• http://twitter.com/missmegsies Megan Tang

    1.Favourite Pairing or Grouping? 
    It would be the whole family aspect, I did enjoy watching the various pairings that spouted out from this show but actively shipping? No. I do enjoy watching the interactions between each member, which is why I still religiously watch this show. the interactions between the members are real, you can see the friendship that they have built through the hardship and time they spent together. Ships are make belief, they were used to give an identity, a character to help bring screentime and notice to the 2 members, some people take it way too far, forgetting that these people on the screen are real too and have the basic rights of choosing who they want to date. So yeah. Favourite Grouping? All of them! 

    2. Song JiHyo +1? 
    Ok. Never mind JiHyo is like my favourite member and I could go on and on about how awesome she but what made me draw in to her is  because whilst she is now known for her aggressive and competitive nature and the public not only accept it but support it, at the start she could not have predicted this, it is very rare in K-world  for a female star to deviate from a girl image and for her to forgo this image that she had built and to take this huge risk is nothing more then courageous. 
    As for adding another female member.. It would be hard for any member regardless of sex to be added on in this stage. The members and the audience is so used to 7 fixed members, the characters they built and the relationships revolve around them 7 and you almost have to break the bond, to add another person in. It also depends on who they add. I mean after JiHyo, the next female is Lizzy (I class her as a long term guest, not a fixed member call me bitch but its my view) She lacked a useable long term character and relationship with the rest of the members, she was the cute Busan girl? that was good initially but by her 2nd or 3rd appearance it is boring. 
    A guest who I thought could be fixed with Park BoYoung, contrary to SeoulBeat I think they need someone who isn’t like JiHyo, too similar and you have overlapping characters, she got on well with most members and I could see various characters or relationships.. 

    3. Format?
    Whilst I loved the old format (hide and seek), it could get repetitive, and thankful they changed it before it did. I have not much comment on format, to me it mostly depends on the guest and the missions. 

    4. Guest?
    OMG THAT IS THE THING THAT PISSES ME OFF SO SO MUCH.. (sorry). The problem with Kpop is that the fans are so bloody sensitive! its like they are forever pmsing and anything could tip them over the edge, and shows have to accommodate this? that is bull. 
    Guest-wise I always end up preferring guests that aren’t overhyped! like did anyone watch the ep90? with the ahjussi’s? I loved that episode. simple game and brilliant interactions. Guests were also actively drawing screentime to them, not relying on members like JaeSuk. One of the best episodes this year. 

    5. Learnt? 
    How hard people work. and a sense of respect to the cast and crew for the perseverance, they may have busy schedules, they may be ill or injured but they still run as hard as they can just so you laugh a bit longer. 

    RM I <3 you 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=576635008 Lê Minh Sơn

    1.pairing: jong kook- kwangsoo, but sadly, they don’t interact much lately
    2.host: definitely jaesuk
    3. guest: Sunny-Yoona, Yonghwa
    4.eps:39 ft Sunny, Yoona
              95 ft jisung park
    and the first  10 eps

  • Khaddie

    I’ve only watched a few episodes and I’m probably going to Marathon the episodes during the summer. The first episode was epic, then afterward I watched the SNSD episode and it was just weak. They were having a flipping picnic and I couldnt even finish the episode. The DBSK and Hip Hop ones were amazing, so I do prefer it when guests actually let loose.

    Any suggestion for any episodes where the guests arent’t babied?

    • ybkdik91

       The latest episode with the Park Ji Sung (Football player) – first variety show appearance & he was awesome to say the least , Choi Min Soo (Actor), any episodes with Yonghwa of CNBlue, Thailand Special episodes with NichKhun & Kim Min-jung, ep79 with Jaedong & Yoon do-hyun. – These are a couple of my all time favorites & each guest holds their own.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

      Sunny and Yoona’s appearance was pretty awesome. Those two played the game pretty well.

      Siwon and Kim Minjong’s episode. Excellent because Siwon was just hilarious with all his expressions and Yoo Jaesuk was just dying with laughter the whole episode.

      Nichkhun and Jessica episodes (4 and 5, I think) are actually some of my faves.

  • Fresh Lemons

    I think the best episodes of the show are ones that include no guest. They have gotten to a point with each other tha they are comfortable and have great relationships with each other that when they do a ep with no guest, it turns out pretty awesome. One of my favorite eps has to be the last Christmas one with the special powers. Not only did the producers pull off an amazing job with concept of super powers but the interaction the cast has with each other without having a guest shows off why the show is pretty good when you can just rely on the cast themselves.

    • Gaya_SB

      Oh, I loved that episode, especially how they STILL make references to their powers :)

  • black_rose45000

    “delicate beings and the cast, especially the males, have to restrict themselves.”

    That is something that’s always bugged me when physical fights between a
    male and a woman had to take place (not talking particularly about RM
    here, sorry). the woman was obviously winning/at an advantage because
    the man would barely touch her. I’m not saying he shouldn’t have, only
    that it’s best to deal with these things in a different way.

    The whole thing with “offending” precious idols’ fans is absurd imo. Why the eff should I, the MC/cast-member, care if I told G-Dragon his recent hair is a mess or that idol X is doing a lousy job in the game?
    The fans get too much credit and they have too many rights imo. Instead of leaning at an early age about acceptance of the others and their opinions/tastes, about accepting flaws and failures, they’re constantly indulged into thinking and expecting that everything should be pure and perfect and everything else they might wish for, and god forbid things might not go their way, because they are obviously entitled to go acid on hosts who “insult” their precious dolls, or to death threat other fans/antis/idols’ girlfriends/etc. They are entitled to act less than humane with the ones around them. >.>

    Anyway, great idea for this exchange…I should really sit myself down sometime for a RM marathon :3

  • brain_wicked

    You must have yet seen the episode with Park Ji Sung on it. Because if you have, you will definitely say that PJS is the best guest. Simply because he really, really enjoys being on running man (and we can clearly see that he is a fan). The episodes are so funny. I’m now craving for more PJS in RM. He’s so skilful, respected yet can be so funny and laid back!

  • http://twitter.com/heda727 dahe

    i would love another female cast member with jihyo, but her role would be different than jihyo maybe a girly girl but have manipulation skills that she can compete with the other members without them having to go easy on her, someone like hyori. ( no fragile girl they need to babysit please) 

    big fan of the show, one of the things i like about it, is that even though its scripted to a degree, i still react enthusiastically to whats going on lol, and the interaction between the members is very natural too. 

  • http://twitter.com/ikkemenJJ jjikkemen

    -Lizzy will be a permanent RM cast starting July or smthg..i don’t know how to feel about this..during her temporary guesting, she didn’t do much IMO
    -best format: find the guest (DBSK/Nickhun&Taecyeon episodes were daebak!)
    -worst format: the one where they had to team up and pick members from different locations..almost half an hour was wasted only for forming groups!
    -worst episode :SNSD..totally blehh..and Big Bang..sooo not exciting
    -memorable episodes : both Thailand episodes..you can see RM’s popularity..and Park Jisung is funny too

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5JWLOENJVT24KU7ZTJZH3XOOXM Alexandra

    I love all the pairing but my favorite pairing is deffinately the tiger and the giraffe and Haha and Jihyo. 
    And anyone here a fan of song song couple, gahh I thought that was one of the cutest pairing in k-variety, how I miss Joong Ki
    My favorite gues has to be Park Ji Sung, he is a natural at variety :)
    But for me I really miss the hide and seek games

  • syvellium

    Just dropping in to say:

    – I am totally team Haha + Jihyo; pairings are cute but not when they’re forced
    – Best guests: Yonghwa, Choi Min-soo, Park Ji-sung, Kim Soo-ro, Park Ye-jin, Shin Bong-sun
    – I miss Joong-ki so much, wish they interacted with him more at the Asian Dream Cup
    – Who I want to guest on RM desperately: Shinhwa
    – I also think they should do a Where’s Waldo? episode sometime — that would be too cute.

    • http://seoulbeats.com Johnelle

      OMG, the Where’s Waldo would be epic! Where they have to find their guest(s) that’s dressed up like Waldo who is hiding in a sea of people – like if they went to Japan and ran around the Shibuya intersection!

    • https://twitter.com/#!/LimaCake LimaCake

      LOL Where’s Waldo! How awesome would that be?

      I swear I cried on Joong-ki’s last episode. Who’d have known I would get so attached to him? I miss him too :'(

    • bethany_SB

      I ONLY watch RM episodes with Yonghwa.

      Okay I lie. I made exceptions for BB and the one that guest-starred Joong-ki (sobs uncontrollaby) and the HoMin one, which was my first.

      MORE YONGHWA. Ugh, those guests that stand around and do almost nothing bore me to death.

  • http://twitter.com/deanheat Heather

    I love RM so much!  I am a bit of a purist and prefer the old episodes, but it really is the chemistry of these people working together that makes the show magical.  And that includes the VJ’s and crew–I love when they get visibly involved.

    I’m not a huge fan of the guests, but what I hate the most is when the pretty female comes on and it’s just ooh’s and aah’s from the guys…

  • noiha

    argh, you should wait until 100th episode aired then let’s have a running man best award (pick your best couple, best episode, etc). xD

    how much i love this show? well, this is the only variety show i tune in every week religiously, watch it in raw (and watch again afterwards with better subs release), follow the related news even when i have to face ridiculous amount of plastic surgery/liposuction ads in korean ‘news’ site, stalk dc gallery forum to find out upcoming guests, etc. and i found way more devoted viewers than me in another forum and twitter/tumblr/facebook etc. simply said, this show is not losing to infinity challenge in terms of religious viewers.

    it’s not like i’m blind to its flack, but watching running man from early episodes, i can say they’re heading to a better show. imo, they miss a pretty big time in ep 30s-40s and 80s, but the current state is actually good. again and again, people miss the oldies, and i also felt the same. i’m glad in ep 93 they bring something similar like that again. but let’s see if you still can say that if they have 90s episodes with hide and seek through and through, ridiculous overnight schedule through and through, leisure tea time/thief card game through and through, etc. that’s said, i’m glad that RM exploring various concept and exploring random theme, but it still has its heart: elimination game — with various concept.

    as a viewer, i’m open to more possibilities of random concepts waiting. it still misses quiet a lot, some games scripted a lot, some guests favored a lot, and i noticed that. still, it has the entertaining and brilliant ones, and those brilliant episodes are something often happen. at least, that’s what happen in my timeline.

  • Jgg55

    Ji Suk Jin is my bro. He needs more appresh. 

  • minkyungie

    i really love running man!
    the only thing i dislike is whenever a female guest is on running man
    i feel like the episode kind of revolves around them.
    i noticed that the female guest almost always win.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FX5ZEXH4NQ72EVGYFCASU6YDD4 FaerynShade

    I agree that it isn’t the same without Jong ki.. We just need someone to treat Ji hyo like a woman sometimes -someone besides Gary that is-, but still would go against her in the games they played. Someone who could really play against the running man casts. Like Jong ki or Yong hwa who is not so bad. Or maybe Min ki or Si won who COULD go against the commander. LOL. I hope that they’ll make Jong ki come back to become a permanent member again.. :(

  • AcadiasFire

    I read this a long time ago but I didn’t know anything about running man so I never commented. Now that I fully love this show and am watching every single episode like its a religion I can say that so far being on episode 16. Yonghwa has been my absolute favorite idol guest so far. He really knew how to sneak and get past the cast. It was just great. I’ll be watching those again soon I know it xD