• Winter Rose

    “Cheating is a serious topic and the fact that it was glossed over by such cute was what unsettled me.”

    YES exactly! i’m sick of this BS explanation that fans are giving to defend teen top and b1a4’s mvs by saying its “refreshing” to see a different topic (cheating) being incorporated in kpop songs/mvs. a good example of a song that talks about cheating is rihanna’s unfaithful – it shows the emotions and struggles that come with cheating. i don’t mind if kpop groups want to do songs about serious topics but the fact that they’re covering up something bad with cutesy smiles and a catchy beat is sooooo….weird. its almost like these boys could make a song about kicking puppies or something and fans would still love it as long as the boys are being cute while doing it. i don’t get why fans feel so obligated to defend or love everything their bias group does

    i agree that this isn’t nearly as bad/obvious as teen top’s mv. although don’t spray perfume is still 100 times catchier than this song tbh lol

  • http://twitter.com/spastic_jaki jaki carroway

    I think we can all agree that cheating is wrong, and even though ppl keep passing off what they do as “not cheating”, it’s still wrong. I keep seeing articles similar to this, but at the end of the day, it’s a story. The lyrics are much less deceptive than the actual video portrays, so I’ll admit I was a bit upset at the way it turned out. I don’t, on the other hand, care what the theme is. They’ve said several times that they don’t relate to the characters they play in the mv. I just like to look at it like I would a movie; in the end that’s all it is anyways. I don’t think putting it out there, even with the cute image, is making seem ok; esp since he himself is being cheated on. I think by the end of it ppl don’t walk away with the mind set that it’s ok just bc” oppa says it is” esp when they get to feel the same kind of hurt at the end. As for the bana’s talking about how “they wouldn’t care if oppa did that to them” oh come on, we all know they aren’t serious. Fans are fans, there for they don’t like to talk bad about “oppa”, so it’s not surprising when Bana’s take their side. In all I think it’s pretty harmless, the song is good and the video is fun. Take away the “cheating” and it’s just about dancing, I think I’ll stick with the dancing. 

    • Gaya_SB

      I agree with you on most of the points; the only thing is the fans, because they can be pretty scary….

    • severely

       THIS. Not every story is going to portray the characters as honest, lovable people. And some of the best stories are filled with assholes.

      I don’t understand why people would take a video and go, “Look what they’re supporting!” Good musicians are willing to touch on lots of different topics from lots of different perspectives. Including perspectives that some fans might find unsettling.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anngelica-Aguilar/100000185514336 Anngelica Aguilar

      I have a feeling if this were a girl group everyone would be foaming at the mouth raising hell and calling everyone and their mother a slut…..oh the double standards….

      • palebluedot13

        well there is a lot of stupid kpop fans out there. i know i wouldn’t care if a girl group sang about cheating but then again i highly doubt a girl group would ever sing about such an issue with how korea is

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anngelica-Aguilar/100000185514336 Anngelica Aguilar


  • Theorist

    I read one of the comments on the video ” It’s okay if oppa B1A4 cheat on me, I forgive him”.
    I was like WTF. That’s bull. The fact that the MV is full of aegyo but the lyrics are totally unexpected. It’s a catchy song. I just stick to not knowing what they are saying.

    • Black_Plague

      It’s comments like those when I feel like joining the military, hijack a tank or fighter jet and unleash death upon a big crowd of insane fans :D

    • palebluedot13

      well there are stupid fans in every fandom. trust me, i’m a bana but if they cheated on me i wouldn’t accept it

  • Black_Plague

    At least the concept couldn’t have been worse than YaYaYa, which was just…ugh. I won’t even get started on it.

    As the others have said, this MV has basically aegyofied cheating – a terrible act one would ever pull throughout his/her life. I mean, sure, maybe cheating on a partner that’s abusing you like hell is understandable but really. Who the hell was in charge of that MV’s production? That guy needs his ass fired.

    • Gaya_SB

      No, if you’re in an abusive relationship, you’d leave, not stay and see other people on the side. I guess having someone there to help you through it would be nice, but ultimately you want to be standing on your own two feet rather than using others like a crutch, or waiting for someone to “save” you.

      /end  textbook life lesson.

  • http://twitter.com/amnsoriano Mirari Soriano

    i actually didn’t know that the song was about cheating. but after watching that translated video, i had mixed emotions about it. and i had to say as cute as they are, the meaning of that song is totally unacceptable. and though international fans, such as myself, do not understand it at first and like the song due to its very nice melody and cutesy dance, they shouldn’t promote songs with intentions like that. we have to remember that there are teenage fans of the group all over the world and them singing songs like this isn’t very role model-ish and totally wrong.. i don’t like the song for it’s meaning but i love the dance and tune. i’d probably continue listening to it but i wouldn’t dare sing it in public because i might get some bad reaction.. i just hope they come back with a “cleaner” song next time. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WB2AGJ6Q2U43TZHKNPQGFEGWOI Madhuri Sharma

    ” Cheating is a serious topic and the fact that it was glossed over by such cute was what unsettled me.”
    THIS. You don’t cheat an I have no clue why this issue has been glossed over so easily. If a girl group had the same message of a buch or girls going out and a girl trying to cosy up to some hunk and her friends encourage it, there’d probably be a lot more talk going on. Infidelity is not an issue to be taken so casually..

  • gowhalego

    Firstly, I love the ‘moonlight’ pun (if the pun was intended)! Moonlighting under the moonlight indeed. 

    The subject of their song is exactly like Taeyang’s ‘After You Fall Asleep’ (also a midnight prance after his girlfriend falls asleep). But at least that song has douche-vibes. I am not comfortable with the aegyo of the MV or the lyrics of B1A4’s song but I thought the ending of the MV was ironic in a good way — men who cheat will get their comeuppance aka karma aka what goes around comes around. That kind of redeems the song a little and straightens it up I feel. 

  • http://twitter.com/kmi_chan Camille カミーユ

    with B1A4 you don’t have to take it seriously, so even is cheating is a serious thing, sometimes with kpop you don’t have to overanalyze everything ^^

    • Gaya_SB

      downplaying a serious issue like cheating and trivialising is morally questionable at the very least

      • http://twitter.com/kmi_chan Camille カミーユ

         I think we have to consider the end of the MV, that shows what CNU is doing, her girlfriend can do it too.
        So basically the message can be : don’t do bad things to your girlfriend that you wouldn’t like her to do to you (I’m not sure my message is clear sorry, english isn’t my native language).
        Without the MV the song can be questionnable, but I think with the MV it cleared things out for me.

  • severely

    I love this song and the MV. The song’s sound and the styling in the MV is just SO B1A4.

    And really, the message doesn’t bother me at all. The actual lyrics aren’t clearly about cheating; they could be interpreted as a guy going out for a guy’s night out without his girlfriend’s knowledge. Or about a ladies’ man who isn’t tied down to any one specific girl, but is aware that one girl thinks their relationship is more serious than it is. And the way it’s portrayed in the MV isn’t a big deal to me either. It’s obviously intended to be silly, with the way that both of them are cheating on each other. (If you want to call it cheating. I hardly think sitting with someone else qualifies.) I don’t think everything needs to be taken so seriously, and it certainly doesn’t ruin the song for me.

    Quite frankly, I think it’s funny that international fans that don’t even understand the language are making a BFD over it (even fans who had previously loved the song!) when Korean fans obviously aren’t that bothered by it (judging by the song’s sales).

  • Capri08

    The song is not really my type of song that I would listen to, but it does have a catchy feel to it  that will probably cover up the meaning of the lyrics as some songs do. Though the lyrics basically signify cheating, it’s not like I haven’t heard artists sing about cheating before ( both in kpop and out of kpop ) through catchy rhythm or sad ones. What I have a problem with is when fans say kpop music is different from the rest of the world’s. 
    Well news flash,……no….no it’s not.

  • http://twitter.com/stroplok stroplok

    I’m going to have to disagree.
    I don’t think B1A4 (or teentop for that matter) ever make it seem okay to cheat.

     I enjoyed both baby goodnight and no more perfume on you. And my own interpretation of the songs seem to be quite different.

    They’re taking that innocent cutey boy image and twisting it, and I quite enjoy that.
    In No More Perfume On You, our main character is a cheating lying scumbag and doesn’t feel sorry about it. But he does it with an innocent smile on his face and it catches you off guard.

    In Baby Goodnight, CNU might seem a bit regretful about what he’s doing but he does it anyway, and Baro’s narration in the beginning and later rap part, come off as patronizing and unapologetic (even as he says sorry). And in th end of the music video we see that the girlfriend had been using her own apparent innocence to cheat as well. And that to be doesn’t portray two wrongs making a right, but rather brings home the idea that nothing is really as it seems.

    They’re taking the idolised and overused concept of aegyo-filled innocence and mocking it (while simultaneously utilising it) and I think that is kind of funny.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anngelica-Aguilar/100000185514336 Anngelica Aguilar

      I honestly don’t believe the meaning behind the songs and videos have that deep a meaning but you do have a point. I like the way you think :)

      However, I just don’t understand why these idol groups do videos and songs with these kinds of concepts when there aren’t many fans who will even attempt to figure out “The meaning of the work as a whole” and truly think about the message being conveyed here. For example the comment the author made: “It seems that some fans are okay if they were cheated on because it’s B1A4.” shows just that. 

      Fan girls don’t seem to care about the deeper meaning of the material and the fact that they’re mocking aeygo and whatnot. (if that’s truly what B1A4 was aiming at.) 

      • http://twitter.com/stroplok stroplok

         That might be true, but from what I gather (and I’ll admit this might be completely off target), that while for us international fans we might have to dig a little to understand the meaning behind a song, the message is actually pretty obvious to the Korean market. At least that’s what it seemed when Teen Top’s song came out.
        Of course there’s a language barrier to overcome for us international fans, and not everyone makes the effort, but at the same time I think that there’s a slightly different culture to consider.
        It seems that half the time (if not more) I see non-idols doing the buing-buing for example it’s in mockery rather than an actual portrayal of what is deemed cute. So when songs like this come out, they’re only playing on something that was there to begin with.

        Hope that makes sense

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anngelica-Aguilar/100000185514336 Anngelica Aguilar

          It does. I totally understand where you’re coming from. 

          I was just skeptical at the fact that fans would think critically about the content. 

          But I do see where you’re coming from.

    • RC_RC

      You can even take it one step further. I mean look at those ridiculous cowboy and american natives clothes. I don’t think that they are making fun of cowboy and american native culture, I think they are making fun of kpop itself. Maybe my thinking is wishful thinking but I do think it. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Y5AOQU42FE3XOOQ7TWZSNPRJJE S.H.

    Generally I love SB articles, but this was just off the mark. Full disclosure: I’ve been cheated on, and things were thrown and broken.  Trust me, I am a terrifying force when actual cheating comes up.
    But this is a damn music video.  Every plotline portrayed is not necessarily endorsed.  In interviews, the members of B1A4 were like “Oh god, I’m nothing like that, I barely even get to date as it is! I’m nothing like my character.”  Every music video with shooting and death and whatever is not some sick reflection of the band’s or the company’s personalities.  I get what you’re saying about glossing it over, but I think that’s not the point or the message of this at all.  They just wanted a  cute theme, IMO. Someday someone will have to explain to the Kpop world why Indian headdresses are not props though… 

    Even if making a music video with a certain plot did mean it was “condoning” something, with B1A4’s video in particular, it ended up showing you that what goes around comes around — karma, b*tches.  So what, exactly, is wrong with that? 

    What’s wrong is that a lot of fans are stupid and will say crap like “well it’s okay if it’s oppa cheating on me!  ^^ :3”  but  if we tailored everything to the lowest common denominator, Kpop would be so inane that all fans with two brain cells would get bored.  I mean, it’s already pretty silly, but anyways.

    I expected a more nuanced review if anything…

    tl;dr  — it’s pretty obvious that B1A4 is not down with cheating.

    If the lyrics were implying that this is a good thing, then, uh, no. 
    But they’re clearly trying to play off the bad boy stereotype.  What
    I’ve always liked about B1A4 is that they don’t seem to take themselves,
    or anything, too seriously, which is why I was  disappointed with Baby
    I’m Sorry. Also, autotune.

  • palebluedot13

    Was there an article written about MBLAQ’s MV for This is War for condoning killing people?

    I am someone who has been cheated on numerous times by people in relationships. I know how horrible cheating is firsthand. But I don’t think artists or idols singing about cheating are condoning it at all. I think sometimes people forget that music can be nothing more then stories written to music. When we we books such as the Harry Potter series do we say JK Rowling is promoting the idea of torturing and murder because she created a character that takes part in those despicable acts? No, we realize that she is doing nothing more then telling a story. Jinyoung recently said in an interview that he wrote the “dancing, dancing, dancing in the moonlight” part and the melody first. Then he tried to think of all the situations where that it could apply to and then wrote the rest of the lyrics. Did he go in to and say ok I am going to promote cheating? Of course not. He was just telling a story of an event that happens all the time no matter where you live.

    And finally if I was dating someone in B1A4 and they cheated on me, would I stay with them? Hell no.

  • noiha

    put aside the mv and lyrics issue… so i guess b1a4 want to end up like this forever? i like their stage actually. though their vocals aren’t the best, they’re really confident on stage thus making it more enjoyable than some rookies last year. but if they want to be something like orange caramel male version, well that’s their business. it’s still a shame for some members, but i don’t mind aegyo-ish things for fun purpose. only, they really need to pick up good song next time (“beautiful target” is that kind of cringy-but-stuck-on-your-mind song, but “OK” and this song are blergh). or took a more mind-numbing cosplay, something like dbsk balloon and every orange caramel’s release.

    then yeah, i’ll never take these guys seriously.

    • palebluedot13

      well it seems to be doing well with the korean pubic. baby goodnight is doing way better on the digital charts then beautiful target ever did

      • noiha

        doing way better on chart isn’t equal with better song. it’s like saying the boys is better than itnw, well, that’s depend on people’s taste actually. they got more famous thorough last year, naturally their song will do better.

        • palebluedot13

          not necessary. look at sm boy groups.. their popularity has grown since debut and their songs never do well digitally.

          i’m just saying the public seems to enjoy baby goodnight much more then beautiful target. (i actually prefer it too. i think it it is one of their best up tempo songs they have ever made)

  • Streby

    Though I’m no fan of infidelity and male chauvinism, I actually loved that they took something so potentially full of melodrama and sadness and made it a funny and light thing. It definitely wouldn’t be funny if my boyfriend cheated on me while laughing and doing ageyo in cowboy garb but the mv really shows the light side of affairs!

  • http://twitter.com/sue3333333 sue smith

    I think some people are taking the song too seriously, like Jinyoung said it’s just a story.

    “Oh, and some of the comments these fans
    were giving had me losing what little faith I had left in humanity. It
    seems that some fans are okay if they were cheated on because it’s B1A4.”

    Yeah about that, kpop fans..well atleast the delusional ones have been saying foolish stuff like that long before b1a4 came into the picture that’s really nothing new.

  • CJux

    “So it has been a struggle for me — much to Ree’s chagrin — to get intoB1A4.”It’s not a struggle for me. I gave up on them the minute I saw them :)

    Though their last MV wasn’t bad and I thought maybe this one could finally have some attractive qualities – guess I was wrong.

  • http://twitter.com/kmi_chan Camille カミーユ

    I think we have to consider the end of the MV, that shows what CNU is doing, her girlfriend can do it too.
    So basically the message can be : don’t do bad things to your girlfriend
    that you wouldn’t like her to do to you (I’m not sure my message is
    clear sorry, english isn’t my native language).
    Without the MV the song can be questionnable, but I think with the MV it cleared things out for me.

  • Hypotenuse

    The fact that B1A4 acts more like your average girl group than anything keeps me loving them. I think they’re adorable, and the video/song was hilarious. Cheating is always wrong, but I really don’t think pop music like that is meant to be taken 100% seriously?

  • destined2bebossy

    The song sounds AMAZING (thanks for writing about it caus eI would have never heard it otherwise).

    I did not catch the end ’til I read the article further. OMG hahaha!
    The song makes me think about Destiny Child’s – Jumpin Jumpin

  • asianromance

    Melody of the song: love it
    Lyrics: On the fence.  The lyrics are just a narrative, not a message.  Let’s not get all MOGEF about them.  However, I can see how B1A4 being an idol group can make the lyrics inappropriate.  
    MV: Hated almost everything about it (one of the worst kpop dance routines I’ve seen, try-too-hard aegyo faces, and culturally-insensitive costumes).  However, I did like how the cheating bastard got karma-ed at the end.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=513439726 Sharon Overlord

    Cheating is part of everyday life, and I think they tried to gloss it over with humor, just like Teen Top bc its a serious subject. Their not really saying cheating is great, bc the two seems like they dont know that their cheating with eachother and seem clueless. Im guessing they dont have a great relationship. They come off as being silly and immature actully.

    It’s just a story. A plot for a music video should not always be ideal and be positive all the time. Bc then I would start wanting pll to get hurt and cry bc its all too cheesy. People aren’t stupid enough to see the MV and think cheating is great all of a sudden. A good MV sparks debate and this is what it did. kind of like Taeyang’s only look at me. Where he cheats on other girls but aks his girlfriend never to leave him. When I found the english lyrics, I was mad and I called him a jerk. But the song seemed more interesting to me. 

    Humans aren’t always great and they dont do things that are right all the time. I dont see why  MVs should idolize everything. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=2527363 Mark Chen

    Other than the lyrics and the “questionable fashion choices” in this video, here are a few other head scratching moments:

    1. Why is the guy using a flip phone? When was the last time you’ve seen a flip phone in a music video?

    2. Why is the party occurring in the bright of day? Didn’t he just wish his girlfriend goodnight?

    3. What’s with the chipmunk noises at the beginning of the video that’re so reminiscent of Girl’s Day’s Oh My God video?

    4. Why is there a parking meter and a modern looking U.S. mailbox in the background of the outdoors area?

    5. Why is the girlfriend the only one not dressed in a Wild West costume?

  • http://twitter.com/bbuing_girl 한 데야

    i looked at the english translation first before watching the mv when it got released… and i thought the MV will show the boys having fun at night without their girl friend. there’s no direct translation to cheating, its all in the MV… I guess the MV over simplified the meaning of the song~~ uberly love the song though~~

  • PastPharaoh11

    Jinyoung explained, for he is the one who composed it, that the song is about having fun just once while having no girlfriend. The director just gave a different interpretation about the song which gives confusion to the audience. The bottom-line here is that Jinyoung gave another happy reversal (?) song for us. ^_^

  • http://www.facebook.com/chibijoshie Josh Chinnery

    I couldn’t make it past the first 30 seconds without wanting to strangle them for that unnecessary aegyo… Bilasa, stick to the mature image; you’re way more likeable that way -_-