I  have some serious angst against SNSD’s music which is why I’m starting to like T-ara’s releases more. Personal music preference, I suppose.

  • Khaddie

    People mentioned that the new member Dani was turning 14, Korean age. Meaning she is 13, as in 12 western age. What is a 12 year old going to do in a group with members over 26 who already have little spotlight as it is?

    Also, there was a rap break in Roly Poly? I don’t remember a rap?

    • noiha

      apparently, that “i like it like it that” is considered as “rap” in kpop. yeah.

      • Khaddie

        So that’s the rap? LOL! I always thought she was just talking or something.

  • somihanzx

    I just watched the 15 minute video and, as usual, its another vain attempt in trying to be groundbreaking. But I love the song Day by Day and I think the album’s going to be a hit! 

  • noiha

    i’m sorry, but please don’t relate the brilliance that is final fantasy to this crappy mv.

  • FreakyFlyBri

    Aside from my sadness that Qri, Boram, Hwayoung, Soyeon, and now Ahreum were shafted, I think the video is the best thing the group has done yet. The cinematography is excellent, the editing is cohesive, and you don’t really have to be able to know the Korean language to piece together what’s going on story-wise. Plus, they wisely edited the music video down from twenty minutes long to just around eleven…I know, still a long music video, but hey, that makes it shorter than the “Roly-Poly” MV. I also LOVED the fact that instead of chopping up “Day By Day” into several snippets that would be used throughout the video they opted to allow it to play uninterrupted (albeit it was abridged), and we even got to hear what many fans are speculating is another new song from their upcoming mini, “Don’t Leave.” And if you’re like me you probably are thinking that the instrumental played during the “To Be Continued” part of the video is the new Shinsadong Tiger track that they’ll be promoting next month, which will probably serve as the primary song to part 2 of this video. It sounds like yet another winner for the girls.

    Music-wise, I always love it when T-ara delves into sadder, more melancholy territory as it gives the members a chance to showcase their voices. Both “Day By Day” and what I’m assuming is “Don’t Leave” are superb, and continues to showcase exactly why many believe T-ara to be in the upper echelon when it comes to producing top-notch pop music.

    When it comes to Dani, I’m warming up more and more to her as time goes by, and I think she did a fantastic job in the video…for someone with no prior experience in acting she portrays a blind girl VERY well, and like another poster pointed out, I’m kind of liking the dynamic that she adds to the group. Her age gives T-ara more of a “sisterly” feeling, which in my opinion increases the likeability of the group. The fact that T-ara is not as uniform as groups like SNSD or A Pink has always been a reason I preferred them to those groups, and Dani just kind complements it.

    All in all, I’d say T-ara has succeeded so far with “Day By Day.” Interest in the group is at an all-time high, they’ve got people talking about them, and the music video is receiving tons of praise. There are still obvious issues that need to be addressed (such as line distribution and lack of visibility for some of the less well-known members) but all in all I’d say that T-ara is becoming more and more of a force to be reckoned with with each successive comeback.

    • hapacalgirl

      I agree with most of your comment except for the Dani part, I just so a need to add a 14 year old in a group of 20 years old especially when the other new girl is 18 years old.  T-ara has a lot of talent in their group so I don’t see the need for all these new members. 

      Also I am currently listening to the mini and the 2nd song (the ballad) that they played in the MV is in fact  the song “Don’t Leave”. 

      • FreakyFlyBri

        Ha, I can see why a lot of fans are still not crazy about her inclusion, I guess I’m just trying to look on the bright side of things and try to be positive about the whole situation.

  • FreakyFlyBri

    He didn’t mean that T-ara was approaching SNSD’s popularity, so calm down. He was talking about how personally T-ara was beginning to overtake SNSD as far as who he preferred more as a group musically.

  • muggle87

    i am digging the new song and mv, i believe t-ara has a hit in their hands. i cant wait for part 2.

  • Black_Plague

    Honestly, the song wasn’t really up to my full expectations – there’s already some criticism that it sounds eerily too similar to Britney Spears’ Criminal. Then again, my taste in music is rather strange but that’s just me saying. Day By Day isn’t good nor bad in my book, to say it easily.

    On regards to position of #2 after SNSD, I’d point 2NE1 as still the most likely candidate for that spot.

    Frankly, T-ara’s long MVs have never appealed to me. In fact, I never even saw the real point in long MVs – not only are they old news but it’s a massive amount of money and effort spent when it could have been for more logical purposes such as actually giving some of the more vocally lacking members decent lessons on how to sing. Plus, the T-ara members themselves are severely overworked – how they ever manage to hold out filming this kind of stuff is concerning. The only one that seemed really worth noting is the Roly Poly MV since it pretty much explores the late 70s~80s thing (at least for me since my parents said the MV reminded them of their youth days back in Korea). CCM’s known to make drastically long MVs with its past groups – SG Wannabe for example – but then again, SG Wannabe wasn’t involved in the filming themselves and the MVs back then had more better and emotional plots.

    Granted, at least Day By Day wasn’t heavily autotuned like Lovey Dovey, Roly Poly and IDCBOY – songs in which I can barely tell who’s singing, sometimes not at all. Another concern is the line distribution here – with now 8 members, I can only think that it’ll become more unfair along the way, even worse if Dani joins by the end of the year.  

    Dani’s casting in the MV however, did me no justice at all. I don’t see any, ANY logical or justified reason of putting her in T-ara unless CCM plans on making the group into something like After School or AKB48.  Her training length hasn’t even passed by a year and there’s far more people around that train for YEARS before debuting, yet alone being casted into an MV. Nor do I take Areum’s addition kindly either.

    For the other songs in the album – Holiday and Don’t Leave were nice and seem to make use of the members’ talents (or some of them anyway).

    The last two were a waste of space and mostly just filler, if looked at optimistically. I don’t see the need of making remakes really.

    Now competition-wise, that’s a tough one. The song was released on the same time as Super Junior’s and 2NE1’s song will follow shortly. That is some serious competition, considering those groups are under SM and YG, both groups with a massive fanbase and equally, if not more popular than T-ara. This summer’s going to be a big battle. With a management whose methods are questionable at best and downright slavery at worst, T-ara’s gonna need a lot of luck in the foreseeable future.

    • happy_slip

      Reading your post, I kinda wished CCM banked on T-ara’s live performances more because it would save them time and money imo, compared to filming long MVs where they spend long hours shooting scenes or something. That’s just me though. Had they become more convincing live performers like 2NE1 or miss A, I think they wouldn’t have to promote for so long. IATB, for one, got a ridiculous amount of negative comments the first time it came out but after a handful performances the game completely changed for that song, even snatching a win from Roly Poly in MuBank once if my memory serves me right.

      I listened to the song and MV and I liked it actually (I’m going to ignore the Criminal similarity for now because I like that song better). They’re promoting several singles this year and I think Day by Day is a good starter. As for the competition, IDK with SuJu but with 2NE1 not promoting as much again (they’re totally skipping variety/guestings and I guess most of their time would used for their concert preparations) T-ara wouldn’t have a hard time edging them out. A part of me makes me want T-ara to finally get the spot because I’m hoping that it would make their CEO give them a break…but seeing as how he’s a certified greedy president that kind of cemented success might, you know. Make him think that they can already start dethroning SNSD and have T-ara work more. Imagine the possibility. I’m sorry for the language but it might kill some of them lol.

      • Black_Plague

        Couldn’t agree more. T-ara’s live performances were always quite a bit lackluster for me as well. Hell, the pre-recorded tracks pretty much mute their voices with Hyomin being the exception (how she manages to pull it off is beyond me). I recall that they promoted Roly Poly for months, including that remix version as well – it’s as if they’re the first generation robots in Kpop or something O.o

        But if they’re promoting several singles this year, then they’re effectively following the same process they did last year – comeback in summer, another one in a few months time and maybe another at the end of the year (which Lovey Dovey was supposed to do but was delayed for whatever reason).

        The diff with 2NE1 and T-ara also is that 2NE1 managed to secure 2nd place without having to do variety, dramas or starring as guests while focusing mostly in their music careers whereas T-ara well…had more than pretty much triple the amount of work to catch up. At least in my opinion, YG seemed to have deliberately delayed 2NE1’s comeback to a date only a little after T-ara’s to even competition, seeing as how T-ara pulled it off big with Roly Poly last year – this could probably encourage 2NE1 to get more active other than promoting a whole lot of their songs on stage (while SM is going at it with Suju).

        Plus, there’s also the potentially higher rate of trips to the hospital, seeing how they had quite a few injuries last year as well as a steadily deteriorating health (Boram getting gastritis along the way).  Honestly, that CEO (if he even deserves to be called one) of theirs has gotten way too much ambition struck into his head much like those crazy dictators history is full of.

        Personally, I got a feeling something bad is gonna explode for T-ara later on this year. They’ve pretty much put up with BS from that clown for years and are probably near to their breaking limit.  

        • asianromance

          I also think that something is going to explode for T-ara later this year/early next year too and I think:
          1. either Qri or Soyeon will be kicked out
          2. Soyeon will leave on her own.
          3. Boram will leave on her own (seriously she used to have entire songs, now she just gets a few words and no one really remembers her)
          4. Jiyeon will leave on her own (she’s becoming more famous and she has to balance so many things)

          I think Eunjung also deserves to give CCM the finger and leave after CCM made her promote lovey dovey on a sprained ankle.  When Minho from Shinee hurt his leg, SM allowed him to just sit during the Lucifer performances.   Yes, CCM sees idols as just commodities and objects, but they should at least take care of them so they last longer.  

          • zweiosterei

            The girls can’t leave just like that. They all are under long contracts. The only option left would be to sue. And that stuff takes ages to get somewhere. Also there’s no guarantee the court will rule in your favor.

          • Black_Plague

            Depends on how long CCM’s contracts tend to be. I heard somewhere that they generally tend to be around 5-7 years, possible a little shorter (like Lee Hyori).

            Regarding the court, not even SM could defend itself without looking like nasty sons of bitches while DSP had to scramble for cover and it took a whole year for them and Kara to get settled with. Big Bang a few years back also was likely to potentially throw a lawsuit at YG as well had they pulled off their plan of running away – YG did find out and gave them a break in compensation.

            The last thing any agency would want is having to deal with lawsuits from their own idols.

  • http://www.michelle-chin.com/ Michelle Chin

    I don’t want to sound like I’m spoiling the mood but really, what’s with this whole narration, super power trend? 

    This all reminds me of EXO! And as if I wasn’t already cheesed out by the weird narration that I wished I did not watch when I first clicked the MAMA MV (the song is good but the narration is no go. The super power thing weirded me out). 

    I prefer T-ara during their “I’m going crazy” and “Kkojimal” days. After they started this whole “let’s add more members” thing, I just lost touch with them. 

    • goldengluvsk2

       exactly.. the narration who wants to sound “epic” is a turn off…  i dont understand a word theyre saying but still the tone of the narration is weird… the only narration that wasnt disturbing to me was the one in sunny hill’s the Grasshopper’s Song…

    • asianromance

      For me, their best days was their time to love days with Supernova.  Sure Boram and Qri didn’t participate in the original version of the song and then were glorified backup dancers in Time to Love 2, but everyone just looked more charismatic and less tired.  And no one sounded like they were struggling to eke out their lyrics during the performances.  

  • sherbet_lemon

    The song is catchy but the mv is nothing too fantastic. Actually watching the mv made me feel like the song is an ost for a Chinese movie, lol. The acting is quite good, even Dani’s, but something is missing. I can’t quite put my finger to it. I think it’s the intro, it made me expect something more. I don’t really feel the super power angle. But the song is more matched to the mv compared to Cry Cry and Lovey Dovey.

    I want a dance mv for this because I really can’t picture T-ara performing this live. 

    And I kinda worry about their live too since, honestly, they’re not the best live performers in Kpop esp considering their rank now. They should really drop half of their members and just stick with Hyomin, Soyeon, Jiyeon and Eunjung (leader). I don’t even know the rest of the members by faces, let alone by their autotuned voices. And I’m not expecting anything to change with the addition of Ahreum and Dani.

  • kitsukushima

    snsd is not in my list.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ORSXPERTNAEPCKZBGEZMP7A3NU Bianca

    T-ara boggles my mind. Not in a good way. When people got derisive about the gas masks that Big Bang had in their promo pics and called it cheesy, I’d like to point them to T-ara. 

    This is a group with no identity, really. Every promotional cycle leads to some other outlandish concept that does not even showcase any kind of growth in the part of their handlers or the group itself. Their live performances I’ve seen are just so lacking in almost every way. The videos seems too long and just come off as desperate for air time. Really, there’s nothing stellar about them as a group or even individually in comparison to any mid-tier group… so why are they suddenly in the top tier? Why do their songs “slay” digitally? Is it the cheese? Is it the appeal of Ji-Yeon? Is it just sheer hard work from the members and their creative team? Confuzzled, I am.

    To me, T-ara is like an omnibus film. With only the same characters making it cohesive. Oh wait, they changed members? Maybe the sheer schtick and video length can keep holding the group together.

    • FreakyFlyBri

      You think T-ara’s concepts and performances are nothing to be impressed with; many think otherwise. Personally, it’s nice to see a group not get so wrapped up in a singular image or genre of music that they feel the need to “box” themselves into a specific concept or sound. Personally, I didn’t have a problem with Big Bang’s “gas mask” and thought the pictures looked cool but was anybody really surprised? They’re a group known for that kind of stuff, it’s not shocking or provoking when it comes from them. And why does T-ara need to sound the same with every comeback? Why do they need a solid identity when they’re doing so well with switching things up and changing their game with every comeback? They could’ve gone the easy route and made “Roly-Poly” over with every comeback, but thank God they didn’t, that gets old and redundant…a problem some of your faves like Super Junior and Big Bang seem to be suffering from. And there are commonalities in T-ara’s music, but I don’t expect people who are ready to dismiss the group without really trying to learn more about them to try to see them. As far as their live performances go, it’s one of their weaker areas, true, but that can be attributed more to fatigue than anything else. The girls put on as good a performance as any other K-Pop act when they’re in the zone, and furthermore, they’re fun to watch.

      So, in closing, to me, T-ara is what makes K-Pop fun to pay attention to. They understand that the majority of K-Pop fans have short attention spans and are readily seduced by the “next big thing,” so they compensate to stay ahead of the curve. Maybe the characters are what makes it cohesive in the end, but at the end of the day isn’t that would ANY good pop act should strive for? The common thread in the music shouldn’t be a set genre of music or style sense…it should be the artist/idol/musician itself. Madonna knew that. Prince knew that. And don’t get me wrong, I am NOT elevating T-ara to the levels of those artists, but, even if it’s in a far more simplified and manufactured way, T-ara is simply doing the same thing. Don’t hate.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ORSXPERTNAEPCKZBGEZMP7A3NU Bianca

        Sorry if you thought that was hate. Eunjung and Hyomin are too likeable for me to hate. I honestly can’t get myself to feel anything other than confusion with their newfound glory. Live performances in Kpop can make or break you. And in their case, fatigue isn’t enough of an excuse. It’s just truly a lack of jaw-dropping skills. It’s not an “Oppa tried hard” case. 

        I admit to being a mere casual observer of their progress, but I can’t be the only one. There is a disconnect between one song to the next and the audience it can cater to. I might like Day by Day, but I sure as heck thought the disco concept was dismal. And both of them were digital gold. Having your own musical identity is not the same as redundancy. Versatility isn’t the same as cranking one “concept” after another. Yes yes there’s more variety, but when you haven’t even perfected one, how can you move on to another? Are they even considered artists? Actresses, maybe. So, again. How have they become top-tier idols? 

        Putting the fun back in kpop doesn’t necessarily mean it will have a lasting effect. Madonna, Lady GaGa and Prince are/were incredible at what they are/were known for. What is T-ara known for? Ch-ch-change? Gimmicks. 

        Bottom line: I do not begrudge them their success, any kpop fan knows how hard they work for it. I still question how they got to a point where they’re touted as 2nd to SNSD, though.

        Oh and SuJu is so NOT a favorite. Yesung just happens to sing on OSTs I’ve loved. That is all.

        • hapacalgirl

          i dont have enough time to respond to your entire comment but i will say one thing, these girls are more talented than you give them credit for. My main issue with KKS is because of songs like lovey dovey and bo peep people do not think these girls can sing when in fact a few of them are quite talented. Soyeon has jaw jopping vocals and so do Eunjyng and Hyomin when they are able to really belt it out. I really wish people would listen to their non promoted material before saying they lack talent.

        • FreakyFlyBri

          Fair enough, and thanks for replying back in a mature manner. I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one…in my opinion T-ara has shown immense growth as a musical group since their debut days…when they promoted “Lies” and “Wanna Play?” they pretty much completely lipped the entire thing, and neither song was alluring enough to give them the attention they needed to stand out. It really wasn’t until “Cry Cry” that their talents as live performers began showing, and to some extent I think people are still writing them off as performing artists because of their poor showing at the beginning of their careers. By no means am I saying that they’re the best live performers…but they most certainly aren’t the worst in K-Pop, either. I’m not going to bring up any other names but there are other girl groups within the top tier and mid tier who I would consider to be far less capable performers than them.

          And fatigue may not be enough of an excuse to you when it comes to their live performances, but to me it’s more than enough of an explanation. The body is not going to do what you want it to when you’re barely getting two hours of sleep a night (if even that), and it’s common knowledge by this point that T-ara is probably the most overworked girl group in the Korean idol industry at this point; if they aren’t they’re certainly the most high-profile group right now.

          Anyways, when asking why a group is considered top-tier when you aren’t even a fan is kind of asinine in my opinion…of course you aren’t going to know why they’re ranked as high as they are. The same goes to people who don’t know why 2NE1 is considered number two, or why SNSD is considered number one. Most people are so focused on what they do wrong that they often overlook what the group does right. Their songs are of fairly high quality, their albums are usually excellent and contain little or no filler, their concepts are bright, colorful, and attractive, several of the girls have branched out into successful acting careers which further raises the profile of the group, and, of course, they bust their asses and work really hard. Plus, like you said, several of the girls are very likeable and that only endears people to them even more. And the majority of the girls are truly talented as far as showbusiness is concerned…several of them just aren’t being properly utilized, which gives many people the impression that T-ara is full of dead weight.

          Ultimately no group is without its faults and shortcomings, and T-ara is not exempt in the least. But like I said, while there are people like you and others who may scratch your head and wonder “What’s so special about THEM?” there are also a lot of people who see what you may not be able to, and sometimes that’s really all that matters if other people’s explanations just aren’t good enough for you.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ORSXPERTNAEPCKZBGEZMP7A3NU Bianca

            LOL. Disagreement agreed upon, amicably.  

            But I hope I did get my point across. 

  • goldengluvsk2

    im in a love hate relationship with T-ara right now.. well not THEM, their crazy management… WHY you make a mv of the group if youre not going to include all members?? but then KKs wants to rants everywhere the girls are lazy asses and more bs… how can they properly showcase their skills if he doesnt give them the chance? as far as i know all T-ara members have some degree of acting skills then why dont you include all of them in the storyline? right now, i can think in zillions of storylines featuring all of them…!! and now, dont make me start with Dani… she has a relevant character inthe Mv and her foot acting sucks… SUCKS… there are plenty of actresses that struggled to appear in MVsand now she stars in one with her horrendous acting… whats this? seriously, for a second i thought she was faking being that bad… i’m hoping she sings and dances better than she acts… and the other girl.. where is she? there are sooo many bad decisions made by their agency that I could keep typing all day… and to make me worry even more, since theyre going against SJ and 2ne1 i feel kks will make more wrong decisions to compete against them x.x

  • Angela Wang

    As someone who has always thought that T-ara could very plausibly and successfully survive as a four-member group (preferably including Eun-jung, Hyo-min, So-yeon, and Ji-yeon) the consistent addition of more unnecessary new faces did nothing to curry favor with me, and it seems that many former fans are of similar minds.
    ^ THIS. I really am interested if they were to (possibility like 0%) to break T-ara up into a 4 member group. 

  • http://twitter.com/kyuriholic キャンディ♥ キュリ

    Dear the write, the rap voice you hear in DBD’s teaser is Hwayoung’s voice =.= 

  • asianromance

    Love love love the song. But knowing that we’re going to get 2 new members piggybacking on T-ara’s hard work, sleepless nights, and debut criticisms has left me cold.  I wonder how many lines Qri and Boram will have now?  2 syllables?  

    Just give Ahreum and Dani their own group!  The need CCM feels to add these two just shows that they’re not confident that Ahreum and Dani has any talent that makes them debut-able.  Seriously, pulling this crap after trying to foist Gang-kiz on us instead of developing Co-Ed.  

  • Berdy

    Boram’s a dead weight. Sorry, but she is just there. 
    All the girls are marketable and Boram isn’t for me.
    The two new girls will overshadow Boram.
    I do not mind the two new additions as long as they contribute something.
    MV is freaking awesome, adoring the creative comebacks, SUJU is a let down.
    Fearing that one day these story mvs will bother me but, I am loving the effort that their company is putting into them. They have mastered T-ara, now to master the f-ups that is Gang Kiz (whatever it is called). And Co-ed (potential).
    I am also worried about their health.
    They need to improve on their live performances.
    And I’d so like to see SNSD no longer sitting on the throne. It bothers me because SM isn’ treally making an effort that at least is not satisfying for me.

  • http://twitter.com/sing_h jaswin singh

    it was Hwayoung who rap.. :) and yes she’s great! i love the second song “Don’t Leave”. also hwayoung has some rap parts in there but SOYEON’s voice got me. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004024159879 Như Ý Tiểu Thư

    T ara no.1 Day by day 5ting

  • http://twitter.com/thevezt18 vezt

    T-ara needs to slow down with all their promotions etc. They are being worn out by CEO of CCM. I wish them the best in health and career. Too much is no good even if fame is the result T_T