• AcadiasFire

    I really like illa illa a lot. Its a very smooth and detailed song in my opinion and the story was sad but somewhat sweet. It made me wonder what would have happened but her voice is pleasant to listen to. I enjoyed it.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PO4UN2VHJVDPH2D7BRR3HWIHAM Muhd

    Personally, i love Everlasting Sunset the most since i prefer ballad song more. Alas, Ready Go were not such a bad song as it can lift my mood for study. Finally, Juniel were such as cutie and i’ll give them 4.75/5

  • LovelySt4r

    I’ve been listening to this album almost non-stop since Illa Illa came out, I love it that much! However, I do agree with you that Ready Go!, although a really fun song, is kind of out of place for this album. Overall, I really enjoy this album because it’s a promising debut and a change from the usual, high tempo k-pop songs out for summer. I’m hoping maybe she could do a duet with Hongki as well!

    I have high expectations of her :)

  • http://twitter.com/sandra_rmng Sandra

    I have to agree with you on regards to “Ready Go”, i find the korean version it’s kind of acceptable, i disliked so much the japanese vers, but it was terrible misplaced in this Mini…her japanase song Little Prince, Pinocchio or Sakura fit better with the theme of these Mini album.
    My encounter with Juniel started by accident while i was following CNBLUE in japan, the first song i heard from her was “Ready Go” and it really put me off, in fact i stopped in the middle of the song…. I came back to check her out again after she released Little Prince, Mask, Pinocchio and Sakura in Japan and i was seriously impressed, she’s a really talented singer/songwriter with very versatile vocals that can be better appreciated in Illa Illa, Mask and Babo (ft. Yonghwa), which are my favorites in her album. 
    I hope she gets more atention in Korea, NOT as a second IU, beacuse i believe she’s really talented and has a unique color, very different from IU.

    • lektuvas

      really talented her live singing is not very impressing

      • http://twitter.com/sandra_rmng Sandra

        well, that’s you opinion.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/PO4UN2VHJVDPH2D7BRR3HWIHAM Muhd

          soo true

      • chunghyun

        hv you listen to her japan live? not korean music show? if you checked alr,nothing to say then~

  • igbygrl

    Thanks for the introduction Seoulbeats :)

    I really like the Illa Illa song. I’m planning to buy her debut mini album soon. so glad to be introduced to a Kpop artist who emphasizes more on the instrumentals and music making.

  • animasaurus

    Please support this girl everyone she is a sweetheart… she held a spontaneous fan meet for the 10 fans that attended her music show (I think some of them were foreign too) and even paid for their drinks with her own money just so she could chat with them. I totally became her fan after learning that. Her voice is nice and her songs are pretty good too, I really hope she gains fans.

  • http://twitter.com/sweetyminky Wiphavee

    Juniel is indeed a really great artist.
    She could express all her songs really well.
    My favourite song in this album would be Babo and Everlasting Sunset.
    Her voice is really sweet, yet express the feeling well.
    i really adore this girl. Wish her all the Big Success coz’ she really deserve it.