• Lubrro

    I hate those ads, but I’ve seen that even when some people pay to dowload the MV from sites like gomtv, melon or bugs, it still has those damn aweful ads all over it…

  • http://www.michelle-chin.com/ Michelle Chin

    My take? 

    I just can’t stand them. Even with google ads, I strive to delete them! They are just beyond annoying! One reason why I turn to the internet for dramas is to skip the ads that television stations must air (revenue). Granted I cannot eliminate all of the ads but at least, it is much lesser, so I am not complaining. However, with such “watermark” ads, it really annoys me. 

    I understand it is business but hey, entertainment companies must fulfill the needs of the consumer as well. Good marketing involves good customer service. 


  • Khaddie

    They piss me the hell off.

    That may be a bit over the top, but I seriously find them incredibly annoying and uneccesary. I know the space it covers up doesn’t hide too much, but I just feel it ruins it for me because it is just so out of place.

    SM, there are probably people that would buy a recording of water dripping if you put a pretty face on the cover, mostly because you are SM. So please, calm your money grabbing tits long enough for me to enjoy a 3-5 minute video of very pretty faces ( and catchy music).

  • pending

    I’m obsessed with music videos, to the point where if I can’t buy a video in the iTunes store (which is the case 9 times out of 10) I’ll use one of the many, many YouTube video rippers to get it. The fact that the imbedded ads stay with the videos after they’re ripped is a pretty solid way for SM to gain something even when the content is pirated.

    …But seriously, SM, wouldn’t it be easier to sell me a clean version of your videos for $2 a pop? It’s frustrating and confusing for a mv-addict like me that the only Shinee video I can get on the iTunes store is ‘Hello’ (bought it anyway) and the only SNSD vid is ‘The Boys’. That’s pretty typical though; even the biggest names only offer 1 or 2 of their music videos in the iTunes store. I wish I understood what the barrier was– is it because companies think they can’t get fans to buy what’s offered on YouTube for free? Because I can’t possibly be the only fan who’ll gleefully plunk down a few dollars to get to see my favorites in HQ, when/wherever I want, without any ads, forever.

    • JjigaeLover

      This has more to do with their distribution agreements with Apple. I’m sure SM wants to but business is business and they have to iron out all the little details. Good news though…iTunes is launching in Korea this year so there will probably be MVs to buy!

      • pending

         You’re awesome, thanks for finally answering that question for me! I always thought it had to be *something*, or else why would the companies be throwing away free money? And now I can start saving up, looking forward to replacing my iPod’s pirated collection with the real thing. :D

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VOBHN5WR2Q3MPYG2DVDKDOB3WU Lili

    I hate those damn ads, but i wouldn’t spend my money on clean versions. I hope this method only stays with SM, because it’s bad enough google ads are on everything else. So, i just roll my eyes when one of those pointless ads come on and just wait for it to pass. 

  • FlipMango

    I’m scared because once one company does it, someone else might follow. My nightmare is not even that other companies might do it, but youtube and Vevo follows this example. They’re already close to it. 

  • http://twitter.com/LulcKathy kat

    Emm I still think that what’s most frustrating are the commercials that play at the beginning of the videos, you can’t get rid of them no matter how you refresh, so you are forced to watch them if you want to see the video, it sucks.

  • muggle87

    i hate it, it takes away from music video.

  • mojo jojo

    I hope Korean fans do something about this and stop SM from possibly ruining every future kpop video!

  • http://arbitrary-greay.livejournal.com/ Arbitrary_greay

    At least they aren’t forcing you to buy something to get clean versions, since clean versions can be ripped from those later broadcasts. 
    I don’t know why fans feel so entitled to get a free clean version anyways. The company put money into filming those things, (no matter how cheap SM boxes can get) when their idols could have been doing something more lucrative, in order to promote the single/album in the hopes of boosting sales. They’d want to get some sort of revenue to make up for the filming costs from the fans who don’t buy the album/single and basically leech their fandom by listening to the MV. Making them buy the MV is one method, by packaging it with the single, as many other artists do. (Some have even forced fans to buy MVs in a separate DVD pack) But in order for the MV to serve its original purpose, promotion, some form of the MV needs to be made available. Some companies thus offer only truncated MVs  for free, which is not desirable, as the latter half of the song or MV might be the best part. Offering a watermarked MV is a much better alternative. 

    Of course, pirates are pirates and will probably still not contribute any financial support by downloading the clean ripped versions from people who legally bought it. So maybe that’s why SM made the videos watermarked and didn’t sell a clean version separately, to make the most of the situation. I’m just thankful a full version of the MV is always available, even watermarked, since this isn’t the case in so many of my other fandoms, and companies in said fandoms are ruthless about taking down unauthorized copies, which is a huge pain and makes me more likely to drop said fandom out of lack of media. These aren’t pieces of media art where the ad completely destroys any enjoyability of the video, these are MVs where most of the screentime is idols dancing in a box.

    • idontknoe

      Lol yea MVs ate just advertisements, and do no issue with more advetisemrnts on them.

    • JjigaeLover

      Totally agree. How can you demand never-ending content from a company if you give it  zero financial support? SM would go out of business and we wouldn’t have all that pretty eye candy to look at. Nothing in the world is free…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=513439726 Sharon Overlord

    So that’s what the advertisements are! I didnt even know what they were advertising. These ads have no relevance to oversees fans whatsoever. How about posting something we might be interested in, like a place to buy Koreand CDs or Drama. Or maybe, check us out in Itunes. 

    Honestly, these ads are kinda a bit on the tacky side. They make the MV look cheap and distract me from watching the MV. Cant they make the advertisement be the wallpaper or something? That still sounds tacky, but it does not ruin the MV.

    • midsummerflower

      Yeah, I had no idea what those ads were for until I read this article. I think it’s funny that the ads are in English, considering that international fans can’t access whatever it is they are advertising for. 

  • GracefulCassieShapley

    I remember the first time I saw those ads…….

    I thought it was a youtube ad and I was trying to close it down, until I realize it was part of video. 

    Gosh those things are annoying! I wouldn’t trust the Genie ones. 

  • newildlife

    They should provide free english/chinese/japanese subtitles like jype does instead of those annoying ads

    • http://twitter.com/nicholys Nicholas_SB

      Oh thanks for mentioning that too. And further props to them for correct and functional TLs.

  • itsmysunshine

    To be honest, I don’t really care about the ads. My biggest obsession with MV is how I can make a gif/edit out of them. And most of the time, I can always crop the ads (that’s thankfully still stay at the bottom of the screen) without ruining the parts of video that I want to edit.

    But yes, so cheap for SM to do this. Like those money from concerts/physical CDs/digital downloads are not already enough.

  • kelliusmaximus

    If you have a serious issue with the ads, you are probably an entitled little brat. You are watching MVs for FREE ONLINE. You don’t spend a cent on them, but companies spend a fair bit of money making them for your viewing pleasure. Sure, they’re a bit of an eyesore, but it’s a minor inconvenience at most. How spoiled must you be to complain so much about something you lose nothing from?  

    When you start paying for the privilege, damn right they shouldn’t include ads. In the meantime, stop being so demanding because quite frankly it’s a pretty good idea from a business perspective. Of course, it would be better if they sold clean, hq versions on itunes or something- hopefully they will start at some point.

    • Streby

      Though it is a good business idea and it is genius of SM, you bet I will still be unhappy and complain. Who is it who actually brings in the real revenue for SM? The fans. I am one of those people who is going to be buying that cd and though I havent paid for the music video, I have indirectly contributed to SM’s revenue by purchasing anything with the SM label on it. (When I say ‘I’, it is not to say that I have contributed millions personally but it is in the place of an average fan).

      My experience is definitely not ruined by the ads and though they are an eyesore, I can totally live with them but I think that though its genius, it is kind of ruthless (using this word for lack of a better substitute in my head right now) of SM to try to make music videos with ads embedded into them.  I get where you’re coming from though, at the end of the day, it is SM’s decision whether they want to make a few extra bucks via these ads or not and they have evidently cashed in on this one. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=513439726 Sharon Overlord

      This is true, but It’s almost like telling people to stop complaining about ads on television bc we get to watch the shows for free. Or telling them to stop complaining about ads on the radio, bc they get to hear the radio for free.

      When another company comes along and tell us that they will offer less annoying ads, pll are gonna flock to them. Why do you think netflix is so popular? Apart from already having control over what u want to watch, pll dont have to watch ads. Plus its why pll like watching videos online. 

      We all know companies want profit, but its annoying when they make it so obvious. My money has never gone to SM, bc they consistently remind you that music is second to making money for them. call me spoiled or immature, but I think Sm is stupid for not realizing maintaining their public persona is important.  

    • BBMayMay

      THANK YOU.

    • Grace Ecarg

       but it’s still seriously annoying that I can’t even make the ads go away and it’s always better for the standards of viewership to be raised

    • http://twitter.com/#!/perfumeah perfumeah

      There are still countless other MV’s that are free without these kind of glaring, obnoxious ads. Our complaints aren’t with the advertising itself (since they do make the video free after all), but rather with the way it’s done. A few product placements here and there would have been preferable. 

  • destined2bebossy

    Oh goodness those motherfriggin’ ads! They are so tacky and disruptive.
    I can understand trying to make money but come on SM, don’t be so blatant about it. I’d like to at least pretend that you care about me -your fan.
    For me the ads are like the final punch. It’s SM lliterally saying ‘yeh, we only do things for money, we don’t really care for your viewing experience or to get our video/musical composition across. This is all for the money.’

    • JjigaeLover

      SM cares for nothing but money? Probably true but you are consuming exactly what they are dishing out so why wouldn’t SM continue to behave as it always has? The only way SM is going to step back is if they are making less money, the way they make less money is by us, the viewers, not consuming their content. 

      Unlike “Waiting on the world to change,” SM’s videos have no message except pretty eye candy and catchy melodies so I don’t think the ads take away too much from the “artistic integrity” of a music video.

  • Black_Plague

    This is what SM would have said to the viewers literally – “Yo dawg you know I liek ads – so I put an ad in my ad so I can sell you shit while I sell you shit.”

  • k_db

    I hate the ads personally.  First time I saw it on SHINee’s “Sherlock” video, I was like.. youtube ads got prettier. Then I realized it was the video!

    But it’s not like we can do anything about it. We don’t produce the videos.

  • http://arbitrary-greay.livejournal.com/ Arbitrary_greay

    Plus, watermarked content opens up the possibilities of MORE FREE CONTENT paid for by the watermarked ads! Just think, concert DVD excerpts, performances that may not get officially released due to royalties or whatever in the case of covers, bonus TV appearance footage not in the original broadcast, groups getting their own little homemade web-shows without the interference of TV channel execs, rejected photoshoot images, etc., all without having to fear it getting pulled because of piracy or copyright issues, because the company itself put them up! I’ve seen the majority of the above done by other companies, so there’s precedent anyways, and come on, more free content!

  • http://twitter.com/Rylee_Ann Rylee Ann :D

    For me, it is SO FREAKING ANNOYING… I want to kill a bitch everytime I see one of those stupid ads. I actually downloaded Everysing from the market, it’s a shit app, and I expect Genie isn’t any different, except that YOU CAN’T EVEN GET IT OUTSIDE OF KOREA WTF.

    Product placement is one thing, this is so pissy. I could see on YT, but on TV and other media forms, it’s totally unacceptable.

  • http://twitter.com/ericyumyum I’m with Beyonce

    I cant stand them. I downloaded some.. but all of them are a mess and useless. 

  • Varsico

    I’m fine with product placement, but I’d take product placement in the actual video over these pop-up ads that SM uses any day.  I know that striking deals with 3rd party companies helps the label fund these videos, but honestly I’d like them to place the ads creatively into the video. 

    Even if the MVs are made of people singing in white boxes they can easily find a way to work the product into the set. I mean, these people made full on music videos for LG and Intel for god’s sake.

  • Theorist

    Mannnn. SM is really smart in getting money. 

  • Ariel2003

    Advertisement that needs to be click to disappear is annoying enough but ads embedded in the video itself is just too much. I have the attention span of a gnat so if a video annoys me I just move on. SM should consider this type of mentality from future fans, you want to capture the attention of the internet viewing public not their ire. Those unfamiliar with K-pop might even view the music video as some sort of advertisement and move on.

  • RainieNight

    I don’t understand what all the fuss is about with the ads in MVs. Just ignore it, and focus on the the idols. I prefer them over the annoying video ads that play right before the video starts, which you can’t skip.

  • BBMayMay

    we can watch the mvs for free so I can’t complaing about it tbh

  • intheshort

    I only found them distracting at first because I’m used to watching for ads just to click the “x” button to get rid of them. XP

    But meh, SM can do what it wants. At least the ads aren’t obstructing faces or anything. 

  • http://jeesu-s.tumblr.com/ Jeesus

    SM is really shameless

  • http://twitter.com/shiny_chang Shi-en

    SM is shameless, but I’m not gonna complain, since they’re not obstructing faces or anything, and it’s free, and the only way I’d be likely to see them…

  • goldengluvsk2

    thats annoying… when I clicked to watch “electric shock” i was looking for the “X” to close the pop up ad but there wasnt i was like the F*ck is this?!! o—O it distracted me a lot I had to rewatch it… i find it bearable but what I dont understand is if they usually use songs to advertise stuff in CFs/ like the ones with LG optimus glare smartphone and Sj’s Mr. simple 3D MV then why the hell they have to bring it to the actual mvs not only in YT but in the channels??

  • chara_sweetmelody

    Lmao I didn’t even notice this. Since I’m not a huge fan of SM groups XD. Ah SM making it obvious once again that they care more about money than music :)

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  • http://www.facebook.com/hersheymania22 Doreen Araneta

    I really find it annoying having those ‘disturbing’ ads on SM videos. Annoying ’cause it just pops up out of nowhere, ridiculous! ^^

  • http://twitter.com/pixelblue970714 Marisa Rui

    I saw the Everysing ad pop up in “Sherlock” and I was so very sad. I was thinking, “I sure hope this doesn’t happen again.”

    Then came the next slew of music videos. Oh boy.

    I’m not a fan of the ads, but I admit I grin and bear it so I can watch Super Junior or any of my other favorite SM groups (but mainly Super Junior). I just wish it wouldn’t be so stuck in the video. SM Entertainment: you’re advertising, making money, WE GET IT. Just take out the ads in the official downloads or broadcasts. It’s annoying.

  • Eliza Carter

    To me, the most annoying this is the English. I’m sorry, but who are these advertisements meant for? 
    Genie is almost entirely in Korean, and isn’t really useful to an international audience. The majority of fans who will watch the video on YouTube are primarily English speakers, or foreign fans. If Genie is meant for a Korean audience, then why not put in the add in Korean? Seriously, SM, “Genie is the music service for smart phone”? It doesn’t explain anything to an English or Korean speaker, so you are clearly not reaching a target audience. 

    So, in conclusion: your advertising scheme sucks, and it makes the music video look cheap. X_X    

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=729154428 Chastina Li

    As much as i hate those embedded ads, i gotta say that SM is smart in turning their music to commercial products that invigorates all of their other revenue-making endeavours. Kpop is commercial music and making money is their only goal. I am sad because I can see this is how kpop will go in the future, and I am not sure if my music integrity will allow me to follow this profit-driven genre much longer.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/36AXZ4OH33WQL3AV5OM2VL7SRY Angel

    I hated it at the begining but it’s a good way to make money. I started to get used by it.

  • http://twitter.com/silverukiss Silver

    I hate them, and I will never like them. I am fine with youtube’s ads, because I can exit out of them. SM ads completely disrupt the viewing experience, and it makes me wish that I lived in Korea so that I could make sure that I never EVER use the product advertised, in revenge for them destroying the MV.

    I guess it’s a good thing I never seriously follow a band produced by SM (after what they did to DBSK) because now I can easily stop watching the music videos as well. Well…. except DBSK’s videos, my Cassie heart just won’t let them go.

     “run the risk of… being perceived as a company that puts money above all else.” ummm, I thought it was already generally accepted knowledge that SM puts money above all else. There were actually fans that thought otherwise? Oh….