• norimix

    Considering how US and UK has the highest teenage pregnancy rate among the OCED countries. I don’t think we are in any position to give a lecture on sexual morality to S.Korea who along with Japan has the lowest teenage pregnancy among OCED countries…

    • http://twitter.com/cheeryeternity Ria

      and this is relevant how?

      • norimix

        We are talking about sex education and it’s influence on Kpop and Korean morals aren’t we?

    • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

      We’re not talking about the sexuality morality of Korea in general, we’re talking about the sexualization in idols in the media, double standards that female idols get over male idols, etc. Actually read the article before you comment next time.

      • norimix

        I did read the article. How are you supposed to talk about Kpop while removing it from the context of it being Korean?

        • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

          You completely misunderstood my comment, I meant that your comment is completely irrelevant to the article because its not talking about the sexual morality of Korea as a whole, it’s referring to how idols are sexualized in the media, and how they recieve backlash by a part of Korea, which is very conservative.

          • norimix

            Actually, Korean sexual morality is mentioned, dissected, and discussed several times in this article…

          • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

            It’s like I’m talking to a virtual wall. Have fun in your ignorance.

    • Chyrita Bonita

      SK also has high abortion rates so clearly somebody’s having sex over there 

      • norimix

        They actually have the lowest teenage pregnancy among OCED countries…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001235329632 Luiz Rodrigo Souza

      So you are saying that because Korea has low teenage pregnancy rates all of their views on sexuality shouldn’t be discussed?

    • CJux

      How about this…

      1 – Korea is the top baby exporter of the world, because of the single mother stigma. Many of them are already signed to foreign adoptive parents while still in the womb. How many of these babies come from teen mothers? Who knows.

      2 – Abortions are cheap in South Korea. Even though they’re illegal. And worst, there are so many abortions being carried out in SK that the country gained the title of “Abortion Republic”.
      Some Korean high schools are reported to have the practice of forcing pregnant students to drop out and not let them graduate. If you’re a pregnant teen in South Korea, the LEAST thing you want to do is to have a child – while in the US and UK, you can still receive family support and government help.

      3 – Also, one must not forget that female virgins are still festishizied and more desirable (in both Japan and Korea). Last poll conducted in Korean universities revealed that only 19% of female students had sexual experience, compared to 50% of male students. For those who have sex before marriage, there’s always hymen reconstruction surgery, apparently also a fairly common procedure in South Korea (and I was told it’s relatively cheap and painless).

      For these and other reasons, Korean ‘sexual morality’ should be discussed. It does not mean that UK and the US do not have their own problems – but this is not a British or American pop culture site, so comparisons are only relevant when the symptoms are similar.

      • black_rose45000

         “For those who have sex before marriage, there’s always hymen
        reconstruction surgery, apparently also a fairly common procedure in
        South Korea (and I was told it’s relatively cheap and painless).”
        O.m.g x.x

        Thanks for pointing out all those things!

    • Alex O.

      I think the idea here is the hypocrisy that’s present. There was an article earlier about how S. Korea didn’t allow Lady Gaga to perform because they thought she showed too much skin, but they allowed some members of SNSD to perform in lingerie-like clothing  shown above.
      Also, I think it shouldn’t matter that this columnist are discussing sexual morality unless she is/has been a pregnant teenager. Furthermore, both women and men are more objectified in Asia in general, mainly because there is so much emphasis on appearance. In fact, S. Korea is the number one country with the highest rate of plastic surgery.

      While pregnancy rates are certainly higher, I would attribute this to the less conservative attitude in the West towards sexuality as opposed to Korea, which tends to be more conservative. I think the irony here is that while they are more conservative, sexuality it being marketed. 

      So I think this may be why there is a general sentiment that S. Korea is being hypocritical, though it may not necessarily be true. 

  • norimix

    Considering how US and UK has the highest teenage pregnancy rate among the OCED countries. I don’t think we are in any position to give a lecture on sexual morality to S.Korea who along with Japan has the lowest teenage pregnancy among OCED countries…

  • norimix

    I love how western readers have a knee jerk reaction whenever someone points out their flaws… The hypocrisy of some of the writers and readers just reek of smugness on Seoulbeats.

    • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

      I’m sorry but you bring a completely irrelevant piece of information, that implies that the US and UK lacks sexual morality as a whole just because of some random statistic you probably pulled right out of your ass that by no means is a reflection of both countries’, is complete pretentious and ignorant. Your comment is completely baseless and has nothing to do with the article at hand. Get off your high horse, your elementary generalizations of both Korea and the US and UK is laughable and utterly flawed.

      • norimix
        • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

          OMG! A random article talking about how SOME British teenagers drink alcohol, do drugs, and have sex?! And oh, an organization is telling me that a PERCENTAGE of American youth are getting pregnant at a young age? Someone call the pope, ALL of these Britons and Americans sound like immoral savages! [endsarcasm]

          • black_rose45000

             Rotfl! Good one ;)

        • illerz

           Truly an embarrassment, I meant your comment not the articles.

          I’m an east coast girl and I am going to tell you it isn’t a westerner thing its a people thing. You’re truly ignorant and I am suffering contact embarrassment from you.

    • http://twitter.com/cheeryeternity Ria

       I love how you assume we’re all western. The only one who seems smug is you.

      • norimix

        I live in California so I can vouch for my beliefs…

    • igbygrl

      Norimix: I know you we a troll after you gave me such a hypocritical reply of me stereotyping when in actuality you are pulling out all these stereotypes on Westerners like it was fact.

      • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

         I felt bad for you during those comments, couldn’t believe everyone was eating up his/her comments like it was manna from heaven.

        • igbygrl

          ^ thanks Rosa… I think some people who ranked his/hers comments so high in the last article can now figure out that he/she is nothing more than a troll.

          And isn’t their an Seoulbeats article on different types of trolls?

      • norimix

         I was merely being sarcastic of your stereotying of Korean culture… You calling Korea a Lolita culture is a gross misinterpretation of the facts and a insult to Koreans everywhere…

        • igbygrl

          Yeah well like I said before your sarcasm sucks and you don’t seem to have a full grasp on irony…something that you need if you want to pull off sarcasm…Also I’m Korean you twat! I was born and raised in South Korea before I moved to United States. I think I have every right to pass judgement on a country i lived I for 15 years, whereas you who think I am insulting a nation where you never even visitted the country…Now that’s pure irony right their. I would feel insulted but then my intellectual judgement renders me from the full grasp of self deprication……if you don’t understand that sarcasm then at least understand this 이런 헛소리 그만하고 입 닥쳐!

          • igbygrl

            Typo I meant 13 years

    • Alex O.

      I don’t think that there’s a knee-jerk reaction solely among Westerners. This is common in all countries – it only depends on who you talk to. Of course, less educated people tend to criticize others who point out their flaws and there is a general sentiment in most countries that Westerners like to think that they know everything, but I would definitely have to say that that sort of reaction isn’t reserved exclusively for Westerners.
      I live in the D.C. area so a lot of my friends are from overseas and there’s a shared understanding that any label doesn’t apply to a population as much as you think it does.

      • norimix

         How many writers on SBs do you think ever had a firsthand experience with Korean culture and people? It’s like me writing about French culture without ever having experienced the culture personally…

        • Alex O.

          I don’t know how many of them have had firsthand experience with Korean culture, but neither do you because there is nothing here indicating what experiences these writers had with Korean culture.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/MMRQEZEPSNJ26LJ7XJNDDM5NCI JasmineA

      Based on your comments on most articles you seem to be the one who has a knee jerk reaction to Korea/Koreans being criticized and always try to shift the discussion back onto westerns to avoid talking about what’s going on in Korean culture because you have a “knee jerk” reaction to Korean culture being criticized. We know that “westerns do it too” and that westerns have problems, this article is not stating that we don’t or that the west is perfect. But if we are going to discuss Kpop and parts of Korean culture its not always going to be positive.

      I love when someone tries to tell other people their faults but it sounds for all the world like they are talking about themselves. If you are from california you are western reader as well…

      • norimix

        As a Asian/American I’m already at a disadvantage socially because Asians are already portrayed by the media as asexual joke… Why cant I as a Korean and American have a opinion differing from the articles on SB? You guys act like SBs is your Kpop bible when most of the writers probably never even been to Korea.

        • Alex O.

          Really? Because I don’t experience any of that as an Asian American. I’m pretty sure Asians are NOT portrayed as an asexual joke by the media. Exhibit A: Rain was nominated as the “Most Badass Star” at the MTV Awards in the U.S.

          Furthermore, it’s not a bible. To say that would be going to the extreme.  It does not permeate every aspect of our lives and we don’t pray to SeoulBeats before every meal.

           You can have an opinion differing from the article, but it would be best to avoid negativity, which includes sarcasm and less-than-constructive criticism because you’ll only receive backlash for having a different, but insulting, opinion.

    • Grace Ecarg

       the facts guy again, i think

      • igbygrl

        ^ yep it’s the facts guy. At least he is not copy and pasting his comments now.

  • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

    On a lighter tone, after listening to a few 2PM songs, watching the Carribean Bay commercial made me fall in love with Taecyeon, Nickhun, and Chansung. I was still a fledgling fangirl and had absolutely no idea who the girls were, *facepalm* 

  • LikeXClockwork

    Interesting article, however as a male can i ask something more geared to the writers of the last few days of articles, whats with the increase of women’s rights sliding into alot of articles? as of late all the articles im reading have references to the differences between men and women and men usually getting the better deal in most instances, which im not going to deny, more just wondering why the sudden increase?

    • http://twitter.com/littlegirlgray6 Rosa

      The recent “LadyGate” scandal could be the cause of the sudden increase of articles of how sexuality, double standards for women, are viewed in Korea.

    • Maria_SB

      I talked more about women in this article cause they seem to get slut-shammed more often than men. But I can’t tell about the other articles. Thanks for pointing it out though. 

    • Black_Plague

      3 words – Open World Entertainment.

  • Alice

    I always wondered whether certain k-pop idols have had sex or not. I mean with their busy schduals you wonder how they have time to do anything, but some of them are old enough to get married and have children.. Makes you think.

    • Juss_sayin

      Car sex.

    • Black_Plague

      Given the sexual abuse running rampant in the Kpop industry, I think it’s safe to assume that catering for the old sick fuckers high up the chain is part of the schedule as well.

      There’s a reason why the public, including fans, aren’t really told much regarding the schedules of idols and if so, the information is either vague or lies.

  • zweiosterei

    Great article on the hidden ways that sex is utilized in kpop and its effects on korean society. Now I’m going to watch some porn.

  • Eliza17

    And what about all those celebrities and their shotgun weddings? Lots of them due to the girl getting knocked up unexpectedly. I do wonder what would happen if one day that happens btwn 2 young popular idols.

    • theonetwo

       i doubt that would happen.  they would probably get an abortion.

  • Streby

    There is this general pattern in the upbringing of children in which boys are encouraged to show “manly” emotions like aggression and violence is often written off as ‘childs-play’ and girls are expected to show sensitivity, ‘femininity’ and are supposed to traditionally dislike violence, power and all things reserved for the ‘male’.

    What makes this more interesting is that all these behaviour patterns are rarely encouraged openly, its all very subtle and at a sub-conscious level. When a child does something that is ‘expected’ of his gender, that will be positively reinforced and vice-versa. The child obviously learns over time as to how to act in order to receive the desired response. 

    What seems to be prevalent in Korea and many other nations too is that women are traditionally expected to preserve all the child-like ‘innocence’ and ‘purity’ and though men experience moments of ‘feminine’ emotions and women also feel angry or violent, they are largely expected to hide these and only expose that part of them that fits into the traditional stereotype of their gender. 

    At the same time, we all know that everyone likes to see some skin from their favourite idol but at the same time, she must preserve her gender role and act like she doesn’t notice that she is portraying a sexualised persona of herself. She is supposed to be forever ‘pure’ and that is obviously not possible in the real world so she is just expected to act that way to keep society happy. 

    And with the men, a lot of girls want a ‘strong man’ and an aggressive man but also a man who is possessive over her but at the same time, sensitive and caring. And its not largely accepted if the man shows weaknesses and ‘true’ men don’t cry. Even if you notice most of the ‘Flower Boys’ in dramas, their personalities are largely ‘manly’ and they are most often playboys and it is the heroine who makes him aware of his ‘softer side’ but he rarely cries or gives up.

    Though all these things are present in Korea, I must reiterate that they are present in many other places too, its just that these tendencies manifest themselves in different ways in different areas…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RQZQTTUWMPKD2L5DAOLYLDQCUI Random1234

    A video on the sex industry in South Korea, it has nothing to do with the article, but I just wanted to share it.

  • Black_Plague

    This may sound off-topic but seeing Chansung and Taecyeon makes me want to drop a box of pumpkins on their heads as their ‘rapping’ is very disturbing in every single way. Lolz.

    “Core Contents Media was very vocal in their refusal to let Gangkiz to model for lingerie because it would have damaged their image.”

    Sounds more like a publicity stunt to gain more of the public’s attention to Gang Kiz if you consider the timing. There’s no way that moronic baboon in charge of CCM would refuse a massive sum of money in any possible way, considering he unwisely wasted a shitload of money on their unnecessarily long MVs and photoshoots.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/O2O6HOX2UMCW2SHVJNJ6G7DOYY sonia

      Sometimes I laugh when I see questions like, “Who’s the better rapper? Taecyeon or___?” Whoever he’s against is better, unless it’s Minho…or am I being too harsh?

      • Black_Plague

        Not at all lol. If anything, Minho’s ‘rapping’ (or at worst, speed-talking) is arguably worse. Tiffany and Hwa Young’s ‘rapping’ is also just as bad.