• YourYG Bias

    Though I’m not really a hardcore shipper, “Alien Couple” beats everyone.

    8D Park Bom with her insatiable love for corn and “Bingu” TOP. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessica-Cottle/1297801414 Jessica Cottle

    My favorite weird moment for Jaejoong? When he was on Happy Together and was talking about how he got chills when one of the members lied about not flushing the toilet. He was concerned that everything in his life was a lie. I died laughing…and also may have fallen a little, teeny tiny bit in love with his weirdness haha. ALSOOOO, I think TOP is a bit 4D as well…and Bom.

    • skye00

      haha. some of my fave jaejoong 4d moments are from come to
      play. like when he said he couldnt contact his friends after returning to korea. jaesuk asks is it because his friends changed numbers and jae was like no, I changed my number. haha!!! or the one in japan where he couldnt accept he wasnt compared to an animal like the other 4. he was instead compared to a cream cheesecake. hahaha!!!!

      • cloudy90

        LMAO i missed the video about them and animals I guessed. Mind telling who was which animals and why was he a cream cheesecake? 
        My fave is that he always accidentally spilled secrets or said weird comments like “Before debut, Me,CM,YC, KiBum drank juice…bitter cola…alchohol ” or “Sometimes I don’t think YunHo treat me as a guy” LOL-ed at the last one while Junsu and the othersimmediately went “Don’t think weirdly!!!!!!! ” into the camera. hahahaha

        • skye00

          the show’s called music lovers i think. cm was a german shepherd, yh a cheetah, yc a sleepy koala, and js a lost praire dog. the japanese comedian was sekine san and he said jj was a cheesecake because he seemed unapproachable at first but sweet and cute after just like after trying the cake. when he found out he was a cheesecake, jae was like “cant i be a lion, rawr! or a leopard/jaguar.” they were laughing coz he chose his own comparison. then jae followed up “how about a black jaguar eating cream cheesecake?” wahahaha!!!

    • muggle87

      i remember that, it was too funny. jae has a lot of weird moments, it will take forever to list them all.

  • http://twitter.com/jayfinite Katasha

    Let’s not forget Beast’s Hyunseung and Infinite’s Myungsoo.

    When I watched Beast’s ep in Shin PD I was facepalming the whole time, thinking to myself, “Does this kid even know what he’s doing?” He asked so many unimportant questions regarding the game and needs clarifications for one simple instruction. Beast members even admit that he looks at the world differently. From a fan point of view, his 4D-ness is pretty evident, what with the constant blanking out and all. (I guess that’s what makes him my bias lol)

    As for Myungsoo, let me quote a gem from Infinite’s Ranking King: 

    “Why do they vote me as number 7 (to be Brain King)? ….. Is it because I cut my hair?”

    • Khaddie

      Don’t forget about those times he started shrieking on Sesame Player.

      “Don’t come! Don’t Come!!”

      And this absoloute gem:

      L “Hyung, please fix the air con.”

      Manager: “No, you are my victim.”

      L: “Fix it!! FIX IT!!!”

      Any perception I had of him as the cool and calm member was effectively gone.

  • http://twitter.com/fah2ma Fatouma

    Former group mate Yunho…. /weeps. Jaejoong def is one of my faves in terms of being quirky and weird. But sometimes he freaks me out, like when the members revealed that he likes to take pictures of the members while they’re in the bathroom. :/

  • kk

    no ChoomTOP
    no Bingu TOP
    no Alien couple

    how invalid can this list get?

    • http://twitter.com/lily_of_west CLover/Infiknight

       That’s coz Tabi and Bom are 8D. Dara is more of a 4D personality, while Tabi and Bom surpass that by a few miles, they’re weirdness is unlike anything.

  • http://www.twitter.com/hipployta Hipployta

    Most of my 4D loves are here…with Heechul my eternal #1

  • ybkdik91

    Jihyo is quite a surprise. I remember watching her drama’s & films, having this completely different concept of who she is but then she appears on Family Outing & Running Man  and she is the complete opposite of the demure type character that I initially thought her to be.
    Kim Hyun Joong and his bluntness always had me laughing and also at times thinking to myself “REALLY ?!!” e.g. Back when he was on WGM he would say things that were harsh like when HB flew to Japan and he asked her why she came, nothing else just why she came. At the same time I find that quality of his to be endearing because there are so many times we get the generic answer or response from people that it is cool to see some character in someone.

    Surprised Park Bom or TOP didn’t make it on the list since they are completely 4D and beyond. Sometimes I genuinely wonder if Park Bom is from another planet when she responds to questions or does random actions from out of nowhere lol. Bom lives in her own little bubble.

  • enily

    I agree with your take on Nichkuhn. He seems to be
    way deeper and mature than just the pretty face from the group. I recall a
    comment he made to his band mate on one of their shows “what you like to do and
    what you are good at are two completely different things” it was funny at the
    moment but it stuck with me (I know lame) we don’t always get what we want in
    live and our talents are not always in par with what we really want to do,
    therefore we tend to forget what we want to do and just go along with what it’s
    easy for us to do…
    When completely off subject here…sorry lol

    BTW Eric’s monolog…..*speechless*

  • http://twitter.com/Na3ka2 AdeNike

    The King of 4D or alien idols is Kim Heechul, it’s certified. I’m yet to see another idol you can top his weirdness. Kim Hyun Joong—- with his spacing out, random talk and bluntness are second to none. I really do love Song Ji Hyo, that personality of hers is awesome. Then comes Jaejoong and TOP……. Also the chocoball group.

    • cloudy90

      oh when you list them out like that…It seems the 4D people are all friends. =.= hahahaha.. But I don’t think YC is 4D, right?

      • http://twitter.com/Na3ka2 AdeNike

        lol, It’s actually according to my preference, hehehe. YC???

  • http://twitter.com/GabBoramm Gabriele[Boram] Hong

    Hoya is kind of 4D too, if you watch shows with Infinite : P

  • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    2Joong are my favorites just because they seem totally unaware of how weird they are. xDD Plus, they’re both friends with TOP…who’s also 4D, lmao.

    Also, I think it’s funny that people call Changmin from DBSK 4D, because while other stars are called 4D for being too weird, he’s called 4D for being too normal. xP

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VOBHN5WR2Q3MPYG2DVDKDOB3WU Lili

    Does Park Bom count? isn’t she 8D? lol It was hilarious how she told Dara that the plane was going down, thinking it would make her feel better but only made her freak out. She’s really honest and blunt. Like when she said Lee Seungi is someone most women want in a man, but he’s not her type. She said the same about Nickhun haha! And when CL went of her MV set for You and I, and everyone was freaking out because Bom ran off with cupcakes in each hand :) she’s so cute~! and her yg family call her alien. hehe

    • YourYG Bias

      Lol, Bommie and Bingu TOP should be on this list. 

      POLL TIME. I swear, Blackjacks won’t be lazy.

  • painless j

    Beast’s Hyunseung. Watch Shin PD’s show ep with them. He had me in stitches with how weird he was without having a clue he was doing anything 4D.

    And ZE:A’s Kwanghee. 

  • http://twitter.com/kmi_chan Camille カミーユ

    Onew is kind of 4D, saying unfunny jokes, falling everytime. That’s Onew’s conditon is a quite famous sentence now ^^

    • liter81

      Every time I think of Onew I think of this hilarious example of Onew condition. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDuh6ebgazg

    • http://twitter.com/mrshobbes Alexis Aragona

      I was hoping someone else thought so! He’s pretty brilliant on varieties and radio, but also is known for weird sound puns and comments, jokes, and off-tangent thoughts. (one example is when SHINee guested in that late-night show he hosts) One of the SHINee boys also commented that the Onew Condition is part of his charm. (I think it was in their TAXI interview) Haha, I do love that about him. 

  • samlun100

    Suzy is really 4D. If you watch IY2, you will see her 4D when she talked with Shinyoung and played with Yonghwa.
    Moreover, she wants to shave her head before she diesShe talked about JYP trainees getting sex education.
    She doesn’t like to act cute, but like to watch Hyoyeon’s aegyo.She likes to pretend like a ghost by covering all her face with her long hair.

  • edenhyper

    Sometimes I wonder if they are genuinely like that or is it another idol concept. I mean…every band has a “weird” member and they’re all “4D” or whatever. Sometimes I wonder if it isn’t just another concept like ‘you be the sexy one’ and ‘you be the tall one’. The ones you listed are a given. I do find JJ and Hyun Joong to be the funniest.

    • gowhalego

      I agree with you, especially after reading the comments. It does seem like almost every other idol group (Superjunior, SHINee, MBLAQ, SNSD, BIGBANG, 2NE1, Shinhwa, 2PM, Miss A etc etc.) has a ‘4D’ member. Perhaps it is not so much that it has turned into  an idol concept but rather an issue of human psychology. Once there is such a label like ‘4D’, people/fans are more likely to start categorizing and fitting people into it, regardless of their degree of strangeness. For one, I have no idea of the exact definition of 4D even after reading the article: does it mean a) awkward, b) strange, c) stoned or d) blunt/socially unaware? These 4 traits while not mutually exclusive, do mean quite different things. After all TOP’s kind of 4D is definitely different from say, Heechul’s. Further shows how it is humans who are constructing the meaning of such words/categories but that’s how new words/labels work I guess. 

      • edenhyper

        I honestly believe it’s become a “thing” in idol. I’m not sure what 4D means either. If these people are considered being weird for spacing out, then I’m weird too. I think we all have a bit of weirdness in us, I just think it’s s concept to be honest. I also don’t think just because you have a silly sense of humour, it means you’re from some different dimension.

        If it was one or two people out of the bunch, then maybe I’d agree. However, EVERY band has that one supposed weird member. I’m just not really buying it. Most of what idols do on screen is fake, so why wouldn’t this apparent entertaining concept of being 4D not be one of them.

        You are right they are different from each other, and TOP and Heechul’s (whatever 4D is) isn’t the same. However, Heechul being blunt isn’t being 4D in any sense. I’m blunt too. The concept is pretty vague and a lot made up.

        • tyang_zsp_01

          Yeah I totally agree. Haha. Especially when everyone’s coming out and saying “he’s 4D,” “oh no he’s 4D,” and “yeah and she’s 4D,” just because they do some weird things or have some sense of humor. I do it all the time, does that make me 4D? Haha. It’s not that I think it’s ridiculous, this 4D thing, it’s just that EVERYONE could name ALOT of idols who they think are 4D, so who can help that we think it’s a concept bestowed upon certain idols by their respective agencies? 

          However I do like Eric. He’s one good looking son of a b****!     

          • edenhyper

             LOL. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks like that. Sometimes it’s like they may do things just to say they did it in an interview. So many idols admit about practising things to say.

            I don’t know. I look at people like Prince and think he’s off his rockers. Then I look at Heechul and think he’s just an arse. Not “4D” just a cheeky arse.

            Oh, Eric is amazing in every department, lol.

  • http://twitter.com/flickaddi Felicia Addison

    Jaehyo from Block B anyone? Weirdest kid out

    • Regina Schneider

      Applause for this comment. I wonder about him sometimes lol. It’s funny how the rest of Block B like to troll on him.

    • http://kaleidoscopelady.tumblr.com/ hephapholic

      Omg yes! Sometimes I don’t know if I should laugh in disbelief or seriously start to worry about his sanity (or his lack of it), you gotta love DerpHyo lol.

  • Rp410

    Pssh, they’re just going crazy from lack of sleep ;)

  • black_rose45000

    That “idol conversing with his character” – I’ve seen that before, though not nearly as funny and weird as Eric’s. Plus Eric does seem like an oddball.
    Heechul is def the winner for me, not only because of his craziness and excentricities, but also for his quick witts and sharp tongue and spazzy attitude (though he seems to have calmed down over time)
    JiHyo, Hyunjoong and Nichkun are also people I liked, but didn’t know as much about them :) Also, I think Hyunjoong and Jessica are friends, aren’t they.

    That aside, hmm, what about Gwanghee? Not sure how 4D he is, he’s more…loud and a bit overzealous but I’d pick him too as someone who caught my interest.

  • http://kaleidoscopelady.tumblr.com/ hephapholic

    Lol I have to agree with most people on your list!

    But I’d like to add:
    ~TOP, I sometime wonder if he has any idea what comes out of his mouth XD, the SH YG special has many moments of his 4Dness *must watch*.

    ~Kwanghee,  he’s just so blunt, loud, extravagant and blunt! Lol, I love him!

    ~ Lee Joon, oh Joonie he’s the kind of guy who’s funny without even trying (or even wanting it), a lot of times I find myself stuck between feeling bad for him or laughing my ass off :D.

    ~Jaehyo aka DerpHyo, the nickname gives it all! Sometimes, I do worry for the kid’s sanity lol. He’s honestly weird and I love it! I have a thing for weirdos (since I am one myself).

    ~ Haewon, most ppl are not familiar with X-5 but Haewon’s 4Dness is more like Nichkhun’s. He’s really smart, speaks several languages but barely even speaks and spends his free time reading, watching documentaries and National Geographic.

    ~ Kangnam, there aren’t a lot of proofs of his 4Dness  out there since M.I.B isn’t that much on variety shows :'(, but after watching M.I.B’s live stream on AKP it was clear to me that that fabulous boy is something else! (Even if you’re not into M.I.B you’ll find that interview utterly hilarious and you can see the boys are just being themselves, I recommend it!)

    ~ Dongwoo, that boy to me is a mystery, he has so many facets to him and his personality seems quiet complex, that’s probably why he’s one of the Infinite’s member I am the most drawn to.

    ~ Jokwon, hmm I’m actually not sure if Kwon’s kkabness and honesty counts as 4Dness…But oh well he makes the list for me ^_^

    That’s all I can think of right now! :)

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/5K3YAXFNTIWMKDHCCTB7AM7U24 Melani

      for MBLAQ, is it Thunder who also has 4D character?
      I remember in Idol Army, he was so enthusiastic with poop (inside his and Seungho’s stomach, lol).
      His awkward-gag (make Mir embarassed because of it) :))
      and in Sesame Player, sometimes suddenly he touch Joon’s abs, and didn’t release it until Joon told him to, their position is sooo awkward.
      Sometimes when watch what Thunder doing, I always think ‘oh man, he is weird’ lol xD

      • http://kaleidoscopelady.tumblr.com/ hephapholic

        OMG you’re right! I knew I was forgetting someone! Thunder is way more 4D than joon actually, even in Hello Baby you see it. I think he has the most enigmatic personality in MBLAQ.

  • esakai

    I agree with most of the people on  your list, but I wonder if maybe Kim Hyunjoong has Aspergers? I don’t know anything about him, just the way you described him and from the video it seems like he has some of the symptoms, like not really being aware of other peoples feelings/not reading the room. I do know a couple people with Aspergers, and really they just don’t understand what might be seen as “socially acceptable” to say, and therefore end up hurting feelings or just not having a lot of friends. Not that its a bad thing or that I’m trying to be mean or anything, its just something I noticed.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/6WNP47AG3KEKLGA743UDSZGAL4 Raphel T

       I don’t think KHJ has Aspergers Syndrome. He has an IQ of over 140. He is smart, 4D, hyperactive, shy, very straight forward and has a lot of friends. I have been following him for 5 years now so I know he is very unique. I have a co-worker who has Asperger syndrome. He is very slow and has problem remembering things. I am dealing with ASD  on daily basis and this is definitely not Asperger syndrome. Be careful in labeling a person.

      • mynyddlili

        I wounder if you even realise just how offensive your comment is?  Aspergers is a disorder affecting communication and social interaction.  Many people with Aspergers have high cognitive potential.  There’s even been speculation that Einstein had Aspergers and I’ve yet to hear of anyone who was less “slow” than he was.

    • GracefulCassieShapley

      Sometimes when a person has a very high IQ, they tend to lack social skills. So Kim Hyun joong saying that Krystal is prettier then her sister is something that we probably wouldn’t say out loud. However, he might not even realize that what he said was hurtful.   

    • nipplesvontwist

      You don’t sound like you have a very clear understanding of what Aspergers is or its symptoms. Acting in socially unacceptable ways does not necessarily or even imply Aspergers.

      That said, Kim Hyunjoong is not socially unaware. I don’t think the author has a very clear grip on his personality, which is understandable as it’s impossible to know intimately all members of all groups everywhere enough to compile a list like this without missing out on important details. It’s hard to explain his 4D-ness exactly, but take it from me as a longtime fan–he is weird, but he is not oblivious. His charisma, variety skill, and social ability shine.

      • esakai

        Taken from Wikipedia:

        Asperger syndrome (AS), also known as Asperger’s syndrome or Asperger disorder, is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction, alongside restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests.

        Of course, Wikipedia could be wrong, but in most cases it isn’t. So I think you kind of sound like you don’t have a clear grip on what Aspergers is or its symptoms.

        That said, the video proves that the guy is socially unaware. Unless you think bluntly telling someone multiple times you think their sister is prettier than they are, on television nonetheless, is socially acceptable. Which you might. I think the fact that you are a longtime fan might inhibit your openness to some topics such as your oppa having a very mild form of autism because often times mental illnesses are looked down upon in society. I’m just an outsider looking in, and obviously you are right in that it’s impossible to know Kim Hyunjoong intimately enough to know for sure, but those are just my thoughts, and you are entitled to yours.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/6WNP47AG3KEKLGA743UDSZGAL4 Raphel T

          It’s sad to see some pretending to be an expert using Wikipedia. Is that the best you can do?

          You are not a Genetic Counselor. I doubt you even have sufficient medical background to carry a formal conversation involving everyday medical conditions, let alone Cytogenetics.

          Do you know you cannot diagnose Asperger syndrome without actually performing a sophisticated DNA test? Do you have any idea which chromosome is being affected? Please don’t tell me you can diagnose someone with Asperger just by looking at them. We have seen enough jokes for one day.

          What really offend people here is implying someone has Asperger without any scientific proof. By the way, real scientific proof is done through real-life tests performed in medical labs, not in Wiki. Don’t take a definition designed for reference out of context for your own agenda.

          KHJ doesn’t have any problem with looking at people directly into their eyes. Perhaps you should take a look at the street performances he has been giving in Japan recently. Does he look like he is anti-social to you?

          So KHJ is really close to Top and JYJ because they understand each other better. Are you accusing them of having Asperger as well? Being an entertainer means that you have to be SOCIALBLE. Wake up!

          There was only one thing you said that was true: you really don’t know anything about him.

          Take your Wiki and go somewhere else.  

        • Sophia Powell

          nope nope nope. I’m all for opinions but there is no. chance. at. all. that the man has aspergers. There is being odd and spaced out and socially oblivious (for comic effect mostly mind you) and there is autism, a mental disability which renders people unable to understand or respond appropriately to the people around them (among many other debilitating features). By “significant difficulties in social interaction” they don’t mean insisting on krystal being prettier than jessica to the latter’s face, they mean being completely unable to read a person’s facial and body language. Very high functioning aspergers syndrome sufferers have been known to be brilliant mathematicians etc, but these are in the extreme minority. The physical demeanour and behaviour of people with mental disabilities is significant enough to preclude them from participation in the entertainment industry, if only because they make people feel profoundly uncomfortable (gut wrenchingly awful as it is, it’s the way of things). People with aspergers or ‘mild’ forms of autism are not socially capable, internationally active pop stars. I do not say this because I am either a fan or an anti-fan (my interest in k-pop came post ss501), there just seems to be some real confusion here about what qualifies a person as autistic.

  • Janiece Nelson

    This list is perfect, considering that you said you would be discussing just your favorites, but I’m surprised that these two idols weren’t included:

    1. Onew of SHINee. Jinki has those moments when he falls down on stage by tripping over absolutely nothing but air (and though other idols have also had these moments, they’re not as frequent as Dubu’s). Plus, he has a bad habit of looking right into the eyes of a person who’s currently speaking…only to say something in response that has nothing at all to do with what the person was saying. Sometimes he cuts the person off completely with something completely unrelated. He imitates his band members (particularly Jonghyun) and many other idols and he throws himself into situations without an ounce of hesitation. He doesn’t spend time focusing on what’s socially correct nor trying to make himself seem perfect. He’s a klutz in every sense of the word. He’s definitely 4D.

    2. Kim Jongwoon (Yesung): The one story that comes to mind when I think of Yesung is the one that he tells to anyone who asks about his weird obsession with turtles. The fact that he got jealous of Heechul’s cats and decided to get his own pet, a turtle, which he later found out only blinked and crawled away from him but still went on to purchase two more turtles…this is 4D at its best. It makes no sense to the rest of us. And the turtles cost him more money than any average pet should. Why would he buy more if he’s so bored with them? No one knows. Yesung himself probably doesn’t even know. Not to mention his philtrum-raping and his nightly visits to the other members’ rooms when their sleeping. He posted a picture of himself, edited to make him look bald, all for the fun of it. He went into a chatroom and told the people in it that he was Yesung of Super Junior. They didn’t believe him, of course, but who else does things like this? Only Yesung. That makes him a perfect 4D contender.

    • http://twitter.com/veria10 Veria

      I think a lot of people don’t see Yesung as 4D because he’s not as loud as Heechul – but that doesn’t make him any less weird. In fact, I like his quiet 4D-ness because it’s a different dynamic to Heechul’s out-there crazy. He’s like the quiet weird (adorable-turtle-loving) kid who sit in the cortner of the classroom.

  • piggy68gal

    Dongwoo of Infinite!!! My favourite ‘4D’ idol. He never fails to cheer me up with his antics and his laughter every time :D I totally love his weird and crazy actions~

  • goldengluvsk2

    Onew and his condition! hes def 4D…! i always worry about him getting hurt because he always trips, falls, tell lame jokes and plays being a ninja trying to catch the mics he dropped throwing himself to catch them… Tabisaur and Corn Bom the Yg aliens are hilarious and weird and when theyre together its weirder :33 Bunny dara is somewhat 4D too :))

    • http://twitter.com/adhsty Stevani Adhisty

       TOP and Bom are 8D, that’s why they didn’t make it on the list lol XD

  • bethany_SB

    Myungsoo! :D
    Also I agree that TOP is very strange, haha. Hyunseung as well.
    I LOOOVE Ji-hyo. I saw her on Running Man and then watched one of her movies and was like, “Is this the same girl?” But she’s awesome. Best RM cast member ever.

  • Mika_San123

    I think the SHINee members have often mentioned how Taemin’s always spacing out. So he hears something, zones out, hears something else, and then combines two completely different topics into one. Or, he’s promoting their concert on television and mentions the wrong month.

  • marsmallow92

    seriusly u need to include top and bom.. they are 4d or even 8d.. hehe~ top is so different with his charismatic appearence~bingu top ;)

    • http://thoughtfulpaper.wordpress.com milaiski

       Agree. :) I can’t forget when GD and TOP guested in a late night show (forgot the title), he was so hilarious. And if you watch the BTS shots of their concerns either BB or YG, he so freaking 8D. TOP and Bom should create their own little alien world. :D

      • marsmallow92

        i guess the show that u want to say is ‘Night After Night’.. am i right? top was freaking hilarious in NAN and he was very blur as well.. haha

        • http://thoughtfulpaper.wordpress.com milaiski

          Yep! It was NAN! Thanks a lot! :D

  • noiha

    personally, i’m not a fan of “4d” people, esp in variety shows. most of those “4d” people i knew aren’t that fluent in talk skill (there’re more fluent members in their group) and they mostly stood out with their weird antics with their handsome/pretty facial feature of them. i remember a gagman from cultwo talk about this on dbsk champagne. just because they’re (dbsk) handsome idols, when they do something unusual, it’d be funny instantly. oh well, personally, i’d rather keep heechul for my own as this guy has a very good sense of variety. xD

    anyway~ another “4d” people came to my mind is t-ara hyomin. she can be soo~ random.

  • Stephanie Wang

    Infinite’s Kim Myungsoo (L). What a weird guy. He’s so human (as are the rest of his members). XD

  • http://twitter.com/UKNOWHaeFish Joyce Law



  • http://profile.yahoo.com/G4YEZ75723SO7262VEMHAJ4W4M nou

    I love Eric. Period. 

  • Junjin Park

    I think Eric is unique in the way he displays his 4D~ness. No one does it like he does haha. So my favorite? Eric! Here’s a little excerpt from a radio interview back in the days featuring Junjin.

    Radio host : Who is the weirdest member in Shinhwa?
    Dongwan : I think Junjin and Eric do a lot of weird things. They’re unbelievable. When they wake up, they fold their blanket into an origami airplane.
    Hyesung : And they’re walking down the street when they suddenly turn to each other and start fighting with each other in Chinese!
    Dongwan : They sing about bap (rice) in Vietnamese.
    Eric : No, Jin is the really weird one. How can a person do that to a doll that doesn’t even speak. A bumblebee doll. It was about 3-4 in the morning, and he was beating up that bumblebee doll in the night. If i didn’t stop him, he would have kept beating it up all night.
    JunJin : Eric is the even weirder one. When I was beating up the bumblebee, he came up beside me and scolded the bumblebee, asking what it did that was so wrong…(laughs).
    Eric : But the bumblebee must have done something wrong in order to get hit, right?
    JunJin : Of course!!!!

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  • GracefulCassieShapley

    Some of these 4D members are really intelligent. I think that, because of their high intelligence or IQs they lack in social skills. So they are perceived as weird or quirky because of this. 

    In most cases, they are just plain quirky (and a tad crazy), but I have always loved the 4D member because I feel that I can relate to them the most. 

  • http://twitter.com/KristyHearts_05 Kristina

    Jaejoong is hands my favorite 4D idol! Some of the things he says/does just make me laugh so hard. *sigh* My memories of DBSK/JYJ. Jaejoong’s voice is what grabbed my attention and his 4D personality made me like him even more. I don’t know. He’s kinda weird and dorky but at the same time he gives off this mysterious vibe. His presence just draws me in.
    But yeah, I can see what people mean when they say the “4D personality” could just be an assigned role/image. I’m sure Jaejoong (like every idol) doesn’t act the same way off camera. That’s basically the whole point of being an idol. This “4D personality” just gives off the illusion that these idols (who usually have to give off an image of perfection) are normal or have flaws like us.

    • emiko rikua

       .. that they are also human. Hahaha, i agree with you :)

  • http://twitter.com/lullaby4mischa mischa03

    Jaejoong is the best 4D idol :)  i actually understand him in this weirdness matters.I am too an aquarius and i know what it is to be spaced out in the crucial moments. I also think that he act differently “off camera” and when the camera is on him. He is truly special, i love him a lot :D

    • http://twitter.com/tpuspita Ties ‘Shimsalabim’

      i kinda agree about the aquarius thing on jaejoong :) i know how it feels to be somewhat out there while everyone’s here. lol.

      but still, my favorite one is eric. his 4D-ness is epic!

  • http://twitter.com/stelmw02 Lastelza

    for me it would also include Big Bang’s TOP and Wonder Girls’ Sunmi~ They are REALLY 4D idols LOL

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      Ah, Mimi! I miss her! <3

      Lol, she is weird! xD

  • nipplesvontwist

    Hyunseung hands down. Man is the quirkiest boy to ever grace the upper echelons of my blackened coal heart. It goes beyond being empty-headed or “spacing out.” It is much more than I could ever hope to explain. He is a damn weirdo, a quiet one, a precious thing I must take under my wing.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/R5BKARJWK7NNOXYOIUSP76YJW4 Aj

    Eric is crazy, a crazy ahjussi.I love him.His sense of humor is so out of this world.It’s a wonder he managed to be a really great leader when he thinks like that and more.

  • simpleseoulutions

    As soon as i saw this, I thought of Onew and Myungsoo.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6WNP47AG3KEKLGA743UDSZGAL4 Raphel T

    To mynyddlili: FYI, Einstein never had a DNA test. Speculation is not medical diagnosis. BTW, the co-worker took a DNA test & result proved he has Asperger. He’s enjoying his life like everyone else & happily married. He doesn’t need your pity.

  • Azra Fazal

    what abt onew?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1339000914 희진정

    You forgot Onew and Hyunseung

  • http://www.facebook.com/lissette.ordenes Lissette Ordenes


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001093660112 Lane Absalon Lingaya Morton

    brian joo!

  • http://twitter.com/pixelblue970714 Marisa Rui

    Onew is so 4D. He doesn’t do it like Jaejoong, though!! XD

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1755499848 Vie Nguyen

    LOL ERIC FTW <333

  • YesungisHOT

    You forgot to mention Yesung, Lee Joon, Onew and TOP. Recently I also found that Hoya is suspected to be 4D as well.

    • viki32

      I don’t think the author forgot to mention some people,. as she has said that the list is her favorite. so assume that other people is not her 4D favorite.

  • http://twitter.com/DiegoMarianoAce Diego Mariano

    I always thought Taeyeon and IU were 4D. They’re so quirky. But then again I shouldn’t mention Taeyeon because everyone dislikes SNSD :/ 

  • avebak

    Sooo… no Jo Kwon?? 


  • Almira Agathas

    Nichkhun is hardly 4D… he’s just like a hipster teenage boy who always post philosophical things. Don’t get me wrong, sharing philosophical quotes are good, but it gets annoying when it done frequently.
    Sorry Khun fans

  • trinamariechan

    LOLOLOL I laughed so hard on the Jaejoong segment
    I love that man <3
    Lol Heechul-ah too ^^

  • http://twitter.com/obreiii Aubreylyn

    .. i also think Dara is (4D), just finish watching 2ne1 tv teddy also mention that Bom is
    (8d). and as well TOP who is called alien by bom… :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003979892063 Tina Elf

    LOL I love the names, or should I say titles? The Extraterrestrial :DDD

  • http://twitter.com/K_NaomiLee Naomi K Lee

    B2ST Hyunseung is known as “4Dprince”!!! He’s a strange one, that boy…!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VVSHTBVRKTSXMSBBXXBMNBSC3Q Afshan Khan

    SNSD’s Seohyun comes to mind as well. She has this quiet hilarity about her because she’s extremely collected and sharp, and it comes out in the way she trolls (take Yonghwa or the other SNSD girls for example). At the same time she’s in her own little world and completely oblivious to her own strange inclinations, sweetly gushing at length about Ban Ki Moon or vitamins or what have you. She’s never trying to be funny but she is because there’s this complete lack of pretense about her.

  • http://twitter.com/CassiopeiaHeart Cassiopeia Star

    Jae Joong, seriously, that guy is…  Anyone remember how he fall on stage during one of his concerts in Japan.  Or how he almost tripped on one of their show and significantly regained his composure and pose model-like despite the audience’s laughter. Or how he wore that weird kiddie’s pants on Twitter.  And 90% of DBSK’s mistake on stage are his….

    How lovable. <3

  • http://twitter.com/WinterELFbaby Bessie MoreauBáthory

    Jaejoong is my ultimate bias. god I love him♥
    can’t contain the feels:’)

  • emiko rikua

    I vote for Kim Hyun Joong. His 4D personality the reason Im drawn to him. :))

  • http://www.facebook.com/leahmottram Leah Anna Mottram

    MBLAQ’s Mir

  • Danica Jandoc