• straighttohelvetica

    Things aren’t looking too good already. Has anyone seen the first teaser image? There are a lot of animal heads. SM may produce a song with a theme that has no resemblance to the teasers, though, so there’s still some hope.

    • Jackie

      Obviously it will have little relevance to the song and MV. It’s just used to attract attention. SM teaser pics NEVER match the album: KYHD, Mr. Simple, The Boys, Sherlock

      • straighttohelvetica

        Yeah, I know. It’s starting to annoy me. I can’t get excited about anything anymore because it may turn out to be nothing. Can you really call something a teaser if it has nothing to do with the final product? That just makes it pretty pictures of a group.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/DMPXIBHH6HLHWRKTWM5B3HH5X4 Zoe

        SM promised us classy awesomeness with SNSD’s teasers for The Boys, and we got blah. Then they gave us photos from a pedonoona’s stash, but came out with the deliciously energetic Sherlock. I have only been into kpop from a few months, but I am learning to never trust SM teasers.

        SM trolls like a buffalo.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

          I’ve been in K-pop for 5 years now and stanning SMTown that whole time. I miss the days when their teasers actually had a connection to the actual final product.

          SHINee’s “Lucifer” teasers were probably the only ones in recent years that really connected with the music video.

        • Jackie

          LOL So true. You learn to not trust the teasers (in recent years at least). :P

          I’m not annoyed as everyone else though that most teasers are irrelevant. 

    • Black_Plague

      As much as I don’t want to seem like a bit of an ass, those animal heads really cracked me up a lot.

  • http://twitter.com/ericyumyum ericyumyum

    I love f(x) and I agree with everything you said. F(x) need to stay with an image/concept and I prefer the look they had during their “Nu Abo’ era. As for remakes, they need ORIGINAL songs. We all know SM favors f(x) the least but it’s time they change it up a bit and give them songs that will do well and even outshine some of SNSD’s songs. And another thing, I feel like it’s hard to see them with an edgy style because of sulli. Yeah, you can be feminine and edgy.. but it doesn’t work for her. She’s too “cutesy” and I honestly think she’s useless in the group. I would love to see f(x) as a 4-member group. ANyways, i’m looking forward to their comeback. 

    • xchoccies

      I agree with you as well! f(x) are my top girl group, standing alongside Secret, but like you said SM favours them the least and I think people can see that. The lack of original and worthy material given to them makes them like this lost and unfit part of SM; the way I see it anyway. And it seems even Exo have made a place of their own (they even have their own planet people!), whereas f(x) are still, I don’t know, undecided? Their songs on their last album was like a confused jumble of songs that were probably thrown to the side and then ‘hey let’s add it to f(x)’s album’. And I don’t understand why they need to high-tone/squeakify their vocals on some songs (ahem Me+U, Sweet witches)
      Sulli is like.. the Minho of f(x). Her role is the visual of the group, yet I don’t really know what else she contributes. Her singing has gotten a lot better since Pinocchio but I’m still a little iffy about her. 
      One thing I’ll give f(x) is their ability to somehow pull off these outrageous styles that their given. Somehow, I really don’t know how, but somehow they pull it off well. I mean imagine SNSD with the Nu Abo/Pinocchio sorta thing, I can’t. And their choreo is a lot more detailed and technical than other girl groups as well (for the life of me, I still can’t tackle any of their dances to the precise detail. Damn details! lol). These girls are talented, each one of them have their own identity. I just wish SM would portray it a lot better. 
      Nonetheless I still love them, and I’m really excited for them to return to the stage.

    • ItsQuinnBro

      Agree. There’s always that one awkward member of the group and I always thought it was Sulli, not amber

  • Jackie

    I agree. Sulli can’t pull off the edgy look. She has matured a little bit more recently, but she still has that innocent look. The most mature I’ve seen Sulli look is for the High Cut photoshoot and her recent guesting on Running Man.

  • http://twitter.com/_whatevers asdf

    I hope they don’t give Amber some more horrible English rap like they always do. I’m sorry but that girl can’t rap at all, she sings a lot better.
    Also, it better not be some on-original song like Danger and Hot Summer. Instead of buying old songs for f(x) to sing they should use that money to hire some talented producers and make a new song. And train the members more. 

    • http://twitter.com/ericyumyum ericyumyum

      AGREE. I know my gorl Amber can SING. But they always limit her vocal ability by giving her some lame rap lyrics.

    • noiha

      but i’m liking their un-original songs though… i mean, they’re not coming from sm production house so it feels refreshing. hiring another songwriters/producers is unlikely sm’s move for “unfavorable” group, though i hope they can do something like that to save this group from disgrace. but anyway, i’d prefer them to have un-original songs if they’re just going to get yyj “dance” tracks… if that’s the case, they’ll probably be given something like recycled mr. simple… no. way. Dx i like yyj’s jpop-ish tracks like dbsk/homin tracks and old boa tracks, but recently he’s just putting autotune all over the place it sounds horrible. 

    • Tornibbon91

      What everybody seem to be forgetting is that it’s Danger the unoriginal song that got f(x) their first win. 

  • Eliza17

    I really like Luna but their music is just annoying.  Everything is so high pitched.  I still prefer Lachata.  Even though it didnt make any sense, the style, the attitude and vocal was there.  

  • hapacalgirl

    I am neutral but I agree with everything you have said.  The obvious lack of effort from SME makes it really hard to get into them since their music has been less than stellar.  Plus I often feel that way too much attention is put on Krystal versus trying to raise the profiles of the other members.  I particularly didn’t like Hot Summer because I felt it was such a waste of the talent they have.    I wish them luck though  because with WG’s comeback this week and 2ne1’s comeback in the coming weeks, it will be a tough field for them to have a comeback in.  

    As for this comeback, I am a bit concerned because the group pic and krystal’s pic scream “Sherlock redux” and while I don’t think they will have the same music as shinee it makes me question how the music will be since the comeback images are very unoriginal and seem to lack any effort.

  • haiitsvi

    I really think f(x) has potential. I like their edgy image and if they stuck to that and had some good music than I think they can really stand out in the industry. I liked their promoted tracks, although some of them were generic, but everything else on their albums were lackluster.

    I’m hoping for awesomeness on this comeback. I’m a bit confused by the teaser images though, but I don’t expect them to match any concept.

  • GracefulCassieShapley

    See the thing is that I really want to like F(x), I really do, and for some strange reason, I haven’t given up on them yet. They have so much potential to make it far, and it frustrates me how SME is too lazy to tap into it. 

    When I first saw these girls in Chocolate love ver.2 and La Cha Ta, I was kind of impressed to be honest. I knew they needed a lot of work, but they showed promise. While SNSD was feminine, graceful, and girly, F(x) was exerting attitude and I liked their urban-ish pop music and funky choreography.  This was SME’s answer to 2NE1, Afterschool, 4minute, and T-ara. 

    F(x) has the vocal talent (Luna is amazing in my opinion) and are capable of pulling off challenging choreography. They have a variety of images (Luna is the cheerful/bubbly one, Sulli is adorable, Krystal is the cold/sassy one, Victoria is the sexy one, and Amber is the tomboy) condensed into one group. Also they do have the visual appeal. The only thing missing? Their musical identity as a group. 

    Its no secret that F(x) is at the bottom of SME’s priority list, but I hate how SME is buying a whole bunch of remakes for the girls. I really think F(x) could pull off an urban pop sound. 

    As I was looking through the teasers for their latest comeback, I fear what the song might be. The horse heads are atrociously ridiculous, and the individual photos look very much like SHINee’s.  

  • http://www.michelle-chin.com/ Michelle Chin

    F(x) caught my attention with their chocolate love CF. I found that it was the only song, apart from the rather bizarre Nu ABO that caught my attention. Also, f(x)’s chocolate love, IMO, is edgier and sexier than SNSD’s chocolate love (people are gonna hate me for this, but this is my opinion, and this is a free space, so yeah). After that, they went off my radar, primarily because their songs lack cohesion and are just downright weird. 

    For some reason, I have this feeling that girl groups in SM (apart from TTS) lack a certain element compared to their boy colleagues… Maybe it’s just me. I mean, people are going to defend SNSD and f(x) for sure but then again, this is my opinion.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DMPXIBHH6HLHWRKTWM5B3HH5X4 Zoe

    I just wanted to say that I love the title of the article (I enjoy a good math joke) and I agree with everything that you said. I have been trying so hard to get into f(x) for a few months, but I just cannot muster up any interest. The only song of theirs I truly love is their version of Chocolate Love.

  • em21di

    Maybe they’ll surprise us with their new comeback and pull a “Sistar” on us.

    • pg13247

      If only f(x) could be like SISTAR in terms of progression. SISTAR became more well known with each release. “Alone” is their 6th song if you count “Ma Boy”

      f(x)’s Electric Shock will be their 6th song as well (Chocolate Love was CF song so I didn’t count it)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ORSXPERTNAEPCKZBGEZMP7A3NU Bianca

    I’ve always thought that f(x) was more comparable to miss A than to any of the other “edgy” groups you mentioned. The concepts, voices, energetic choreography, the upbeat (bordering on maniacal songs – take breathe and nu abo) and that they’re the secondary female groups of their respective agencies are just too similar. That said, I would feel the loss if miss A dropped off the face of the earth but couldn’t care less if f(x) did the same. 

    Their talents seem to be on par with their contemporaries and labelmates… so why so irrelevant? They need  a new concept. The “edgy” ain’t working because they can’t sell it… because they still need work as performers. In an industry where the live performances are more important than studio versions… they just really have dead eyes. 

    • aironaz

      The difference with Miss A and f(x) is that one group has charisma and all members can actually sell a concept, well in my opinion anyways. I think f(x) can be popular but their just forgettable for me most of the time.

      • idontknoe

        The only thing with Miss A it that they can’t sell themselves. Suzy’s the it girl, but no one cares about the others. In f(x) the love is still spread around.

        • aironaz

          Annnd that’s the problem for making me like miss A more, its basically Suzy and the rest. Jia and Fei don’t get equal amounts of time in the spotlight. They can’t even sell themselves because no one gives them anything. At least f(x) has mutual love between members and SM actually tries to get the members out there in terms of exposure.

    • Jasper

      Wow, I actually haven’t seen the parallels between Miss A and f(x) until I read your comment. But you’re right, the two do have a lot in common, from being second to their senior girl group  even down to the use of a Chinese member(s).
      But a major difference between the two groups, then, would be Amber and her role in f(x). And this just kind of further shows how she’s an asset to f(x).
      I only used 4Minute and After School since they were fellow 2009 debuts, even if f(x) is still more popular than them, but Miss A honestly has more parallels when it comes to concept, role in company (though Miss A definitely gets more love), and I’d even say popularity. Thanks for your comparison ^^

  • pg13247

    I disagree with “Hot Summer” as while it’s unfortunate that it was a remake, I thought it fit f(x)’s quirkier image. Possibly 4Minute could have pulled off Hot Summer but not many others. Their vocals are so underutilized though (esp Amber’s) that they seem so lacking to the public. 

    We all know about Luna’s abilities but even she doesn’t get the spotlight. La Cha Ta was definitely a great debut for them and I think Chu~<3 was a slip up. They need to showcase their dancing more because it doesn't seem like they're known for that outside of their fans.Are any other girl groups known for their dancing?

    If they want to really troll with the teasers, just put Amber in a really frilly dress and watch the fireworks.

    I hope Electric Shock will go well for them, especially since they're going up against a lot of big names. They'll look really bad if they lose to Dal Shabet.

  • Blah2341

    I think f(x) has already become permanently irrelevant for me…I mean it’s been almost three years since their debut and I still think of them as rookies. Maybe they’ll change my mind.

  • YourYG Bias

    It’s now or never for f(x). Their comeback timing is skewed in all aspects as they’re going against big names, but if they manage to release something worth listening to, they’ll upgrade to something better than “SM’s Most Unwanted”. 

    I mean, f(x) darlings, I love you all as idols, but you need to surprise us with your music or you’re not getting anywhere. Oh, and maybe a title track that I can actually spell. Luck! 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SI3KWMJTTK7MGC3W3IAOXOQSDM LinL

    I only care about f(x) because of my unexplained love for Amber. It’s sad to say that I’m unreasonably biased and I don’t like Sulli or Victoria. 

  • itsmysunshine

    To be honest, I’ve always liked f(x) more than SNSD (and along with my endless love for Amber) in terms of SM’s girl groups. “La Cha Ta” will always be my favorite song of them, and if you have ever seen their practice video for La Cha Ta(here and here), you know that these girls can freaking dance. The mess named Hot Summer was really wasting their talent. 

    I have a lot of doubt when I saw their teaser pics for Electric Shock :| But this is SM, so we can get either a really good one, or a really bad one.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TKEC4M5SPXUZO7EKUC5L3A7T2Y George

    1) f(x) Danger = # 6 Digital Song of 2011 (GAON Charts)

    2) f(x) Hot Summer = # 25 Digital Song of 2011 <  (GAON Charts)

    3) f(x) Pinnochio album = Physical sales of about 62k Sold; repackage Hot Summer album = About 47k Sold for a total of about 110k sold (GAON Charts).  FYI : 2NE1 2nd Mini Album in 2011 sold 80k.

    To compare f(x) with 4Minute or Afterschool shows a total lack of knowledge of the Music Charts in Korea.  In addition, the girls have been extremely active, as previously mentioned with Krystal on High Kick and Kiss & Cry or Vic on We Got Married or both Amber and Vic are/were on Invincible Youth, etc

    The only one who has been strangely silent is Sulli, who was supposed to the most popular and face of f(x) – although she is going to film the Hana Kimi drama soon.  Krystal has far surpassed Sulli in terms of popularity in Korea among the members of the group.

    • http://twitter.com/sakurakhyuk Leah y Pepper Potts

       I don’t know about Krystal though. She is the most pushed member of F(X) but in terms of local popularity, it seems Victoria and Amber gets a lot of love while is Sulli is next. I mean Krystal was in High Kick 3 and I am pretty sure SME put here there to get some kind of national popularity like what Uee got from Ongikayo Brothers but her impact to the local ppl was not as explosive as they would want… I am surprised they waited this long to give Sulli, their most experience actress, an acting project. :(

    • Sulll

      I think Sulli’s still the most popular member. At least her face is the most known? Even though all of f(x) and SHINee are endorsement models for Auction, Sulli’s face is used like 95% percent of the time. And she still gets loads of individual magazine editorials even though she’s not active at all.
      But agree with you on the rest of you said, the OP and i-fans don’t seem to have no idea of f(x)’s success in Korea.

      • http://profiles.google.com/krstydlght kirsty delight

        i agree with the bit about the int’l fans. i’m not saying it’s saying a lot but fx even ranked 4th after gg, wg and 21 in terms of number of members in their official fan cafe.

      • http://profiles.google.com/krstydlght kirsty delight

        i agree with the bit about the int’l fans. i’m not saying it’s saying a lot but fx even ranked 4th after gg, wg and 21 in terms of number of members in their official fan cafe.

    • sherbet_lemon

      Actually even though 2NE1 only sold 80k physical album, the 5/6 tracks which were released digitally prior to the physical album achieved all-kills. So imo, the physical sales doesn’t really reflect the difference of level between 2NE1 and f(x).

      Anyway, I’m just a casual fan of f(x). While I don’t think that Hyuna and friends > f(x), I somewhat agree with the author because even though f(x) members are still active prior to comeback, the impact of their individual efforts were… subpar? Or just okay? To me, their popularity and impact just didn’t meet the expectations for a SM group. Plus, they still don’t have a fanclub name. So they just seem to be far behind their SM peers, which sortof give the feel that their falling a little bit behind in the general KPop scene.

      But I still look forward for their comeback. Since they’ll be facing WG, T-ara, 2NE1. It’ll be interesting to see how the girl groups will fare against each other. 

      • happy_slip

        Same sentiments here about everything you just wrote.

        I think people just stopped paying attention to how strange 2NE1 gets promoted every time that a lot have seemed to have forgotten how YGE’s tactics affect their sales and to some extent, their standing in Kpop. Considering how they released all tracks, in too long intervals imo, adding one old CF song and even having a questionable album packaging LOL (who the fuck would enjoy cartoons that much). I’m not even going to start talking about their appearances during that promotion cycle lol. Didn’t even do a repackage for shit because YGE doesn’t do that to them anyway. I thought they wouldn’t even hit 30k back then. 

        Going back to f(x), they did have a successful run last year. I actually think that they will only gain a step up as a group after this — there was a stagnant period for them with Chu (imo the song that further killed the potential they had with La Chata), but from Nu Abo they really started to get moving. Their rise is not as meteoric as people expected when they debuted, but hey, so as long as they don’t get horribly stuck like 4minute they will be fine.

      • ilovessantokki

         “Hyuna and friends” made me crack up so hard… hahah

  • zweiosterei

    So Seoulbeats asks for a consistent concept for f(x) and what’s the result? They go all neo dadaist on us with them going into the forest wearing artificial animal heads. Hilarious.

    • SamiSwanSion

      I was JUST going to talk about this! 

  • zweiosterei

    So Seoulbeats asks for a consistent concept for f(x) and what’s the result? They go all neo dadaist on us with them going into the forest wearing artificial animal heads. Hilarious.

  • gowhalego

    F(x) was one of the first groups that got me interested in K-pop (during the La Cha Ta and subsequently the Nu-Abo-era. I don’t quite know how to spell the song names correctly, are there extra dashes or capitalizations somewhere? Anyhow…). I was diligently looping their albums then. However, I lost interest in them when they released Pinnochio and Hot Summer. As mentioned by the author, I loved their edgy hip-hop not-too-aggressive-but-still-really-groovy style. They occupied a niche I felt, somewhere in between SNSD and 2NE1–not as sensual/cute as SNSD but not as aggressive/female-power as 2NE1. Their selling point was their androgyny–I don’t just mean Amber–but also in terms of their gender-blending music style and costume choice. 

    I think the animal heads in their new teaser, though looking completely random, is a great improvement from the poor styling in Pinnochio (which looked like a flopped imitation of 2NE1). There’s some hipster-summery vibes going on there (the last time I saw animal masks/heads was in an indie MV) which is still interesting. However I must say the La Cha Ta concept that I loved is probably never coming back. 

  • samlun100

    I really liked f(x) during their debut time.  Their intro dance was super cool and la cha ta was cute and catchy. But after that, I lost interest in them because their music became generic and uninteresting (nu abo, pinocchio,chu, hot summer, etc).
    Sulli is known only for being cute and pretty. That’s about it.
    Krystal is little more talent but she has rude attitude many times.
    Luna is a great singer but none of their promoted song could show their talent.
    Amber is just so cool but their cutey song didn’t fit her image.
    Victoria is mostly being known through WGM with Nickhun.
    Overall, the real problem lies on their none sense music.

  • Lubrro

    f(x) is not coming back in July but next weekend, June 10th…

    • Gaya_SB

      True, but this article was written before SM decided to prepone their comeback date. In any case, Jasper has written “by July,” so June 10 comes under that…

  • Gaya_SB

    I actually thought it was spelt “Nu A*o” for a long time and kept wondering how I was meant to pronounce that until I finally got around to watching the music video and realised that iTunes had actually just censored the song title because that word is actually a racial slur… yeah, took me a while to be comfortable with the song after that…

    btw am I the only one that likes “Chu?” I agree that it’s too cutesy for f(x)’s overall image (or what it was at debut), but I always thought that it was zanier than the other aegyo-ful songs being released by other girl groups, and I loved their styling for the lives.

    • SamiSwanSion

      it IS Zany! And i had no clue about Nu A*o. what is a slur against? Because I actually really liked that song. And once I started realizing none of their lyrics made sense, it made it much easier for me to garble out my Koreaengrish that I do when I try and sing K-pop songs. Like, since they didn’t care, why should I? And I’ve dedicated my life to learning all of Amber’s raps. They’re just…my god.

      “oh hey there’s breakfast! get outta my way cuz i’m comin ta get it!” 

      • Gaya_SB

        Breakfast? Where? I’d like me some eggs… [no but seriously what song is that from?]

        A*o is a shortening of “Aborigine” and is an offensive term similar to the way “J*p” is with “Japanese”. I’ll admit I was really relieved when I read about the meaning of Nu ABO, along with the fact that f(x) pronounced the individual letters.

        • SamiSwanSion

          I’m familiar with that word! I had no clue it meant something derogatory though. Does that make Aboriginal unsafe to use as well? And just wooow.

          Also, that lyric was another Amber rap from their song “My Style”

  • happy_slip

    Despite debuting when the girl group boom was dying down for 09, they really showed potential when they came out. Didn’t like La ChaTa but their vibe was in the right direction back then, until SME decided to do Chu. It’s not a horrible song, but it really hindered whatever hype they could get more had they promoted a song like Mr. Boogie or something. 

    SME dubbed them as Asia’s dance pop group, too. And then miss A debuted and was able to convince people that they’re the dance unit to take seriously. 

    I’m more of a casual listener of f(x), but I’m looking forward to see what they release this time. God what crazy month June is for Kpop lol. 

  • SamiSwanSion

    So two major – yet surprisingly untalked about – talking points for f(x) are art and sexuality. I don’t know if anyone else is familiar with the art movement known as “dadaism” so let me learn you something real quick like. 

    Dadaism is best defined by being undefined (hey! there goes f(x), the mathetical idea). It’s art effectively known as “anti-art.” You’d just have to look at it to get it. Like this painting called the “Treachery of Images” by Rene Magritte.


    If you can’t read French this translates to: “this is not a pipe” to which your logical mind would say “then what is it?” And the answer/joke of it all is: “a painting!” That’s how Dadaism works, and it’s reaaally easy to file this under “art trolls.” Think Lady Gaga and THE MEAT DRESS! Or famous “pop art” inventor Andy Warhol – a man who filmed five hours of just one building, showcased it, and everyone loved it. 

    e    x        a     m p                               le: THIS IS A COMMENT! 

    So how does this relate to f(x)’s nonsensical lyrics, flip-floppy concept images, lack of any kind of consistency, and androgynous symbolism?…oh wait. It finally clicked that they reminded me of dadaists when they released the horse-headed teaser image for Electric Shock. Because in what universe does that even…oooh nonsense. They’re not making “no sense” they’re making “nonsense.” And i highly doubt SM – the prettiest prep that ever did prep in a classroom – would design an act around such a high-low brow art concept, but they unleashed a Pandora’s box apparently and f(x) was the result. 


    So think of f(x)’s concept as an anti-concept. Think of their music as dadaist art and you may see them in a whole new light. What’s so fantastic about this comparison – for me -is that the reactions and criticisms toward their pieces is exactly the same as those thrown at dadaists in general. Things like: “you’re destroying art!” translates to “you’re ruining the Korean language!” or “All you did was copy something and added a mustache?” translates to “All you did was do a cover and give Luna a high note!” 

    And then there’s Amber. 

    !Comment a is this

    When you get art movements that rebel against the societal norms, that survives off of cult followings, and flourishes primarily “underground” what happens is that other people – mostly outcasts from said society – find their way to such venues to feel free and be themselves around their peers. This includes – and is arguably, largely composed of – the LGBTQ community. 

    Consider the most iconic drag queen in the world, RuPaul Charles. Consider the impact of his appearance in “Love Shack” where she was pretty much introduced to the populace at large. (sidenote: Or even Dr. Frankenfurter in Rocky Horror Picture Show.) Native Americans believed that androgynous human beings were spiritual guides, leaders, and witch doctors due to their uncanny balance of both male and female attributes, and I’m mentioning that because it’s one theory as to why cross-dressers and transvestites are so eye-catching, so provocative, so enthralling to look at…like Amber. 

    I feel like we really need to be comfortable with the idea that Amber is first and foremost…freaking amazing, and secondly…possibly, pretty gay. We all know how stifling Confusicionism-based culture may seem when juxtaposed to other much broader, more open, sometimes stranger, cultures, ESPECIALLY with sexuality involved. Now imagine you’re brought into this from, not only the outside, but from one of the gayest epicenters of the Western World. We haven’t officially done the post yet (although it’s constantly hinted at, like with “Siwon’s homophobia debate)  but as fans and humans I would definitely say it’s vital and healthy that we be able to fully confront this issue that really shouldn’t be an issue. 

    So with my disclaimer done, I will say that not all androgynous people have to be gay, some do quite well with the opposite gender, and seoulbeats had a great article on how it’d take some uber-masculine force (like MBLAQ) to bring out someone (like Amber’s) more feminine side. But in her case, my conspiracy senses are just tingling. Hmm? Went a way for a year? Ankle injury? SULLI is actually the FACE of the group? *Sniff sniff* this smells like…*sniff sniff* DBSK? *sniff sniff* Jay Park? *sniff sniff* wait…hmmm…GOT IT! Smells like a scandal. 

    SM you are not known for being the kindest, or the most compassionate to your idols(more and more fitting that “prep/rich kid” stereotype in which they all come from secretly terribly dysfunctional home lives). Like Krystal, who all but had an epilepsy on stage before you gave her some time off. How much? Certainly not a year. And poor Eunjung over at CO-ED was on painkillers and STILL shuffling! So why did Amber REALLY have to leave? For now, I’m gonna leave that flame war grenade over there. 

    All in all, with Amber back and a hotter summer approaching, competition wise, f(x)’s big claim to fame might be the fact that we CANNOT predict or understand what they might do. Because everyone kind of knows f(x) and whether you like them or not is another question entirely, but you KNOW them. So with that in mind, what you need to do – and this is to you SM – is let your child out from under your tyranny. Try as you might they are NOT going to be their older daughters or brothers, they’re going to be themselves, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The sooner you accept it, the sooner they will calm down into a routine and style that fits them and that they can fully express themselves properly. Even IF it might be wearing mustache on stage, or having toy unicorn props to ride on, or giving Amber raps, composed of various Harry Potter spells. (I’d watch all of that btw)


    • Lubrro

      I hope you’re just trolling ’cause if we we’re talking about a group of young independent artists directed to an specific art-sy demographic than all your comment would make a little sense… But we’re talking about a group of teenagers marketed as a product for the masses with no voice on “their art”, that presents the choreography and lyrics a toddler can follow… So no, thank you…. Nice try for a really over elaborated EXCUSE…

      • SamiSwanSion

        Oh no you misunderstand me. I was trying to say this is how they came off, not what their original marketing plan is. They really are following this pattern whether they intended to or not, I think and it’s fascinating to me. But if you feel otherwise I’m sure I could just delete it. Sorry.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=513439726 Sharon Overlord

          Honestly I found ur comment to be interesting, but I dont think it’s the case with f(x). SM likes to release teasers that shock pll. It truly has nothing to do with their image or what their going to release. 

          Plus this concept skipping is unfortunately from SM not knowing how to develop its group. They have no idea what to do with them. I know some of their other songs and not only their promotional songs. I have a feeling they just handed a bunch of random songs to them. 

          The randomness comes from SM being lazy and giving them the left over songs or songs they already bought. Not them being highly artistic.

          • SamiSwanSion

            well thank you, but as I keep saying I KNOW SM did not intend on doing this, it’s just interesting that it happened. Their new album jacket, oh my god. I honestly do think they were given the bottom of the barrel and it’s too sad they weren’t more European or American, and the actual artists for their music. Because then they really COULD claim all of this. 

    • http://profiles.google.com/krstydlght kirsty delight

      i dont think sm is trying to make fx like their other groups. if sm wants, they can overhype this group through high heavens like snsd and exo and gain rabid fans and reap copious amounts of profits. but they dont. i get the impression that sm knows exactly what their doing with each of their groups (save for The Grace maybe).

      anyway, this has been an interesting read.

      • SamiSwanSion

        So do you think that they have a grand master plan? What do you think it is? And thank you, it’s an off the wall idea but it’s an interesting parallel, especially the criticisms I think. I remember they came up in one article about how they were degenerating not only the Korean language but maybe k-pop in general by lowering its standards. It might’ve been on allkpop. Or maybe it came from that group that censors everything.

    • zweiosterei

      Hey! You stole what I said (in less words)! ;-).

      Anyway, about f(x), so they come as an art troupe with deeper meaning in their actions than what is perceived according to you. To me that couldn’t be more far from the truth. They are SM’s bastard child, without direction, and bouncing from concept to concept trying to find some kind of identity but failing miserable every time. And the music can’t cover that fundamental flaw.

      Amber is to me the only thing that is ‘real’ about f(x), and being an heterosexual male I don’t even like Amber!

      • SamiSwanSion

        well actually I’m trying to say THAT in more words. Earlier in paragraph 2 section 8, sentence 3 I said that SM probably did NOT intend any relation to the dadaist movement or anything like it. There’s nothing deep behind Amber’s “There’s breakfast, move out my way cuz i’m comin to get it” if anything there’s a sheer LACK of substance. 

        So from what I’m saying is that you like absurdism for the sake of being absurd, then you’ll LIKE f(x).

  • idontknoe

    I don’t really understand the criticisms ifans make with f(x) sometimes. They seem pretty dang popular in SK to me. I guess it’s because of the comparisons to the SMTown seniors, but I know any company would be happy to have a group as popular as f(x). #6 and #25 on digital, 100k album sales, 4th largest daum for girls seems legit to me. They also are well liked and popular individually and that’s really hard to do as a group. I think their individual activities have helped them, but they did more domestically important promoting than international. Sitcoms are a great thing to do to improve acting and I’m happy SM sent Luna and Krystal that route…… I wish Sulli got a little more training in acting as well in front of the cameras and I’m looking forward to the Hana Kimi remake(if not for all the amazing eye-candy). I think SM was thinking that IY2 was going to be like the first season, but Amber was still able to get more exposure and it helped her improve her Korean skills. F(x) also have a good number of Chinese fans due to Victoria and I know that it was a great for her to be in a drama in her mother tongue. I also liked that f(x) is all over the place with their music, I always thought it was part of their concept. I’m pretty positive SM said something like that.

    It’s funny how when groups stick to one thing, they’re always said to show no progress and boring, but then when groups experiment then they are said to have no identity. O well I guess you can’t please everyone.

    • http://twitter.com/mesztii Esther

       Totally agreed with the last two sentences :)

    • kelli321

      agree with both the last sentence and the paragraph above.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/36AXZ4OH33WQL3AV5OM2VL7SRY Angel

       since when have f(x) 100 k album sales?

      • kakadu kakaduson

        Pinoccio and Hot Summer combined around 120k sales in 2011. Now Electric Shock album around 70k in Korea, 13k in Japan.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/R5BKARJWK7NNOXYOIUSP76YJW4 Aj

    ”And while Super Junior hasn’t presented much quality material over the past year and is slowly losing their hold on the K-pop sphere, at least they are still present in Korean entertainment.”

    this comment really makes me sad.Though they’re not as strong as they were in Korea they’ve admitted that in RadioStar, Super Junior is still a powerhouse in the international sphere.

  • noiha

    am i the only one liking their latest album? it’s not my taste, i admit, but they’re pretty impressive and it did good for their career. i like that they’ve *defined* themselves (more like, sm defined them), in terms of music. and even though i’m not a fan of them, i’ve to said that they made an impressive career move last year (compared to some other groups you’ve mentioned here, namely after school and 4minute). 

    that’s said, they might not be the best selling one (as sm didn’t look like they want to make them that way, maybe they’ve prepared cutie girls for snsd replacement if they ever quit), but they did good on their own. and hey, let’s mention that they’re also nominated in korean music award last year, because that is one prestigious award from critics.

    one complain though, i couldn’t grasp the style of every sm latest album (including the album cover). are they trying to be artistic? because that’s a fail. being edgy and funky, esp for f(x), is one thing. still, it doesn’t mean they should dress up these girls in absurd fashion.

  • http://twitter.com/mesztii Esther

    Why are you always bashing on Super Junior? Okay, their title songs are really similar, but they’re still catchy, and their other songs are very good and they have good vocals. And I don’t think they are losing their presence in the kpop scene considering the fact that they’re still winning a lots of awards, polls on sites, and just kicked off SS4 with a huge success. In my opinion it’s awesome that they still can achieve this, despite being in the industry for seven years already, which is a big thing in kpop. 

    • Alex O.

      I think the problem is that the songs aren’t as good as they used to be. Though SJ has certainly grown from their debut with “Sorry, Sorry” I feel as though they’re losing ground. While they have garnered a ton of views on Youtube, I feel as though it’s only their numbers that attract people to them in the first place. Maybe it’s just me though because I’ve been disappointed with many of their subsequent singles after Hankyung and Kibum left.

      Also I don’t think the writer is bashing Super Junior. She didn’t say that they were terrible. She only said that the quality of their music was declining. I’d say it’s more of a nod towards an uncertain future for SJ, not a dispersal/failure.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/QRI3O5M6QWZ3L5CDF6GR54U4VY CindyL

        I hope you meant when SJ came out with Sorry, Sorry, and not “debut” as in the true meaning of the word…since Sorry, Sorry was their 3rd album title track.  But I do agree with you for the most part. I thought they really peaked with their 3rd album and has since then being giving mediocre (or dare I say, poor) materials with their 4th and 5th albums. Materials that really doesn’t show the growth of their members, if there was any significant growth at all. In fact, Sungmin and Donghae are singing less and less, Eunhyuk is still stuck with dancing, and Siwon is still Prince Siwon…

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=513439726 Sharon Overlord

          I actually think Sungmin is signing more because there are less members. Plus he’s doing musicals, and he has gotten so much better live. Donghae had his collab with Eunhyuk, but when Leeteuk goes, more lines for the remaining members. Plus I think u forget that Eunhyuk sang Heechul’s part in the Japanese PV for Opera. 

          Siwon is too busy acting and other stuff in Taiwan or China. Im surprised he even does anything with the group anymore. 

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/R5BKARJWK7NNOXYOIUSP76YJW4 Aj

        actually there are songs in the 5th album that were really good it’s just that they did not promote them.They only promoted Mr.Simple and A-cha from the repackaged album.There’s Andante and many others that are really great.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=513439726 Sharon Overlord

      Im an ELF but they need to step it up( when I say they I mean SM). They got saved with Superman. The sad part is that Super Junior can be a lot more successful if they only put some effort and money into them. Hopefully, it looks like their doing it this time. 

      SM has just found out that suju is very popular in Japan without promotions. So I think their gonna put effort into their album this time around since they have a different producer, and apparently they hired I AM ME, a dance group from America’s best dance crew. After the album, I think their gonna get suju to focus on the Japan market, and SM loves Japan and their money. 

      • Alex O.

        It definitely doesn’t seem like SM is putting a lot of effort and that’s why SJ members are starting to look for different jobs and they’re working less and less on their songs. At least that’s what I feel like is happening. They’re getting more commitments outside of singing and when it’s back to singing, they can’t make much time for it.

  • http://twitter.com/phannan Ana Hannah

    “f(x): Still Looking for their Function”
    lol that’s exactly how I feel about them. I feel like they were once on the right path with their variety shows (like Vic & I know Sulli does stuff now), but I don’t know where they are now :s

  • kelli321

    I don’t think having a consistent image/theme/concept is the most important thing here. If only they gave fx songs that made sense and less regurgitated music I’d like them more. I like their beats though and a few of the members individually.

  • http://twitter.com/veria10 Veria

    I want to like f(x), I really do. All the members are likeable to me (especially Amber and Luna) and I love SM Town in general… but f(x) as a group just doesn’t make a huge impression on me. Sm really need to start looking like they actually care about this group – even EXO get more love and they only just debuted! It doesn’t help that f(x) are given mediocore songs when I’m sure they can do much better.
    But I think the thing that irks me the most is that unlike other SM Town groups, I don’t feel any cohesiveness to the group. I mean, you’ve got Suju OT15, SNSD Power of Nine, Shinee together-ness forever-ness, and even EXO ‘We are One’ thing going on. But I never see f(x) do any of that, in fact, I hardly ever see them together as a group. Admitedlly I am just a casual fan of them, but I think SM really needs to start selling them as well, a group. With direction. Individually they are all likeable, but they need to work on everything as a group – music, image, selling themselves to the public.

  • Gaya_SB

    There are two types of idol groups: the first type makes money for their company by selling music, and then individual members branch out into other fields (DBSK, SNSD, Exo); the second type consists of people who have talents and careers in these different fields who have been brought together and wrapped up in the same packaging (Super Junior and f(x)). After all it’s much more cost effective for companies to promote their talent in a group setting rather than individually; instead of saying “This is Choi Jinri, she’s had cameos in this and this and this drama,” SM can just go “this is Sulli of f(x)” and BAM instant recognition. Sulli herself was most likely motivated to become an idol as it seemed an easy way to get acting gigs. If that were the case, then I don’t know what she thinks of having to wait so long before she got a chance to do something at which she is said to be actually good.

    The problem here isn’t about changes in sound and image (what group hasn’t undergone those?) or being given remakes (that’s an SM-wide thing: “Run Devil Run,” “Love Like Oxygen,” “Mirotic”) or having nonsensical lyrics (I thought that worked to their advantage as one of the unique points about f(x) tbh), it’s that f(x) was never intended to be a group that made music. This is applicable to all idol groups, I guess, but it holds very true to f(x); the band is merely a base from which the members can launch their individual careers, any musical success is just a bonus.

  • http://twitter.com/denzelwynter アシュリ// 애쉴리 (Ashley)

    Their new group teaser stinks of “Illuminati” symbolism.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U67SZ37IJIJVTT4Y5GYLDQ6DB4 Bailey

      THE ILLUMINATI AREN’T REAL. Neither is all the other idiotic “Project Monarch/MK Ultra” stuff people like “The Vigilant Citizen”.

      For God’s sake – the fact that sheeple actually believe there is some shadowy organization brainwashing the populace is actually more terrifying than the “Illuminati” itself.

      • http://twitter.com/denzelwynter アシュリ// 애쉴리 (Ashley)

        I don’t believe in it either… hence why I had Illuminati in inverted commas. Why do they all look white now? ><

  • Erisadesu

    that’s a really non biased article. The first unbiased and objective article I have ever read in kpop  sites. True words wisely spoken I could say. I only like this group because of Amber. SM has neglted it and hasn’t even bothered about it. They just bought already used songs and gave it to them. Thought the girls manage to make success over it. Anyway…I hope I will see more from those group. 

  • savyna

    Smart title. I was introduced to F(x) around early 2011  by a friend who really loves them. However, I have quickly fallen out of listening to them besides having the songs La cha Ta, Chocolate love, and nu (abo) that’s about it. I like Amber but not even that much to try and read up on them/the group. 

  • http://twitter.com/obreiii Aubreylyn

    street girl trend made popular by 2NE1 and solidified through the debuts of other groups namely T-ara (who didn’t constantly switch concepts way back when ~~ like this so true:)

  • Chris O’Connor

    Well now that they actually came back, it seems that they aren’t that bad after all. The teasers proved to be totally irrelevant (as usual & as so many people commented here), the song made much more sense than the rest of their songs (at least I knew what they were talking about for once), Amber got more singing and less rapping, and….. I think they’re settling down for the funky look. At least it’s a lot better than what Chu was for me (I stopped listening to f(x) for a while in fact while it was on and only went back with this come back). They also succeeded in a total all-kill too, and are about to start working in Japan now. It’s probably too early to say anything for sure, but perhaps SME is finally showing more attention to f(x)? I’d really like it to be true since I really think they have a lot of potential and that SME’s wasting them. Anyways, I hope the next time I read an article about f(x) it’ll say that f(x) finally found its function, or that SME started loving its (seemingly) bastard child, or something in that positive line. Purely my personal opinion ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/apirada.lohsuwan Apirada Lohsuwan

    Now that they are famous. I think their image from the start is unique and nice. And they are not street girl. They are cuter than that. They are just themselves and I really like their style coz they are very unique in Kpop. I don’t wanna see too many girl-gen styles or suju styles in Kpop though.