• http://drunkonrainbowsyrup.tumblr.com/ MissBurlesque

    After seeing a sasaeng smack Yoochun, I understand where JYJ’s anger comes from, though I agree that their actions are not good. Their management needs to cover them with bodyguards and take higher precautions if there is to be any solution to the madness.

    • http://profiles.google.com/korres.kutie Fenily Charo

      Are they seriously  gonna hit every fan that annoys, irritates them? They made it clear they only want fans to buy their cds go to there concert and suuport them from afar… because they lost all patience and tolerance of fans (even the non crazy ones) who get in there way. BEcause of these sasaeng fans.. JYJ looks at most ppl now like they are a burden. Yoochun clearly just gets agitated when ppl want his autograph… lots of pix taken by fans from USA ive seen have jaejoong snobbed up and has his mask and zipup for a quick picture… he isnt as friendly as he was before as ppl who met him in real life claim. we know how hard it is to endure.. we know how stressful it is… we know they turned borderline crazy because of the lack of freedom and privacy…. we dont need to hear it… we just want to hear the apology of your repeatily hitting them… i don’t care if they cross the line (because it seems JYJ just lost patience and tolerance for everyone.. even ppl who get in there way to ask for a autograph *hence Yoochun hitting a fan video*) so if everyone annoys them or irritates them.. you automatically put them in the sasaeung fan category? Fans now u only want to buy your music, support you from afar, be at your concert and standby and watch… we get it now. I dont care how much they cross the line, you can be mad, you can scream, you can swear all you want… but dont ever LAY YOUR HAND ON A FEMALE! Violence against violence is never the answer! (clearly, did u get anything resolved? did u find your solution since u admitted to hitting girls many times before? NO) it’s just to let off some steam. I dont think you guys are bad ppl…. but i do not support violence. Men should never hit girls.

      • Anonymous

        *yawn* this has been discussed ad nauseam. At this point, it is like beating a dead horse.

      • http://twitter.com/cheerysu Echo Chen

        How can you assume that they beat the girls everytime they are disturbed?
        You don’t even know how JJ generally behave on saesangs!
        So many times he has been treated rudely in the crowd,he didn’t show any annoyance.
        So many times we’ve read about how fans meet him occasionally and get friendly greet.If it’s not fit for autograph,he would apologize.
        This is what we know!
        Even his saesang  fans don’t know such extremely situation that he hit any fan.
        Based on some heavy edited audio,you made such extreme conclusion.Do you even think about the real fact or you just jump out ad moral saint commenting others?
        You don’t need truth.What you guys really need is topics.
        At least,he apologized, though  KBS’s interview with the saesang showed that he just gave her some flips on the forehead and the audio was recorded and edited by dirty hands. 

  • Anonymous

    those “fans” probably deserve a couple smacks to wake them up. they need to get a life and stop harassing idols. 

  • http://twitter.com/ealanor91 Ealanor

    When I first heard about those news about JYJ being violent towards their fans I was angry. I have been fan of JYJ as long they’ve been around as JYJ, and for me an idol hitting a fan was something unimaginable. I went past my man hitting a woman opinions, because in my books it’s always human hitting a human being, nevermind if it’s a man or a woman. But an idol to hit someone who supports them… That’s just nasty in my opinion. 

    But I didn’t want to comment the issue, because I was afraid that I would either get labelled as JYJ stan without brain (oppa didn’t mean it and could have never done it) or anti-JYJ fan with no sense of how real human being acts (meaning those comments of putting myself into their shoes). 

    Firstly, I wanna state here, that all kind of violence is sick. Whether it’s an emotional violence, in this case stalking and all that crazy stuff that those sasaegns do, or someone responding to it by hitting someone. It’s sick.

    What is even more alarming in this situation however, is that how this ever was possible to happen. The more I read about this issue, my anger and resentment towards JYJ turned into a pity. A deep pity. Someone said earlier that when they signed their contracts they  knew what was gonna happen. I think that no one would ever sign a contract which states that for the next almost ten years you’re gonna face so much harassment both emotional, physical and sexual, that no sane person can handle it. 

    This fan cuture revolving around K-pop is seriously disgusting thing. They have anti-fans, which is something I’ve never learned to understand in the first place and then they have these sasaeng fans, which might be even worse. Can they even be called fans? And how something like this can be tolerated so easily in Korea. That kind of stalking and endangering someone’s life should be criminal. Is it so that there are really that many sasaengs out there that there’s no way of controlling the issue?

    Also, we know nothing about if that sasaeng fan did something to JaeJoong before he hit her. Lashing out on one individual because you hate the group is not right. Lashing out on anyone isn’t ight, but in case he was trheated or somehow strongly harassed in that situation I could still understand his reaction. Because we don’t surely know anything about the context of that video, no dates, no persons involved, no idea whether it was edited or not, no idea what happened before JaeJoong lost his calm, really, I think our judgements aren’t really on a sturdy base. 

    I really wish that korean media would throughoutly search this issue. I don’t care if the result is that JYJ is being violent animals towards their fans, but I wanna have a real information, a truthful picture of what has been going on. I can’t trust few shabby videos and edited voice recordings and some fanaccounts, no matter how trustwhorthy they’re said to be. I wanna see real proof of what has been going on during these years, how much shit there has been involved really before I make any judgements. 

    I don’t think that JYJ hitting their fans (sasaeng or not) is any kind of solution or rightful act, even though I can only imagine the horrors they’ve been through. But all I know is, that if all that’s true what’s said about the sasaeng fans and if I had to live that through, I would be living in asylum right now. 

    The one thing I’m sad is that this will dirty JYJ’s name as people who resolve into violence. I truly love their music, and this controversy doesn’t stop the fact that I’m their fan. But this makes me feel sad for all the parties involved. Sasaengs, actual fans, JYJ and their families and the people close to them. And this doesn’t really give a good reputation to K-pop in general either. 

    Sorry for the long post, and sorry if I didn’t make myself clear enough, I’ll answer comments, if you have some things you want to clarify. 

  • http://twitter.com/star4dance Diane Kangaroo

    It makes me cringe to think that Jaejoong said that, but there’s a mental limit to being able to put up with these crazy stalkers.
    Of course he would eventually crack and break down like that: it’s NATURAL and HUMAN.
    I feel horrible that he was so stressed and aggravated to the point that he verbally and physically attacked his crazy fans.
    Any normal artist would appreciate fans, but they need to have some respect and space for that artist. 

  • Anonymous

    While in theory violence shouldn’t be condoned, brutal reality beats such things. These saesang fans are only going to increase further in number as the years go by – and ultimately, even drag the government to do something about it.

    For those who say that the idols need bodyguards – well think about it. Just exactly what sort of bodyguards should they have? Being big and beefy while wearing a tux doesn’t necessarily mean guaranteed security – the agencies need to hire BGs who have ex-military or law enforcement background with detailed field experience, maybe even PMCs and mercenaries – possibly even foreigners. I mean bodyguards that know how to fight back efficiently and will tear you apart a new asshole if you try to get past them.

    Even if it’s going to be more costly, I think it’s well worth the money – idols need bodyguards like that 24/7, patrolling their dorms. While I cannot say much for smaller agencies, big ones like YG, SM and JYP should have the money to pay and contract for that kind of security. While such an idea seems laughable and overboard at current, I wouldn’t be surprised if such a scenario became reality in the future.  

    The police obviously hasn’t done jack to deal with these saesang fans – and it’s probably the least of their concerns since they got more serious criminals to deal with – i.e. serial killers, rapists, gangs, con-artists/frauds etc. Giving some teen saesang fan is probably the least of their concerns.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000334794664 Zeynep Yağmur Tuğçe Sari

    This is a Lie ! Lie ! Lie ! Lie! Lie!!  Jyj group, leave now!  Why ? Why ? I don’t believe. This is a lie !

  • Anonymous

    “On the 10th, KBS2 received an audio file from the JYJ sasaeng fan who was
    in the middle of the yelling controversy. In the interview, it was found
    out that the audio was from 2009, and about the JYJ violence
    controversy the fan stated “Those events witnessed were not even large
    enough to be called assault” dismissing the controversy of the crisis
    directly.This JYJ sasaeng fan controversy raised much awareness about
    the problems surrounding fan culture, making this a thought provoking
    and memorable event for many people.”
    Source: TV Daily via Nate

    Turns out this was fake and overblown after all. The whole thing never
    made any sense, but it was easier to believe the lies because it played
    on our emotions. The fact that Jaejoong even apologized, taking the
    blame on himself, when it turned out he was being maligned unjustly, is
    just so wrong on many levels. Those who know Jaejoong have been saying,
    what he was being accused of just seems so out of character. When
    professional analysis showed that the audio had been tampered with, some
    still didn’t believe. But now that the case has been dismissed, I hope
    we all learn, not to jump to conclusions. Not to slam people, so

    JYJ were on their way to Chile, when the audios were released,
    unfortunately the news of the audio overshadowed that. Then just as they
    were going to Peru, KBS released theirs. Coincidence? I am usually not
    one for conspiracy theories, but this JYJ issue is starting to appear
    very suspect. This is like the 5th attack on them, just this year alone.
    They are not the only Kpop artists out there, so why?

    For their sakes, I hope this draws awareness to what they are going
    through. While, other countries are rolling out the red carpet for them
    and welcoming them with open arms, they are being mistreated in their
    own country, just because they decided to branch out on their own, and
    not follow the status quo, is that really so wrong? Is it really
    something to hate them for?

  • Monica Estefany Preciado Espin

    99.5% of respondents are on the side of JYJ. You want more? Do not judge before knowing the whole truth Seoulbeat. Just who is a follower of JYJ holds its truth. God and his infinite mercy never will let them fall by more than tendentious stories and comments malignant want that to happen, Now I hope that everyone who made ​​judgments live very happy and that pain that jaejoong is feeling right now make you sleep in peace and with a clear conscience.Amén.

  • http://twitter.com/ClaudelleLe Claudelle Le

    Isn’t it already punishment to have this grossly blown way out of proportion out in his face? At the end of the day, Jaejoong (and even JYJ for the matter) is in the most pain as result of the aftermath from this predicament while the saesangs run about free doing as they please with no apology in return. When we are in pain it’s unfortunate as it is instinctive that we
    respond in kind by causing more pain only to regret & feel more pain
    later… To our hapless misery… In charged situation like that, who know how you yourself would react. You can reprimand and even condemn him, even revile him for it but just remember you are no better the scorn that you subject him to. What good does it do for you abhor him for something that went awry out of his control? And this odd to me that they waited all this time to bring this so-called ‘audio clip’ as evidence to the surface when it’s been three years since the alleged incident happened.

  • Capri08

    To me in order to actually pick a side or even to make a judgment call. People need to hear two sides of the story. Why is it you can only hear, what appears to be, JYJ? What happen before that to actually get them that angry? I don’t mean to sound like I’m sticky up for JYJ, or whoever might be on the recording, but all these supposed “evidence” is too one sided for mine liking. And from what I known and experienced, if these recording were taken around 2009, where  DBSK were first going thru there trouble. A lot of their fans were going crazy, and I mean insanely crazy. So if they were defending themselves against these Sasaeng fans, then to be truthfully honest that’s understandable. But if they were just taking their frustration out on these fans, because they stepped too close, or they kept following them around ( not stalker like ) then I say, they need to own up to their mistaken and apologize. 

  • Anonymous

    This is crazy! Jyj would be done in the states like chris brown!!!! Potential wife beaters!

    • cancertwin2

      This would never happen in the States because there is no such thing as “sesaeng fans” there are only real fans and stalkers. Here in the US, we actually know the difference.

    • Anonymous

      @queenmarsha – Please do not insult JYJ by comparing them to Chris Brown. Chris Brown is a spoiled, brat who beat his girlfriend Rhianna, not his stalker. Don’t throw such harsh accusations when you don’t know the whole story. Please remember that words can hurt just as much if not more than physical blows.

      And like @cancertwin2 said, this wouldn’t happen in the US because there are laws in place to protect celebrities. The South Korean government needs to do more to protect their entertainers and the fans before something worse happens. Just because these Sasaengs are underaged, does not mean they are any less sick than their adult counterparts.

  • Anonymous

    If they were going so crazy they shouldvr left stardom and never looked at violence as an option or possibility…this is what any good person not so desperate for fame would do..

    • http://twitter.com/m_m324 Michelle

      I don’t think you understand the extend of the sesaeng fans…. they have the boys social security number, their phone number, their family’s phone numbers, their phone records, their address, their house keys…they follow you everywhere you go…even if they were to leave the entertainment industry, the “fans” will still follow them around for another couple of years until no one cares about them…you put any one under those conditions they would go crazy. one of the boys once said they woke up to a stranger standing IN THEIR HOME….what the sasaeng fans are doing is breaking the law, but the law doesn’t do much to protect the artists…not to mention Jaejoong was drunk in that clip…i’m not trying to protect him…i’m just saying…anyone follow me around i would do the same…and much worse…

  • http://twitter.com/CheonSaRang_Ssi Vanessa Miguel

    I’m one of their fans… I can say that I somewhat understand that they’ve had enough of the stalkings and crazy, disgusting methods of sasaeng fans. I also wonder why these fans would only record their voices while following them, what’s the logic there? Would you follow your idols and only record their voice? I would rather take pictures of them or videos… I can’t say that I can believe this side of story… but on the other hand, there’s still a part of me that wants to believe this. It’s not humane to use violence against people especially to young girls that adores them. It’s really disturbing and disappointing that the person you thought was sweet and a gentleman would be involved with such thing. We can’t judge them yet, people. We’ve only heard one side of the story, there’s still the other who has the right to explain and defend their side. Don’t rant on them without proof, it’s also not humane… Nobody knows what their real situation why they did that, only them… Let’s wait for their response and if this is true we can go and rant together! and if it’s not, let’s just drop this and forget everything :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000155595212 Dongbang Junior

    Trying my best not to sound biased here..this may be a JYJ fansite, but this article is pretty useful in providing evidence & accurate translations regarding this matter. I have to admit that I was taken aback by how physically & abusively violent can the boys get, but I’m even more shocked by the privates’ actions towards them. Honestly, even the best-tempered person would be angered by constant harassing & disturbance. This has not been going on just for months, neither a few years, but it’s NINE YEARS. I agree with a line in this link: “I’m surprised TVXQ hasn’t gone insane”. http://jyj3.net/2012/03/07/info-truth-regarding-jyj-privates/

  • cancertwin2

    I’m really tired of people using the excuse that these girls are supposed their fans and that it’s just apart of Kpop. It’s sick and needs to be stopped before something truly bad happens. Someone needs to step in and tell these girls what they’re doing is wrong. The law thinks they are protecting them because the majority of them are underaged but what if they get seriously hurt? I’ve been a Kpop fans for many years and it still baffles me the instinct that these obsessed fans will go and how they remain unpunished. It reminds me of the stalker fan incident with Rain in 2007 in which this woman had been following him round since age 25. She even came to his office with her luggage demanding to see him because she is his fiancee. She told everyone that it was her idea for him to go to Hollywood and all of his success was because of her. Clouds reportedly knew about her and how she’d often touch Rain inappropriately in the air port but didn’t do anything because she was older than them and it was common in Kpop. Finally an investigation TV stepped in and the girl has sent to a mental institution. Rain reportedly felt that his life was in danger and was scared. I really couldn’t imagine living my life like that. Something needs to be done ASAP.

  • http://twitter.com/CassiopeiaHeart Cassiopeia Star

    Violence didn’t really exist here. Someone from Kpop star and allkpop and soompi said it, and I searched for it. Apparently it’s true. The girl already admit it all. She said she wasn’t the one who recorded it. According to her, Jae Joong only flick her forehead, and she said that he never hit her before that.  And, apparently Jae Joong acted that way because she touched Yoo Chun’s groin, but she didn’t say that in the interview, the one who blew that up is CJES staff.  And funny that I’m the only one who find it fishy that some random audio from 3 years back pop out now.  And the interview that I mentioned earlier are from KBS Entertainment Relay.  The interview meant to slander JYJ, I think, because they tried to make the sesaeng looks like victims. But, the girl clear that up.  And am I the only one who thinks that Dispatch and KBS aimed for the same men? First, it’s Big Bang, now it’s JYJ.  And to those who had been criticizing JYJ without even knowing the truth, you are no different than KBS and Dispatch.  How can you guys commented without even knowing the facts?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_N2QLRPVYAAMSNNA2SSYYJ6JFXI Jacquelene

      Thank you so much for clearing that up for me. Honestly, I have been up to date with my kpop news and the moment I come back on I hear about this. For a minute there I was holding my breathe but after reading what you wrote, I can breathe again ^^

  • Anonymous

    Just sick of the whole mess. I am wavering between caring and being disgusted. I’ll come back when I decide.

  • http://profiles.google.com/sallyb3000 Sally Brown

    The matter has been cleared up by the person who experienced it…and she said he *flicked her on the forehead*…the audio is the rendered false/edited for drama. Your article should be updated to reflect that fact.

    My personal opinion : JYJ should carry TASERS….and USE them.

    • http://twitter.com/Mandarince Marina T. 真理菜

       “JYJ should carry TASERS….and USE them” …ROFl + LMAO >_< great one!!

  • Anonymous

    So let me get this straight – this was 3 years ago, at a time according to the sasaeng herself was very sensitive to the guys, when their career was probably on the line. When they were out of it and probably not as cautious as they would usually be. And were being harassed by aggressive stalkers who had been warned repeatedly. And all he did was flick her head (those who watch Kdramas know what this is). But the tabloid that first released the audio, decided to manipulate the listener, by removing all background noise, so as the emphasize the sounds and then added additional sounds. The girl involved feels the media is exaggerating the issue and making things look worse. Yet JYJ are the bad guys? In what world are some of you guys living in. The good thing is, this issue has brought to life the dangerous and extreme nature of sasaeng stalker culture in Korea.

  • Brieana Milner

    You know I don’t condone violence against women AT ALL. I have no sympathy for them what so ever but I don’t think we FULLY understand the situation here. DO you know what these boys have been through for the past 9 years?
    check out this link (http://jyj3.net/2012/03/07/info-truth-regarding-jyj-privates/) and then tell me that you can’t sympathize with these guys even a LITTLE.

    And we all know that these people aren’t REALLY fans but crazed stalkers that even make attempts to assault them.

  • Brieana Milner

    You know I don’t condone violence against women AT ALL. I have no sympathy for them what so ever but I don’t think we FULLY understand the situation here. DO you know what these boys have been through for the past 9 years?
    check out this link (http://jyj3.net/2012/03/07/info-truth-regarding-jyj-privates/) and then tell me that you can’t sympathize with these guys even a LITTLE.

    And we all know that these people aren’t REALLY fans but crazed stalkers that even make attempts to assault them.

  • kheir jc

    i really hate violance especially to underage female..eventhough they felt annoyed and insulted ,it really inappropriate for the physical violance.i admit i felt disquisted to jaejoong after i heard this news. although i shud understand how they felt to be followed 24hours by those sasaeng fans but still it is really unacceptable. their success is not achieved by themselves,without fans,they are really nothing.in the first place they shud already know the consequences to be idols and accept that facts. i can’t stop my feeling to start hating jyj(especially)jaejeong.sorry.i m no longer ur fans.

  • kheir jc

    i really hate violance especially to underage female..eventhough they felt annoyed and insulted ,it really inappropriate for the physical violance.i admit i felt disquisted to jaejoong after i heard this news. although i shud understand how they felt to be followed 24hours by those sasaeng fans but still it is really unacceptable. their success is not achieved by themselves,without fans,they are really nothing.in the first place they shud already know the consequences to be idols and accept that facts. i can’t stop my feeling to start hating jyj(especially)jaejeong.sorry.i m no longer ur fans.

    • Anonymous

      I recommend that you do a bit more research. The girl said she was not hit. KBS is not a fan of JYJ, so I doubt they were trying to help them.

      • http://twitter.com/CassiopeiaHeart Cassiopeia Star

        I know right. They sounded as if Jae Joong killed that girl. I don’t condone violence too, that’s why I recommend those fangirls to be admitted to asylum.  They have been physically violence to JYJ, just so that their ‘oppas’ will remember them. Try to be on their spot for 9 years.  And just because of some silly fore head flick, suddenly Jae Joong becomes the bad guy.  I am a fan, I contribute for their album sales too, but did I stalk them?  And it is flattering for them to be called fans because they are simply not.  A fan will never do anything that will harm or endangered the life of their loved ones.  And contrary to some people, my love for them strengthen even more, after knowing this. 

        PS: If forehead flick is violence, then all variety shows  should be suspended, because there are a lot of those ‘violence’ displayed to public through that kind of shows.  And to fathers who flick their daughter’s forehead, be careful, dispatch is going to hunt you down.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZATNRRFCROLVT67IOWP56YM6FU Diamond

      oh please dont act all nice go ahead dont be a fan no one cares you dont know what its like for them to go through all this and your saying you hate them whatever make judgement and if you dont know jaejoong dont get on here and make stupid comments thats not how jaejoong is really so for you to get on here and say stupid things thats stupid and i doubt he would care if your not a fan anymore its “unacceptable” oh please what they went through i dont blame them and the sasaeng fans use violance why not use it back “without thier fans they would be nothing” they would rather be nothing then to be in the pain they are now  SO GO AHEAD AND HATE JYJ BECAUSE NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOUR THOUGHTS!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/Q57HETASQYFYSZY55VXKVARCZA Anthony

        Lol you just say a lot of stupid things to try to justify what they did, they knew what the were signing up for and they need to grow the fuck up and be men and not going around hitting teenage girls, and if they rather would be nothing then why arent  they? gtfo here with that, they hit girls just because they are famous and all and you protect what they did tryna look like they will notice you but guess what, the girl being hit by them will get more attention from them than you ever will oohhh i see your jealousy so yeah k bai

        • http://twitter.com/Mandarince Marina T. 真理菜

          You commenting on the stupidity of her comments, really? First stupid comment from you: “…they knew what the were signing up…”, 2. stupid comment from you: “…be men…”, 3. stupid comment from you: “… just because they are famous…”, 4. stupid comment from you: “… they will notice you but guess what, the girl being hit by them will get more attention from them…”, 5. stupid comment from you: “…i see your jealousy…”.
          Diamond is an emotional (I guess) teenage female fan, what is your excuse?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kitiara-Burford/1329281435 Kitiara Burford

    This is crap! Jyj is just getting fed up over its stalker fans!! They need to be given space to breathe!! People don’t need to stalk them just because they “Love” them really its more like obsession, they need to know their boundaries!!! If you ask me They have the right to curse at their fans, they arent getting any privacy!! This type of stuff really pisses me off and I will ALWAYS take JYJ’s(and any other group suffering) side!! They are already suffering because of Park Yoochuns fathers death (May god bless Yoochun, Junsu, and Jaejoong- get better soon :( ) they dont need this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/KELLYYEOH Kelly켈리Kali可丽keri蹴り

    To me, if there’s no video footage, then it’s a fake. I need to confirm it with my own eyes. with the new tech in this era, anything can be edited, including voices.

  • Bronwyn O’Brien

    Whilst I would never condone violence some people are pushed so hard that they can act in a manner that is totally not in their nature and lash out violently, particularly if they have been drinking alcohol.These stalkers have violated this band’s privacy and as a result it seems they have lashed out. Of course we don’t know the whole story.  Stalkers would have filmed the violence not just recorded it on audio, surely.   And how do we know that SM or some enterprising Journalist hasn’t grabbed hold of the footage for there own purposes. Think about it…if this footage was recorded before DBSK broke up then SM would have done everything in their power to make sure that this footage was covered up and now after a couple of years it appears? I smell a rat.
    Let’s face it…JYJ is no longer protected by a big company, They’re more or less on their own. Goodness knows what other idols have done that their management has covered up. 
    I think it is healthy to look at all things objectively and don’t judge until we absolutely know all the facts. Just sayin’

  • Anonymous

    in KBS’ Ent Relay show, turns out proven to the whole nation that the audio INDEED tampered, editted n manipulated. this is why in SK, people, netizens even medias looked down at Dispatch, coz they published news based on editted audio to attacked JYJ. even SK medias like TopStarNews, Entermedia, Nate, etc support JYJ.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/T6RKEMG4HF7YD7DTVDIZEGH3D4 AlisonH

    Where’s the video of them hitting the female fan ? I wanna see….evident !!!!

  • http://twitter.com/angskeet Angskeet

    this is kind of disturbing for both ends…one, for those psycho fans who stalk people (do they not have a life?) and two, for the audio footage of JYJ …of course i don’t know what is really going on, but still…i’m not supporting any sides at all

  • Nurul L

    i dont know the whole story & the truth…n i dont even JYJ fan..but i love yoochun as lee gak in rooftop prince…its daebak!!!…n fullstop….i only like him in drama..not his real self…n after reading this..i think i’ll never be his fan or JYJ fan for real…….i am BOICE n hopefully no matter what happen in the future… jong hyun, jung shin & min hyuk will always be good towards their fans…hopefully no matter how though things will turn out, CNBLUE will never lose their mind & stick to their good heart especially jong hyun, min hyuk & jung shin….they’ve been raised as good person…so they should be good person till the end…..

    an for idols…..they chose to be an idol…they know what they will face….as long as their good & pure heart dont weaver….they can get through whatever comes…till the end…..its tiring but that’s that’s the price for being an idol~~~

    • http://twitter.com/CassiopeiaHeart Cassiopeia Star

      If one day, CNBLUE ditched their company and things like this comes out, I’ll totally lol-ed hard remembering your comment.  Before the audio got leaked, does anyone got a clue on what actually happened to JYJ for nine years?  No.  I can also easily say that sesaeng fans are people who ‘will never lose their mind & stick to their good heart ‘ and ‘that they’ve been raised as good person…so they should be good person till the end…..’

      Puh-lease, I’m 18, yet I’m gonna call you naive.  And, idols are human, you talk as if idols are saint.   No one deserved to be creeped by other people for 9 years.  Then again, idols behaving human-like is irrelevant in your world, am I correct?

  • http://twitter.com/Blackmise Ceelee


  • Meg Belen

    I wasn’t really a DBSK fan. I learned about them just recently thru dramas — after which I discovered DBSK, JYJ and how JYJ went against the giant SM. I cannot not admire JYJ. They got the guts and the talent; they deserve to succeed and get people’s support.

    CHECK OUT WHY THE SM CONTRACT IS UNFAIR in All Kpop’s “TVXQ’s Income Revealed”.

    Our musicians are working hard and don’t deserve this. Let’s show these music giants who’s the boss (WE PEOPLE) by supporting great talents.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EF5VUL7M6PW7OWJPHQ35MXAVY4 piper

    poor guys. imagine being stalked by weirdos for so many years. mentally, no human would be able to take it. if it takes verbal and physical abuse to get rid of those mosquito-like fans, who wouldn’t do that? super annoying

  • ibelexx

    Errrrmm am I suppose to feel sorry for the sasaeng fans that got hit and yelled at? Sasaeng fans aren’t really fans.. They’re disturbed people who stalk celebrities. Jyj finally snapped under the torturous stress that comes with having sasaeng fans and I’m suppose to feel bad about those ‘fans’ finally getting knocked down down for their crazy, creepy actions? No. Sasaeng fans will get no sympathy from me.

  • http://twitter.com/lunastar_501 º_º클라우디아♥

    they should just stop being fans their making hard for our oppa’s and they deserve what he said to them and any ways the artist could do whatever they want no stupid saesang fans are going to tell them what to do

  • http://twitter.com/YouKnowImBad L+J= LJ :))

    because fans should atleast know their limitation.. we’ll never know what those teenage fans have done to JYJ!

  • jade_ice

    Are we supposed to feel bad for them getting hit? I don’t.


    I have kids and when they act like brats they get a smack.
    Obviously JYJ can’t bend these idiots over their knees and give them a whack so
    they smack their heads. Good for them. The police over there won’t do anything
    to stop them why can’t idols protect themselves? Is it ok to let them sexually
    assault the idols? How about urinating or pooping on their doorstep? See what
    I’m saying, they are not stopped by any means, as a matter of fact some do it intentionally
    to see a different side of their oppa’s that others don’t see. I think South
    Korea needs to implement a strong educational policy for kids and make them
    have phyc evaluations periodically to prevent more phycos in the world. In
    America we have counseling in schools; people need to teach their kids to not
    be so nutso and things will be better in the long run. It is a social problem
    we don’t have in the US because we have police that will haul your butt in for
    spitting on the sidewalk in downtown. The guys need to hire bodyguards and
    install alarms just to feel safe in their own homes I guess. Since the crazy
    brats installed a CCTV in Yoochun’s garage just to watch him.

  • jade_ice

    I just read this and it has solidified my beliefs that these people are crazy.

    I don’t know how a rational person could have remained sane after all this, not to mention what we didn’t see written down

  • Mary Kim

    I am against violence altogether but claiming that violence against a girl is what crosses the line as behaviour that is ‘alarming, disgusting and inappropriate’, is not only sexist but false. DBSK debuted a long time ago and that that time, I’m sure the existence of sasaeng fans were the least of their worries. Times have changed and from the looks of the copious acts that have been committed against them (excrement being left on their doorsteps, menstrual blood being sent to members, physically abusing Changmin with a bag of rocks), I can completely understand Jaejoong’s actions. It matters not whether they are famous celebrities or a ‘yuppie’ like you and I; the things they have had to endure are disgusting and nobody should have to deal with it. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZATNRRFCROLVT67IOWP56YM6FU Diamond

    Okay you guys are getting on my last nerve i dont look down on what the boys did even though they hit a fan those fans had it coming to them they are not fans for all of what they have been through i think they had a right to teach them a lesson they held their stress level way to high and they finally lost it. and i dont blame them because if i was in their situation i would have hit those people way early then they did i dont think that is the way they really act every one has a limit and theirs was reached so for all of you people out there that are not being a fan any more go ahead because that did not make you a true fan from the start. if you leave them hanging like that because of something these fans did these fans had it coming to them they desvered every bit of what they got this group has made music for us made our lifes better and this is how they get treated i dont blame them and ask yourself this question if you were in there situation would you not have did the same thing. most people would you have not acutally been through the stuff so it might not seem bad for you but its a living hell for them. you know i will be a fan forever through thick and thin with them. i love this band so much i love them

  • http://twitter.com/special_spring catcat

    At some point you reach your limit. Those “fans” are just creepy.. they’ve only got themselves to blame. “You reap what you sow”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/OjiShachouJHOLICS Andi Oji Nuruljihad

    It would be much better if we stopped describing these people as ‘fans’ and, instead, as ‘stalkers’… leave the word ‘fan’ out of it, because this level of obsession is disturbing.

    it’s for this reason that people have bodyguards, so they don’t have to get their hands dirty. JYJ should look into hiring a bodyguard service, because this kind of reaction is intolerable.

  • http://twitter.com/Thumpz2 Thumpz

    They are not fans.  They are Stalkers and should be treated as sub human – less than dogs.  

  • http://twitter.com/_10shiJ m.m. sair

    Honestly, I was somehow discouraged with jaejoong after i heard this, but then my mom said, ‘imagine yourself in their shoes, being watched for years, every minute, if you were jaejoong i think you’ve do much worse”. And that’s when I clearly got the picture, how scary these fans can be to actually make jaejoong that pissed.

  • http://twitter.com/Mandarince Marina T. 真理菜

    They surely knew they’ve signed up for fangirls, screaming, etc. the usual stuff, but letters with menstrual blood, causing accidents to meet them, steeling their identity to buy stuff, entering somehow the dorms and the list goes on… I don’t think that they’ve signed for that… I go with @m.m.sair mums opinion… I would have done much worse to those fans. Saying that they are teenage females is an excuse and btw they are not only teenage girls (read a post of one 29 year old woman who said she’ll buy a car so that she can be more efficient).

  • yuuki

    so if the boy assault girl she can hit him and be told she did a good job but when a boy is assaulted by god knows how many time and how many girl then he is suppose to shut his mouth and smile just cause he is a celebrity? don’ give me such crap.. teenage or adult wrongdoing is wrongdoing.. and what the boys did was simply self defense i am sure they didn’t just go and hit the girl who have not done anything which is then violent

  • HappyTP

    Even though I love them, I still have to admit something was wrong here. I love DBSK, I think that they are one of the best kpop group. But nevertheless, their behavior is inexcusable. Judging from the time the video is filmed, I guess that JYJ may get the stress from the lawsuit or the break up. I just wish that they would consider their actions more careful because this is not acceptable even though they have a lot of stress. This video literally makes my image of JYJ and past DBSK shatter!

  • Gracie Chan

    ughhhh I HATE SAESANGS. WHY ARE YOU RUINING THEIR LIVES. THEY ARE HUMAN. You can’t just invads someon’es privacy and djfkajsdfjkdsjfkdsjkfjsekdlfjlksfjksdjfalksd;sdfkjsdkf

  • Aluysion

    Saesangs are mentally ill. Stalkers are mentally ill. No, hitting them isn’t right, but these guys aren’t protected at all. South Korea seems to be on the fence about it or pretends these crazy people do not exist. These girls need mental help. It’s unhealthy to worship anyone or anything to that level. Anyone with any understanding of empathy would not invade someone’s privacy like this because they can think about the kindergarten adage of “How would it make you feel if you were followed by a crazy stalker boy?” But that’s the thing, it would be just fine if a crazy stalker boy was beat up by a girl, right? Double standards are a pain in the ass. These girls do not love their fans. They feel ownership of them which is one of the marked signs of the following mental conditions psychopathy/sociopathy, narcissism, borderline personality disorder etc. My own dad has this view towards people. It’s really easy to spot and most people describe it as a “twisted” love. It’s not love if the person can not think you’re human with wants and needs and have the right to not like you back. That’s what lacking empathy for others pretty much means.

  • hananohana

    I agree about not calling them fans. They are sasaeng…just that. And well I’m sorry but if these girls are being so disrespectful as to invade privacy and just be jerks, then hey, they get what they deserve.