With MBLAQ starring in season 5 of Hello Baby many A+’s hit the roof. Even I, a casual fan of MBLAQ, was excited. Who wouldn’t be, it’s the ultimate fangirl fantasy. Your favorite dancing and singing boys taking care of children, you can’t deny biology.

That being said Baby Talk is a venue for all the fans out there to spazz  discuss the episodes.

A quick recap of the first two episodes.

  • The boys were given various missions to try the children. Which led to kidnapping the kids..
  • Mir thinks Lauren will be his ideal type. You better watch that mouth or Chris Hansen will be at your doorstep soon.
  • Leo’s Dad is really cute and French. Rawr
  • Since the boys are given three kids, it’s been a challenge trying to give them equal attention
  • MBLAQ tries to teach the kids manners, interesting to watch with the differences in cultures
  • Dayoung is not impressed by Joon’s muscles.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to spazz or engage in enlightening discussion below.