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    While I definitely do not approve of violence , I feel that during that time (2009) those boys were at their breaking point psychologically and its no surprise that they reacted that way. You can call their actions deplorable but I asure that in any other country the reaction to such stalking would be much worse. These type of fans break into their dorms , kiss them when they sleep, follow their every move

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    While I definitely do not approve of violence , I feel that during that time (2009) those boys were at their breaking point psychologically and its no surprise that they reacted that way. You can call their actions deplorable but I asure that in any other country the reaction to such stalking would be much worse. These type of fans break into their dorms , kiss them when they sleep, follow their every move , abuse their private information , disturb and stalk not only them but their family that had nothing to do with the entertainment business, call them repeatedly. Can you imagine the psychological damage that can be caused by essentially being stalked every hour for years where you don’t even feel safe when you are sleeping. if this happened in the states those fans would of been arrested a long time ago .

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    Both parties are in the wrong. Though there is going to be a heavy weight on the side of JYJ because they are public figures. But hearing the distance that fans or anti fans go to either support their artists or send them into psychological turmoil (telling people to commit suicide) I’m not at all surprised that they would react this way. Though violence is not to be encouraged I wonder if there should be some type of law or regulation to address this even though some of the perpetrators are minors. There is such a thing as trying someone’s patience and I can see that they have worn thin but it’s till not how people should deal with these things. Me, being a hypocrite myself I’ve verbally lashed out at people getting on my nerves but violence is never the answer. As I said the problem lies on both sides. The problem with this situation is that there doesn’t seem to be a solution to this problem other than ignore them or take it with a light heart but the thing is that’s going to get old.

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    They just need to go Hugh Grant on the Paps now and throw a can of baked beans at someone.

    I don’t think they did know what they were signing themselves up for, because they were so young and hungry for fame when they first debuted as five, but even then, there are no excuses for threatening fans. No excuse at all.

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      no excuses for threatening fans…. john lennon got killed by a fan. that fan wait by his house and john lennon give him an autograph and went out and came back hours later to get kill by that same fan who he give an autograph to. 

      should we excuse john lennon killer just cause he is a fan… cause according to ur logic, there are no excuses for threatening fans.

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        JYJ are no John Lennon.

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           so ?

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             so what if they are not like John Lennon ?
            what’s your point ?

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        …you just totally twisted my words, I said there are no excuses for the star threatening THE fans.

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    If JJ wwas a female idol and the sasaengs were males and they were trying to grab her breasts and other private parts, send semen and provoke car accidents, probably the media would be more indulgent. I find this sexist and a bit tired of kpop. It wasn’t right but who can blame them? The mentally challenged girls aren’t fans, are stalkers and attackers.
    Korea needs some new laws and be applied. How much time is gonna take until we hear about a  crash accident provoked by them with DEADS.

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      Yes, the saesang do horrible things, BUT this doesn’t change you oppa hit them, going to their low level.

      • Cindy Lai

        Look at the first comment on top, Jaejoon didn’t hit her even the fan said it. He only flicker her forehead, and she didn’t film it either. I know he still flicked her forehead, but I don’t think he did anything like punching her.

      • Cindy Lai

        Look at the first comment on top, Jaejoon didn’t hit her even the fan said it. He only flicker her forehead, and she didn’t film it either. I know he still flicked her forehead, but I don’t think he did anything like punching her.

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    The sasaeng fans are definitely at fault. but jyj’s reactions are not appropriate either. violence is wrong no matter what. but there is a more or less justified cause for some release of anger and frustration. 
    another thing is, i think this is not a “recent” problem. when jyj was under sm’s big umbrella, a lot of these were probably buried by sm’s influence. but now that jyj is on their own, the darker side of the entertainment business will surface more than it used to. 

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    no one would ever approves of violence , but from jyj’s pov , one can somehow understand how they reacted in this way 
    if ppl could just look past all the curse words during that moment of anger , u can hear out jaejoong’s frustration , he mentioned that anywhere and any place he goes there r fans following and calling him at all time , he bought the fast type of car to escape from fans yet couldnt becuz there were too many of them , he didnt feel like staying in korea during his vacation , he only sleeps 2 or 3 hours a day n yet he couldnt be in peace during those moments , he’d rather go to prison or army instead of living a life like that 
    it’s easy for one to say ” oh violence against women = DISGUSTING ” , even i myself bat my eyes when i first read the news , but after i know what sasaeng fans r like , i can get where these boys r coming from , if u havent been in their shoes , it’s easy to judge 
    if i were them i would have long gone batshit crazy ady

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    I have no respect for people who harass others regardless of the reason.  These idols can only take so much stalking and these fans do not seem to know their limit.   A fan has no right calling these idols just because she has access to an idol’s cell phone number when that number is unlisted and private. 

    Fans should learn to control themselves and follow an etiquette befitting civilized individuals who understand respect and space.  Celebrities are human beings too.  They respond the same way we do and although they must protect their image and expect fanatics as part of their lives, a person can only take so much and anything too much will break tolerance and will no matter how strong.

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    I’m just going to copy paste what I said on tumblr:
    Saesangs fans are psychotic and scary seeing as they’ve driven some of their idols over the edge. BOTH parties are at fault here. SK NEEDS/HAS to get more serious about the consequences of stalking or invasion of privacy regardless of wether the person being stalked is a celebrity or not. You can’t treat something that’s turning so dangerous so casually. Just because their celebraties doesn’t mean that such a high level of invasion is something they should just suck up because ‘they should have known what they signed up for’. Jaejoong, Yoochun and all other rumoured idols need therapy and/or some sort of psychological help. They’re constantly hounded and their livelihood is more or less ruined, but lashing out and using violence is not the right answer. And he DID use violence if the translations to EVERYTHING he said are accurate because he himself mentions ‘he can’t count the number of times he’s hit saesang fans’. They shouldn’t actually be called fans, they’re not. They’re stalkers. And the chilling calmness he says everything with is very disturbing to me because it’s happened more than once. This is NOT a black and white issue so yes, I’m not saying Jaejoong is completely at fault, but violence is NOT the answer here. Jaejoong needs help. Are people totally blocking out everything he said? And the sound of REPEATED hits? That’s using physical and mental abuse back at saesangs right there. Saesang’s scare the sh*t out of me.

    • http://twitter.com/PheonixiaJJ Echo

       Jaejoong sounded calm because he had just been drinking with friends and was intoxicated.  The lashing out can be further explained because his brain was impaired.  What Jaejoong needs, is not therapy….but to control himself when he is drinking or to not go out in public if he is drunk.  Usually bad things happen to Jaejoong when he is drunk and on the street (a. driving impaired incident, b. crying on the road because of stress incident where fans had to help him into a taxi to get home, an c. this)

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    The thing that i don’t get is that why are all these controversies coming up at the time when they are going something big? like concerts and dramas?
    gaah whatever! don’t care about these vids or audios! 

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    of all, no one signs up for that kind of thing. Providing
    entertainment does not make you public property. Knowing about the
    consequences of something on an intellectual level is not sufficient
    preparation for dealing with it on a personal and psychological

    I think we should stop calling them fans. Saying someone is a fan
    implies some kind of respect for the person they claim to love. These
    girls obviously have no respect or regard for anyone, not JYJ, not
    their families and not the regular people who they inconvenience with
    their stunts. They have basically been terrorizing these guys and
    their families for years and getting off scott free.

    are stalkers, plain and simple. If they were men and JYJ were women
    the internet would probably shatter with the cacophony of protest
    from all of these outraged “feminist” who seem to believe
    that women, no matter how dangerous and disrespectful their behavior,
    are automatically victims when it comes to this type of
    confrontation. That attitude is pure sexist bullsh*t and it’s the
    reason these stalkers can get away with the crap that they do. All
    the people screaming for change and justice need to take a long hard
    look at their own prejudice first. 

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      Simply as a disclaimer, I’d like to just say that neither I nor anyone on Seoulbeats staff believes that JYJ signed up for this, nor do we necessarily espouse the viewpoints presented in this article.  This article is intended to be an informative look at both sides of the story as it has been presented so far.

      Thank you all for sharing your thoughts with us!

      • Anonymous

        isn’t seoulbeats an opinionated site? that all the articles are the writer’s opinion not news? anyhow, u might want to be that disclaimer in the top of the article in order to prevent confusion. just a suggestion.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/7QKPTDNHBKZJ5CRIFKBZ2TE5YM keke

        you say that neither you nor anyone on Seoulbeats staff believes that JYJ signed up for this but you write” JYJ knew what they were signing up for, and to react against it — especially in so violent a manner — is unforgivable. ” ?

        • Anonymous

          If you read the sentiment prior, you will not that I also wrote “many have insisted that” this was the case.  A similar qualifier exists at the start of the whole discussion, in which I say that “two poles have emerged.”  I end the article by saying that it’s a bad situation from any angle.

          I’ll concede that Seoulbeats is an opinion site, but I actually tried unbelievably hard to make this article as neutral as possible, given that we will likely have more analysis or op-eds on it later in the week.  Suppose this just goes to show that you really can’t please everybody.

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/7QKPTDNHBKZJ5CRIFKBZ2TE5YM keke

             I’m not looking to be pleased by anything was just wandering about what you said .
            and their is no way you can be really neutral about such things but you do try  .

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t think you were. I was just responding to the thoughts you mentioned in the article. I have read them all over. 

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    now, if only by mistake a person would slap me in the face like this,
    just for the fun of doing it, i would make sure they’ll have to look for
    their teeth on the ground.

    consider that DBSK/JYJ had to ‘interact’ with these type of
    schizophrenic fans for years and years, watching them invade not only
    their lives but even the life of their relatives… how long can a
    person keep calm?

    police cant do nothing because of some mysterious reason (no laws
    against stalking in skorea? corruption? no idea),  and managers and
    bodyguards seem useless (just watch that clip).

    at some point, in order to survive, you need to attack back.

    sad, but i cant really blame DBSK/JYJ if they had to respond with violence to violence.

    i wish the reals fans would team up and treat sasaengs the same way:
    stalking, pics, harassment, menaces, and scare the shit out of these
    good for nothing stalkers

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1514026203 Simi Kerts

    While i don’t approve this language, and i don’t approve violence, but this pure insane stalking. let’s not look at them as idols. They are first of all human beings i’m sorry. How would u react? It’s really easy to sit here, and type: There is no excuses for violence… but hey.. Sometimes it will happen, sometimes u will use violence, when u feel basically helpless… They seriously barely stay at home, and even when they stay at home they need to go over through this? I think that no one can imagine how does it feel.. This is pure insanity.. so sorry.. i would have reacted the same, and hell knows maybe even worst.. and yeah we are talking about guys swearing at teenage girls, maybe even using violence.. but the way that these girls act? sorry.. some people sometimes do deserve this.. and yeah call me mean, call me harsh.. but sometimes people don’t understand unless u “wake them” up.. This is how life works.. this is how some people work.. And i actually read somewhere.. that they don’t care.. they want this treatment.. and well they are getting it..
    once again.. sometimes u can’t help yourself.. u feel react like that.. and i won’t call those people fans.. nor even healthy human beings

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    To be perfectly honest, I feel that everything has to be taken into context. Firstly, this was in 2009, and like hapacalgirl mentioned, these boys were at their breaking points in 2009. They had a lot to deal with, and they were mentally, physically, and emotionally stretched. This does not excuse the violence they had exhibited, but it does help us to understand things from their point of view.

    Bearing that in mind, I think its noteworthy that yes, they are idols and they signed up for fame, but nobody signs up for such extreme sasaengs. Sure, these delusional people may be part of the “package”, but everybody knows that JYJ and DB5K have the most extreme sasaengs. You can argue that they knew what they were doing when they embarked on this road, but such extremity is probably what they did not expect. I mean, a mere comparison other highly popular groups like Big Bang and SNSD will show you just the extreme number and nature of these sasaengs JYJ has to endure compared to your average popular idol. So, I disagree that JYJ “knew” what they were signing up for, because they did not.

    Furthermore, another point I would like to make, as a Jaejoong fan, is simply this. Jaejoong has always been well known for being nice to his normal fans. He loves giving fan service, and generally seems mild natured. To provoke him to do something so extreme (such as violence), gave me a shock because he must have been really, really offended. 

    Lastly, we are all humans, and I believe each of us have a breaking point. We are not perfect, neither is JYJ. They make mistakes, and we all make mistakes. I’m not saying JYJ is absolved of liability, but I’m saying that we should not be so quick to condemn them. Think of things from both sides – and while ultimately I feel that JYJ should not have responded with violence, what they did not seem to warrant the kind of condemnation you seem to be giving them especially when you consider the circumstances they were in. 

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    Tbh I am so over this issue. Isn’t this like the 5th attack on JYJ in like 2 months. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Why are all these being released now. This happened when they were out as TVXQ, how come there is only audio of Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, what about the other 2. Why is this being released by a sleazy tabloid, with known ties to SME, and who is known for creating fake scandals and defaming celebrity i.e. what they did to Bigbang.

    Why is it just audio? Each of these so called JYJ attacking fans evidence, always as a kink, some signs of editing and manipulating. The audio can be manipulated, so no, I don’t think there is 100% proof that Jaejoong was beating anyone or being violent.  Furthermore, the audio is cut and pasted and things are out of context.

    JYJ will be just fine. Since this hack job by Dispatch, there has been several articles in Korea in support of JYJ. Most Koreans don’t care, because they know the truth. Those who hate JYJ will continue to hate JYJ, their fans will continue to support them and the rest of us will move on.

    I am also annoyed by the hypocrisy, especially from international fans, can you imagine if this was another group, like SNSD. People would be praising them for defending themselves, for standing up for their rights. Put yourself in their shoes, imagine:

    “There is an anonymous man following you around for years. He sends you his underwear with his semen. He breaks into your house and feels your face and kisses
    you while you sleep. You can’t have any personal life. When your friend texts you saying “when do we hang out?” He calls your friend asking “Who are you and why are you calling out ____?” You can’t take it anymore, so you change your cell phone number. But you get a text message right after saying, “you changed your number.” He follows you in a Taxi and purposely crashes your car. You almost die. You get out of the car and all you see is the man smirking. He breaks into your home and takes pictures of your house and then taunts you by sending them to you. You go to your parent’s house, he follows. You go on a business trip out of the country, he follows. You try to become a member of a secure website, but someone already used your social security number to register. He slaps you in the face for no reason. He also gropes your breasts and touches your privates. This goes on for years. You call the police, but it’s his “first offense” so they don’t do anything.”

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XZMSVOCJOA7ZA47SDPHNBVFNWM Lizzie Heart

      I’m sick of fans who are defending them. 
      You say the video/voice is edited or cut/pasted, but my question is from where?
      Where did they say such bad words and mean things to people get it together and paste it? Where can you find these threats they give the saesangs? If you are using the lame excuse the fans made up saying it’s from a drama he did, I ask you to show us the same exact lines.

      Second, if this was fake info, JYJ company would file a lawsuit right away or give a statement right away saying the voice video is fake, but so far no notice from them, this is all over korean news and no notice from them…. ? JYJ’s company loves to file lawsuits so I think the video must be real or else they would already made something about this.

      You say many korean websites are supporting them? Which one? Just starnews who is know to have good connection with JYJ and always support them?
      And this isn’t like Yoochun scandal, this time this news were in all the korean portals and websites. Guess the korean do care about this.

      Also, why just voice and not a video with image? Because filming like this would be see by them who would of course take it from the saesangs and so no proof to show, but to record a voice you don’t need to show it and can kept it hide in your clothes. Easy.
      You hide their bad behavior trying to blame the news or that this is something that SM is doing or how the saesangs are bad and all….or trying to compare them to girls…I’ll compare too then, if this was a rookie band you would all be hating and saying bad things about them.They can even have a reason to beat/hit the girl, but this doesn’t mean the reason is right or that this mean beating isn’t wrong. URGH.Saesangs are scary, do many terrible things, BUT this doesn’t mean what your oppa did isn’t wrong too and all. You try to excuse them  saying they suffered so much and had a breakpoint/breakdown, from what I know Breakdown/snapping is a thing that happen once or twice, not many times AND this doesn’t necessary mean the person who suffers a breakdown(snaps) must use violence or get violent, if everyone in this world who suffered a lot (even a lot more than your oppas would resort to violence, then I don’t know what would happen… things would get ugly, you would support them too? Since they all have reasons to be frustrated and all.In the end of the day they beated/hitted someone (the saesang) not once or twice but many times (Jae himself says so – can’t you hear? Or you didn’t dare to look/read the translation?)You have to stop to think who he hit/beat for a minute and think that your oppa resorting to violence isn’t a good thing or right thing to do. Hitting/beating isn’t right (no matter who beats, even if it was a girl hitting others many times and calling them names wouldn’t be right) and you should be ashamed for supporting this kind of behavior – what kind of behavior is it?Do you think you are much better than the saesangs when you yourself support violence? You that are complaining about violence agaisnt your oppas are at the same time supporting it? So is like this-:>Violence against your oppa is horrible and not allowed, but violence made/used by them is right and have even support from the fans? WoW

      • http://twitter.com/PheonixiaJJ Echo

        *sighs* Biased much?  Now I am going to waste my time dissecting your point?

        ” I’m sick of fans who are defending them.”
        I’m sick of people judging them so hard.  Did they kill someone?  Jaejoong was in the wrong for using voilence…..BUT honestly the stalker was MORE wrong for inflicting pychological pain and suffering to them.  Whereas scars and wounds heal over time…..when a person suffers psychologically due to something that trauma usually stays with them for the rest of their life.  STALKERS ARE THE ONE’S THAT NEED TO BE STOPPED!  They need to be locked in jail for their wrong actions. 

        “You say the video/voice is edited or cut/pasted, but my question is from where?
        did they say such bad words and mean things to people get it together
        and paste it? Where can you find these threats they give the saesangs?
        If you are using the lame excuse the fans made up saying it’s from a
        drama he did, I ask you to show us the same exact lines.”The full audio translation has been posted here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QXbyYQjPbfXtdcRF4Uh9k-2wx_VUHzfbjV80ZnwsRHg/preview?pli=1&sle=trueYes, he did hit someone.  Though, the tabloid that posted this news cut out all the parts that would make someone neutral feel sorry for Jaejoong’s situation.  He even said he would rather go to prison or the army than live his life like this.  On another note, since we as people who were not at the incident….we have no right to judge his actions as right or wrong.  Did we see the girl with bruises?  Even though, Jaejoong himself made the statement from his own mouth has anyone ever seen a girl that has been bruised by Jaejoong?

        “Second, if this was fake info, JYJ company would file a lawsuit right
        away or give a statement right away saying the voice video is fake, but
        so far no notice from them, this is all over korean news and no notice
        from them…. ? JYJ’s company loves to file lawsuits so I think the
        video must be real or else they would already made something about this.”Yes, and I want them to file a lawsuit immediately when they get back to the country.  You are obviously not a fan, and you have obviously not even read the OP post above…..otherwise you would know that JYJ isn’t even in Korea right now.  They have left to go to South America for a concert.  What kind of lme company would file a lawsuit when they don’t have the whole story?

        “You say many korean websites are supporting them? Which one? Just
        starnews who is known to have good connection with JYJ and always
        support them?”There is more than one news outlet that supported JYJ’s side.http://jyj3.net/2012/03/07/trans-jyj-the-reason-for-why-they-could-not-help-but-do-what-they-didextremeexcessive-sasaeng/ (Hankyung News)http://jyj3.net/2012/03/06/trans-jyj-assault-controversy-the-media-and-sasaeng-fanss-violence/ (Nate)http://jyj3.net/2012/03/07/news-120307-jyjtvxq-plagued-by-sasaeng-fans/ (Top Star News)http://jyj3.net/2012/03/07/news-netizens-alarmed-by-jyj-kim-junsu-surrounded-by-sasaengfans/ (NewsEn via Nate)http://jyj3.net/2012/03/07/trans-120306-blue-houses-destruction-of-evidence-of-an-illegal-investigation-of-civilians-was-buried-under-the-report-about-jyj-assault-controversy-in-yellow-press/ (http://pessi.tistory.com/m/9664)Also, it is a top search item…….but lol at the top of Nate’s list of top items for that day was not this incident…..but an article claiming Jaejoong has the best hair.

        “And this isn’t like Yoochun scandal, this time this news were in all
        the korean portals and websites. Guess the korean do care about this.”Yes, Koreans care……but mostly because this is making noise internationally.  Korean already know these kinds of things happen and that the MAJORITY of idols act this way towards saessangs.  Again, like the Yoochun incident….this is making more noise internationally than in Korea.

        “Also, why just voice and not a video with image? Because filming like
        this would be see by them who would of course take it from the saesangs
        and so no proof to show, but to record a voice you don’t need to show
        it and can kept it hide in your clothes. Easy.”It seems like you are supporting saessang’s recording the idol’s voices generally…so that oppa doesn’t ‘catch them’.  THAT IS WRONG!  But, they do it most them time.  Saessang’s ar scary and are usually not reported to the poilve because then they will turn anti and release dirt on their ‘idol’.  What if she provoked him then…..and then found it amusing to record him while he was hitting her?  That is wrong on so many levels.  She’s a psychopath.  Jaejoong should still not have hit her though.  BUT it is understandable since his thinking was impaired since he was drunk.  If he has hit others like he has said on other occasions…I cannot defend him those times….because I only know he was drunk for this specific incident.

        “You hide their bad behavior trying to blame the news or that this is
        something that SM is doing or how the saesangs are bad and all….or
        trying to compare them to girls…I’ll compare too then, if this was a
        rookie band you would all be hating and saying bad things about them.”One comparison cannot equal another.  The fact is if an idol group irregardless of whether they are rookies or not is supported by a big company that can bribe and shut up bad media…….than the idol will not be blamed.  If SNSD, T-ara, the cute girl-groups with ‘fragile’ images were to do this than they would be commended and patted on the back even if the man ended up in the hospital…because then somehow they would be standing up for women’s rights by ‘protecting themselves’….whereas the man should be more ‘benevolent’ more ‘caring’ more ‘Confucian’ etc.  If the same incident happened to the group EXO that hasn’t even debuted yet….it would have been shrugged off or covered up by SME.  If rookie groups or sunbae groups don’t have a large company backing them up then they are faced with more shit and are judged more harshly.  If a member of JYJ ran over someone like a BigBang member did (I understand it wasn’t his fault though) then he would be sent to jail because he doesn’t have a big company backing him up……it would be the same situation if a JYJ member smoked POT and was caught for it like Gdragon was…..he would sent to jail because he doesn’t have a big influential company backing him up.  LMAO a real example of this is when Jaejoong’s friend who he acted in the Call Me MV for……was caught for doing drugs his career was over and he was sent to jail.

        “They can even have a reason to beat/hit the girl, but this doesn’t
        mean the reason is right or that this mean beating isn’t wrong. URGH.”Beating is wrong, I agree. BUT it is WORSE to traumatize someone because that kind of action has lasting effects on a person’s brain.

        “You try to excuse them  saying they suffered so much and had a
        breakpoint/breakdown, from what I know having a Breakdown/snapping is a
        thing that happen once or twice, not many times AND this doesn’t
        necessary mean the person who suffers a breakdown(snaps) must use
        violence or get violent,” Do you have a degree in psychology on a PhD oh ‘all-knowing one’.  According to the dictionary a breaking point is ‘1. the point at which something or someone gives way under strain 2. the moment of crisis in a situation” A person therefore, can reach breaking points in more than one situation if the personally is constantly stressed/strained.  When a person reaches a breaking point the person is broken for a duration….they don’t get magically ‘fixed’ after the incident.  If they are constantly faced with that kind of stress they begin to fear the stressor and eventually lash out or hurt themselves (commit suicide) to escape the anguish.  At these times do you think they understand that they are hurting another human being….or themselves…..at these times they are just looking for ‘escape’.  It is the same when an animal is faced with a mental stressor while being experimented on and starts ramming themselves against the window not to escape….but just because they have lost their minds.  Adding onto this if a person is under the influence of alcohol these feelings are heightened and cannot be controlled.  If we apply this to Jaejoong’s case…..because of the constant stressor….he began to fear them emotionally….which lead out to him lashing out while impaired.  Also, living in a culture where abuse is OK….and where it is used to discipline ‘bad’ behavior in order to get a good result…..it is no wonder that Jaejoong lashed out on more than one occasion.  Of course that doesn’t make it okay.  Abuse in general to a man or a woman is not okay.  But, you cannot just make it a simple 1+1=2 thing.  It is more complicated.  In Korea, if you are bad your teachers will whip you till you are bleeding.  And most KPop idols have been abused by managers and trainers when they don’t reach a certain result.  In a culture of violence….one learns to defend oneself by also using violence.  To fix this issue you cannot simply state we must fix ‘Jaejoong’.  It is the society that needs to be fixed….and the stalkers that need to be controlled.  Jaejoong’s was the only one that was reported………BUT all his fans know he is extremely nice to people in general including his managers, his members, his family, his friends, his fans, and strangers.  People say nice things about him randomly because he is a nice person.  That doesn’t mean that people who are generally nice overall cannot have other sides….or are ‘perfect’.  There are NO perfect humans out there…and this is NOT a perfect world.”if everyone in this world who suffered a lot
        (even a lot more than your oppas) would resort to violence, then I don’t
        know what would happen… things would get really ugly, you would
        support them too? Since they all suffered a lot too and have reasons to
        be frustrated and all.”Wow.  You must live in a box called your home and never listen to news or read a newspapers.  There are a lot of people in the world who suffer, and a lot of people in the world who resort to violence.  In North America, a country that claims to be democratic and supports women’s rights, violence is VERY frequent (mostly do to alcohol).  Statistics understate the amount of rapes that happen in America (or that are reported) or the number of women who live in women shelters to escape from abusive husbands or boyfriends.  Women who are now lashed at….lash back with worse results.  Child abuse is still a huge problem.  And lmao….Americans are allowed to own guns and ‘shoot’ people if they think they are trespassing on their property in some states.  Shooting people is worse than giving someone a beating.  Also, in America….when trying to control violent people/stalkers etc. things like taser’s are still used.  Taser’s are still a form of violence to control violence.  “…you should be ashamed for supporting this kind of behavior –
        what kind of behavior is it?”Are you suggesting that fans of Jaejoong should stop being his fans because he is sometimes violent? *laughs* There is something called forgiveness in this world and learning from your mistakes.I personally think that super bratty kids should be whacked on the butt.  And personally if I was being stalked 24/7 I would lash out worse than this.  I get angry when my sisters come to disturb me in my room when I am busy.

      • Anonymous

        I’m sick of people equating the actions of criminals to the actions of vicims in self-defense against that criminal activity. This isn’t about defending anyone’s ‘oppa’; it’s about 1)stopping the abhorrent and destructive behavior of saseng fans, and 2)protecting an individuals’ right to self-defense against these crimes. It’s about time someone stood up for their basic human rights and brought to light these serious issues. It’s disgusting that anyone would defend such criminals or condone their actions. Just because they’re celebrities doesn’t mean they aren’t eligible for the same right to privacy or the right to defend themselves against criminal activity as ‘normal’ human beings. You can’t just expect them to “just deal with it”.

        Stalking and harassment are serious offenses that are known to escalate into other violent behavior like kidnapping or murder, especially in prolonged cases like this one. DBSK (and JYJ in particular) are know to have some of the worst saseng fans who go out of their way to anger and provoke. How are celebrities supposed to protect themselves against people like this? There are simply way too many saseng fans for things like restraining orders, police involvement, etc. to work. In addition, since a large portion of the saseng fans are teenagers, when they occasionally do get ‘in trouble’, they are usually just let off or given a ‘warning’ for their ‘misbehavior’ rather than facing actual consequences for their actions. And it’s not as if celebrities haven’t tried asking politely (SEVERAL times) for saseng fans to stop. In fact, many celebrities (including JYJ) have mentioned on multiple occasions how much they dislike saseng fans and asked for privacy. Obviously, it didn’t work. So if the ‘proper channels’ fail to provide adequate protection, and being polite to saseng fans doesn’t do anything, then what else can celebrities do? They’ve been putting up with saseng fans for YEARS on end, and it clearly wasn’t getting them anywhere; if you provoke someone for long enough, no matter how strong his/her self-control is, at some point he/she will snap.

        Yet when the victim of stalking finally gets fed up and tries to do something about it, he/she gets crucified by santimonious and self-righteous netizens while saseng fans walk free without facing any consequences or criticism for their actions. By focusing the blame on JYJ, you’re validating the saseng fan’s behavior and negating any punishment that they would otherwise receive. The stalker is let off the hook because everyone else is too busy blaming the victims for going ‘overboard’ in their self-defense. How does this solve ANYTHING? Saseng fans will just continue to harass and provoke celebrities until someone else snaps, people start criticizing him/her, and the cycle repeats again. Either way, the VICTIM is the one who takes the blame and continues to get harassed and stalked. It’s a no-win scenario.

        But no, let’s just focus on criticizing the victims of prolonged stalking and harassment for standing up for themselves and just ignore the REAL issue of trying to stop saseng fans from harassing or stalking celebrities. They should’ve just sucked it up, because they’re not real people entitled to real human rights; they’re just celebrities. Let’s show saseng fans that they can get away with criminal acts by turning against the unfortunate individuals that they stalk. That’ll fix everything.

    • Anonymous

      Replying on why the issues are released now btw.

      1 or 2 months ago Yunho and Changmin went to Thailand to shoot commercials. In airport, a fan fell and it was so crowded so Yunho shouted “EXCUSE ME!” to them so they’d part and the fan can be helped (he thanked them afterwards). Some of JYJ’s fans (as in, really some, not even in majority) use this to bash Yunho, thus this so-called accident sparked serious tension in Korean fandom (between HoMin and JYJ’s fans).

      After that (this is only according to some people, I don’t know the accuracy), a HoMin’s fan (again, pls take this with pinches of salt) spreaded/helped to spread the video of Yoochun hitting a fan (which didn’t cause stir in Korea btw, only Internationally).

      Dispatch saw how Intl fandom reacted to Yoochun’s incident, so they started collecting evidences of JYJ’s behavior to sasaengs. The media gathered sasaengs and found evidence (audio recording). And then this news spreaded, and it became controversy.

      Oh, anyway, Changmin’s sasaeng also has a fantaken video of him closing her video camera with his hands (the gif is everywhere, he basically said ‘don’t shoot me’). What I want to say is, the sasaengs have the footages of what members did to them, if they want to release those things they will release it, regardless the timing.

      JaeChun also had history of behaving the worst against Sasaengs anyway. Their actions are still wrong, but we need to know that the Sasaengs are hell of criminals too (at least, they phychologically abuse people, no?)

  • Anonymous

    Violent psychos are not fans. Male or female, if
    you cross the line of normal behavior, the other person has the right to defend
    themselves. Some things that have been done by these unstable bunch:


    the blood of menstruation and sent to members

    used pads at them

    into their dormitory and kissed a member/sexual assault

    several car accidents and near misses

    online accounts using their Social Security Numbers

    and passed around the key to their dormitory

    a member’s finger, by hitting him with a bag full of rocks.

    & sold the personal info & Social Security Numbers of members’ families

    their families phone numbers and harassed them constantly

    to steal their seal stamps, hoping to register marriage with them

    to commit fraud using their names and personal info

    their personal belongings

    their computers and hard drives, tapped their phone lines

    members’ bodies inappropriately, including their groin and crotch

    them even on their undisclosed vacations and off time

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2HLWIJFBCMMYGQYBMYXOPTEXF4 Mq

      i literally got chills reading your comment. Funny how we expect men to have a higher tolerance for almost everything even though as a society we continually try to fight for “gender equality”.

      Gender equality is almost always referred to women’s right when at the core of it, it should be in work for both genders. Men and women are at a disadvantage point in one area or another, but the movement is still largely in place for the women and not for men.

      • Juturna Rayne

        Women are raped and beaten on an epidemic scale, Men are not. Thats a simple fact.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IK36N7GF6ZLU7MGXQQNGLSWU5I BOS

    Sorry but I believe that the way the JYJ members acted was appropriate considering their sanity and the year this was happening in which was 2009. The JYJ members especially Jaejoong are known to be nice to fans, there are thousands of fan accounts stating this and I having seen them in NJ know it first hand too so I am sure those “people” NOT fans but fanatics/psychos did something to trigger such a response from the members esp. Jaejoong. Being a celebrity doesn’t give others the right to molest, stalk, harass, hurt families members, steal social security numbers, get into car accidents and invade their privacy for 10 years. I am sure anyone would have snapped earlier, in addition those fanatics have hit them with rocks, slapped them, punched them and tried killing them so those girls deserve what they got. I mean its not like it was the first them, they were warned by the member, the police, and other fans to STOP but they continued because they knew it would hurt the members and that is what they want. Wasn’t John Lennon killed by one of his “fans”? I mean there has to be a law or something done in Korea to stop these “people” from harming others because they are not only destroying their own lives but the lives and careers of the ones they “love” and are “obsessed” about. Oh and one more point JYJ/TVXQ saseang fans are the worst not even BigBang have such followers so there is should be no comparison done. Double standards should STOP and people should follow the rules that if YOU want respect then give respect to others. If YOU don’t wish to be hurt then DON’T hurt others.

  • Anonymous

    If I remember a few years ago one of the member has was almost poisoned by one fan during his periode in DBSK . It’s sad, but they’re certainly more suspicious since this accident

  • http://twitter.com/egbfly egypt rose

    How would a GIRL feel / react when :
    1. a stranger man follows her around for years.
    2. this stranger sends her his underwear with his semen.
    3. the stranger breaks into her house, feels her face & kisses her while she is asleep.
    4. the stranger scare whomever in relationship with her so as when a friend texts her asking to hang out. the stranger calls ther friend asking him who is he and why is he calling her? the result is that she can’t get into a relationship.
    5. when she tries to change her cellphone number, she gets a text from the stranger saying “you changed your number :)” >> as if saying to her: here I am. I know every move you take and you can’t hide from me.. I’m watching YOU.
    6. the stranger follows her around when she goes out and hangs with her friends and crashes her car purposely to pull just her attentionand brag. sometimes causing her injuries and sometimes he dangers her life. and when she looks at him he laughs and smirks back.
    7. the stranger goes through her house.. her closet.. stealing her underwears. Takes pictures of her house and sends them back to her to show her he was there and even follows her to her families houses.
    8. even when she takes a vacation abroad the stranger follows her.
    9. the stranger copies her phone and searches all her logs and even when she tries to register on a website.. she discovers that her social security number is already taken and used to registere by that stranger.
    10. the stranger also physically abuses her by slapping her only to have a mark on her face caused by him.. groping her breasts and her private areas while walking in the streets.
    11. she reports the police with no use.. the stranger doesn’t abide by the restraining order.. or the stranger either underage or it’s his first offense.. or they (the police) just don’t care as their excuse that the stranger do that because he loves her.
    12. this goes on for years.
    I think everyone came from different cultures/backgrounds and we all have different perceptions to events..BUT there are MAIN issues that ALL know IS Wrong and ILLEGAL.

    I: SELF-DEFENSE CANNOT be considered as abuse. (same goes to the RE-ACTION to an action of an abuse)
    III: SEXUAL HARRASMENT whether FROM male/female TO male/female STILL considered Sexual Harrasment and it is ILLEGAL.
    IV: causing INJURIES & ENDANGERING someone’s LIFE & SAFETY is illegal.

    *taking all the above and even if you are NOT a fan and you don’t know how much specifically those idols LOVES their fans and how much they respect them.. You can not blame the VICTIM that tries to respond to the Main Abuser as a SELF DEFENSE.** and I really DON’T feel sorry when I say that people who can STILL see the Victim as the Abuser and the Abuser as the Victim…. are as SICK as those PRIVATES /SASAENG.
    and…… why now? if the audios where all true then why now from 2009 it pops up now? and it happened to all 5 why the audios published only for the 3? and Dispatch again? LOL
    I rest my case^^

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2HLWIJFBCMMYGQYBMYXOPTEXF4 Mq

      i literally got chills reading your comment. Funny how we expect men
      to have a higher tolerance for almost everything even though as a
      society we continually try to fight for “gender equality”.

      Gender equality is almost always referred to women’s right when at
      the core of it, it should be in work for both genders. Men and women are
      at a disadvantage point in one area or another, but the movement is
      still largely in place for the women and not for men.
      Sorry the first part was meant for you, but the second part was meant for Atheadon.

      • http://twitter.com/egbfly egypt rose

        yeah~ that’s a case of a double-standard here..

        people fight against the constant discrimination against women.. but look here this is a clear case of discrimination against men..just the image of a man re-acting violently toward a girl takes away the main logic.. of why is he doing that.. and even when they know why.. they still blame the man just because he is a man and she is a girl..

        JYJ are men but they are the victims acting on self-defense..

        Sasaeng/Privates are girls but they are the abusers/attackers and let me borrow this from another fan who called them HYENAS *it’s a great description*

    • http://colourmesplendid.wordpress.com Ree

       To me the issue isn’t really a matter of self-defence. If all JYJ did was curse at them and tell them to gtfo, I wouldn’t have minded at all. It’s the hitting that’s really getting people. I mean, even if you just listen to the recording. He isn’t hitting them once, he’s continuously hitting them, and you can even hear the saesaeng go ‘ack’. She isn’t even trying to defend herself, and whether it’s because she likes it or not, Jaejoong does have the dominance of power over her in that case, and by continuously hitting her he did abuse it.

      That being said, I do understand where JJ is coming from, I understand why, but I don’t condone it. Nor do I think he’s a complete douchebag though.

    • Anonymous

      You’d think being poisoned with glue would be enough to make the authorities take these psychos seriously.  Since the police keep letting these girls go, I think these idols need to take their parents to court and threaten to sue them for all they’re worth if they they don’t send the girls to military school or some marine run boot camp until they can prove they’re sane.  If they don’t break out of the behavior by the time they’re legally adults then it’s time for them to go to jail.  Seriously stalkers have killed a few celebrities, the police need to stop looking at them as fans and start looking at them as criminals that they are.

  • Rae

    You should do your research before you post something as bias as this.

    Only putting what JYJ supposedly has done to the sasaeng.
    Why don’t you post what those sasaeng did to them as well?
    There’re broadcasted interviews and TV shows of them saying what saseng did and even photos. Oh let’s not forget the part where Yunho got POISONED as well.
    So, yeah, just do your research will you?

    • Anonymous

      If you know that, hy don’t you an article about sasaeng?
      She is just spreadung the latest new, jesus…
      You must be really sensitive about that issue. ~_~

      • Rae

        of course im sensitive about this issue. who wouldn’t be ???  

        if its not a sensitive issue, it wouldn’t have escalated to this point.
        so wouldn’t you want to do more research, have the full picture before drawing to a conclusion? it’s just my opinion to state that there’s a lot info her article has left out, which makes it biased, so she should’ve done her research, know both sides of the story beforehand.

        I didin’t you would be so sensitive about my comment, please don’t take it to heart

        • Anonymous

          The author of this article does in fact show both sides of the case. 
          “More so than they are JYJ, they are Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu, young men who are human beings like the rest of us and who crave normalcy and privacy.  It is clear that on more than one occasion, sasaeng fans haven taken it way too far, and naturally the boys would have breaking points.  Many have pointed out that living the way that JYJ does would provoke anger and incite any normal individual.”

          She’s not just putting the blame on JYJ, she calls out Saesangs for their bullshit too. But we need to realize that violence isn’t going to solve anything. History can show you time and time again. While the actions of Saesangs are deplorable and downright heinous at times, physically striking them is not going to solve an issue. In my opinion the government needs to step in and arrest them. Stealing an idols identity and breaking into their house is illegal, I don’t care that a lot of them are teenage girls. They need to be shown that their actions have consequences, does that mean they should be striken? No. 

          The video that surfaced is fairly shady itself. While it is obvious that it is Jaejoong and he’s hitting them the whole picture is hard to decipher. Is the fan even a saesang? Did she physically harass him in anyway before he reacted? We need to be careful before jumping to conclusions. 

          • Rae

            I don’t think I said anything about the author not writing both sides of the story. I merely said her article is biased which doesn’t necessarily mean only writing about one side of the story. She could’ve written both sides but doesn’t give enough support for the other, thereby it’s biased. And i said she could’ve done more research if she has read into the issue. Because ven AKP found evidence of creepy sasaeng photos, wouldn’t it be better if she put those ‘concrete evidence’ as opposed to only ‘evidence’ of what jyj did? The power of pictures over words? please don’t jump into conclusion regarding what i’m saying.

    • Anonymous

      I hate answering with my phone +_+, too many typos.
      Well, trying to make my comment more correct grammatically:
      So, I think that if that article is too biased for you, you should write an article about jyj/dbsk and sasaeng.

      • Rae

        her job is to write an article, mine is to read and comment.

  • Anonymous

    Please read this before you get your pitchforks out.

     I am not excusing his actions( it is disgusting), but I have come to understand why he would resort to violence. Nothing in this world is black and white. The power dynamics between the parties is different to other abuse cases. People don’t seem to  understand that psychological and emotional abuse can be just as bad or even worse than physical abuse. Just because we do not see the scars on the outside does not mean the internal scars are any less painful. People are constantly stalking you, your family, chasing you in taxis, throwing period pads at your body, sexually harassing you, breaking into your house, jump in front of taxis just so that you will notice them, forcing kisses on you, etc… 24/7 for nine years. I really don’t know anybody that could take that smiling, these things will eventually have an impact on your mental health and personality one way or another. I remember when Britney Spears was constantly being hounded by the paprazzi, it drove her to point of shaving her head and attacking paprazzis with umbrellas. At time i was not a huge brit fan, but do you think she deserved that kind of attention?

    Also, I keep seeing arguments that suggest they are idols that they should have known what was to come or other fandoms have these stalkers they don’t act this way. True, other groups have these stalkers, but I don’t know any other fandom that has 150 people stalking each member 365/366 days of the year for nine years. Also, the argument that they should know that people will follow them and if they can’t handle it they should get out of the entertainment industry, because they are celebrities is so impractical. How would they know that they would become the next big thing in Asia. In every path we choose as humans, there will always be some obstacle, should we just give up on our dreams because of it, no. It’s like telling someone that they are asking for this kind of behaviour. This argument is similar to the way some people say girls who wear short skirts or provocative clothing are just asking to be raped. This argument is so illogical.

     Besides are you telling me that since they are celebrities they should forgo their basic rights as a human being. Honestly, we cannot even presume that these teenage girls are weak, that is sexist right there. As well, I’m sure that since DBSK is an older group, they have far more older fans in their twenties and late teens, heck even people in their thirties are sure to follow them. If someone is mentally imbalanced they will try whatever means to get to the eye of their affection. They might be even carrying knives or bags of rocks (Changmin incident). I’m sure they would have hired security guards, but will these security guards protect them from phone-hacking, will it protect their family from being stalked and so on and so on. In addition, who’s to say they didn’t hire security guards before, but it wasn’t helping their cases?
     I don’t think we should be calling these type of people fans, they are stalkers. Straight up. Normal fans are the ones that go to fan meetings, concerts, and buy their cds. I feel that the issue of stalking is not being handled at all in Korea, look at that guy that pulled that snsd member of stage. Seriously, what happened to him, were there any repercussions for his actions. In the west, stalkers go to jail, but in korea they get a news report about them. It’s just frustrating to watch.  I feel bad that the girl was hit and no one should be hit, but personally I think both sides are victims. The fact that the girl didn’t even move away when she was hit is sad and the fact that Jaejoong’s voice is so calm, yet filled with weariness is also sad. I think JYJ are at their breaking point and need a serious vacation from this industry. Both parties in this situation need serous help and self-esteem work. It’s just sad that seeking psychological help is looked down in Korea.

    The cult-like mentality of k-pop will eventually ruin this market. It won’t end well for anyone.  There needs to be less judgement here and more people trying to change the sad state of this fandom.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry for the grammar/spelling errors.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/LimaCake LimaCake

    The first time I learned about sasaeng fans was during my research on the 2pm controversy. These fans are damn scary! I just want to note that sasaeng fans share a different kind of relationship with idols than do regular fans. One that, unless you’re an idol or a sasaeng, you just can’t understand. Sasaengs CRAVE attention from these idols, no matter what kind of attention it is. Anyone remember the girl who harrassed Taeyang on Twitter until he gave her a mention? I would not be surprised if Jaejoong’s sasaeng enjoyed the fact that he acknowledged her, even negatively and violently. I would even go so far as to say she liked the fact that he even touched her. It’s sick and twisted–but so are sasaeng fans. And I believe the reason that this video hasn’t come out until now is because, even though he reacted violently, the sasaeng was still a huge fan and wanted to protect him. Gah.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessica-Cottle/1297801414 Jessica Cottle

    I honestly don’t think this is even true -__- especially when one considers the timing; however, if it is, while I may not condone violence, saying JJ “beat” the girl is grossly exaggerated and I can’t say I would blame him considering how sick these women (yes, some of them are grown women) are.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/G4YEZ75723SO7262VEMHAJ4W4M nou

    I just want to say something to all those crazy fans of DBSK….they are OVERRATED. They are not goddesses, gods, nor heavenly creatures that descended into this world of insanity. That’s all I have to say…

    • http://www.twitter.com/hipployta Hipployta

       As horrible as this situation is…I can’t help but laugh with you. They are just people.  On Omono someone was describing how she almost fell into the saesang crowd. How each encounter makes you want more and do more to be remembered..VERY disturbing.

  • Anonymous

    JYJ Sasaengs

    youtube (dot) com/watch?v=Sb_c8THlvxA

    Yoochun assaulted another vid

    youtube (dot) com/watch?v=5GECNTtoSVU

  • Anonymous

    JYJ Sasaengs

    youtube (dot) com/watch?v=Sb_c8THlvxA

    Yoochun assaulted another vid

    youtube (dot) com/watch?v=5GECNTtoSVU

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it funny that this audio is released right before Yoochun’s drama? A 3 year old audio to boot…

    • Anonymous

      They are so desperate it’s getting ridiculous.  And with a sea of camera phones (and yes video phones) that existed four years ago there’s not one picture or video to validate this incident?  It definitely seems suspect.  First there was the Yacht incident, then the naked photos scandal that turned out to only be half naked photos, then Yoochun possibly hitting a fan, now audio of abuse with not a single picture or video?  All of this when “Rooftop Prince” is about to premiere.  It’s just truly pathetic.  Same with the obvious attempt to sabotage G-Dragon’s comeback last fall.  Interesting that all this stuff surfaces right when the celebrity is in the midst of a comeback, drama release, or tour.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it funny that this audio is released right before Yoochun’s drama? A 3 year old audio to boot…

  • http://twitter.com/zemasrunner Zemas

    i’m a huge fan of dbsk and jyj!
    but what appeals me the most is that the audio footage’s authenticity has not yet been proved!
    i’d rather give jaejoong the benefir of doubt!
    swearing and cursing isn’t shocking for me, and the hitting voice with the female voice are much clearer than jaejoong’s voice, which is really wierd for me!
    i don’t know but i’ll consider him innocent untill the opposite is proven

  • Anonymous

    Hey SB what about the NINE YEARS of sexual, physical and psychological abuse endured by TVXQ/JYJ????? on a DAILY BASIS

    how are these stalkers victims? arent you by publishing this article like this victim blaming????

    would you say the same if the situation was reversed and it was a female idol?


    straight out of  a horror movie
    I am shocked that they, JYJ/TVXQ are still SANE and alive

  • Anonymous

    i don’t think sasaeng fans should be called fans. they’re stalkers who resort to dangerous, violent and sometimes criminal behaviour to get as close as possible to these idols. they spend a lot of time and money on it, there are others who make a lot of money from it (the sataeks or cabs that these girls use), and there’s little the police do. there’s little they can do. restraining orders are very rare in korea and if the girls are underage, they will never prosecute them. they need psychiatric help because this is beyond obsession.

    but while sympathize with the invasion of jyj’s privacy to the point where their life is hell, the violence is inexcusable. at the end of the day, they’re the ones with the power and privilege and as angry as you might be, as desperate as you might be, as drunk as you might be, you don’t hit someone, especially someone you know won’t hit back and will not eventually press charges even if they file a complaint. and from the translations i’ve seen, it seems like the violence is not a one-time occurence. that’s really worrisome.

    both sides are victims and both sides need help. and companies need to look into what causes this kind of behaviour from “fans” because it is their strategies that encourage this kind of behaviour. the access they allow fans to have, the feeling of ownership they encourage fans to have etc.

    ps i’m very suspicious of the timing of all this. dispatch is the shadiest of the korean tabloids but this audio would never have leaked unless a fan wanted it to leak. jyj has clearly pissed off some fans recently because that’s the only way this stuff comes out. it can’t still be about the db5k split. fangirls protect their oppars until their oppars do something against the group or the fc. that’s how all the stuff about 2pm came out after jay left.

  • Anonymous

    Let me get this straight:  Sasaeng fans invade JYJ’s privacy and stalk them. 
    And JYJ minus Junsu’s  way of handling the situation is to beat them up and insult them.

    • Anonymous

      The sasaeng stalkers physically sexually and psychologically abused them for 9 years 
      is you thinksasaeng fans come with the territory you have no idea what you’re talking about

      Other groups like BB and 2pm have these fans but not on the scale or the hardcoreness level of TVXQnot even close
      Gdragon didnt even know what a sataek is


      read this 

      there is a new video of yoochun being hit by a stalker AGAIN he walked away.

      how many times do they have to endure this?and the audio was edited btw
      it wasnt the full thing
      the full audio is also on youtube

      if this were the US sasaengs would be in prison

      if JYJ were female you wouldnt vilify them like that

      • Anonymous
        • Anonymous

          I’m not vilifying anybody. I actually proposed they get bodyguards.
          What is your solution? Should they keep beating up sasaeng fans?
          Would anybody hire them for anything(dramas, honorary amabassador…) if controversy like this keep popping up in the news?

          • Anonymous

            i assume you didnt read the link i provided for you

            Security isnt going to stop these stalkers

            How do you know they dont have body guards?
            They do have security, at leats now though there was a period where they didnt
            But can body guards protect them from stalkers that have copies of their keys?
            Stalkers that tap their phones? their families phones? phones of any female they talk to?
            Song Joon Ki who is close to JYJ esp. Yoochun talked about how he got random calls asking for yoochuns number
            How do bodyguards protect them from fans who are willing to sell their houses and move to be closer to JYJ 
            stalkers who know and use their and their families social securtiy numbers
            Stalkers who sneak inside their house and touch them while they are asleep 
            stalkers who follow them around in cars and cause car crashes (2007)
            Stalkers who would touch their private parts 
            Stalkers who would hit them for attention/get a reaction
            anti-stalkers who would poison them

            You see them being abused over and over again
            It is a never ending cycle
            Even the most astute person would crack.

            Stalkers who are let off by police because they are underage or are wealthy/ first offences 
            what are they supposed to do
            and they arent dealing with one stalker they are dealing with 100 of them?

            John Lennon was killed by one of these “fans”

            NINE YEARS of this

          • Anonymous

            Got it. They are between a rock and a hard place.
            Controversy if you beat up sasaeng fans. On the other hand saesaeng fans make your life miserable. It’s a no win situation for them.

    • Anonymous

      Easy to say when you’re not the one being stalked, or your family aren’t visited by those crazy stalkers and asking everything about you, your friends, your activities, etc.

      Celebrities sign up to be famous. To entertain. To make big money. 

      They sign up for fans, sure. 

      But they don’t sign up for stalkers and potential criminals/attackers.

      Many American celebrities have had stalkers, and some of them have been harmed/killed by said obsessed fans who claimed to ‘love’ them. 

      It’s not something that celebrities can take lightly, laugh about and say, “Oh, well, this is my life now. I have to deal with this because I want to be popular. It comes with the territory, so I should expect fans to break into my home and steal my things. I should welcome men who want to grope my breasts/women who want to grab my crotch, I should be happy that they’re paying all their attention to me because this is the price of fame. Oh, how wonderful it is to always be followed and watched! I feel so good!!!”

      Hell to the fucking NO. 

      Tell that BS about “this all comes with the territory” to Paula Abdul after her stalker committed suicide on her doorstep. Tell that to Selena’s family after an obsessed fan shot her dead. Tell that to Leonardo di Caprio whose stalker tries to bring him up on paternity suits and trying to frame him as sexually harassing her when she’s the one who’s been following him for years and he has had restraining orders put on her but she just wouldn’t leave him alone. Tell that to Robert Pattinson who almost got run over by a taxi because he was trying to run away from crazy Twilight fans chasing him around New York.

      These people, stalkers/obsessed fans/whatever, they are not rational. You can hire all the bodyguards you want, but they will still find a way to follow you around because there is always someone willing to be paid to rat out information about you. With the right amount of money, many people can be bought, and with the media being the corrupt cesspool that it is, you’ll always find someone who will tell you everything you need to know about celebrities as long as you line their pockets with money.

      When admiration turns into obsession, there is no way in hell that person would stop at anything just to get to the object of their crazy fantasies and delusions.

      Being stalked is not fun and games. Ordinary people, non-celebrities, can also get a stalker. It’s a nightmare to have one, I’m telling you that. I haven’t personally experienced it, but I know someone who had, and she had to testify in court to put a restraining order on him. The stalker would follow her around and scratched her mother’s scar and broke the windshield…for no reason other than he wanted to get her attention. It was unbelievably terrifying when I would be spending time with her and then looking out the window of a restaurant and there was the stalker, watching us eat. Watching her. Did my friend deserve that at all?

      I wouldn’t wish a stalker on anyone.

      • Anonymous

        So what do you propose? Because they will always have sasaeng fans no matter what beating they take. They’re saseang after all. And JYJ cannot keep appearing in the news as saseang fans beaters. I’m sure that’s not the kind of publicity they want.

        • Anonymous

          It seems to me like your dismissing the actions of sasaeng fans, in all honesty, after having seen the measures they’ve already taken, the only options left are either for them to continue living like this, hiding and never going out or for the situation to be properly addressed and these “fans” be stopped. This has become a situation on a national scale and the government/police etc need to do more than just let this carry on.

          • Anonymous

            I went by what the article said: It seemed JYJ were being followed by fans and they started beating and cussing them. 
            I now know that’s not the whole story about these particular type of fans(break into their homes and steal their identities and those of their families…to use at PC bangs. They hack their phones to track who they are talking to. sexually molest idols….)
            I’ve seen the light so to say. lol

  • http://www.twitter.com/hipployta Hipployta

    In theory violence should never be the answer…but in reality it often it. That’s life. Humans aren’t docile and simple creatures.

    Saesangs aren’t fans. They are stalkers. I feel a particular way about stalkers.

    Also y’all need to listen to or read the full audio and not the edited version the Dispatch released…either way it’s a hot mess…

    Glad I’m not a k-pop star because I have removed a stalker physically before and made no qualms about it. You learn martial arts to protect yourself after all.

    Part of the long translation someone posted are all those saesang pictures. I forgot about that picture with Changmin crying surrounded by them. One image is Junsu out with his Elisabeth co-stars and all you see is the saesangs in the back. That image even got posted on Soompi. Creepy.

    It is interesting how it came out while they were out of the country.

    • Anonymous

      Wouldn’t it be better to have bodyguards with them? Are they gonna beat up every sasaeng fans they come accross?
      In the end it will hurt them, they’re the stars with a clean image to protect not the sasaeng fans. Everybody knows it was JYJ hitting and cursing, nobody knows the name of the sasaeng fans.

      • http://www.twitter.com/hipployta Hipployta

         Bodyguards 24/7? These saesangs break into their homes and steal their identities and those of their families…to use at PC bangs. They hack their phones to track who they are talking to. How pointless and disturbing.

        • Anonymous

          Damn! That’s all I have to say. I think I understand their situation a little bit now.
          They cannot keep sasaeng away and cannot be seen as kicking ass either, being celebrity and all.
          Pretty sad.

          • http://www.twitter.com/hipployta Hipployta

            Oh even better…if they DO have bodyguards who physically remove these fans they get beat up online for not stopping the bodyguards. That happened to Shinee recently. No one really wondered what happened previously to cause the security to react that way to fans. Honestly the job of a bodyguard is to jack people up and intimidate. *shrug*

            Also let’s be real…what is Shinee’s frail selves going to do

          • Anonymous

            You know, this also entered my mind about this while situation.

            Those SHINee managers hitting fans and assaulting them were really disgusting. 

            But in light of this situation and reading about the extent of sasaeng fan activities, I wonder if the managers react in such a way to prevent the fans from getting too close and potentially harming the idols?

            I read once that in one of the videos of a SHINee manager hitting a fan over the head and pushing her, the real context was that the fan was grabbing Jonghyun’s crotch and the manager wanted to stop her. It was that video of SHINee getting out of a van with fans crowding outside the door.

            I’m not saying that hitting the fans was the right response because some of those fans looked really fragile and this one manager was taking them to town with his punches and hits, but you have to wonder about the severity of the things some idols must deal with on the fans’ hands that they or their managers’ only response is to be physically violent.

      • http://twitter.com/SjundeSara Sara Nilsson

        I think that all K-Pop stars have bodyguards but it’s still quite easy to get close to them if you want to. My dad was at the same airport as CN Blue when they arrived to Thailand last month. He isn’t a K-Pop fan and mostly just tried to see what all the commotion was about, but he got so close to one of the members that he could (in his own words) “Punch him in the face if I wanted to.” Sure, my dad is a lot bigger than most women and teenage girls but that doesn’t change the fact that bodyguards can only help to a certain extent.

        I don’t think that hitting somebody is the right thing to do, but I still believe that everyone has the right to defend themselves if they are provoked or being attacked.

        It’s hard to say what an idol should do in a situation like this because no matter what they do, they will still in some way be hurt by it.

  • http://twitter.com/fullmetal_heart Mar ✝

    Sasaengs are not fans.

  • Anonymous

    Is there really a GOOD way to handle a stalker, much less multiple stalkers? In ordinary stalking cases, the victim lives their life in absolute fear and it ends with an ugly confrontation and someone getting arrested—IF there is enough evidence.

    Violence should always be a last resort to ending a situation. But Jaejoong and JYJ have been plagued by sasaeng fans since even before their debut, undergoing lots of public scrutiny because of the lawsuit, being cockblocked in their own country by the people who were treating them like shit…

    He’s a public figure but FANS need to exercise good behavior as well. You can’t honestly expect any idol to be fine with people stalking them all the time. Otherwise we’d see occurrences like Taeyeon being taken off stage by a stranger more often. Sasaeng fans… are obsessed to the point that an idol doesn’t want their attention anymore.

    “You can’t go home because your face is swollen so you’ll report me to the police and ask for compensation for injury?  You f*ckers…this is what a fan is?  Bullsh*t…f*ck.”

    What self-respecting human being shows their “love” by provoking the other person so much that they need a slap in the face? Who the fuck shows their adoration by continually prank calling an idol (and recording it) to use it as ammunition to sully their name?

    Jaejoong’s right. Is that what a fan is?

    • http://www.twitter.com/hipployta Hipployta

       Actually the full text is even worse.  They stay out all night or fight with him, get a swollen face, go to the police for compensation…and then come back again.

      • Anonymous

        They’re insane. Anything for attention, eh? :(

        I mean, I thought I was nuts for ordering all six versions of ALIVE but these “fans” need help. Or a boyfriend. Idk.

        • http://www.twitter.com/hipployta Hipployta

          I didn’t think I was nuts for ordering all 6 versions (which I just picked up from FedEx). I’m showing iVip support. However I just saw the current prices of Alive almost doubled on Yes Asia. I wouldn’t have bought all 6 at that price.

          No they need help otherwise they’d stalk the boyfriend.

        • Anonymous

           Er…I bought all six too.  And I regret nothing. 

          I prefer to leave my fan support exclusively to buying CDs, merch, and attending concerts, not creeping around waiting for someone to come out of their house all day.

          But, we’re not cray cray like these sasaengs.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2HLWIJFBCMMYGQYBMYXOPTEXF4 Mq

    If a man attacks me, I will duly attack back. If a woman attacks me, I will also duly attack back. Regardless of gender, if anyone or anything attacks me, I shall attack back.

    That’s to say, just because they’re men, it does not mean they don’t have a breaking point. Yes, violence is not the answer, but when no one can fix your problem and you can’t come to a compromise with your attacker, do you just sit there and take it all in? They have legit reasons to fear for their lives and the lives of their love ones. If anyone’s been stalked by a stranger or even by an acquaint you’d know that fear.

    Constant psychological abuse is no different from physical abuse. Neither is the lesser wrong; they’re just wrong.

    • http://twitter.com/egbfly egypt rose

      yeah and not to mentions that this sasaengs are also PHYSICALLY abusing the idols.. they break into their houses.. kissing them while they are asleep.. groping their private areas.. (this is trespassing and sexual harrasment toward the idols).. and slapping them just to mark them and brag about it.. while also endangering their lives while chasing them on highways.. driving over 160 / 170 km/h..
      seriously who is the victim here..
      Gosh shooting a trespasser is considered self-defense..
      but slapping & swearing at him/her is considered an act of violence???.. this totally hilarious.. I seriously wanna know the logic of the people blaming JYJ for their RE-ACTION (self-defense)..
      If JYJ were girls and the sasaeng where men staking them.. sexually harrasing them.. trespassing their houses and stealing their identities (social security numbers) & other personal stuff.. and above all endangering their lives with their crazy taxis chasing.. this whole controversy won’t be happening.. huh?
      they are girls maybe young or not but they are NOT innocent nor fans nor victims..

      • http://twitter.com/EAG0493 Enas AG

        I agree. I’m siding with JYJ — defending yourself against an OBSESSIVE, VIOLENT, HARASSING STALKERS is ok by me. Especially when the law seems to be of no help. End of Story. 

  • Anonymous

    When people say it’s no “excuse”. What excuse? He didn’t hit (and I use this term loosely) her and then blamed it on her actions he hit her BECAUSE of her actions. And to be quite frank, if somebody started sending me a used menstrual pad the least I would do is shove them.

    And for all those who are saying for him to just get a bodyguard, what the fuck do you think they have been doing for the past 8 years? Some people seem to be under the impression that this has been happening recently and they haven’t taken any action.

    Yoochun bought an apartment with the highest security measures and they STILL managed to get in. Jaejoong slept in a MENS-only spa, on the second floor and they took a picture of him sleeping. How did a teenage girl/fan get in to a solitary room?

    I’m not justifying his actions because there will always be anti-fans/stalkers in this kind of industry and violence is NEVER the answer, I was so ashamed but these boys are still human. At the end of the day, they are not Gods or immortal beings, they have feelings and they have patience level too.

    Nobody blames him for snapping after what? 5-6 years? It was the way he dealt with the situation and inadvertently may have not only snapped his sanity but his future..


  • Anonymous

    Disclaimer: This is my stance on the issue IF the clips are real

    Oh my goodness. I can’t believe SB readers are justifying this! You guys go and call out people like Heechul saying things on shows that might be scripted, you guys call out Block B for their lack of manners yet you are justifying violence? In no way should violence be the answer to anything! I will take all the emotional turmoil they have suffered into account, sure saesangs are crazy and yes it must have been emotionally exhausting to deal with them every single day, but they still should not stoop down to their level! For example, if a girl was always physically abused by her father, are you saying it’s alright for her to kill him? No! It’s not okay! We can all sympathize with her but she will still be going to jail regardless, maybe with a lighter sentence because of the circumstances surrounding her. I can see why they would resort to violence but that does not make it okay. Unless those saesangs were coming at them with a knife, it would never be okay to use violence.

    • http://www.twitter.com/hipployta Hipployta

       Actually if a girl is physically abused by her Father and she kills him she is probably walking free as long as she can prove it. There is plenty of legal justification in prolonged abuse.

      • Anonymous

        Really?? Wow, I did not know that… scratch that then never mind.

  • http://twitter.com/BallonsforCats Rina

    The thing that really irks me is that all of this is being released now? Not too long ago the whole Yoochun-attacking-a-fan thing came into light, and now is this. Kinda funny…. I just hope there won’t be anymore to come… but either way, no matter how crazy these fans are, it is NOT right to hit them like Jaejoong did. NOT at all. Ever. They did have to deal with these sasaeng fans for like, 10 years, and when your living your life constantly being stalked, being called by these insane fangirls 24/7 its bound to be extremely exhausting, and really take a toll on you. But as a celebrity, this kind of treatment is what you signed up for. If you are an idol, as unfortunate as it is, this is what you must deal with, as you will most definitely be faced with the public documenting your every move. JYJ should have been aware of the consequences of their actions and the impact that they will have, as idols. It is their fault for reacting so harshly this way yet considering the crap these crazy fans put them through, it is understandable…..

    • Anonymous


      why dont you read up on some of the things these stalkers have done first?The abuse want just psychological it was also physical abuse
      and the abuse also extended to invasion of their families and their homes

      for the last time 

    • Anonymous

      saying violence is never the answer is very easy , but put urself in their shoes , human beings are born with emotions , somebody can only take so much of bs b4 they snapped n slashed out on others , that’s why we make mistakes n we act b4 we think sometimes 
      no way in hell this is the kind of lifestyle that celebrities signed up for , yeah , they expect the fans , they expect the loss of a part of their privacy , they do expect ppl to recognize them in public places , but no way in hell somebody would expect stalkers who r constantly on their asses 24/7 and 365 days a year , like seriously , who would have known ? 
      if it wasnt for this scandal , i wouldnt even know that freaks like these exist ….. 

      • http://twitter.com/BallonsforCats Rina

        I’m sorry, I didn’t explain myself as clearly as before, and I also wasn’t completely aware about the things that the sasaeng fans did, either. I cannot even fathom what JYJ must have gone through for so long with all of this. As I did state before, their reaction was completely understandable. Everyone makes mistakes and acts irrationally, but as idols, this kind of controversy could occur, (and it did) leaving  some people to judge JYJ based on this, which is not fair to them as the violence they did was in fact, in defense. I just cannot believe that these crazy sasaengs really stealing from them, trespassing, and harassing them as they were. -shakes head- This whole thing just brings to light so much more that the idols have to go through, and it’s really upsetting. Overall, what I’m trying to say is that both parties are in the wrong, and I’m also sorry that I was slightly misinformed about the extent at which the sasaengs were really harassing JYJ. Nothing done by either of them is right, and JYJ’s actions are totally understanding, as reacting as they did is human nature. 

        • Anonymous

          ah u dont have to apologize though , i know where u r coming from 
          at first i was also like wtf , but after reading more info on the situation , it has shed some light on why jyj reacted this way 
          i still think that violence is not sumthing that can be accepted in any given situations but i have come to to understand why jyj did what they did , i think they know full well that they r public figures n dirt like this will come out eventually so i can just imagine how much did those sasaengs push them in order for them to lost it like that 
          btw , jaejoong used to be really nice to fans , some years ago , fans were also calling his hotel room phone when dbsk was in china n he answered them in a very polite way , so for him to reach this point , i think he was really under a lot of pressure , u can hear the conversation here 

  • http://twitter.com/LulcKathy kathy

    Sorry but about 85% of the audio is pulled from a mini drama TXVQ did in the past where Jaejoong played a jerk. Dispatch is certainly very good at making up things, how pathetic. :/

    • http://twitter.com/MonicaDBSK Monica

       I’ve thought about that too when I considered that the audio might be messed with and how jaejoong did have some fighting scenes in some acting gigs he did in the past. But, for a mini drama or w.e, why would there be so much cussing?

    • Audrey Huang

      You need to stop deceiving yourself. This man is in fact human–he swears, he gets angry, he drinks, he smokes. Honestly, as Monica mentioned, which idol drama could possibly have this much swearing. 

    • Anonymous

      No. Jaejoong didn’t swear in Vacation and Come On Over DVD, he also never talked about how sasaeng fans vs Japanese fans so the audio is not editted. :)

  • Anonymous

    I think they, JYJ and sasaengs, both need help.

    IMO celebrities/royals/politicians, especially the ultra popular ones, can’t stay mentally and emotionally healthy without seeking professional help in order to maintain some sense of balance in their lives and being able to choose a way to deal with the madness that is being a famous person. Their lives are scrutinized every which way and for many celebs, it’s hard to turn to their families and say, “I have problems”. 

    There would always be people who will tell them, “You made your bed, go lie in it.” and will dismiss their worries as nothing because they chose to be popular and they chose to put themselves in the media and the stalkers are nothing compared to the millions they make off of said obsessed fans.

    Taking into account that Korea, for all the progress the country has made since the 1950s, is still a very much “backwards” country in terms of mental health. Mental health illnesses are still seen as a taboo in Korea. People don’t want to talk about it. They sweep it under the rug as something embarrassing and should never be brought up.

    The police are lacking in the appropriate ways in dealing with stalkers, harassment, assault, etc. Many criminals get away with minimal jail time and only a slap on the wrist. A male Korean celebrity MURDERED a woman and only got 2 years in jail. If that’s not fucked up, I don’t what is.

    I didn’t listen to the video, so I’m only going with the translation of Jaejoong’s words. I would be honest here: I was terrified and sickened when I read of the things he said and how he addressed those fans. He sounded like it was just a day in his life to be hitting fans, like it was a normal occurrence to him. 

    It was very wrong of him to hit that fan and to do it repeatedly was really low and disgusting.

    Jaejoong was wrong to retaliate in a violent way, let us all acknowledge that. 

    HOWEVER, let us also acknowledge the fact that they (DBSK/JYJ) have been terrorized by a group of obsessed fans for so, so long now that they probably didn’t know what else to do but to fight back.

    Sometimes, taking the high road is only ever good in paper. Sometimes, you have to fight back or people will think they can walk all over you, and that they have the power to make you squirm, to scare you, and you can’t do anything but to accept the abuse and harassment they give out in heaps.

    Sasaeng are not fans. They are not sane. They are not rational. IMO they’re criminals and they should be prosecuted as such. 

    Short of building themselves a fortress, living in outer space in a spaceship, moving to another country where they’ll be totally anonymous, or completely changing their appearance, I don’t know what else JYJ could do to get away from sasaengs or to get them to leave them alone. 

    Bodyguards won’t be able to help them. They can hire 10 bodyguards but what good would they be able to do against 150 girls, running high on adrenaline and hormones, gunning for JYJ? What good are bodyguards for against a dozen taxis hired to follow JYJ around and even cause car crashes to harm JYJ? 

    If I were a bodyguard, I wouldn’t take such a job, since it’s very high-risk and I could be a target as well. I wouldn’t put anything past obsessed people when it comes to the dangers they pose. They might even come after my family to harass me into quitting work for JYJ.

    Sasaengs are rather like cockroaches. You get rid of one, ten more pop up in place. JYJ could sue them, but again, with many sasaengs being teenagers AND filthy rich, what chance do JYJ have, especially when police in countries all over the world have proven to be corrupt and would look the other way for the right amount of money? 

    Heck, many taxi drivers have made a lot of money catering to sasaengs who pay them high prices to follow JYJ around and cause intentional car crashes to harm JYJ and put their lives in danger.

    It must be hell to live a life where you can’t trust most people, because they can be easily bought to give out information about you, or they can be paid to get information about you.

    As I said, both parties need help. It’s an ugly, ugly situation and a vicious cycle.

  • http://twitter.com/Laava90 Lava

    Woah, I had no idea what these guys deal with until I read the comments and I gotta say if I were them I would be on the verge of hiring a hitman to get rid of these stalkers or something crazy by that point, how are they even coping to this point? I prob would have given everything up and moved to some isolated place on the other side of the world and given up technology. I actually completely side with them, they’re not robots, you can’t place them on a pedastal and expect them to react in some godly understanding way and just calmly tell these stalkers to leave them alone after so long. In a situation such as this, peaceful solutions are overrated.

  • shuting l.

    I haven’t read all of the comments, obviously, but some of them rather bother me. 
    I think we all realize and agree on that saesang fans are not your typical crop of teenage girls. In some cases, their actions have physical nature.

    But this can never ever serve as an excuse how Yoochun and Jaejoong treated those girls. 
    Violence is not the answer to violence.

    There is clearly something wrong with saesang fans, mentally I’d say, how would you like it if people started beating up mentally ill people regularly or just general abusers/stalkers etc. with the mindset that as soon someone hurts you in a certain way you’re immediately allowed to take the law into your hand and do the same thing to them?

    What is this kind of logic?

    And just imagine those anyways irritated girls being beaten and sworn at by the one idol they so obsessively follow, being outright hated by what might well be the most important person in their life; just imagine them dealing with this situation, eventually sort of ‘returning’ to their idol, although they have experienced abusive behavior from him. Does that ring a bell? 

    The gender implications in this whole scandal are horrid.

    Something is clearly wrong in the idol world. The questions we know have to ask are imho first and foremost why it was possible to get so out of hand and what can be done to make it stop.

    • Anonymous

      Honestly, I think the idol-fan culture in KPop is quite grotesque. They have a give-and-take relationship where fans give the money, idols take their adoration. Idols give them music, TV appearances, photo shoots, fan service, etc. and fans take those “goods” as means to fuel their fantasies.

      I meant to say in the other thread here in seoulbeats about fans buying idols lunches: the generosity may be nice, but IMO it’s not healthy. Yes, it’s good to show your support for your idols and take care of them through lunches and other gifts, and it’s good that they are actually helping others with rice donations, sponsoring schools, children, villages, etc in the name of their idols.

      But at the core of it, there is always this niggling thought in my head that some fans don’t do it to be altruistic and selfless. They do it because they think it would please their idols and they would earn their idols’ gratitude. Over time, such gratitude might be seen as indebtedness, as in, “You won’t be where you are if it weren’t for us. You owe us.” and that might give people the reason to think that somehow, they have a right to their idols’ lives and they have a right to be part of their idols’ personal lives because they have spent so much money buying their idols presents. 

      Have you seen the presents that Cassies used to give DBSK? I’m not talking about fan-made photo frames or other kitschy stuff that don’t cost a lot. I’m talking about cellphones, radios, PCs, Louis Vuitton wallets, Armani ties, Prada shirts, etc. that they give their idols to express their love for them. 

      It’s an organized fan project to collect lots of money to give presents to idols, to hire catering vans to cook lunches, or to send presents to the staff and crew of the dramas that idols are cast in. Many businesses in Korea have met a lot of success catering into this niche of avid fans who would do anything to express support for their idols and in return, expect their idols to acknowledge them.

      Most of those fans are not sasaengs. They are just fans who love to support their idols.

      But these sasaeng fans were once normal fans, too. They just took it to another level that their admiration turned into obsession, and they stoop to criminal ways in order to get close to their idols.

      Sometimes, I think some obsessed fans will take on anything just to be acknowledged. If good deeds don’t do it, they’d resort to doing bad things. They’d rather get punched in the face and their noses broken than to be ignored. In their warped sense of reality, being punched by their idol is like being “caressed”. That their idols “touched” them, so the idols know they exist. Their idols paid them attention, so it must be love.

      From the accounts I’ve read, sasaengs are not bothered by anything. If they get a reaction from their idols, they’re happy. It doesn’t matter if they harm their idols in the process or they themselves are harmed. As long as they get a reaction, they have done their job and they are ready to come back for more.

      It really is an abusive relationship, but IMO abuse came from both sides: Jaejoong and the sasaengs. 

      However, I think pointing out who truly is at fault is like asking what came first, the chicken or the egg? It’s pointless to argue who was right or who was wrong. IMO they’re both wrong. They both need help.

      The Korean entertainment business needs to change in order to curb such unhealthy, dangerous, and life-threatening obsession from fans before an idol or a fan gets seriously harmed.

  • Anonymous

    Dude… Check out the Soompi article: http://www.soompi.com/news/scary-photo-of-jyjs-junsu-and-sasaeng-fans

    Look at how many fans are in the window. D:

    • Anonymous

      wow omg. that’s creepyyy. shouldn’t they be at home.. doing homework.. -_- LOL

    • Anonymous

      I saw just a glimmer of them on my iPod and thanked the heavens I wasn’t
      able to enlarge the pic.  Even in that tiny pic it was creepy as hell.  Stuff like
      that, once you’ve seen it you can’t unsee it.  Scarier than “The Grudge”.

  • Anonymous

    I understand that there’s a breaking point where all the pleading and begging to be left alone causes you to do things you wouldn’t normally do.  I can’t demonize someone for feeling frustrated and helpless enough to
    resort to doing something they wouldn’t normally do.  I don’t condone it,
    but I understand why someone might lash out like that.

    In middle school there were a group of boys that harassed me at school daily for almost a year.  No one did anything to help me.  I tried reasoning with them. That spurred them on more.  I reported it to the teachers and principal, that made them more vicious.  I was to the point that I was pretending to be sick all the time to get out of going to school.  Then one day, I snapped at lunch and smacked the daylights out of all three boys with my book bag because I felt so helpless and decided I couldn’t take it from them any longer.  I still think I was in a murderous rage at the time and really could have done something irreversible to them.  It’s rather frightening to me that I was that desperate on that day and I’m the most easy going person imaginable.  It took two teachers to pull me off of one of the boys and I’m was a very tiny girl.  It wasn’t my proudest moment in life, but until you feel that helpless you don’t really understand why you’d resort to smacking the snot out of someone else.

    Under normal circumstances I don’t think it’s right to hit anyone.   I still don’t like that I had to resort to something like that, but it was the only thing in the end that stopped my tormentors because I had exhausted all other avenues I was supposed to use.  No one can withstand daily harassment forever.  Everyone has a breaking point. 

    As for the tapes, I’m on the fence.  We don’t don’t know the circumstances that they were recorded in, I don’t recall seeing anything that even says they were authenticated (sorry but anyone can fake a recording, not saying that is the case here, just a possibility) and we don’t know if they’ve been edited or altered. 

    I guess my view on things isn’t so black and white.


    • http://twitter.com/___djb___ dbullock

      What you say is so true.

      A person can swear on a stack of Bibles that they would never hit another human being but there’s absolutely no way they will know that for sure until they’ve been backed into that corner, felt that degree of hopelessness or experienced that level of terror.

      Your reaction may shock you but it will open your eyes.

  • GracefulCassieShapley

    I am disgusted by these Sasaeng fans and feel awful for any celeb who has to go through these people. Sasaeng fans clearly have no life. I mean if your going to devote your whole life to stalking your “idols” and actually harming them, then you have some serious mental issues. I feel awful for not only JYJ, but any group that must go through this. Sasaeng fans not only take a physical toll on you, but a mental toll as well. Plus, the police aren’t handling this situation very well. In fact the whole justice system in Korea is pretty bad. Most Sasaeng fans are rich and will pay loads of money to just to get into an apartment or stalk their “beloved” idols. This is totally non-kpop related, but a one direction member, Zayn, experienced a loss in his family and he had to fly home. I can only imagine how sad the poor boy was, and you know what a lot of his rather crazier fans were doing? they were waiting in front of his house to get autographs. Now why would you expect someone to give you an autograph when their Aunt passed away?!?

    Basically this, JYJ snapped. Its human nature, if you continue to pester someone they will indeed snap. Its like that whole saying “you push me, and I’ll push back harder” or when my dad used to tell me (when I was much younger) “if you continue to bug someone, they just might turn around and slap you.” Now he didn’t mean it literally, but he was trying to teach me to distinguish where the line is. My mentality is that no matter what gender you are (I am a girl) I will fight back and depending on how much you are hurting me. A man has every right to hit a woman if she is trying to physically harm him. Just as a woman has every right to hit a man if he is trying to abuse her. 

    However, I can’t say I approve of the boy’s response. Jaejoong’s response sounded rather disturbing. Like its normal for him to beat fans up or cuss at him. I did not expect to hear such vulgar words from him. The boys did not handle it the right way, but I think they just had enough by this point. Heck, if someone was taking pictures of me while I was sleeping or sending me bloody letters, I would probably go insane! These Sasaeng fans are not only insane, but dangerous as well. Yes, its normal for celebs to experience crazy fans and girls who will knock down any barrier to get close to their idols, but there is a fine line between obsessed and overly crazy/dangerous/and stalkerish.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

    I am absolutely disgusted that Jaejoong and Yoochun have acted out and physically hurt people. Hell, it was downright freaky how strangely calm Jaejoong was while hitting that sasaeng. That incident filmed was obviously not the first one, and won’t be the last one.  However, both sides of the story have done wrong and were wronged.

    DBSK’s sasaeng fans are a league of their own, miles apart from everyone else’s sasaengs with their own brand of crazy. DBSK has dealt with and been dealing with them for years. Probably since debut. They have been through hell with these stalkers. They’re not fans. I get where Jaejoong’s frustrations came from. Fans don’t do what sasaengs do. If they want to support their idols, buy their albums, go to their concerts, whatever. Not stalk them to the point of breaking into their homes, using their social security number for things, following their cars around, following even their family members around, etc. Even a few years back, there were always little stories of Jaejoong, Changmin, and Yoochun’s bad run-ins with sasaengs. Yunho and Junsu have had less direct confrontations with them, and have probably dealt with them and come to terms with their crazy sasaengs.

    However, the fact that Yoochun and Jaejoong have been literally retaliating and hitting back at these sasaengs is also a problem. There’s a breaking point and the boys are probably way past it. The boys need help channeling anger issues. I won’t even be surprised if Changmin has a video like it somewhere, just not uploaded because Changmin’s still under SM and maybe the sasaengs still have fear left in them. Hopefully authorities finally look into these sasaeng fans and start implementing some sort of laws to protect both sides, the celebs pursued and the “fans” who pursue them at any lengths.

    • Anonymous

      So how else are you supposed to make sasaeng fans stop doing what they’re doing? 

      I don’t think JYJ’s “anger levels” are so out of control that they’re the ones who need therapy. They, like everyone else, would appreciate going through at least one day where they weren’t harassed everywhere they go.

      Do you think that they’d be so angry if their sasaeng fans didn’t insist on harassing them at every turn? Everything they do they claim to do out of love. Grabbing them inappropriately, calling their phones incessantly… And things have been like this for YEARS. I’m surprised they haven’t snapped sooner.

      Even if JYJ were less aggressive towards sasaeng fans, what do you think they’ll interpret it as? If JYJ suddenly stops hitting them or cursing at them? They’ll just come at them harder and harder.

      • Anonymous

        Jaejoong hit them repeatedly, not just in one occassion did he repeatedly hit them, he also did them numerous times in many occassions (he said so himself). He had hit them so many times until sasaengs’ faces swollen. Did you actually hear how chill he sounds while hitting them? To me, that’s the problem (thus why I agreed Jaejoong during that time needs therapy). He did not do this as self-defense, this has come to a new level.

        Still, both parties are wrong. Sasaengs are creepy as hell, and I can’t imagine my life being stalked by 150 Taxis everyday for 9 years.

    • Anonymous

      Agree on Changmin. I’m just so happy he’s currently in Japan most of the time now and Avex prohibited fans to go to airport, train stations, etc. I also heard he has significantly low amount of Sasaengs now, I hope that makes him feel better :(

      The other members still had lots of them. I hope this matter can be treated seriously in Korea :|

  • Anonymous

    Understandable (the guys were essentially being bullied and being a victim of bullying can make one snap and resort to extreme actions like suicide or shooting up your tormentors) but still disappointing.  I felt like the boys should have been smart and maybe more devious about retaliating against the more insane sort of fans.  Hotheadedness doesn’t mesh well with being a celebrity. There must have been other routes like seeking legal action or letting these crazies’ parents, schools, and employers know that they’re sending letters written in menstrual blood.   Idols should really get more than a middle school education.  But I guess SM lapped up this sort of thing since it meant more sales.  There should just be more protection against this sort of thing instead of relying on violence (whether from the idols themselves or from the bodyguards).  I guess someone needs to die before such things are taken seriously.  
    And I’m curious as to why this is coming out now.  Whoever recorded the audio and had evidence of inappropriate behavior should have been responsible and released it back then to.  Waiting till now to release it just makes me suspicious of ulterior motives and mars the credibility of the evidence.  And why haven’t these fans who have been hit talked about this – either in retaliation for the treatment they’ve received, or since they’re probably sick in the head, even bragged about being hit by their beloved oppas.  

    • Anonymous

      Actually, sasaeng do talk about this and brag about it…it’s not just making the English-based websites because not everyone translates it. 

      When that video of Yoochun first came out, I was at Omona They Didn’t. And one of the poster talked about reading a blog of a sasaeng who would follow Yoochun around and provoke him, like hit him in the face and slap him around…and would brag about it on her blog.

      It makes you wonder how much information fans have on idols and what kind of information they are sitting on. First, they keep the info to ‘protect’ their idols and their image…but when they feel they’ve been wronged, like in the case of “Coldests” vs. 2PM, they will release all the information they have in order to destroy idols’ reputations.

      It also makes you wonder if JYJ aren’t the only idols who have behaved this way and there might be more idols whose fans have collected information on. 

      I wonder if something happened with the lawsuit proceedings that caused these videos to be released? Perhaps something in favor of JYJ was reached, that some fans didn’t take it so well and they released this video which is 3 years old.

  • Anonymous

    I am also wondering:  Are the stalkers mostly young women?  And don’t they have school, jobs, or parents?   I think pictures of saesangs should be taken and posted up online along with their misdeeds so everyone would know their faces.  

    • Anonymous

      Many of the sasaeng are teenagers…but many are also in their 20s and 30s. The one thing that seems to be consistent is that most of them are either filthy rich and can afford to pay a lot of money for taxis to trail JYJ, or they are working and thus, earn their own money to spend however they want.

      I think according to the document that GreyLeaves posted in one of the comments below), most sasaeng tell their parents that they’d be at a friend’s house studying, or an “all nighter”. Seeing as Korea is really big on academics and good grades, I can see the parents believing their children would be studying.

      Here is the document again:


      You might need a Google account to open it, but it basically says that sasaeng fans find ways to stay out all night to stalk JYJ or camp outside their houses.

  • Anonymous

    1. Have these audio’s been authenticated?  With what people can do to distort videos now, couldn’t similar things be done in regards to audios?
    2. The video depicting Yoochun ‘hitting’ a sasaeng fan was grainy at best and it was very difficult to distinguish what he even did in the video I saw.  I did notice the fan appeared to lash out at him first or someone appearing to be him.
    3. Is a security detail not something given to major pop stars over there?  I am SHOCKED that fans can get as close as they get to these celebrities (not just JYJ either). Breaking into their homes?  Getting their cell numbers?  What?!  Where are the laws in place to protect people in the public eye? Why are fans – sane or insane – able to get close enough to be within arms reach of the celebrities? I saw the argument that by choosing to go into the public eye the boys were aware of the risks, but I have to say that I feel safe in assuming that they didn’t ever think the risks were people breaking into their dorms with them there or not, being poisoned by anti’s and receiving letters in menstrual blood.  I feel if these celebrities were properly protected and boundaries clearly drawn, then issues such as the above article states wouldn’t be a problem.  I’ve read that the sasaeng fans can’t be prosecuted because most of them are minors and teenage girls at that.  So we just don’t hold people accountable for their actions now because of they aren’t 20 yet and of the female sex?  Uh, last time I checked females rank high up there on the crazies chart and I am saying that as a female myself.  Is it a breakdown somewhere in the culture that I am not familiar with?  From what I have seen/read Korea is very big on being polite and acknowledging others, which is perfectly fine and appropriate when those ‘others’ aren’t attempting repeated physical and mental harm on a person.  It is natural that once pushed to a limit a person is bound to snap, whether male or female.  The sex of the person they snap at usually isn’t considered either when that happens.  If a woman has the gall to go up and hit a man just because and under no provocation, then she needs to expect to get hit back.  Having said all of that – I do not condone JYJ actions, but I do understand them and I do feel that in these instances (should they be factual) that their frustration is warranted.  The way in which they take out that frustration should be reevaluated as well as the protection level – or horrendous lack thereof – around celebrities.  Boundaries need to be put in place for the protection of the celebrities and the fans. Period.  The above incidents have proved such.

  • braveviet Le

    I think before people judge them, please have a look at what they experience every single day and you might understand why they exposed that day. And remember that the audio is not proved real yet and it can’t portrait their personality or nature. Here the link you can see Yoochun got slapped in broad day light 
    In this case who is at fault? what can they do to those fans?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/XEQSGBTJHHG4IMREIKJJRZR6NU Hang

      My goodness, I have not learned about this until now. Almost got exploded from disgust with those stalkers >.<

  • http://twitter.com/JustInExistence W.Y. Lu

    Ah, I knew this topic would have some up sooner or later. After hearing this news I was crushed and my heart felt heavy for many days. Not because I thought JYJ did right or wrong, but just the whole situation itself is very damning. Working for a DV agency, you see two sides of a coin. What went wrong is not Yoochun’s and Jaejoong’s violent behavior nor is it the sasaeng fan lack of understanding of privacy, but Korea as a society itself.

    First of all, idols and entertainers are still human not some holy figure. When they were born they were just like any other people out there. When they signed up to be an idol, they were not told about the dark side of being famous but what they have to do to reach the top. Even if it means to let the fans do whatever they want since they are the one who makes you or break you. That itself already open a can of worms.

    Fans knows their own power and take advantage of it, especially the sasaeng. Stalking, evasion of privacy, stealing, harassment, etc. How much can one person take before they break? Also, most sasaeng fans are juveniles; which mean no one takes it seriously to punish them or tell them that what they are doing are wrong. Which means parenting must be really bad. I really do not get where are these people’s parents and what have been done to set an example that this kind of behavior is not to be condoned and is bad for their mental state of health. What is worst is that people try to make money out of it, like the taxi drivers giving out info to the sasaeng fans to earn their cab fare. Garbage, these people.

    Taking JYJ for example, this is a mix of living in Korea society, bad timing, and lack of real news. At the time this had happened JYJ was in a tight spot. They lack support from SME, which mean no security or manager following them around to keep them somewhat safe (So when there was the article of Hyunjoong being nice to his sasaeng fans I laughed because the, please, if I have someone protecting me and making sure the fans don’t get out of hand I would do a little jiggle for them to record, too). They are mentally strained and here are these sasaeng fan following you around. If you want to cry you cannot cry, if you want to drink to relieve steam, the fans will always be at the back of you reminding you that you are not alone.

    Also, when is enough enough? Causing an idol to be hospitalized does not stop a sasaeng fan from continuing their repulsive behaviors. Does someone have to die before this stops? Maybe kidnapping? If a sasaeng fan decides to grab an idol’s ass do they let it pass? If the sasaeng fan takes a stab at an idol because she wants a part of him quite literally, can an idol not stab back because of the idol status and that the person is young?

    JYJ – Junsu behavior is not too favorable either since violence is not the solution, though I do believe in the rule that if the person attacks you first it sure gives a reason to retaliate. I do not support the idea that men cannot hit a woman. Unless you are not a believer of gender equality, do not throw the female card whenever you please.

    One more thing is that no one has the right to judge yet. No one had asked the the most important question: what happened? What happened before the who cursing and hitting happened. No one knows the whole story and people are already quick to judge and take sides. Did the sasaeng fan did something to provoke the situation. Is JYJ not handling stress well and needs psychological counseling? Did JYJ – Junsu are naturally violent? Was someone drunk? WHAT HAPPENED?!

    • http://www.twitter.com/hipployta Hipployta

      Jaejoong…Junsu just pleads with them

      • http://twitter.com/JustInExistence W.Y. Lu

        that is why it is – (minus) Junsu

  • Natasha Pack

    I think the media should stop calling them fans altogether and call them what they really are. STALKERS. 

  • http://twitter.com/rachui9096 rachelle☆g

    When Dispatch news came out, I am pretty much in a neutral state. Jaejoong being wrong for his possible physical assaults and of course sasaengs for what they have been wrong for. As a fan of Jaejoong, I felt he was plainly wrong to be lashing out. He should be controlling himself. That were my initial thoughts.
    However, after understanding the full translation of the audio and a compilation of sasaeng behaviors on their 9 years of lives as DBSK, I have to say, I’m going to stand by Jaejoong for this. It’s been almost 24hrs since I read both and it STILL disturbs me. His words are of frustrations, possibly on the brink of mental breaking down. It’s not a random scolding. It’s trashing out his frustrations as though he’s trying to set things straight for once. I wouldn’t say Jaejoong used the 100% right way to handle this issue but at least I felt that he has a reason for it. For those who still insist its his wrongdoing, just take a minute (or minutes), put yourself in their shoes. Will you still be mentally well after all that? Some of the things they did are beyond mental. Tap calls?? Break in?? Constant “I know where you are, oppa?” messages?? This is crazy.
    Other celebrities have restraining orders against one or few stalkers. What can they do with a load of girls who thinks stalking is “fun”? The audio is from 2009. Jaejoong tweeted in 2011 on sasaengs and the taxis. It’s obviously still an ongoing issue.
    Lastly I have to disagree with the “they have sign on for it”. They signed for a career, passion, money, fame, fans. Not psychotic people intimidating their lives. One of these days these sasaengs and the taxis are gonna cause a life on the road. (Don’t say you didn’t see it coming.)

  • Anonymous

    What has me wondering here is that how these so called “fans” get the means to do such things. Bribery, hacking, and whatnot cost money and I for one am positive that Korean parents are not supporting their children to perform criminal acts. Keep in mind that many of these fans are minors. I wonder whether parents are even aware of what their children are doing on a daily basis.

    This brings me to my next point, being minors should not excuse them from the law. Stalking, invasion of privacy, breaking into people’s homes, and physically hurting people/assault is more than enough to charge them despite the fact that they are minors. If anything, these people can be sent into juvi (if they have those in Korea) or a psychological ward, something they clearly need.

    The inability of the Korean government to do anything about this serious issue clearly escalates the problem. Sasaengs, seeing as there are no repercussions to their actions, feel more compelled to abuse the system.  

  • Anonymous

    I went through a whole emotional roller-coaster when this news came out… at first i was angry, disgusted at the 3 of them seriously, especially Jae, foul language and (yet to be confirmed but seems true) physical abuse? How could they, it’s unacceptable on a human-to-human level..

    But then the more i read into the issues, the more i pity them. I know sasaeng fans are there, but i never know it was to that extreme, i mean Yunho even bought these fans dinner so it should not have been that bad right? Clearly i was wrong, dead wrong… I am starting to question why idols can still smile at them, treat them nicely etc…these are nice gestures, and they get complimented for doing so, but are they the right things to do? You should help to stop this behavior, not encouraging the craziness…

    I am pretty much at a neutral state of mind by now. I still do not agree with JYJ, but i start to understand why they did what they did. Will i stop supporting them? that is going to be a no

  • http://twitter.com/wowsl Shirley

    I’m just .. disgusted at what people would do to have these idols for themselves. Violence is never the solution, yes, but if you’ve read what DBSK has gone through, I’m sure you would understand. These sasaeng fans just never leave and they’ve had to put up with it for 9 years. I don’t blame Jaejoong for what he did. I’m surprised that he’s still able to actually put up with it without going mentally insane. Just to make this clear, I’m not supporting violence but how else can they get rid of these “fans”? Legal action? No. These “fans” are mainly minors and considering how many there are.. It just doesn’t work. 

  • Anonymous

    They have been enduring these spooky things for 8 year ;_;
    Good enough that we didn’t hear them getting stress or depression because of these stalkers..

    Are these stalkers still following them in 2011-2012? They only provide file from 2009 tho :

    And I really interested in HoMin audio clips, too. Why they only release JYJ audio files? I believe there are some of their files. Are all TVXQ members got mad?

    truth shall be disclosed :|

  • Anonymous

    After watching video Yoochun, I was really upset when my idol behave like that. fortunately after a review in detail, I realized that their action is right. If this happens to me, sure I’ll act like that. It is very annoyed when you’re always been followed. I know as celebrities we have to accept all that, but Saesangs were extreme. They have transcended the bounds of norm. Don’t you think their actions are outrageous and shameful? Some comments said that hitting is wrong. Hey, you’re not JYJ you don’t know what they face everyday. You just see their fake smile and laugh to make you happy/brighten your day. Compared with the small problems that you face daily with those celebrities problems  is like heaven and earth. If not, why there’s so many important people commit suicide. I am thankful that JYJ were not involved with drugs to reduce their stress. Although disappointed with the heavy smoker Yoochun and alcoholic Jaejoong. We need to help them rather than blame. I am afraid that what happened to Whitney Houstan, M.Jackson and others will happen to them. They have the right to live like normal people. Give them some privacy.

    • Anonymous

      You made a good point about their smoking and alcoholic habits. I always wondered why do they smoke and drink so much? Don’t they know that smoking and drinking are bad for your health, and that it can eventually kill your voice too. For them that could be the only way they could handle this kind of stress.  

      I remember when MJ covered the face of his children with those clothes, people were labelling him as a weirdo, but really, he was protecting the identities of his children from stalkers and paps. It’s really sad that he led a life with such paranoia.

      Also, let us not forget about those scary paparazzis that led to the tragic death of Princess Diana.

      Finally, I’m glad that seoulbeats is a place where we can discuss issues without all of us screaming at each other in caplocks. I know other forums and sites that only have articles that carry one view which really does not help in understanding the situation. Even if i disagree with some opinions written, like the ones that imply jyj are now monsters. I’m glad both sides of this story are being shared.

      JYJ Fighting!! (Please get help though)

  • Anonymous

     I would just like to point out that the audio is uncorroborated, and an edited clip, selected by a tabloid to manipulate and incite listeners. Reports out of Korea are saying this was released by “yellow journalism” as a cover up for a political scandal that was covertly released yesterday.

    • Anonymous

      This is the second or third time some months old/years old scandal was used to cover up political corruption.  1st was Seo Taiji, 2nd G-Dragon, 3rd JYJ.  But in the case of the latter two I think it was a case of trying to sabotage their careers as well.

  • chocovagabond

    Sasaengs are NOT fans, they’re destructive, demented stalkers who’ve crossed the line time and time again. They need to be thrown into jail. This kind of crap would not fly in the U.S–I can’t believe TVXQ and JYJ have had to put up with this crap for so long… >.>

  • Anonymous

    Tbh I’m still questioning the authenticity of the audio. We should hear it in full version first so that we know what did the sasaeng fans do prior to the yelling. Regardless of which, I just saw the capture of junsu’s sasaeng fans in allkpop. Shiz looks like a scene in zombieland. Now I don’t know who I feel sorry for more, jyj or those girls. Both seem to have an equally frustrating life.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BUFAT7Q7PSBDPYH5XQY3FAEZ7I Oscar

    Im sorry but I’m not gonna excuse the saseang just because she is a girl. Those people
    know what they are doing, they push and push the idols to the point they get to
    feel desperate. Is not like they go around hitting woman: Jaejoong snapped at
    someone who has been abusing him and his mental stage. And his family and
    friends. If you read the transcription he says how fans do this all the time,
    follow them, provoke them and then go to the police and ask for money as

    They are Idols, yes, not saints. And I think one of the reasons why they have put up
    with this saseang is because they are females and most of the times don’t pay them
    attention.  If this was a female idol and male stalkers the situation would have been so much different.

    For the amount of stress and the many years they have been under this
    circumstances I’m amazed that a) this haven’t been unleashed before b) someone
    hasn’t got seriously hurt.  

    So, I’m
    sorry, but just by imagine living that live for 1 week I think I could have
    probably hit someone. I think I would probably have murder fantasies at some
    point. (Really calling their families and friends?) I’m siding with JYJ on

    And NO, just because they are famous or stars doesn’t mean they have to endure the
    psychos. Remember John Lennon.

  • Anonymous

     Stalking is a crime in my country. Thanks for that …

    BTW, why now? It´s from 2009. And nothing about those other two guys? Quite suspicious. 

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that’s what I think as well. According to one of my Korean friends, those records should be 3-4 years old. :/ This old issue is suddenly big again right at the time when Yoochun’s drama is about to come out and JYJ is having concerts in South America.  Isn’t it such a lovely coincidence? :/ 
      Anw, I just saw Junsu’s saseang photo on AKP and OMFG, those are like zombies.It’s like horror stories come true. :| If I am them, I would’ve been hospitalized and gone crazy a long time ago. :| 

    • Anonymous

      I read somewhere that this could be the result of mounting hostility between JYJ and HoMin fans. These fans sit on a lot of information that they don’t release to “protect” their idols…makes you wonder who else in KPop have a lot of “dirty laundry” that are being kept secret by fans.

      I wonder if something happened about the lawsuit proceedings…probably something went in favor of JYJ and other Cassies didn’t take it well?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

      Apparently this was due to JYJ vs. HoMin fanwars. Then again, sasaeng-related incidents regarding Yunho and Changmin might not have surfaced yet because they’re still under SM and Avex. They’re still protected by their big companies with ruthless PR machines. Changmin probably has videos/audios of something like Jaejoong or Yoochun’s, yet I won’t be surprised if SM or Avex goes after sasaengs if a scandal like this comes out.

  • Anonymous

    Ilove JYJ to death. i freaking Love them! Jae’s face alone can make me gone crazy. I might scream as loud as i can when i have a chance to meet them, might shoot them with thousands of flashes from my camera, Might stand in a frozen day just to see them in a concert, might hunt their story in internet and searching for their photos.

    But i will never ever want to stalked them 24H aweek, terrorizing them, sent them my period blood, broke in to their home, or slapping and throwing something at them just bcoz i want them to Look at me and “remembering” my face.

    People that do that kind of act. is mentaly damaged. they need help. coz they no longer know the thick line between their fantasy and the reality.

    “Love me or hate me but spare me some differences” in this case, sasaeng fans choose to “hate me but spare me some differences”. and that’s scary. May God always be with these Boys. im on JYJ side.

  • http://twitter.com/annytran Anny Tran

    Personally i don’t condone their behaviour but if I had the amount of stalker fans they have, i’d crack it pretty badly especially since this has probably been going on since their debut. Both parties in my opinion are at fault especially when the lines of fandom are blurred.

  • Lluvia

    Sadly, as much as I want to take JYJ’s side, I have to say that just because we would’ve acted the same way as them, it doesn’t mean is right to do so. I totally get it, they just had enough and they are humans like us; still, they’re physically harming a person, and if these issues get serious, the law isn’t going to say “Aww, well it’s JYJ! We’re sure they won’t do it again!” Just assuming the issue (or other issues for that matter) would get serious enough to reach a court.

    Either way, I’m sure sasaeng fans will not learn until it gets out of hand, and them and their precious idols would have to pay for the consequences. I really hope I’m wrong. 

    • Anonymous

      The law may be nicer on JYJ by virtue of the saesang stalkers history of extreme behavior and stalking.  Stalking and speeding through the roads just to catch up to JYJ (isn’t that how Princess Diana was killed?  because paparazzi was chasing her limo) – a case could probably be made about how the guys were in danger.  

      With such extreme behavior, I’m not sure if the saesang stalkers are even capable of learning.  These people sound creepy enough to cannibalize each other.  Maybe a riot will break out and they’ll kill each other off.  Or someone can trick them into going to North Korea.  

      • Lluvia

        You’re completely right. I kinda missed to express that POV. I like the idea of tricking them into North Korea.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LW2N3LIHQ2UVJTDSMIKDJ5XDUQ Vileena

    As a fan of JYJ, I was at first very hurt and extremely disappointed at Jaejoong after hearing this very convincing audio clip, but like some of the others’ comments here, right now I am in a neutral state of mind. There is simply no excusing the sasaengs’ actions, and feeling victimized for several years by stalkers is certainly a valid justification for this incident. 

    I still don’t believe Jaejoong acted responsibly, and the audio clip is really haunting because of the whimpers, sounds of hitting, and cussing involved. I didn’t like his tone/words implying that he regularly exhibits this sort of violence, and nothing about the clip caused me to think that he was acting out in self defense, as the whimpers are coming from the sasaengs’ themselves. He uses some really violent rhetoric and even threatens them, so I don’t believe that during the brief seconds of this video that he was sincerely defending himself. 

    I don’t believe hitting is the answer to anything in any situation and that he should have called the police. But what if this wasn’t an option for him because of the legal system in Korea? It sounds as if he is lashing out against years and years of being stalked and harassed. What he did was definitely wrong by society’s standards and my own, but it may have been necessary, regardless of how horrifying it seems.

    These issues cannot be solved if we put all of the blame on Jaejoong or on the stalker fans – society’s perception has to change. And I think that Korean entertainment companies have to stop marketing their idols to teenagers and fans in general as if they are objects to exploit. I don’t know why, but SM gives off the impression that it does this the worst. I may just be biased though…

    Honestly Junsu’s and Yoochun’s comments in the audio clip are really nothing… Yoochun’s swearing at times of frustration is justified, and didn’t cause any harm to anyone. I remember when I was in India and my mother and I would regularly get calls late in the night from anonymous drunk men repeatedly asking who was on the other end of the phone, or saying suspicious things. The fear that accompanies these microaggressions is quite damaging. 

    Also, Junsu didn’t even swear! I doubt the credibility of the audio itself, as the person who decided to spread it was so desperate to paint JYJ as terrible people that they included Junsu’s innocuous statement.

    So TL;DR – I do not condone Jaejoong’s actions but this is not entirely his fault. And I think this is more of a Jaejoong issue than all of JYJ’s. If we wish to create a better society, society’s perception of privacy and moral conduct need to shift. 

  • Anonymous

    As a fan of JYJ, I was at first very hurt and extremely disappointed at Jaejoong after hearing this very convincing audio clip, but like some of the others’ comments here, right now I am in a neutral state of mind. There is simply no excusing the sasaengs’ actions, and feeling victimized for several years by stalkers is certainly a valid justification for this incident. 
    I still don’t believe Jaejoong acted responsibly, and the audio clip is really haunting because of the whimpers, sounds of hitting, and cussing involved. I didn’t like his tone/words implying that he regularly exhibits this sort of violence, and nothing about the clip caused me to think that he was acting out in self defense, as the whimpers are coming from the sasaengs’ themselves. He uses some really violent rhetoric and even threatens them, so I don’t believe that during the brief seconds of this video that he was sincerely defending himself. 

    I don’t believe hitting is the answer to anything in any situation and that he should have called the police. But what if this wasn’t an option for him because of the legal system in Korea? It sounds as if he is lashing out against years and years of being stalked and harassed. What he did was definitely wrong by society’s standards and my own, but it may have been necessary, regardless of how horrifying it seems.

    These issues cannot be solved if we put all of the blame on Jaejoong or on the stalker fans – society’s perception has to change. And I think that Korean entertainment companies have to stop marketing their idols to teenagers and fans in general as if they are objects to exploit. I don’t know why, but SM gives off the impression that it does this the worst. I may just be biased though…

    Honestly Junsu’s and Yoochun’s comments in the audio clip are really nothing… Yoochun’s swearing at times of frustration is justified, and didn’t cause any harm to anyone. I remember when I was in India and my mother and I would regularly get calls late in the night from anonymous drunk men repeatedly asking who was on the other end of the phone, or saying suspicious things. The fear that accompanies these microaggressions is quite damaging. 

    Also, Junsu didn’t even swear! I doubt the credibility of the audio itself, as the person who decided to spread it was so desperate to paint JYJ as terrible people that they included Junsu’s innocuous statement.

    So TL;DR – I do not condone Jaejoong’s actions but this is not entirely his fault. And I think this is more of a Jaejoong issue than all of JYJ’s. If we wish to create a better society, society’s perception of privacy and moral conduct need to shift. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/G4YEZ75723SO7262VEMHAJ4W4M nou

    If DBSK can’t take this crap anymore, they should step down from the limelight and get their *ss out of Korea. Seriously.    

  • Anonymous

    It’s a mess, that’s what it is. Not just this ‘scandal’, but the fanatical tendencies of kpop fandoms in general. They spawn such cult-like behavior, it’s really pretty creepy.

    And I do find it a little odd that this is sufacing three years after the fact and only mentions these three members. Dispatch seems shady as hell too.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YSBHQGMA5LI7RYLZO5HJX25DBM Lindsay Becker

    I think its both their faults. Sasaeng fans need to STOP BEING STALKERS and perhaps the boys should have taken a different approach to their frustration

  • Anonymous

    I had a stalker once upon a time and the hell that really scared the wits out of me. By society’s standards, violence is not the answer to this problem but when you are already on that kind of situation, you have no choice but to protect your self in any means. The audio doesn’t sound like it was self-defense? Hell every time my stalker was around, just few feet away and even though he was not really doing anything but stared at me, my thoughts were like how am I going to defend myself just in case shit happens. 

    My point is, physical abuse is just as bad as psychological and emotional abuse. 

  • Anonymous

    I love how articles like to focus on how JYJ abuse sasaeng fans.  I’m sorry but if I had a stalker I would bluntly abuse them till they left me alone, because I doubt if I had a stalker and I kindly told them to go bugger off they would actually do so.

    So people might say “it’s still not right to treat people this way”. I’ll just repeat my arguement of “stalking isn’t right, no one wants to feel like they are constantly being watched”

    It really does creep me out how far these fans go, and it sometimes even seems as bad as Hollywood stars and the paparazzi.

  • http://twitter.com/DoubleJaedee JaeLollipop

    A number of things:

    1. Read this first www (.) twitsnaps (.) com/share/photo/1331185929_web (.) jpeg There is also a Korean version of this too. It’s long but highly informative. 
    2. Sangsaeng fans are highly reprimanded in Korea. The strict rules of the fandom and any fan cafes is that they do not condone to stalkers. 
    3. Audio was from 2009. The full version was not released. It was edited and posted to create a reaction. 
    4. After the news from Dispatch (who we all know never to trust) several articles of op-eds came out explaining the situation. Read a bunch of them on JYJ3.
    5. On the 6/02/12 this news came out: “Blue House’s destruction of evidence of an illegal investigation of civilians’ was buried under the report about JYJ assault controversy in yellow press!” Read about it in theJYJfiles or on JYJ3. 

  • http://twitter.com/CassiopeiaHeart Cassiopeia Star

    Those sesaeng fans should stop stalking.  We never know if Jae Joong did beat that girl, but if he did, to be honest, that girl deserve it.  People are saying, ‘oh, a man should never hit a girl, or whatever’ , and people shouldn’t stalk either.  People shouldn’t touch other’s inappropriately, break into their house, copying their car keys, hacking their electronic devices, blocked their phone, implanting cctv on other’s house, follow others wherever they went including washroom and some deserted house in a forest, people should never hit others just to leave mark and went, ‘OMG, I slap him and his face is red because of me! And poor baby, he wouldn’t fight back or else people will say violence shouldn’t be used, especially against me, a PURE, INNOCENT, KIND ‘FANGIRL”, and people should never EVER kiss other when they sleep, give them period stained underwear, oh yeah and hit their car and cause some accidents just to be remembered by the other person. Where does the women who wanted equilibrium in gender went to?  And if a man should never hit a woman, can a woman hit a woman? Because I really want to slap those girls to make their brain functioned well again!

  • Anonymous

    if its from 2009 then wouldn’t it mean that the group was together, so how come there isn’t anything on HoMin, whether it consists of them stopping the three or being part of it. i mean it was more then one occasion. 

  • http://profiles.google.com/3scrooge Ebenezer Scrooge

    Why is it okay to defend yourself against a person that comes to you and randomly attacks you in the streets? But you can’t do anything about a stalker that has been tailing/following you for years? A stalker that has been calling your family and friends, getting your private and personal information that only you had access to?

    The thing is, we must take into consideration the length of time this has been occuring, for how long was this saesang situation out of control in regards to DBSK and JYJ? The answer is nine freaking long years of endless stalkers that do not know the meaning of respect and privacy. The Korean saesangs have even influenced international fans to behave in the same disgusting way. Furthermore, this is even ten times worse then what other celebrities and idols have to deal with. This saesang case is prevalent when it comes to DBSK, because they are the only boy group to claim a fanclub consisting of 800 000 official members on Daum, and 300 000 plus BigEast fans.

    We also have to consider that these audio clips are from four years ago, a time when DBSK was undergoing their breakup and there was the lawsuit, so the members were probably at their most vulnerable time. But since this was from over 3 years ago, why the effff are we talking about it and writing articles about it as if it just happened yesterday? Really makes one realize that the collaborative conspiracy  against JYJ is very much real and more powerful and scary then we could have imagined. The corruption stinks, but we JYJ fans will stand in solidarity with JYJ, and we will not be easily fooled, mislead, or swayed by this nonsense. If you believe for one second that JYJ are capable of maliciously and without remorse attacking their beloved fans, then you obviously do not know JYJ…end of.

    At the end of the day, I’m willing to side with JYJ on this rather then someone who has their own reasons for bringing this stuff up…four years later O_o

    Reasons as to why these Saesangs are psychopathic:
    Yunho: Recieved a drink laced with glue from a sasaeng and wound up in the hospital
    Jaejoong: followed by taxi’s, groped, kissed, sexually assaulted countless times
    Yoochun: Sasaeng installed CCTV camera in his carpark and balcony for years and recorded him without his knowledge, had social insurance number stolen and used by a sasaeng
    Junsu: Recieved menstrual blood and had his car tailed until he he drove into a pole
    Changmin: Had some sasaengs throw bags with rocks at him and eventually sat down and cried, surrounded by a bunch of smiling girls

    Jaejoong: “All five of us have cried in public and in private and all we saw were our ‘fans’ smiling at us”

  • Anonymous

    At first, when I heard this, I was really disappointed, but after reading more, I actually pity them.
    Those fans should be jailed. Seriously.

    In my country, Stalking, Sexual Harassment, Identity Theft, that’s all illegal.

    They’re been pressured so much, i’m actually quite surprised they didn’t snap sooner. If this were me, I would have snapped in a week.

    Yes, violence isn’t right, but neither is what the sasaeng fans have been doing. What the sasaeng fans have been doing is far, far worse then what they did. It was justifiable as self-defence.

  • Anonymous

    I cant imagine anyone, even a celebrity flying off the handle like this even if they are stressed from their careers. I think the question is did they feel threatened enough to defend themselves and if so why and how did they feel threatened. I’m not condoning acts of violence but the timing of this is so odd as well that i feel that there must be something we don’t know or are not seeing. In my opinion it would have been more advantageous for whoever leaked the info to use during their legal battles with SME. That case is pretty much closed and even though SME doesn’t agree that chapter is really closed. They just need to answer for cockblocking them in the industry. Not saying that it has anything to do with SME but if someone has it out for them there was a better opportunity to use the info. However, that could also mean that the people responsible for the info don’t have it out for them considering the odd timing. I’m honestly not that worried about it because if i was in their shoes i would honestly probably get really upset too. Not to mention there is enough reasonable doubt in the reliability of these videos and tapes that they could easily get off from this. I don’t know if that makes it worse or not. Now if are high resolution shots of this particular incident then that is totally different story and they should be held accountable.

  • Anonymous

    1. like you said, there isnt even ONE SOLID PROVE like pics of vids, eventho in the tape, u can hear Junsu said there was a video being taken. so, no, since we all know how audio can be altered, i wont said, “the audio evidence is difficult to dispute”.
    2. no solid proves of the hitting was happened. all we can hear was smack sound and the sasaeng ‘ahk’. that you can easily create. have you ever go to karaoke n tap on your mic? what sound do you heard? or tap your recorder n heard what sound does it make? or tried to record you hit/slap the recorder/mic. what sound did it came out?
    3. Dispatch have been known to wrote false n misleading articles on idols like JYJ n BB before. JYJ felt iot twice before, one of them also published while they were outside SK like now. SK media dont even called him news media. they keep mentioned Dispatch as ‘medium’. Dispatch isnt news media, but gossip tabloid.
    4. the source was taken from sasaeng. there was 1 incident in where a sasaeng girl went to police n accuse she was being slap n hit by JYJ manager outside a resto while Jae n Chun just look n laught at her. later from CCTV and statement taken from the resto manager, security n even resto guests, it been found out that the girls was being rude n noisy to the boys that security n resto manager finally asked them to leave. but outside the resto they keep knocking the window glass, yelling, screaming even cussing the boys. while they were tried to go from the resto, the girls wont let them n invaded their space, the manager was push the girl coz she came to close, in which she collided with other sasaeng n fell. JYJ manager get punished coz he admitted from the very start he did push her. but the sasaeng girl just walk free, since she still a minor.one chinese sasaeng threw a bag full of rocks on changmin after her n her friend attempt to took a pics n vids of the Jae n MIn while they were inside the airport men’s room failed n being chased off by security personnel. later they spread lies that she hit him bcoz he was hitting/slapping her pregnant friend while they just ask for an autograph. this been found out soon from eyewitnesses n even the airport cctvs. so, u see, sasaeng known to be a liar. even many SK medias never want to taken any source from sasaeng. StarLifeToday even stated about how come media took sasaengs as source n use it to destroy artists.
    5. beside, dont you think it kinda weird how clear the voice were? even when the girl was ‘supposedly’ running away scarely n Jae called her to come back (“ya, ya, you come here!”) n keep blabbing, as Dispatch stated, you just hear Jae’s voice. no other voice, like her breathless voice, footsteep sound. not even sound of other people voices, nor car sound. and this was supposed to taken outside. and to keep recording a cery CLEAR record for the whole 10 mins while she ‘running away scarely’? this girl must be more than just a pro. the audio didnt even shaky bcoz of her ‘run away scarely’. this girl must be more pro than Running Man PD, inwhich while they were running, we can even hear their n the VJ’s breath sound.
    6. seacrh more closely of the ‘supposed it was Yoochun’ vid. there are many pics taken frame by frame in which you can see, the girl was trying to hit/touch Yoochun’s face (there also other vid in which a girl slap him so hard while he was just walked out from a resto). her first attempt just hit his shoulder, later when she tried again, you can see that Chun raise his hand to slap her hand. no lies, no joke, search it.
    7. “We’ve all heard stories of fans who send male idols letters written in
    their menstrual blood, who somehow obtain idols’ phone numbers and call
    them repeatedly, who hire taxi cabs and follow idols wherever they go” all of those were happened to JYJ. Junsu received a sanitary pad full of menstrual blood. TVXQ were n are the idols who the sasaeng obtain phone numbers n to be called repeatedly. they not just obtained it, they made a copy so they can seach their call history n called each numbers to see if the boys called a girl. TVXQ also the idols who experiences sasaeng taxis. there are pics n video that estimated around 15-20 sasaeng taxi drove at 120-170 km/h to chased them. Jae, Junsu n Changmin were involved in several accident in which they cars crashes n totalled.

    i believe by know many pics n vids have been posted. there are pics of Jae was sleeping in a man sauna n sasaeng asked someone to took the pic for her n later she posted it in the net. there is also pic taken from Yoochun bedroom in his house in which captured him n his brother sleeping in their room. these sasaeng made a copy of they house key n sell it in the net. they also sell the boys Social Security Number in which very important n supposed to be very secret n sell it in the net. the sasaeng also break in their house in the middle of night n once tried to took a pic of her kissing Jae’s lips while he was sleeping. they do hit/slap them n if there were any marks or wound, they would proudly said it was her doing. they also constantly grope their private parts like ass n (sorry) crotch.

    so, “In other words, JYJ knew what they were signing up for, and to react
    against it — especially in so violent a manner — is unforgivable” nope. i believe they dont signed up for having sasaeng, since the most number of sasaeng are TVXQ/JYJ sasaeng. and i dont know with you, but i was stalked before n this man keep insulted me with sexual words n wont stop eventho i told him to stop. i even had asked help for people around me n security mall when he followed me there. to bad he got away before the mall security saw him. then one day he tried to grope my breast. i hit his face, kicked him n keep yelling until it seems some people came n help me.

    i know many of you wont blame me for hit, kicked n yelled at him. because i’m a woman, but the boys experience what i experienced. mine lasted less than a month. they have been going for 9 years, 24/7 n havent ended.

    so if i wasnt wrong for defending myself n lost it toward that despicable man, why would it different to JYJ? celebs or not, they are human first. just like me, you. just like us. and as far as i know, the act of self defence are for everybody, male n female.

    • http://twitter.com/Heart_teanee Hartini Parapat

      i agree with u; every single line.

  • http://twitter.com/ikkemenJJ jjikkemen

    if jaejoong cant hit sasaengs because a man should not hit a girl, then let me b*cthslap them myself! ughh stop with the “man should not hit a girl” bulls*it. women are not THAT weak and fragile and its sasaeng we’re talking about! they had twisted mind. these persistent girls will not stop unless we knock some sense into their head. and..people talk as if what jaejoong did was sooo severe -.- all i heard was rustling sounds and a bit “ahck” here and there. nobody knows what jaejoong did. for all we know, maybe he just smacked them on the head or something. its not like they’ll die or get bruises..exaggerate much?? and in all honesty, these hits are nothing compared to things sasaeng did to the boys in which they had to endure physical and mental torture for nine friggin years. those sasaeng belong to jail

  • crushed.and.created

    It’s time like these that determine the true fans of JYJ. Fans should respect their idols and their privacy, sasaengs are obviously not fans- they’re crazed stalkers and they have no right to be called ‘fans’.
    As for the audio tapes, they might have been tampered with, or not. Still, until JYJ or their company themselves release a statement officially regarding this, I won’t blame them for their actions. JYJ are people too and though what they did isn’t right, neither is what the sasaengs did so it’s still too early to say who’s at fault.
    I support the boys completely so JYJ Fighting!

  • http://weeatlemon.blogspot.com conanblue

    I hope with this controversy, the problems with sasaeng fans can get the needed spotlight they need. I still can’t believe after all these years the public refuses to acknowledge the dangers of these “fans”. People need to know the reality these stars, no, these people are going through. Often times we only hear about the celebrity and their people doing the bad things, but we often forget about the other people who caused this. Fame doesn’t need to involve a swarm of stalkers in the process, with nothing this celebrity can do about it.

  • Anonymous

    Dana: A believe tha you coment:
    “On the other hand, the violence with which JYJ (particularly Jaejoong) deals with these fans is alarming, disgusting, and inappropriate; assuming that the victim of assault is a teenage female” is wrong. With all the respect you deserve, my view is that you’re fucking wrong and should not externalize an JUDGMENT when you’re not sure of anything, a bad audio up to someone with coefficient idiot could see that it is false does not entitle you to judge the actions of others, insurance. to you not even a dog bothers you?
    So sorry for my outburst, but it pisses me off that someone would dare to write malicious things without being 100% sure of the facts.

    • Anonymous

      moniespio, this is not an opinion piece.  Nowhere in this article does it say that I or Seoulbeats is arguing in favor of either side.  I stated, “two poles have emerged,” and proceeded to outline the arguments of both sides.

      • Anonymous


  • http://www.facebook.com/roan.deguzman3 Ro-an de Guzman

    While I understand that Sasaeng fans are disturbingly crazy, I’ve completely lost my respect to the JYJ. Yeah, that’s Korea, where men can hurt women all they want. And if that is acceptable in Korea, but not in countries outside Korea.

    Peeps, lemme express myself in tagalog: SA PILIPINAS, ANG LALAKING PUMAPATOL SA BABAE AY BAKLA! BAKLA! BAKLA!

    • Anonymous

      Way to be homophobic there. I know of no gay person who would assault a woman

      To put gays in the same league as “woman beaters” and abusers is disgusting and low of you.

      Pwede ba huwag kang magkalat dito. Patag-tagalog ka pa, eh mali mali naman ang mga opinyon mo. Nakakahiya. 

      Doon ka na lang sa Youtube. Kapareho mo ng opinyon ang mga bobong Pilipino doon na pinangangalandakan ang nakakahiya nilang mga opinyon.

      • http://www.facebook.com/roan.deguzman3 Ro-an de Guzman


        Since Filipino ka naman, so tagalugin na lang kita.

        So Homophobic ako ngayon, ganun? Just because I used the term BAKLA to describe Jaejoong, hindi ibig sabihin nun galit ako sa mga bakla kasi marami akong mga ‘friendship’ bakla pati tomboy at mga tranny.

        Sa salitang tagalog,  dalawa o higit pa ang ibig sabihin niyan eh (eh yun eh kung kulang ang kaalaman mo sa tagalog):

        > it could be a term of endearment between girlfriends or girl/gay friends
           e.g.: taray ng bakla (a way to say that a person is fierce)
                   bakla, pahiram naman ng muk-ap mo (gay lingo)
        > to classify/describe a ‘girly’ guy — in any form.
        > derogatory term, to tell a guy how lame or idiotic he is.

        You should also note that HOMOPHOBIA is EXTREME HATRED towards LGBT people, and that includes segregating them from ‘straight’ people, hurting them for being ‘abnormal’ and so on, even committing sexual violence because simply they deserve it. I-Wikipedia mo iyan, yung history ng Wikipedia. Also, hindi komo’t ginamit ang term na BAKLA to describe how wimp that guys is for hurting women, doesn’t mean HOMOPHOBIC ang gumamit ng ganung term.

        Can you still remember Katy Perry’s “U’r so gay”? Hindi ibig sabihin nun homophobic si Katy just because ganun ang title.

        Yeah, there are domestic and sexual violence in our country the as Korea does, kahit naman sa United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe ganun din eh.
        Kaya lang, kung hindi ka lang kasi nagpapakabulag sa kung ano-anong K-pop and hindi nabubulag ng magandang panlabas ng Korea, malalaman at malalaman mo rin na kung pagdating sa issue ng pangkabababaihan, “panalo” ang SKorea when it comes to number of abuse cases towards women that are unanswered. Wanna know that info? Check James Turnbull or Brian Deutch? Masyado ka na yatang nabulag ng Korean dramang pinapanood mo, ‘neng?

        In the case of the Philippines,  are you sure that it only gets coverage kapag pinatay na si wifey? Tanga ka ba? Nagbabasa ka rin ba ng diyaryo? Eh, puta, kahit ‘yung simpleng bugbog o gahasa na nag-survive nafi-feature sa media eh. Ako pa ngayon ang nagtatago sa kweba ngayon, baka ikaw, because thru your statements, it seems na ni sulyap man lang sa TV Patrol or 24Oras hindi mo man lang nagawa. Pini-feature po iyan. Kung hindi na-address iyan eh di sana hindi nakakulong ngayon si Jalosjos more than a decade ago, debah? Kung hindi ina-address ang kaso ng panggagahasa buhay pa rin hanggang ngayon si Echagaray ngayon, debah? Kung nagmamasid-masid ka lang kasi ng lahat ng klaseng media, pumasok sana sa kokote mo na may na-a-address na ganyan.

        Hindi komo’t nangyayari ang pang-aabuso sa kababaihan sa Pinas hindi ibig sabihin tanggap ng lipunan ang ganyang pang-aabuso. Kung nagkataong lalaki ka at nalamang nanakit ka ng babae, tingin mo pupurihin ka ng kabaro mo kasi ang macho mo? Yeah, siguro may maniniwala sa iyo lalo na kung magaling kang magpaikot ng tao, pero sa ibang gender (babae, bakla, tomboy etc…) hindi tanggap iyan, unless madali kang mabola ng pagpapaikot o ng alibi ng lalake. Tama?

        Hindi mababalita ang pang-aabuso hangga’t kinikimkim mo ang lahat ng pananarantado sa iyo ng lalake. Hindi masosolusyonan iyan hangga’t hindi mo sinusuplong ang pang-aabuso.

        [Your Note: If a wife stays with her husband even when she’s abused, people don’t sympathize. They call her stupid, a martyr, and hopeless. They don’t know about the cycle of abuse, and the psychological damage it can cause. They just think those who don’t get out of such relationships must be masochists.]

        Well, call it sexist, pero katangahan naman talaga kasi ang ipagsiksikan ang sarili mo sa abuser mo eh. When you got beaten or even verbally abused, it’s an obvious common sense for you to get away from that fucking douchebag. Hindi pa masasayang ang paghihirapan ng mga peministang grupo na ipaglaban ka hindi ba?

        Hindi ba? Rihanna?

        Patriarchal ang lipunan natin kung iisipin mo, and matindi din ang sense ng hierarchy sa Pilipinas kagaya ng Korea. Kaya lang, ikumpara sa Korea, ang sinumang nasa lower hierarchy at inaagrabyado ng nakakataas, as long as there is an empowerment for them, they will escalate it to the right authority. Otherwise, walang sexual harassment na na-re-resolba dito sa Pinas diba?
        Sa kumpanya namin (I work in IBM-GPS btw), empowered kami na isuplong sa nakakataas ang sinumang umaabuso sa kapangyarihan. Sa Korea kaya? Granted, maulad ang Korea, pero bakit rampant ang pang-aabuso ng mga nakakataas sa mga nakakababa nang hindi nae-escalate, at kapag na-escalate, ang naagrabyado pa ang masama. Kahit nanay ko nagpapatunay kung gaano kamapanakit ng babae mga Koreano bukod pa sa “mabaho ang bibig”, tapos ang mga babae wala lang, kasi nung nagtatrabaho nanay ko, nao-obserbahan niya ang mga kaibigan ng boss niyang Intsik, at kaibigan pa mga Koreano.

        Kasi sa Korea, walang sinumang nasa mababang hierarchy ang pwedeng bumatikos sa mga nakakataas. Kung may mga nakakasuhan, pinakamataas na lang ang 15 years, lalo sa kaso ng panggagahasa. Dito, panghabambuhay ang sentensya. Kung hindi binuwag ang death penalty, death penalty ang rape.

        I am pretty sure hindi pumasok sa makitid mong kokote ang naging kaso ni Maggie de la Riva. Puro ka kasi K-Pop at K-wave, kaya ang nalalaman mo sa lipunan natin kakarampot lang. Loner ako, pero hindi ko hinayaan ang sarili ko na i-confine ang sarili ko sa sulok at mag-salsal sa larawan ng idolo ko gaya mo. Ang nalalaman ko hindi lang sa pagbabasa ng kung ano-ano maging sa mga ka-kwentuhan ko: mas bata man o mas matanda. Ang nanay ko? Never niya hinayaan ang sarili niyang bangas-bangasan ng tatay ko, at kung hindi magmamatapang ang nanay ko baka nagka-depresyon na nanay ko. At ako, hirap akong magka-boyfriend dahil hindi ako ang tipong pwedeng abusuhin ng sinuman. I’m too bitch for them.

        Bilang babae, huwag ka basta mag-virgin-virginan diyan. Magmatapang ka rin.

        Our society is patriarchal, but this has never been an excuse for a woman NOT TO FIGHT FOR HERSELF. At least dito sa Pinas, may lakas ang babae hiwalayan ang asawa niya, sa kanya pa ang kustodya ng anak niya. Sa Korea, sa lalaki ang kustodya. Tingnan mo na lang si Go Hyun Jung (my idol), hanggang ngayon sa ex-husband pa niya ang mga anak nila (kung bobo ka, hindi mo malalamang ang asawa niya CHAEBOL, ka-angkan ng may-ari ng Samsung Shinsegae).

        Bobong Pinoy? Isama mo na rin ang sarili mo kasi PINOY ka rin, di ba? Ang pinagkaiba ko sa iyo, mas naiintindihan ko lipunan natin the same way I understood Korean culture. Hindi ko kino-confine ang tuak ko sa puro Kpop puro Kpop pero hindi mo nararamdaman ang kabulukan ng Korean entertainment industry. [Side Note: parami ng parami ang mga kabataan sa Pinas na natututong magkorean pero bumabagsak sa Filipino subject. Nakakahiya! At least ako never akong bumagsak sa subject na iyan!]

        Hindi kasi ako tumatambay sa puro AllKpop, Seoulbeats at puro Kpop eh. Binibisita ko rin sina Gord Sellar, Roboseyo, James Turnbull ng The Grand Narrative at Brian Deutch. Sayang nga dahil nagsara ang Extra!Korea… those expat blogs!

        [Side Note: ang bobo rin ng mga nag-like ng comment mo simply they lack understanding on Filipino culture]

        • Anonymous

          oh please. stop acting high and mighty. put yourself in jaejoong’s shoes and i bet u would have snapped even before he did. oh, and swearing and cussing doesn’t add any substance to ur argument also. just saying..

          • http://www.facebook.com/roan.deguzman3 Ro-an de Guzman

            oh, stop ordering me to empathize! While I understand Jaejoong’s situation, but the thing is, this is Korea, and since Korea is over-patriarchal, guys can hurt anyone and anytime they want, but women are expected to be docile and prim and proper. I bet, if one of the SNSD or 2NE1 members would snap at any sasaeng fan, you will shower them with lots of flack.

          • Anonymous

            im not ordering you. if u were in jaejoong’s position, subjected to such extreme violation of privacy, and ul still be sending smiles to those fanatical stalkers, then i salute u. u shud be running for sainthood then.

          • http://www.facebook.com/roan.deguzman3 Ro-an de Guzman

             hah! what I was trying to emphasize is double-standards of Korea. Of course, I could understand Jaejoong’s situation, but beating those girls are NO. Here in the Philippines, while we could understand if showbiz personalities got angry to the stalkers and anti-fans festering on them, we haven’t seen them brawling on them.

            I am not saying you should smile, but brawling on those people with no lives doesn’t imply supremacy. It rather shows how barbaric you are. Those sasaeng fans? While they are guilty of taking away the privacy of the celebs, I don’t think they would stalk their fave celebs to rape them. Our local celebs has their own stalkers. Ara Mina and Katya Santos are primary examples of celebs with stalkers, and their stalker happened to have exposed himself on TV, even admitting that they have stolen one of Ara’s and Katya’s panties. But Ara and Katya did not show to TV shows like they are raging bulls wanting to kill a stalker.

            Marian Rivera used to have someone stalking on her (either fan or anti), and she ended up yelling like hell. The reactions; however, are mixed. The good thing is, at least Marian did not end up smashing the head of that stalker.

          • Anonymous

            Over-patriarchal? You obviously don’t know shit about Korea. As a Korean, I find this to be the same as saying that all Muslims are religiously nutted freaks who support Al Qaeda.

            Of all my friends that are Korean, I’ve yet to see even any of their fathers or older brothers acting anything like patriarchs.

            In fact, divorce rates in Korea are actually quite high – Korean women these days are far from ‘docile, prim and proper’. There’s a reason why there’s been an increase of Korean men marrying women from overseas in recent years.

            Sorry to say, but your view of Korea is at best antiquated. This is the 21st century. Not the Joseon dynasty and the post-Korean War years to the 80s.

          • http://www.facebook.com/roan.deguzman3 Ro-an de Guzman

             Yeah, they are far from being docile, prim and proper… if they are not in Korea or they turn into ahjummahood.

  • Anonymous

    1. The audio is cut and edited. Why are we only hearing JYJ’s voices. How come the tempo and cadence of their voice doesn’t change.

    2. So knowing they are being recorded, they stayed and had this calm discussion with crazies. Especially, the Jae as the big bad wolf moment, when he says “I am coming to get you.” Seriously, they should have added a RAWR sound to that part, to complete the full effect. *sarcasm*

    3. Why release this three years later. They were in TVXQ at the time, yet audio of the other two members are mysteriously removed before being released.

    4. Hasn’t it been strange how many times JYJ has been attacked. This is the 5th targeted attack on them in just 2 months. WTH!

    5. This is freaking Dispatch, the same tabloid that spread fake news about Bigbang.

    6. Several other more credible news outlets have come out in support of JYJ. Suggesting that this latest attack was a cover up for a political scandal that was brewing in South Korea. Basically, distract the people with idol news and they won’t talk about the real issues.

    7. I see no proof that JYJ attacked anyone. What I do see are evidences of different attacks on JYJ/TVXQ members. See –

    Yoochun being attacked

    JYJ Stalkers

  • Anonymous

    I really can’t say I side with JYJ much. I agree that the stalker fans need to take a hike, and the cursing doesn’t faze me. But violence can never be condoned. We’re not barbarians, and in a way idols are reaping what they sow. These companies go out of their way to have teenagers build an emotional rapport with musicians just so they’re more likely to blindly follow their oppars/unnirs, but at what cost?

    Plus I really can’t understand why JYJ/TVXQ wouldn’t get a restraining order from the crazies. Some people have mentioned that many of these fans are middle schoolers? But even if that were the case, breaking into someone’s house, harassing them over the phone, following them everywhere and stealing their identities are all illegal- and more than sufficient enough for arrests and/or restraining orders. When you think about it, had any of these people gone to the police, the fans would have revolted and the emotional connection will forever be lost along with the millions they earn.  I’m sorry, they pretty much lost my respect here. I may sympathize with them over the crazies, it’s a hole they’ve dug themselves into.

    • Anonymous

      Please don’t speak as if you know the law in Korea. You can’t get restraining orders against minors. Harassing them over the phone and following them everywhere are NOT illegal. Just frowned upon. The breaking and entering/stealing their identities are very rare occurrences.

      It’s a hole the entertainment companies have dug their artists into. It’s precious that you think idols have any say in what they do in terms of marketing and appearance.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think I’m naive enough to think idols have a say in their marketing and appearance, but ultimately it is a choice they make. It’s not like they didn’t know what they were getting to. Agreed they’ve gotten the shit end of the stick, and I’m pretty sure the stress is insane.

        I know nothing about SK’s legal system but the law exists to protect its
        citizens. Following someone twenty four seven can actually get you arrested in some other countries. Ok you can’t get a restraining order, but there might be an
        equivalent? What about their parents, or schools? Obviously if they’re
        THAT young someone’s else is funding them financially, aren’t they? If nothing that like that exists maybe it’s time for the govt, or the whatever ministry dudes to bring in harsher laws. I think this incident is more than reason enough.

        Fans’ entire defense rests on the case that they couldn’t take it
        anymore, and broke- which happens, but it’s still wrong. It’s like the
        guy who’s under intense stress from work, and ultimately goes on a chain
        massacre- it’s understandable yes, it happens, yes, is it right? No.

        • Ana K

          well minors in korea are ‘supposed’ to spend their time studying their butts of and saesangs take advantage of that. They lie to their parents and tell them that they’re going over to their friend’s house to study and the parent problem is solved.
          Saesangs become addicted to following the members around and just stop caring about other parts of their life. 

          I agree with you that newer and harsher laws should be implemented but thats probably not going to happen any time soon since the police’s excuse for the saesang’s actions are “oh they’re just young and immature…and they’ll grow up”

          I as a fan hate that everything has come to this. I as a person do not like the fact that Jaejoong had to resort to violence. But I as a person sympathize more with the people who’s lives are being tormented by hundreds of people everyday. Because ultimately, if what has happened to them over the 8/9 years they’ve been in the business happened to me i know that i would probably resort to anything to get those people to stop. Luckily in our country we can get a restraining order against minors.

        • Anonymous

          Whoa, whoa, whoa. Did you just compare this incident to someone going on a massacre and killing people. I have no words for that.

          Also, I’d like to go on a record and say that NO, they did not know what they were getting into. When they signed their contracts it was the late 90’s to the early 2000’s and they debuted in 2003. The idol fan culture we see today was pretty much non-existent or very toned down back when they signed their contracts.

          In the rest of your argument you’re just grabbing straws. Your saying what should happen in your ideal world instead of what is possible in reality. The laws are already set and it might be awhile before we see a change. It’s sad but it’s true. Ana K was already explained in her reply so I don’t think I need to reiterate.

          • Anonymous

            Lol, it’s a pretty valid analogy albeit one that’s exaggerated. And it’s exactly where the term “going postal” comes from. Everyone has a breaking point.

            My point isn’t that JYJ are akin to murderers but that they could have tried other options. It’s disappointing. The cursing, yelling- I understand, but violence, absolutely not. As for 13 year olds who spend all their time supposedly “studying,” it’s a little hard to believe that the cops don’t call their parents if they’re out gallivanting at 3 am or skipping school.  I don’t think it’s idealistic to expect that or to expect the older fans to be slapped with restraining orders, particularly the ones that do cause harm.

            As for going on record, unless you’re one of JYJ, it makes no difference. They didn’t know then, but they do now aka everything is a choice. I could choose to work 80 hours and paid double, or do what I love and get paid pennies. Everything, is a choice. I don’t think they asked for it, or deserve such insanity, but it’s the price they pay.

          • Anonymous

            Lol, your analogy is a hyperbole if I’ve ever seen one.

            Sure, let’s say that they have to pay a price for their fame. But if, as you say, everything is a choice with repercussions; shouldn’t the stalkers also have to pay their fair due? 

            How is it alright for them to psychologically and physically abuse these idols and not expect any of them to lash back?

            You may have a hard time believing that these fans are that obsessive and young but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s true. Some the blogs the stalkers host/frequent are down right scary. 

            I could use your exact logic to state that the *supposed* slaps given to the stalker are the price that she pays for making someones life a living hell. (Since obviously the law can’t do or won’t do anything about the stalkers, which is another problem on its own.) 

            This playing of the “it’s the price they pay” card can go both ways. There are plenty of videos out there showing anti-fans/obsessive fans hitting/groping/grabbing the members of DBSK and other idol groups but as soon as some sketchy, edited audio files of the members lashing out surfaces, all hell breaks loose.

            Double standards are not something I stand for. Be it male against female or stalker against idol.

          • Anonymous

            Lol I  really doubt you’re getting my point. Anyhoo, we’ll agree to disagree

            As for double standards I would say the same be the fans male or female. It’s more of a “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”The fan who slapped him should’ve been thrown in jail, and the same goes for idols if they do it. It’s assault either way. 

          • Anonymous

            I get what you’re saying. I just don’t agree with it. I can see you’re one of those “violence is never the answer” types. Unfortunately not everyone is the Ghandi type.

            Now, while I don’t condone what Jaejoong did, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that he’s lost my respect. (Like you have.) On the contrary, he’s gained my sympathy, because when you’re pushed so far into the corner that just living day to day has become an excruciating experience, it’s hard to put the blame on someone who fought back.

            I guess that concludes this debate. Agree to disagree it is. Twas fun :)

    • Anonymous

      Here’s a comment to this incident that I found on omona regarding the restraining orders.

      An article on an incident in 2009 where “It was the first case in Korea where a restraining order has been placed on a certain individual.” Restraining orders can be issued, but it seems that not many people know about it or something, if not why would the first restraining order be placed just 3 years ago?”

      – crazykaiyi”

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely love how the recordings are in chopped up and edited audio formats even though Junsu clearly says that they were recording a video: 

    “Hey, you guys are even filming this?  Huh?  Fine, just do whatever you want.  Live however you want to.”

    If they have the video why don’t they just release that? Oh and the fact that this was recorded in 2009 when DBSK were still together and only gets released now. It important to note that only the members of JYJ are involved and all traces of HoMin have been omitted. Also the fact that this is the 5th time in 2 months that past “evidences” are being raised against JYJ. 

    I hate to be the conspiracy nut here but something about this just seems extremely sketchy.

  • Anonymous

    what about the crazy girl that slapped Yoochun and that obviously far from the worst that’s been done and it’s obviously crossing the line  Those sasaengs are totally messed up they shouldn’t even be called fans  This kind of action need some legal punishment

  • Anonymous

    no one in korea is stupid enough to fall for a video like this. or take it seriously. i mean audio all cut up, edited, without releasing the video when junsu clearly said that they are filming. and the fact that this is constantly happening to jyj… hm. i dont take this seriously. if its true then well i really dont give a fuck cuz “fans” need to get a fucking life.

  • Anonymous

    from just this… im surprised people are jumping straight to the conclusion that jaejoong is beating them for no reason or something. maybe they deserved it. 

  • http://twitter.com/liqiairgirl Chew Li Qi


    It is cut and edited from various banjun drama that DBSK filmed, as well as Come on Over JYJ clips. People have to question the reliability of the audio clip before jumping into conclusion. 

    Get the facts right before you believe it. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry but where are their bodyguards? Their security? Their lawyers with restraining orders. These “fans” are “stalkers” which apparently are not recognized in South Korea. Stalkers in the U.S. get treated with just as much force if not more AND if not physical than legal because I mean…THEY’RE DANGEROUS. I’m sorry, but in no way do I feel they were out of line for defending themselves, and I’d blame the company, the justice system, and the stalkers – not saesangs, let’s try and use the right word here – before I’d blame the victim. 

    I’m sorry but they only should have to tolerate so much, and I really cannot understand how such disturbing individuals even have PROTECTION from REAL fans and “normal” people? If HALF of what idols are supposed to deal with – with a smile no less – were done to American popstars and singers? oooooh no. You try and stalk Lil Wayne or Jay Z or Pink and tell me that it’s on some level okay. That because you’re this die-hard of a fan they owe you for makin it big. Uh-uh put that crap in someone else’s face and tell them to eat it. 

    • http://twitter.com/xLTHL Linda

      Apparently most of these stalkers are underaged. So the police cannot do much. Have they even thought of RESTRAINING ORDER?! Is there such thing in Korea? o.o

      • Anonymous

        that’s what I’m wondering!

  • Anonymous

    Professional analysis of the audio suggests heavy editing and manipulation.

    youtube dot com/watch?v=koqCNJ-z3hs

    Yet, they still apologized. How can people hate these guys and wish
    evil for them. I hope we all learn from this. Kpop is entertainment, it 
    shouldn’t be about fan wars and hating and trying to destroy people’s

  • Anonymous

    From reading reactions from other blogs alike, I’ve started wondering what the reaction would be like if it was a female idol hitting a stalker. 

    If I was in a similar situation I would like to believe that I would react without violence. But that is something I would never know unless I’ve experienced first-hand what these idols are going through, and let’s face it, I won’t. I don’t think (and hope) I’ll ever be subjected to the psychological abuse that DBSK/JYJ has had to dealt with for 9 years. 

    These guys have publicly talked about these stalkers on national TV and interviews, and yet nothing is being done. They need help. Their stalkers need help. There needs to be laws that are there to protect idols. Bodyguards aren’t enough. Even though Yoochun was being guarded, a stalker managed to slap him. The police aren’t doing anything because apparently, these stalkers are under-aged and privileged rich girls with connections. There needs to be restraining orders but the first restraining order on an individual was first given in 2009 [ http://english.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2009/04/01/2009040161016.html ] – and well, there’s more than one person stalking these idols. 

    If someone were to break and enter into my home, grope and touch me or do something to me while I’m at my most vulnerable state (while I’m sleeping), there is a high possibility that I will react with violence. I will fight back, because I’m feeling threatened.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=645940645 Małgorzata Ptak

    but this audio is glued with many parts from different situations? it does not contain one conversation

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Y5EZ36HTAGOSBUXNAS5XPKAI4Q Jaim

    so edited.. and the girl going “ah.. ah.. ” sounds like bad porn. i don’t doubt he smacked a fan, but not like this and their parts were edited out.  where’s the other fans outcry? they never travel alone. where’s the ambient sound? it’s so trash and still he’s the only one apologizing while fans keep posting how proud they are they get to idols. while sasaeng madness still continues. at least there’s a jaejoong apology for hitting someone.. probably not even a girl. 

  • Anonymous

    It’s a dog-eat-dog world after all. If everyone tames their expectation of life, they will be much happier.

  • http://drunkonrainbowsyrup.tumblr.com/ MissBurlesque

    After seeing a sasaeng smack Yoochun, I understand where JYJ’s anger comes from, though I agree that their actions are not good. Their management needs to cover them with bodyguards and take higher precautions if there is to be any solution to the madness.

    • http://profiles.google.com/korres.kutie Fenily Charo

      Are they seriously  gonna hit every fan that annoys, irritates them? They made it clear they only want fans to buy their cds go to there concert and suuport them from afar… because they lost all patience and tolerance of fans (even the non crazy ones) who get in there way. BEcause of these sasaeng fans.. JYJ looks at most ppl now like they are a burden. Yoochun clearly just gets agitated when ppl want his autograph… lots of pix taken by fans from USA ive seen have jaejoong snobbed up and has his mask and zipup for a quick picture… he isnt as friendly as he was before as ppl who met him in real life claim. we know how hard it is to endure.. we know how stressful it is… we know they turned borderline crazy because of the lack of freedom and privacy…. we dont need to hear it… we just want to hear the apology of your repeatily hitting them… i don’t care if they cross the line (because it seems JYJ just lost patience and tolerance for everyone.. even ppl who get in there way to ask for a autograph *hence Yoochun hitting a fan video*) so if everyone annoys them or irritates them.. you automatically put them in the sasaeung fan category? Fans now u only want to buy your music, support you from afar, be at your concert and standby and watch… we get it now. I dont care how much they cross the line, you can be mad, you can scream, you can swear all you want… but dont ever LAY YOUR HAND ON A FEMALE! Violence against violence is never the answer! (clearly, did u get anything resolved? did u find your solution since u admitted to hitting girls many times before? NO) it’s just to let off some steam. I dont think you guys are bad ppl…. but i do not support violence. Men should never hit girls.

      • Anonymous

        *yawn* this has been discussed ad nauseam. At this point, it is like beating a dead horse.

      • http://twitter.com/cheerysu Echo Chen

        How can you assume that they beat the girls everytime they are disturbed?
        You don’t even know how JJ generally behave on saesangs!
        So many times he has been treated rudely in the crowd,he didn’t show any annoyance.
        So many times we’ve read about how fans meet him occasionally and get friendly greet.If it’s not fit for autograph,he would apologize.
        This is what we know!
        Even his saesang  fans don’t know such extremely situation that he hit any fan.
        Based on some heavy edited audio,you made such extreme conclusion.Do you even think about the real fact or you just jump out ad moral saint commenting others?
        You don’t need truth.What you guys really need is topics.
        At least,he apologized, though  KBS’s interview with the saesang showed that he just gave her some flips on the forehead and the audio was recorded and edited by dirty hands. 

  • Anonymous

    those “fans” probably deserve a couple smacks to wake them up. they need to get a life and stop harassing idols. 

  • http://twitter.com/ealanor91 Ealanor

    When I first heard about those news about JYJ being violent towards their fans I was angry. I have been fan of JYJ as long they’ve been around as JYJ, and for me an idol hitting a fan was something unimaginable. I went past my man hitting a woman opinions, because in my books it’s always human hitting a human being, nevermind if it’s a man or a woman. But an idol to hit someone who supports them… That’s just nasty in my opinion. 

    But I didn’t want to comment the issue, because I was afraid that I would either get labelled as JYJ stan without brain (oppa didn’t mean it and could have never done it) or anti-JYJ fan with no sense of how real human being acts (meaning those comments of putting myself into their shoes). 

    Firstly, I wanna state here, that all kind of violence is sick. Whether it’s an emotional violence, in this case stalking and all that crazy stuff that those sasaegns do, or someone responding to it by hitting someone. It’s sick.

    What is even more alarming in this situation however, is that how this ever was possible to happen. The more I read about this issue, my anger and resentment towards JYJ turned into a pity. A deep pity. Someone said earlier that when they signed their contracts they  knew what was gonna happen. I think that no one would ever sign a contract which states that for the next almost ten years you’re gonna face so much harassment both emotional, physical and sexual, that no sane person can handle it. 

    This fan cuture revolving around K-pop is seriously disgusting thing. They have anti-fans, which is something I’ve never learned to understand in the first place and then they have these sasaeng fans, which might be even worse. Can they even be called fans? And how something like this can be tolerated so easily in Korea. That kind of stalking and endangering someone’s life should be criminal. Is it so that there are really that many sasaengs out there that there’s no way of controlling the issue?

    Also, we know nothing about if that sasaeng fan did something to JaeJoong before he hit her. Lashing out on one individual because you hate the group is not right. Lashing out on anyone isn’t ight, but in case he was trheated or somehow strongly harassed in that situation I could still understand his reaction. Because we don’t surely know anything about the context of that video, no dates, no persons involved, no idea whether it was edited or not, no idea what happened before JaeJoong lost his calm, really, I think our judgements aren’t really on a sturdy base. 

    I really wish that korean media would throughoutly search this issue. I don’t care if the result is that JYJ is being violent animals towards their fans, but I wanna have a real information, a truthful picture of what has been going on. I can’t trust few shabby videos and edited voice recordings and some fanaccounts, no matter how trustwhorthy they’re said to be. I wanna see real proof of what has been going on during these years, how much shit there has been involved really before I make any judgements. 

    I don’t think that JYJ hitting their fans (sasaeng or not) is any kind of solution or rightful act, even though I can only imagine the horrors they’ve been through. But all I know is, that if all that’s true what’s said about the sasaeng fans and if I had to live that through, I would be living in asylum right now. 

    The one thing I’m sad is that this will dirty JYJ’s name as people who resolve into violence. I truly love their music, and this controversy doesn’t stop the fact that I’m their fan. But this makes me feel sad for all the parties involved. Sasaengs, actual fans, JYJ and their families and the people close to them. And this doesn’t really give a good reputation to K-pop in general either. 

    Sorry for the long post, and sorry if I didn’t make myself clear enough, I’ll answer comments, if you have some things you want to clarify. 

  • http://twitter.com/star4dance Diane Kangaroo

    It makes me cringe to think that Jaejoong said that, but there’s a mental limit to being able to put up with these crazy stalkers.
    Of course he would eventually crack and break down like that: it’s NATURAL and HUMAN.
    I feel horrible that he was so stressed and aggravated to the point that he verbally and physically attacked his crazy fans.
    Any normal artist would appreciate fans, but they need to have some respect and space for that artist. 

  • Anonymous

    While in theory violence shouldn’t be condoned, brutal reality beats such things. These saesang fans are only going to increase further in number as the years go by – and ultimately, even drag the government to do something about it.

    For those who say that the idols need bodyguards – well think about it. Just exactly what sort of bodyguards should they have? Being big and beefy while wearing a tux doesn’t necessarily mean guaranteed security – the agencies need to hire BGs who have ex-military or law enforcement background with detailed field experience, maybe even PMCs and mercenaries – possibly even foreigners. I mean bodyguards that know how to fight back efficiently and will tear you apart a new asshole if you try to get past them.

    Even if it’s going to be more costly, I think it’s well worth the money – idols need bodyguards like that 24/7, patrolling their dorms. While I cannot say much for smaller agencies, big ones like YG, SM and JYP should have the money to pay and contract for that kind of security. While such an idea seems laughable and overboard at current, I wouldn’t be surprised if such a scenario became reality in the future.  

    The police obviously hasn’t done jack to deal with these saesang fans – and it’s probably the least of their concerns since they got more serious criminals to deal with – i.e. serial killers, rapists, gangs, con-artists/frauds etc. Giving some teen saesang fan is probably the least of their concerns.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000334794664 Zeynep Yağmur Tuğçe Sari

    This is a Lie ! Lie ! Lie ! Lie! Lie!!  Jyj group, leave now!  Why ? Why ? I don’t believe. This is a lie !

  • Anonymous

    “On the 10th, KBS2 received an audio file from the JYJ sasaeng fan who was
    in the middle of the yelling controversy. In the interview, it was found
    out that the audio was from 2009, and about the JYJ violence
    controversy the fan stated “Those events witnessed were not even large
    enough to be called assault” dismissing the controversy of the crisis
    directly.This JYJ sasaeng fan controversy raised much awareness about
    the problems surrounding fan culture, making this a thought provoking
    and memorable event for many people.”
    Source: TV Daily via Nate

    Turns out this was fake and overblown after all. The whole thing never
    made any sense, but it was easier to believe the lies because it played
    on our emotions. The fact that Jaejoong even apologized, taking the
    blame on himself, when it turned out he was being maligned unjustly, is
    just so wrong on many levels. Those who know Jaejoong have been saying,
    what he was being accused of just seems so out of character. When
    professional analysis showed that the audio had been tampered with, some
    still didn’t believe. But now that the case has been dismissed, I hope
    we all learn, not to jump to conclusions. Not to slam people, so

    JYJ were on their way to Chile, when the audios were released,
    unfortunately the news of the audio overshadowed that. Then just as they
    were going to Peru, KBS released theirs. Coincidence? I am usually not
    one for conspiracy theories, but this JYJ issue is starting to appear
    very suspect. This is like the 5th attack on them, just this year alone.
    They are not the only Kpop artists out there, so why?

    For their sakes, I hope this draws awareness to what they are going
    through. While, other countries are rolling out the red carpet for them
    and welcoming them with open arms, they are being mistreated in their
    own country, just because they decided to branch out on their own, and
    not follow the status quo, is that really so wrong? Is it really
    something to hate them for?

  • Monica Estefany Preciado Espin

    99.5% of respondents are on the side of JYJ. You want more? Do not judge before knowing the whole truth Seoulbeat. Just who is a follower of JYJ holds its truth. God and his infinite mercy never will let them fall by more than tendentious stories and comments malignant want that to happen, Now I hope that everyone who made ​​judgments live very happy and that pain that jaejoong is feeling right now make you sleep in peace and with a clear conscience.Amén.

  • http://twitter.com/ClaudelleLe Claudelle Le

    Isn’t it already punishment to have this grossly blown way out of proportion out in his face? At the end of the day, Jaejoong (and even JYJ for the matter) is in the most pain as result of the aftermath from this predicament while the saesangs run about free doing as they please with no apology in return. When we are in pain it’s unfortunate as it is instinctive that we
    respond in kind by causing more pain only to regret & feel more pain
    later… To our hapless misery… In charged situation like that, who know how you yourself would react. You can reprimand and even condemn him, even revile him for it but just remember you are no better the scorn that you subject him to. What good does it do for you abhor him for something that went awry out of his control? And this odd to me that they waited all this time to bring this so-called ‘audio clip’ as evidence to the surface when it’s been three years since the alleged incident happened.

  • Capri08

    To me in order to actually pick a side or even to make a judgment call. People need to hear two sides of the story. Why is it you can only hear, what appears to be, JYJ? What happen before that to actually get them that angry? I don’t mean to sound like I’m sticky up for JYJ, or whoever might be on the recording, but all these supposed “evidence” is too one sided for mine liking. And from what I known and experienced, if these recording were taken around 2009, where  DBSK were first going thru there trouble. A lot of their fans were going crazy, and I mean insanely crazy. So if they were defending themselves against these Sasaeng fans, then to be truthfully honest that’s understandable. But if they were just taking their frustration out on these fans, because they stepped too close, or they kept following them around ( not stalker like ) then I say, they need to own up to their mistaken and apologize. 

  • Anonymous

    This is crazy! Jyj would be done in the states like chris brown!!!! Potential wife beaters!

    • cancertwin2

      This would never happen in the States because there is no such thing as “sesaeng fans” there are only real fans and stalkers. Here in the US, we actually know the difference.

    • Anonymous

      @queenmarsha – Please do not insult JYJ by comparing them to Chris Brown. Chris Brown is a spoiled, brat who beat his girlfriend Rhianna, not his stalker. Don’t throw such harsh accusations when you don’t know the whole story. Please remember that words can hurt just as much if not more than physical blows.

      And like @cancertwin2 said, this wouldn’t happen in the US because there are laws in place to protect celebrities. The South Korean government needs to do more to protect their entertainers and the fans before something worse happens. Just because these Sasaengs are underaged, does not mean they are any less sick than their adult counterparts.

  • Anonymous

    If they were going so crazy they shouldvr left stardom and never looked at violence as an option or possibility…this is what any good person not so desperate for fame would do..

    • http://twitter.com/m_m324 Michelle

      I don’t think you understand the extend of the sesaeng fans…. they have the boys social security number, their phone number, their family’s phone numbers, their phone records, their address, their house keys…they follow you everywhere you go…even if they were to leave the entertainment industry, the “fans” will still follow them around for another couple of years until no one cares about them…you put any one under those conditions they would go crazy. one of the boys once said they woke up to a stranger standing IN THEIR HOME….what the sasaeng fans are doing is breaking the law, but the law doesn’t do much to protect the artists…not to mention Jaejoong was drunk in that clip…i’m not trying to protect him…i’m just saying…anyone follow me around i would do the same…and much worse…

  • http://twitter.com/CheonSaRang_Ssi Vanessa Miguel

    I’m one of their fans… I can say that I somewhat understand that they’ve had enough of the stalkings and crazy, disgusting methods of sasaeng fans. I also wonder why these fans would only record their voices while following them, what’s the logic there? Would you follow your idols and only record their voice? I would rather take pictures of them or videos… I can’t say that I can believe this side of story… but on the other hand, there’s still a part of me that wants to believe this. It’s not humane to use violence against people especially to young girls that adores them. It’s really disturbing and disappointing that the person you thought was sweet and a gentleman would be involved with such thing. We can’t judge them yet, people. We’ve only heard one side of the story, there’s still the other who has the right to explain and defend their side. Don’t rant on them without proof, it’s also not humane… Nobody knows what their real situation why they did that, only them… Let’s wait for their response and if this is true we can go and rant together! and if it’s not, let’s just drop this and forget everything :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000155595212 Dongbang Junior

    Trying my best not to sound biased here..this may be a JYJ fansite, but this article is pretty useful in providing evidence & accurate translations regarding this matter. I have to admit that I was taken aback by how physically & abusively violent can the boys get, but I’m even more shocked by the privates’ actions towards them. Honestly, even the best-tempered person would be angered by constant harassing & disturbance. This has not been going on just for months, neither a few years, but it’s NINE YEARS. I agree with a line in this link: “I’m surprised TVXQ hasn’t gone insane”. http://jyj3.net/2012/03/07/info-truth-regarding-jyj-privates/

  • cancertwin2

    I’m really tired of people using the excuse that these girls are supposed their fans and that it’s just apart of Kpop. It’s sick and needs to be stopped before something truly bad happens. Someone needs to step in and tell these girls what they’re doing is wrong. The law thinks they are protecting them because the majority of them are underaged but what if they get seriously hurt? I’ve been a Kpop fans for many years and it still baffles me the instinct that these obsessed fans will go and how they remain unpunished. It reminds me of the stalker fan incident with Rain in 2007 in which this woman had been following him round since age 25. She even came to his office with her luggage demanding to see him because she is his fiancee. She told everyone that it was her idea for him to go to Hollywood and all of his success was because of her. Clouds reportedly knew about her and how she’d often touch Rain inappropriately in the air port but didn’t do anything because she was older than them and it was common in Kpop. Finally an investigation TV stepped in and the girl has sent to a mental institution. Rain reportedly felt that his life was in danger and was scared. I really couldn’t imagine living my life like that. Something needs to be done ASAP.

  • http://twitter.com/CassiopeiaHeart Cassiopeia Star

    Violence didn’t really exist here. Someone from Kpop star and allkpop and soompi said it, and I searched for it. Apparently it’s true. The girl already admit it all. She said she wasn’t the one who recorded it. According to her, Jae Joong only flick her forehead, and she said that he never hit her before that.  And, apparently Jae Joong acted that way because she touched Yoo Chun’s groin, but she didn’t say that in the interview, the one who blew that up is CJES staff.  And funny that I’m the only one who find it fishy that some random audio from 3 years back pop out now.  And the interview that I mentioned earlier are from KBS Entertainment Relay.  The interview meant to slander JYJ, I think, because they tried to make the sesaeng looks like victims. But, the girl clear that up.  And am I the only one who thinks that Dispatch and KBS aimed for the same men? First, it’s Big Bang, now it’s JYJ.  And to those who had been criticizing JYJ without even knowing the truth, you are no different than KBS and Dispatch.  How can you guys commented without even knowing the facts?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_N2QLRPVYAAMSNNA2SSYYJ6JFXI Jacquelene

      Thank you so much for clearing that up for me. Honestly, I have been up to date with my kpop news and the moment I come back on I hear about this. For a minute there I was holding my breathe but after reading what you wrote, I can breathe again ^^

  • Anonymous

    Just sick of the whole mess. I am wavering between caring and being disgusted. I’ll come back when I decide.

  • http://profiles.google.com/sallyb3000 Sally Brown

    The matter has been cleared up by the person who experienced it…and she said he *flicked her on the forehead*…the audio is the rendered false/edited for drama. Your article should be updated to reflect that fact.

    My personal opinion : JYJ should carry TASERS….and USE them.

    • http://twitter.com/Mandarince Marina T. 真理菜

       “JYJ should carry TASERS….and USE them” …ROFl + LMAO >_< great one!!

  • Anonymous

    So let me get this straight – this was 3 years ago, at a time according to the sasaeng herself was very sensitive to the guys, when their career was probably on the line. When they were out of it and probably not as cautious as they would usually be. And were being harassed by aggressive stalkers who had been warned repeatedly. And all he did was flick her head (those who watch Kdramas know what this is). But the tabloid that first released the audio, decided to manipulate the listener, by removing all background noise, so as the emphasize the sounds and then added additional sounds. The girl involved feels the media is exaggerating the issue and making things look worse. Yet JYJ are the bad guys? In what world are some of you guys living in. The good thing is, this issue has brought to life the dangerous and extreme nature of sasaeng stalker culture in Korea.

  • Brieana Milner

    You know I don’t condone violence against women AT ALL. I have no sympathy for them what so ever but I don’t think we FULLY understand the situation here. DO you know what these boys have been through for the past 9 years?
    check out this link (http://jyj3.net/2012/03/07/info-truth-regarding-jyj-privates/) and then tell me that you can’t sympathize with these guys even a LITTLE.

    And we all know that these people aren’t REALLY fans but crazed stalkers that even make attempts to assault them.

  • Brieana Milner

    You know I don’t condone violence against women AT ALL. I have no sympathy for them what so ever but I don’t think we FULLY understand the situation here. DO you know what these boys have been through for the past 9 years?
    check out this link (http://jyj3.net/2012/03/07/info-truth-regarding-jyj-privates/) and then tell me that you can’t sympathize with these guys even a LITTLE.

    And we all know that these people aren’t REALLY fans but crazed stalkers that even make attempts to assault them.

  • kheir jc

    i really hate violance especially to underage female..eventhough they felt annoyed and insulted ,it really inappropriate for the physical violance.i admit i felt disquisted to jaejoong after i heard this news. although i shud understand how they felt to be followed 24hours by those sasaeng fans but still it is really unacceptable. their success is not achieved by themselves,without fans,they are really nothing.in the first place they shud already know the consequences to be idols and accept that facts. i can’t stop my feeling to start hating jyj(especially)jaejeong.sorry.i m no longer ur fans.

  • kheir jc

    i really hate violance especially to underage female..eventhough they felt annoyed and insulted ,it really inappropriate for the physical violance.i admit i felt disquisted to jaejoong after i heard this news. although i shud understand how they felt to be followed 24hours by those sasaeng fans but still it is really unacceptable. their success is not achieved by themselves,without fans,they are really nothing.in the first place they shud already know the consequences to be idols and accept that facts. i can’t stop my feeling to start hating jyj(especially)jaejeong.sorry.i m no longer ur fans.

    • Anonymous

      I recommend that you do a bit more research. The girl said she was not hit. KBS is not a fan of JYJ, so I doubt they were trying to help them.

      • http://twitter.com/CassiopeiaHeart Cassiopeia Star

        I know right. They sounded as if Jae Joong killed that girl. I don’t condone violence too, that’s why I recommend those fangirls to be admitted to asylum.  They have been physically violence to JYJ, just so that their ‘oppas’ will remember them. Try to be on their spot for 9 years.  And just because of some silly fore head flick, suddenly Jae Joong becomes the bad guy.  I am a fan, I contribute for their album sales too, but did I stalk them?  And it is flattering for them to be called fans because they are simply not.  A fan will never do anything that will harm or endangered the life of their loved ones.  And contrary to some people, my love for them strengthen even more, after knowing this. 

        PS: If forehead flick is violence, then all variety shows  should be suspended, because there are a lot of those ‘violence’ displayed to public through that kind of shows.  And to fathers who flick their daughter’s forehead, be careful, dispatch is going to hunt you down.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZATNRRFCROLVT67IOWP56YM6FU Diamond

      oh please dont act all nice go ahead dont be a fan no one cares you dont know what its like for them to go through all this and your saying you hate them whatever make judgement and if you dont know jaejoong dont get on here and make stupid comments thats not how jaejoong is really so for you to get on here and say stupid things thats stupid and i doubt he would care if your not a fan anymore its “unacceptable” oh please what they went through i dont blame them and the sasaeng fans use violance why not use it back “without thier fans they would be nothing” they would rather be nothing then to be in the pain they are now  SO GO AHEAD AND HATE JYJ BECAUSE NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOUR THOUGHTS!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/Q57HETASQYFYSZY55VXKVARCZA Anthony

        Lol you just say a lot of stupid things to try to justify what they did, they knew what the were signing up for and they need to grow the fuck up and be men and not going around hitting teenage girls, and if they rather would be nothing then why arent  they? gtfo here with that, they hit girls just because they are famous and all and you protect what they did tryna look like they will notice you but guess what, the girl being hit by them will get more attention from them than you ever will oohhh i see your jealousy so yeah k bai

        • http://twitter.com/Mandarince Marina T. 真理菜

          You commenting on the stupidity of her comments, really? First stupid comment from you: “…they knew what the were signing up…”, 2. stupid comment from you: “…be men…”, 3. stupid comment from you: “… just because they are famous…”, 4. stupid comment from you: “… they will notice you but guess what, the girl being hit by them will get more attention from them…”, 5. stupid comment from you: “…i see your jealousy…”.
          Diamond is an emotional (I guess) teenage female fan, what is your excuse?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kitiara-Burford/1329281435 Kitiara Burford

    This is crap! Jyj is just getting fed up over its stalker fans!! They need to be given space to breathe!! People don’t need to stalk them just because they “Love” them really its more like obsession, they need to know their boundaries!!! If you ask me They have the right to curse at their fans, they arent getting any privacy!! This type of stuff really pisses me off and I will ALWAYS take JYJ’s(and any other group suffering) side!! They are already suffering because of Park Yoochuns fathers death (May god bless Yoochun, Junsu, and Jaejoong- get better soon :( ) they dont need this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/KELLYYEOH Kelly켈리Kali可丽keri蹴り

    To me, if there’s no video footage, then it’s a fake. I need to confirm it with my own eyes. with the new tech in this era, anything can be edited, including voices.

  • Bronwyn O’Brien

    Whilst I would never condone violence some people are pushed so hard that they can act in a manner that is totally not in their nature and lash out violently, particularly if they have been drinking alcohol.These stalkers have violated this band’s privacy and as a result it seems they have lashed out. Of course we don’t know the whole story.  Stalkers would have filmed the violence not just recorded it on audio, surely.   And how do we know that SM or some enterprising Journalist hasn’t grabbed hold of the footage for there own purposes. Think about it…if this footage was recorded before DBSK broke up then SM would have done everything in their power to make sure that this footage was covered up and now after a couple of years it appears? I smell a rat.
    Let’s face it…JYJ is no longer protected by a big company, They’re more or less on their own. Goodness knows what other idols have done that their management has covered up. 
    I think it is healthy to look at all things objectively and don’t judge until we absolutely know all the facts. Just sayin’

  • Anonymous

    in KBS’ Ent Relay show, turns out proven to the whole nation that the audio INDEED tampered, editted n manipulated. this is why in SK, people, netizens even medias looked down at Dispatch, coz they published news based on editted audio to attacked JYJ. even SK medias like TopStarNews, Entermedia, Nate, etc support JYJ.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/T6RKEMG4HF7YD7DTVDIZEGH3D4 AlisonH

    Where’s the video of them hitting the female fan ? I wanna see….evident !!!!

  • http://twitter.com/angskeet Angskeet

    this is kind of disturbing for both ends…one, for those psycho fans who stalk people (do they not have a life?) and two, for the audio footage of JYJ …of course i don’t know what is really going on, but still…i’m not supporting any sides at all

  • Nurul L

    i dont know the whole story & the truth…n i dont even JYJ fan..but i love yoochun as lee gak in rooftop prince…its daebak!!!…n fullstop….i only like him in drama..not his real self…n after reading this..i think i’ll never be his fan or JYJ fan for real…….i am BOICE n hopefully no matter what happen in the future… jong hyun, jung shin & min hyuk will always be good towards their fans…hopefully no matter how though things will turn out, CNBLUE will never lose their mind & stick to their good heart especially jong hyun, min hyuk & jung shin….they’ve been raised as good person…so they should be good person till the end…..

    an for idols…..they chose to be an idol…they know what they will face….as long as their good & pure heart dont weaver….they can get through whatever comes…till the end…..its tiring but that’s that’s the price for being an idol~~~

    • http://twitter.com/CassiopeiaHeart Cassiopeia Star

      If one day, CNBLUE ditched their company and things like this comes out, I’ll totally lol-ed hard remembering your comment.  Before the audio got leaked, does anyone got a clue on what actually happened to JYJ for nine years?  No.  I can also easily say that sesaeng fans are people who ‘will never lose their mind & stick to their good heart ‘ and ‘that they’ve been raised as good person…so they should be good person till the end…..’

      Puh-lease, I’m 18, yet I’m gonna call you naive.  And, idols are human, you talk as if idols are saint.   No one deserved to be creeped by other people for 9 years.  Then again, idols behaving human-like is irrelevant in your world, am I correct?

  • http://twitter.com/Blackmise Ceelee


  • Meg Belen

    I wasn’t really a DBSK fan. I learned about them just recently thru dramas — after which I discovered DBSK, JYJ and how JYJ went against the giant SM. I cannot not admire JYJ. They got the guts and the talent; they deserve to succeed and get people’s support.

    CHECK OUT WHY THE SM CONTRACT IS UNFAIR in All Kpop’s “TVXQ’s Income Revealed”.

    Our musicians are working hard and don’t deserve this. Let’s show these music giants who’s the boss (WE PEOPLE) by supporting great talents.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EF5VUL7M6PW7OWJPHQ35MXAVY4 piper

    poor guys. imagine being stalked by weirdos for so many years. mentally, no human would be able to take it. if it takes verbal and physical abuse to get rid of those mosquito-like fans, who wouldn’t do that? super annoying

  • ibelexx

    Errrrmm am I suppose to feel sorry for the sasaeng fans that got hit and yelled at? Sasaeng fans aren’t really fans.. They’re disturbed people who stalk celebrities. Jyj finally snapped under the torturous stress that comes with having sasaeng fans and I’m suppose to feel bad about those ‘fans’ finally getting knocked down down for their crazy, creepy actions? No. Sasaeng fans will get no sympathy from me.

  • http://twitter.com/lunastar_501 º_º클라우디아♥

    they should just stop being fans their making hard for our oppa’s and they deserve what he said to them and any ways the artist could do whatever they want no stupid saesang fans are going to tell them what to do

  • http://twitter.com/YouKnowImBad L+J= LJ :))

    because fans should atleast know their limitation.. we’ll never know what those teenage fans have done to JYJ!

  • jade_ice

    Are we supposed to feel bad for them getting hit? I don’t.


    I have kids and when they act like brats they get a smack.
    Obviously JYJ can’t bend these idiots over their knees and give them a whack so
    they smack their heads. Good for them. The police over there won’t do anything
    to stop them why can’t idols protect themselves? Is it ok to let them sexually
    assault the idols? How about urinating or pooping on their doorstep? See what
    I’m saying, they are not stopped by any means, as a matter of fact some do it intentionally
    to see a different side of their oppa’s that others don’t see. I think South
    Korea needs to implement a strong educational policy for kids and make them
    have phyc evaluations periodically to prevent more phycos in the world. In
    America we have counseling in schools; people need to teach their kids to not
    be so nutso and things will be better in the long run. It is a social problem
    we don’t have in the US because we have police that will haul your butt in for
    spitting on the sidewalk in downtown. The guys need to hire bodyguards and
    install alarms just to feel safe in their own homes I guess. Since the crazy
    brats installed a CCTV in Yoochun’s garage just to watch him.

  • jade_ice

    I just read this and it has solidified my beliefs that these people are crazy.

    I don’t know how a rational person could have remained sane after all this, not to mention what we didn’t see written down

  • Mary Kim

    I am against violence altogether but claiming that violence against a girl is what crosses the line as behaviour that is ‘alarming, disgusting and inappropriate’, is not only sexist but false. DBSK debuted a long time ago and that that time, I’m sure the existence of sasaeng fans were the least of their worries. Times have changed and from the looks of the copious acts that have been committed against them (excrement being left on their doorsteps, menstrual blood being sent to members, physically abusing Changmin with a bag of rocks), I can completely understand Jaejoong’s actions. It matters not whether they are famous celebrities or a ‘yuppie’ like you and I; the things they have had to endure are disgusting and nobody should have to deal with it. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZATNRRFCROLVT67IOWP56YM6FU Diamond

    Okay you guys are getting on my last nerve i dont look down on what the boys did even though they hit a fan those fans had it coming to them they are not fans for all of what they have been through i think they had a right to teach them a lesson they held their stress level way to high and they finally lost it. and i dont blame them because if i was in their situation i would have hit those people way early then they did i dont think that is the way they really act every one has a limit and theirs was reached so for all of you people out there that are not being a fan any more go ahead because that did not make you a true fan from the start. if you leave them hanging like that because of something these fans did these fans had it coming to them they desvered every bit of what they got this group has made music for us made our lifes better and this is how they get treated i dont blame them and ask yourself this question if you were in there situation would you not have did the same thing. most people would you have not acutally been through the stuff so it might not seem bad for you but its a living hell for them. you know i will be a fan forever through thick and thin with them. i love this band so much i love them

  • http://twitter.com/special_spring catcat

    At some point you reach your limit. Those “fans” are just creepy.. they’ve only got themselves to blame. “You reap what you sow”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/OjiShachouJHOLICS Andi Oji Nuruljihad

    It would be much better if we stopped describing these people as ‘fans’ and, instead, as ‘stalkers’… leave the word ‘fan’ out of it, because this level of obsession is disturbing.

    it’s for this reason that people have bodyguards, so they don’t have to get their hands dirty. JYJ should look into hiring a bodyguard service, because this kind of reaction is intolerable.

  • http://twitter.com/Thumpz2 Thumpz

    They are not fans.  They are Stalkers and should be treated as sub human – less than dogs.  

  • http://twitter.com/_10shiJ m.m. sair

    Honestly, I was somehow discouraged with jaejoong after i heard this, but then my mom said, ‘imagine yourself in their shoes, being watched for years, every minute, if you were jaejoong i think you’ve do much worse”. And that’s when I clearly got the picture, how scary these fans can be to actually make jaejoong that pissed.

  • http://twitter.com/Mandarince Marina T. 真理菜

    They surely knew they’ve signed up for fangirls, screaming, etc. the usual stuff, but letters with menstrual blood, causing accidents to meet them, steeling their identity to buy stuff, entering somehow the dorms and the list goes on… I don’t think that they’ve signed for that… I go with @m.m.sair mums opinion… I would have done much worse to those fans. Saying that they are teenage females is an excuse and btw they are not only teenage girls (read a post of one 29 year old woman who said she’ll buy a car so that she can be more efficient).

  • yuuki

    so if the boy assault girl she can hit him and be told she did a good job but when a boy is assaulted by god knows how many time and how many girl then he is suppose to shut his mouth and smile just cause he is a celebrity? don’ give me such crap.. teenage or adult wrongdoing is wrongdoing.. and what the boys did was simply self defense i am sure they didn’t just go and hit the girl who have not done anything which is then violent

  • HappyTP

    Even though I love them, I still have to admit something was wrong here. I love DBSK, I think that they are one of the best kpop group. But nevertheless, their behavior is inexcusable. Judging from the time the video is filmed, I guess that JYJ may get the stress from the lawsuit or the break up. I just wish that they would consider their actions more careful because this is not acceptable even though they have a lot of stress. This video literally makes my image of JYJ and past DBSK shatter!

  • Gracie Chan

    ughhhh I HATE SAESANGS. WHY ARE YOU RUINING THEIR LIVES. THEY ARE HUMAN. You can’t just invads someon’es privacy and djfkajsdfjkdsjfkdsjkfjsekdlfjlksfjksdjfalksd;sdfkjsdkf

  • Aluysion

    Saesangs are mentally ill. Stalkers are mentally ill. No, hitting them isn’t right, but these guys aren’t protected at all. South Korea seems to be on the fence about it or pretends these crazy people do not exist. These girls need mental help. It’s unhealthy to worship anyone or anything to that level. Anyone with any understanding of empathy would not invade someone’s privacy like this because they can think about the kindergarten adage of “How would it make you feel if you were followed by a crazy stalker boy?” But that’s the thing, it would be just fine if a crazy stalker boy was beat up by a girl, right? Double standards are a pain in the ass. These girls do not love their fans. They feel ownership of them which is one of the marked signs of the following mental conditions psychopathy/sociopathy, narcissism, borderline personality disorder etc. My own dad has this view towards people. It’s really easy to spot and most people describe it as a “twisted” love. It’s not love if the person can not think you’re human with wants and needs and have the right to not like you back. That’s what lacking empathy for others pretty much means.

  • hananohana

    I agree about not calling them fans. They are sasaeng…just that. And well I’m sorry but if these girls are being so disrespectful as to invade privacy and just be jerks, then hey, they get what they deserve.

  • Yzanmyo

    I’m happy because during their time in army, K-pop stars like Jaejoong will be free from being spyed all day long by crazy people. This is scary…
    I can’t even imagine having always all day long a lot of young girls constantly watching me, pursuing me, phonecalling, etc etc… stalking every aspects of my life… whatever I do whenever I go & doing the same to my friends and family…
    If those crazy girls continue to do this, K-pop stars will end completely destroyed by this kind of behaviour. Being harassed night and day, risking their life when they are in a car because of crazy taxi drivers & sasaeng… How can they endure that and so much more without psychological sides effects ??
    To the girls acting this way, please, mind your own business and stop this kind of behaviour… Have some respect & try to be in the place of those people you are driving to Hell with your actions.
    It’s really unfortunate that South Korean laws don’t protect private life like in US or Europe (I hope laws will be improved more and more on that topic). I don’t know why so many people don’t respect the private life of their favorite idols… I saw a pic of Junsu in a cafe, smiling with a fangirl, but what truly give me the chills was the thousand and dozens of thousand girls stuck behind the windows of that cafe… piling up there, so eager to see him… The window could have crumbled under the mass of people…
    Violence is not the solution… But if during more than 9 years now, I was constantly confronted all the time even when I sleep at home with crazy people spying and trying invading my private life by all means possible… (according to Wikipedia, the most famous idols in South Korea can have more than 100 people following them around day and night). Would I be able to keep cool & act calm & smart all the time ? No… I think I would have done so much more bad things to these crazy disrespectful girls… In order to protect me, out of fear, out of anger, stressed & tired… I would have done so much worse…
    There are Paparazzi in others countries but it’s nothing in front of that… They steal the ID of the idols, they phonecall them, they intentionally crash their cars, they invade their home, burden family & friends, sneak into their PC, etc etc & they proudly post what they do with no fear… It’s shameful & I don’t know how the ones stalked at this rate & scale didn’t became completely crazy to be constantly harassed like that…
    I wish for JYJ to have some peaceful rest when they aren’t working their asses of (Jaejoong stated having only 10 days of vacation during a year… 10 days of Hell because of sasaengs following him around like enraged wolves)
    Even if celebrity is part of the job, only in South Korea we can see this kind of extreme actions towards stars. Why South Korean idols have to go through that ?? It’s abnormal & far from what anyone can endure even for celebrity.
    I saw JYJ Come on Over DVD… If you are so eager to sneak in their daily life, they give you a nice tour of their homes, their lifes, etc. with that DVD… satisfying a large amount of curiosity (I was quite surprised… & nearly unconfortable because it’s very intimate… family, friends, hobbies, homes… they show everything).
    Is it because they have so much sasaeng that they came to the extent of releasing themselves this kind of private moments ? By releasing themselves more and more intimate things, do they not fear to have more sasaeng surrounding them because they picked their curiosity showing their homes & so on ??
    They have gone through so much because of sasaeng… Who would be able to endure all that without loosing his temper ? I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go living in a desert island… They apologized for what happened but the sasaeng didn’t apologized to them & will continue to make their life like Hell… Even if violence is not the solution, this situation is quite unfair, disrespectful and infuriating. They have to protect the few moments they have free and they need a place to rest peacefully after working so much and giving so much to their fans… Even at home, they can’t rest because of those crazy girls able to sneak everywhere even in their beds… This is not celebrity… It’s harassment beyond imagination. I will always forgive the stars because it’s insane & they have no way to be protected… it’s quite understandable to loose your temper & explode (I would have moved long ago to another country, like Japan, in their places).
    I will never forgive sasaeng actions, always condamn them & their way of thinking ! Being proud of constantly annoying and bothering stars in any ways possible. What they do is so… It’s a nightmare. I wish I could lock all of them in psychiatric hospitals because it’s truly what need those crazy girls. They waste their lifes, their money & their times spying and doing crazy things to people who don’t deserved being treated like this even if they are celebrities. They need treatment ! JYJ & DBSK need to have private life in order to give their best when they work. We need to see them with big smiles and happy & not half-panicked because they’ve nearly escaped death coming by car or suffocating surrounded by a crowd… Not all fans are sasaengs but if sasaengs continue to strike them, stars will fear fans… Stars need fans & fans need stars. Sasaeng have to be stopped or controlled. Celebrity has to be bearable & fans don’t need to know every single details of the life of their favorites idols.
    Sasaeng do this because they want to be oustanding, being recognized by stars (as their worst nightmare) and famous on the web because of the infos they share (tons of views on youtube, likes on facebook, etc…). Today with social medias, if your favorite star wants to share his/her new haircut he/she will do it easily. Fans don’t need to see a stolen pic or video of it shared by a sasaeng crazy girl with no pride and no respect.