• Anonymous

    Someone that I have contact with through social networking has newly discovered Kpop and I I can’t stop hearing about Minho and SHINee related things in general. I’m sure that increased my amusement while reading this article by a factor of like 17.

  • tectonic

    the pictures are awesome

    • Bookthiefj

      Ya I love Jung Juri ! She is the ultimate fan girl ! Though I am sure , its all for the camera !

  • alex

    The bloody pad writing for Taecyeon just saved my portion for dinner. I am a fangirl but there’s just no way that I’m gonna regard the idols as the center of my existence. Plain absurdity. Illogical and simply stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Until the end of your article, I thought you were singling out girls! Phew!

    “Another thing about these girls is that they think that just because they know sarangheyo, annyeong, and oppa they know Korean.”

    This is a HUGE pet-peeve of mine and it’s been around for a long time, since I was into anime. I hate it when socially backward people start throwing random Korean or Japanese words into their sentences, partly because it’s annoying and pathetic and because it’s ignorant. Don’t throw kawaii or add “desu” on the end of your sentences and act “Japanese.” Same with Korean. Say it entirely in the language or just leave the word out completely, please. You’re using it incorrectly and you’re embarassing yourself.

    Some girl sent a member of 2PM a letter written in period blood? I’m severely grossed out. I would be scarred for life if I were that guy. Why?! Why would she do that?

    Whenever I see crazy, obsessive fangirls, I think of Chris Colfer’s reaction. One fan told him that he made her cry and he replied something along the lines of that girl needing to see a councelor and that he guessed it was flattering. But seriously, though. If your life revolves around any celebrity that whatever they do makes you cry buckets of tears, you need to go talk to a psychiatrist. No joke. That’s not normal or healthy.

  • Bookthiefj

    Good post SB ! One of the main reasons why i love sb , is the relatively low population of crazy fan girls here , as compared to other sites like allkpop !

    What i hate the most about fan girls is that they can’t stand one word of criticism against their bias . I am sure the artists themselves don’t mind constructive criticism as much .

    Even basic decent acts are amplified and the idol is made an Angel/God . This is so over the top . I wonder how these crazy girls are in real life

    • Bookthiefj

      Wanted to add this – I am sure Taec puked on seeing that letter ! This is craziness beyond anything i I have heard so far

  • Bua

    Reading this article amused me a lot cuz it is exactly what I’ve been experiencing through like some good 3 years I’ve been involving with Kpop.

    I’ve met several brainless fangirls and tons of delusional fans everywhere. It’s funny seeing them like that at the same time, it’s pathetic.

    They need life though but I doubt they actually want to have one. lol

  • Anonymous

    I still remember the incident one member of Shinee cried and bowed to apologize to fans for having a girlfriend -_- I seriously cannot understand. Idols have their lives. They need to interact and build relationships, and that includes people from the opposite sex. By trying to curse and mistreat the girl, fans are ruining their idols’ social life. And by the time the idols reach 30, they will still be single and alone while their friends are spending their time with their wives and kids. Are these idols gonna be happy? I dont think so. 

    • maldita

      I will never understand how fangirls would curse the existence of any female to gets linked to their precious oppas. Then when their idols are done with military service and over 30 years old, they start bugging them on when they’ll get married and have babies.

  • Boo

    Finally! A lighthearted, funny article! Good job!

    I’ve always suspected that embarrassing fangirlism was related to age. Like how kids don’t like other people playing with “their” toys and will bite and do whatever is necessary to claim dominion over something.

  • chocovagabond

    Hahah! You guys hit the nail right on the head!

    I must say that I dislike the Delusional fangirls the most and I constantly grumble about this to my friends… It drives me crazy when an idol does something that is clearly wrong, but the fangirls(or boys) will defend the crap outta them. Seriously, they seem to have excuses for every little thing they do–it’s NEVER their fault. I love K-pop and all, and I do have my biases, but if and when–because they are only human after all–those biases do something wrong, I do and will tell it like it is.

  • Aya

    hahahahah this to the max. the article and jung juri pic of course :D

    Add 1 thing as i would call it the guardian (crazy) fan before delusional one…they always defend their bias even though they’re wrong, they will deny all the facts and keep stating that at least this “they’re human” (which is funny because they kinda took the private life of their bias) and several accused the other party and then there will be the delusional part where they bashed every single person that didn’t agree with them.

    Ps: sweety, dont say dumb, that’s not nice :)

  • http://twitter.com/Chouchou103 Michele

    ‘they should know better to write those comments without suffering the consequences from the professional fangirls. ‘ Hahahaha professional fangirls!! 

    One thing that annoys me so much also is this kind of fans who write youtube comments like :

    Jiyeon <3!!Jiyeon <3!!Jiyeon <3!!Jiyeon <3!!Jiyeon <3!!Jiyeon <3!!Jiyeon <3!!Jiyeon <3!!Jiyeon <3!!Jiyeon <3!!Jiyeon <3!!Jiyeon <3!!Jiyeon <3!!Jiyeon <3!!Jiyeon <3!!Jiyeon <3!!Jiyeon <3!!Jiyeon <3!!Jiyeon <3!!Jiyeon <3!!Jiyeon <3!!Jiyeon <3!!Jiyeon <3!!Jiyeon <3!!Jiyeon <3!!Jiyeon <3!!

    and then someone follows with : 

    Eunjung <3 Eunjung <3 Eunjung <3 Eunjung <3 Eunjung <3 Eunjung <3 Eunjung <3 Eunjung <3 Eunjung <3 Eunjung <3 Eunjung <3 Eunjung <3 Eunjung <3 Eunjung <3 Eunjung <3 Eunjung <3 Eunjung <3 Eunjung <3 Eunjung <3 Eunjung <3 Eunjung <3 Eunjung <3 Eunjung <3 Eunjung <3

    Really??? Can't you just enjoy a T-ara performance without just shouting your bias through your youtube/facebook comment? Isn't just a comment like : 'I <3 Jiyeon she's the best! ' enough?

    And more annoying thing is that those comments end up being the most liked so I can't escape them…

    In the same vein of comments are those that are seriously starting to piss me off (sorry for the language) : On ANY picture or article that SM would post on their facebook page there would be some fan writing : 

    SMTOWN IN (insert country here)!! SMTOWN IN (insert country here)!! SMTOWN IN (insert country here)!! SMTOWN IN (insert country here)!! SMTOWN IN (insert country here)!! SMTOWN IN (insert country here)!! SMTOWN IN (insert country here)!! SMTOWN IN (insert country here)!! SMTOWN IN (insert country here)!!  

    REALLY???? Can't you enjoy the picture of your favorite idol in peace???? And they post it more than once on the same picture so it's always visible…on every picture… (Though it seems to have calmed down after the SMTown NYC) 

    Fun article and I look foward to the 101 on crazy kpop fanboys

    • Anonymous

      ugh those comments hurt so much, I couldn’t even finish reading yours. It hurts.

    • 88Scatter

      My brain almost died from having to read those comments for the 38475th time this week. Maybe the military should use it as a torture or interrogation technique…

  • Skye

    I was about to eat. Then I read about the bloody letter. Ew.

    That said, I really pity this kind of fangirl. It’s ok to joke around with your friends about your biases or whatever, another thing is to take any of it seriously like delusional fangirls. I’m not even getting into the WTF fangirls because I think those girls /really/ need to see a specialist =/ (like that girl who tried to… poison Yunho? was that it? Idk, man, /SCARY/).

    It’s ok to love kpop and have a good time with it, it’s not ok if kpop it’s all you’ve got :(

  • Braveviet

    I think you should create another kind of fangirls, maybe call them “extreme” fans who cover all those categories.

  • JesStal

    “The best way to defeat these fangirls is to open the blinds. I hear they are weak to sunlight.” – I love this line. Seriously.

    Someone post this article and let it circulate around the net, cos people need to read this. I’m a huge fan of different kpop bands and yes I do fangirl (with some mininal squealing) but I don’t sit there and ridicule them. They’re people, with feelings and when you hurl insults at them, think about it being boomerang-ed back at you… like how that feels? Yeah didn’t think so. Funny how today, I was just reading about the SNSD incident during Dream Concert in 2008, and I saw all these blogposts and pictures about how other fandoms had boycotted SNSD’s performance. I was slightly shocked that that actually happened. And another thing that really gets to me is when netizens comment on idols as if they know them so well. Comments about weight (especially this one), plastic surgery, photos taken at bad angles.. do you even have the right to say things like that? And the fans that react so strongly to rumours; GD and SNSD’s Jessica on WGM, oh and not to forget when they reported her twitter as spam. Jay Park’s incident; they released the myspace comments and then said oh we want him back as 2pm’s leader. The one time he posted a bulletin on 2pm’s Without You telling people to check it out, fans replied and told him “don’t mention 2pm, they’re not a part of ‘us’ anymore.” Like seriously? SHINee’s Jonghyun and Shin Sekyung; that was just way too much. Having to apologise because he was in a relationship? Ridiculous. 

    Be a fan, yes. Spaz all you want, but try to do it within the limits of you and your computer. Keep your insulting thoughts to yourselves, comment wisely and tactfully. Thank you. 

    p.s. That blood letter… is disgusting. Sorry I couldn’t not comment badly on that. 

  • Anonymous

    section 1 girls going super saiyan. hahahaha so true. 

  • GracefulCassieShapley

    LOL, too funny and true! 

    I do, very much, dislike the delusional and crazy fangirls. Its like you can’t say anything around them that might “Disrespect their bias/bias group” or they will go banshit and bash you until your left of smithereens. I learned this the hard way when I said “Dara can’t sing.” Now most sensible fans know that she really can’t sing, some may like her voice, but she can’t sing. Suddenly I was bombarded with comments like “ohh she can sing better then you!” or “the true blackjacks don’t do this!” 

    Even worse, is when some of these fangirls treat their biases like long lost cousins and claiming that there oh-so perfect. 1) no one is perfect, we are all humans 2) how do you know there “really nice”? I doubt that a lot of fans have met their bias in person. 

    I also agree with the other point when you mentioned how a lot of fangirls will bash another female idol who is scene holding hands with their “oppa” until she apologizes……for what? She didn’t do anything wrong. 

    More laughable comments are the following: 

    “Haters are just jealous, and they can all go away” 
    “I don’t understand why so many people hate my bias, they have many wonderful qualities.” 

    The list goes on and on, but if fans are going to bash on someone….would it kill them to use proper spelling? You have no idea how annoying it is when people substitute “to” with the number 2.  

    On the other hand, I have seen a lot of anti fans who can be just as annoying, and if not worse. Personally, I lose my impatience with troll comments. Also, one thing that I could never understand was why create all these anti forums and blogs towards certain groups? If you hate them so much, why are you wasting so much time find info in order to bash them? 

    The story about the girl who sent that….erm….bloody letter to Taecyeon was nasty. I nearly threw up reading that story, and I’m sure Taecyeon was disturbed. However, if you think that is bad, one anti-fan of TVXQ sent Yunho some food spiked with cleaning detergents/soap and the poor guy was rushed to the hospital. 

    Anti fans and super crazy, delusional fans make kpop look like a joke.  

  • Emeldy

    I hate it when i see… oh we are cassies, we are elf, vips etc etc. We are The most civilized fan group. If you have your baised stick to that but stop justifying yourself.

  • Mika~

    Well. The only thing I’m kind of offended by is that you chose to use the picture of NYC fans to represent the crazy kpop fangirls… XP (FYI, the majority of the NYC fans don’t fall under this category! >.< We're nice! And only occassionally crazy!)

    The article itself was pretty funny. I'm kind of surprised you didn't mention anything about Cassies though (LOL Even though I'm a Cassie myself)… They're pretty notorious for being overly defensive and obsessive… But then again. I guess you wouldn't want to incur the wrath of such fangirls. LOL.

    You should've really mentioned those fangirls who crawl into their oppa's bedrooms and stuff… I think that's just as creepy as the period letters…

  • Meanie

    You know the first word I learned when i ventured into kpop… “OPPA”, Oppa this and Oppa that. LOL I had to look it up.

    I never really understood why people had these type of obsessive & possessive hold on celebrities. Before I dived into kpop I didn’t realize how CRAZY some of these fangirls/men were until I read about Telisha Shaw & JYJ and the whole incident when she came out with the song King Me.  “Cassie’s”  as I found out later went nuts.  Plus Telisha being black brought it to another whole level of CRAZY.

    And I just shake my head and cringe every time, because it seems the end of the world just came to fruition for a lot of these fans.

    Example: “OMG she just winked at my innocent oppa!  DIE BITCH! DIE!” 

    • Meanie

      Don’t get me wrong we have our “STANS” here in the U.S.- Bey stans, Riri stans, beirber, etc..  But you tend to go O__O when you first enter kpop, and never experienced that level of fandom.

    • Anonymous

      Oh god, the Telisha thing. I thought she was cute. Over eager, but cute. And you could tell the guys had a lot of fun dancing with her and the other back-up dancers in their State-side concerts.

      The racism spewed by some fans was really enlightening however. It’s one of the reasons I generally avoid hanging out with the larger fan sites (Just JYJ, allkpop, etc.).

  • Comet

    Who creates  a delusional and idealistic view of Korean idol stars?   I am sure none of the crazy fangirls were not crazy before they were introduced to idol stars by dramas, variety shows and etc.   Aren’t entertainment companies crafting idol images to fit the dream of teenage girls who have so much pressure from hyper-competitive society?    Eventually, crazy fangirls  will move on, get jobs, contribute to the society and etc.    Let them be crazy for now, as long as they are not emotionally investing in idol stars too much.   Idols stars get older and will pass their idol phase and move on to something else as well.

    I am an ordinary and non crazy k-pop fanlady. 

    • Meanie

      You know I think the internet just shed light on how crazy fans can be around the world. Music companies always relied on the hordes of hormonal girls/women to sell. Back when there was no Internet and you had the Beatles and Elvis Presley and you saw the clips of black and white footage of girls/women screaming and losing there minds and how they became gods to some back then, can you imagine if they were young performers today in the internet age?  I don’t think I want to know.

      • Comet

        Because of youtube, netflix and hulu, I found K-pop.   Without the Internet, I wouldn’t have known K-pop.    Good use of the Internet, crazyfans can come to their senses.  Of course I am biased since I am an IT specialist.    Read blogs, find fan clubs, tweeter, one can see highs and lows of the idol stars.   Idol stars are also human beings.   Not everything is rosy even for idol stars. 

  • Anonymous

    Lmao. Yes they all exist. I think you did forget the “let’s buy five billion albums so our oppars can drive Ferraris while we walk to work for the rest of eternity.”

    Delusional fans will forever be delusional.

  • Anihseyo

    I agree a 100%..thankfully i dont encounter these types of fans as I am a girl and my favorite group is a girl group (Wonder Girls)…I used to be a big superjunior fan and by big i mean i liked watching them performe they are good performers from my perspective, i was never really into their variety programs but i did watch a few. There were several reasons why i stopped liking them and one of them was that some fans ( i dont mean all) were just crazy crazy and i mean crazy the would go all mental when I commented in some videos” oh that girl and so and so from super junior make such a cute couple ” ( this drives them nuts!!!) Ugh i cant believe the responses but anyways thats when i stopped commenting. But yeah they are crazy! I started liking artist for their music, thats why wg is my fave their music is my taste not too sexy wanna be and especially not too cutesy. i dont have to deal with crazy fans because I have no interest in them in that way. I like their personalities them seem really laid back and unpretentious and most of the fans i have encountered also seem that way .

    i think those people that drove the young girl to suicide should be punished in some way.

    • http://www.twitter.com/hipployta Hipployta

      The female fans, whether boy or girl groups, are just out there. The fanwars for SNSD and SuJu are basically between female fans.  

  • tb

    but it’s so much fun to troll on these crazy fans XD

  • skea

    Isn’t there some type of happy medium between new/dumb fangirls and delusional ones…? Like, when you know all the member’s names but you aren’t crazy and you don’t think of them as gods XD I’m a Cassie/ELF/VIP and I support my favourite groups, but I’m not crazy :/

  • http://twitter.com/Laava90 Lava

    Loooool Jung Juri, representative of all fangirls >___<

    • Anonymous

      I was totally there the few months after college. Once you get the job……. you’ll wonder why you were soon invested.

      • http://twitter.com/Laava90 Lava

        I’m so obsessed atm, I mean before I loved it but I didn’t, for example, reblog everything kpop that came up on tumblr, etc >_.<
        I cannot imagine going as far as some of these fangirls though, I mean just reading comments that say 'oppa oppa' make me feel a bit embarassed for them X__X

        • Anonymous

          Not everyone possesses sanity. Good luck on the job search.

          • http://twitter.com/Laava90 Lava

            Agreed. Thank you ^_^

  • Anonymous

    I was recently reading some articles about 2PM Junsu’s father passing away. There’d always be some weird comment where a fangirl would say something like, “Oh oppa, I’m sorry i couldn’t be there with you to make it all better.” And I’m just like, what?? How delusional do you   have to be to think that you being by his side trumps all the support he’s getting from his family and friends? I see it all the time when idols face some sort of adversity. It just strange.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mishka-Moncrieffe/544916778 Mishka Moncrieffe

    The worst obsessive fans, in my opinion, are the crazy fangirls of SNSD. I would just like to say that I personally have nothing against SNSD. They are not my musically preference but I don’t begrudge any their choice. 

    But their fans…they are extreme and scary. They patrol every popular social media to protect SNSD from harsh comments because their idol/ bias might read a comment that will hurt their feelings, and ensure that any member wins any contest. They go on the pages of other idols and comment that SNSD is better. I think that the also firmly believe that SNSD is comprised of “angels”, “goddesses” and “perfect nice girls”. And never let them think  that you don’t SNSD is the most talented beautiful of all. They will rip you to shreds.

    On a youtube page, someone once wondered why they gave Jessica high notes because she never performed them live. The question was obviously just one of curiosity but the fangirls and fanboys attacked! They did everything from insulting the commentor to making excuses for Jessica.

    • Whitecollar

      True. I’m a fan of SNSD(but I”M not a SONE XD) but sometimes when I criticize them(actually I criticized SM because of my dissapointment with “The Boys”) they just gang up on me and calling me a hater or something. 

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/zs7ITR93moWQEekTSwzTHR9j1u.Z2xEl0w--#542b8 LoL

    that bloody letter to 2pm is just so BLOODY DISGUSTING.

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeew, seriously, i’m still shaking from the disgust and shock i got after reading that paragraph. i didn’t even have to recieve that letter to be scarred for life, simply hearing about it have the same effect. GROSS!

    my mom made something since it’s Chinese New Year and all, but i just lost all my appetite. grooooooooooooooossssss.

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! nasty bitch

    • http://www.facebook.com/Khoc.Vo.Le Lạc Vô Tình

      As you know, i our language KPOP has a different meaning. K +bop, meaning of K is DOG =))

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XHJ4GQGXHP6ZQ7ULE2PQ2M5S7I ic

    the crazy fangirls are like this because the idols themselves or their agencies do not actively put a stop or at least tone down their actions. For idols, fans are fans and they should be accepted no matter what. I can understand that. No matter how illogical they become, they are still fans and of course idols got to thank their support. The gimmicky promotions that overhype the idols only escalates the craziness.  Of course, this type of actions can be seen outside Kpop, but the Cpop and Jpop fans are more well behaved with some exceptions here and there, either because of the culture or they haven’t gotten wind of this type of type of behavior. Somehow, it would be helpful if the idols themselves actively and courageously step forward to at least put some discipline to their fans, but i guess some are afraid of losing their most fanatical fanbase. Or the agencies would actually want this kind of fanatical behavior to level up their idols’ popularity.

    In Japan, there’s a reason why Johnnys put out rules for their fans and they would strongly put it out there what kind of fan behavior they cannot accept. Examples: At concerts or events, there are security gaurds around to not bother the ordinary people outside. Yet, there are fans who do not listen to the security gaurds, and at the end, other fans start to get in a bad mood. We will never accept those type of people as fans. Please stop it. (Arashi Ohno Satoshi)

    I would like to ask “What would you do if you were in that position?” and “What would you do about school and work?” (Kanjani8 Nishikido Ryo)

    Because of some people, it is very hard for us to do our own work. We would like to do concerts and events all over Japan and over the world, and film dramas and TV shows in many different places, but if it continues to be this way, we will not be able to do anything. For those who understand our feelings and our cheering us on, please help us to get rid of people who can’t follow these rules. (SMAP Kimura Takuya)

    • Anonymous

      Lots of fans have always been crazy. Beatlemania was CRAZY. There have been girls taken to hospitals during backstreet boys concerts. It’s just with the Internet it’s always there and the crazy is more accessible and easily displayed. There are always the crazy….. We just now get To see it more now.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XHJ4GQGXHP6ZQ7ULE2PQ2M5S7I ic

        Yes, I’m talking about the fangirling nowadays. even in Cpop, during the F4 era or Fahrenheit’s popularity, it cannot level to that of Kpop fangirl craziness. It’s also a matter of respecting the idols’ preferences. They knew Ken of F4 would get pissed if they follow him around or Jay Chou would openly dismiss that kind of behavior. I don’t see that in Kpop.

    • Pr3vail

      This is called tough love, I wish more Kpop idols would take such a stand and call out those crazy fans for being out of control rather than a caring fan.

  • Anonymous

    Lee Eun-ji´s case. It was absolutely horrible….. still makes me mad, sad and frustrated.

  • http://twitter.com/Toptina1 andrea serva

    that’s true !
    In my country are a lot of KPOP fangirls, and also fanboys, but seriously they scream for everything, even for a common korean citizen (I mean not for a KPOP idol), for example: these fangirls asked them for a sign or for taking photos with them. It’s insane.

    I really like KPOP but when I see this crazy KPOPfans I just wanna punch them in their faces, because everyone makes fun of us  (and is sad for me to say this… but this people really have strong reasons).

    • Sad_gurlfren

      Totally… right..sad to say this but my own friends did this when some random korean strangers pass through us on the mall and they were like “Ohmo,its korean we better get a picture with them”..

  • Anonymous

    Extreme fangirlism is just a side effect of the record companies attempts to play off the emotions and feelings of the fans. The unfortunate thing is, these girls aren’t stalking and fangirling over the company CEOs and executives, but the idols.

    I think the whole fandom nickname thing kind of feeds this mess (and the related idea that fandoms are just one big happy family.) The names bug me and I get just a bit weirded out when I see people calling themselves ELFs or VIPs. Fans no longer just like certain groups or idols, they start making them a part of their identity.

    I like TVXQ and me liking TVXQ doesn’t really say anything else about who I am. It just means I like the five boys, watch their concerts, listen to their songs, etc. However, identifying as a Cassie makes TVXQ a major part of how I view myself. Being a Cassie seems to come with more responsibilities than just a casual fan. Cassies have to buy ALL the concert DVDs and ALL the CDs. Cassies have to vote, vote, vote to make sure TVXQ/JYJ win every poll or survey. Cassies are sure to provide a warm welcome for the boys whenever they travel. Cassies watch out for every drama/variety show/newspaper article the five appear in, no matter how brief the appearance.

    The disturbing trend for me is the sense of ownership or entitlement some fans feel for the idols that results from this. These fans devote so much time and effort wanting their idols to succeed, that they start feeling emotionally close to them. A lot of the reasons some fangirls react so strongly is because it was THEIR unnie that was “attacked” or it was THEIR oppa whom some girl hit on.

    I’m not excusing the behavior, but I don’t think it’s possible for hundreds of thousands of girls to be that delusional unless they were given the same Kool-Aid to drink. The problem seems to be that the companies whip these girls up into a devoted frenzy, then lose control of the mob. The companies are no longer in charge; the fans are. It gets to a point that these girls think they have the right to tell the idols how to live their lives. Earlier last year, Jaejoong did that interview for V Magazine and he had to explain to the reporter how the fans told him he could only start dating if they didn’t know about it. And THAT was only after he’d gone online and complained about how lonely he was. Nevermind he’s a grown man and doesn’t need anyone’s permission to date.

    (I’m not going near that bloody letter thing. That’s a whole different level of instability that goes beyond delusional fangirl.)

    • Literati Tempo

      It’s a horrible cycle created by record companies and perpetuated by fans. The record Companies need fans for initial sales so they feed the OTP and aegyo fires, but once people discover that the music is good too. It’s too late for them to stop. So the artists are stuck in this position of being “owned” by the fans who made them. Which is why they have no public personal life to speak of. It’s an ugly cycle and I hope it stops. Let groups stand on the merit of their music so they can be free.

  • Anonymous

    u should also add the fangirls who goes over the top with their ship. bringing in photoshop porn banners of their otp is too much.

  • Sakura_7_

    It’l like with that incident with C.A.P. and his inexcusable comment. The comments from overly crazy fangirls saying things like “He was only joking guys” and “DON’T HATE OPPAR” etc etc. 

    It really annoys (and amuses me) the way the crazy fans act around the world of Kpop and the idols themselves. It’s like, wherever you go (e.g. Youtube) you can’t escape the comments from fans (But it’s amusing to read the comments and the fights that break out through the comments) 

  • Lady Caca

    What these crazy & delusional fan girls fail to realize is that their insane acts are turning off people to their faves. In the long run, this is counter productive to the idols as their fanbase will not expand (which is bad for sales) & they will be faced with people who despise them.

    Haters exist because of the extreme actions of fan girls. The fan girls are just reaping what they sow. To be quite honest, there is pleasure derived seeing how pressed the fan girls are when their idols are bashed.

  • omfg


    • Meanie


    • greg

      I lol’d at seoulmates

  • Anonymous

    You are gonna have over zealous fanaticism in almost all human activities that draws any kind of following whether  it’s popular culture, politics, sports, religion… etc…
    Let’s not over analyze this…

  • Anonymous

    Oh gosh, I agree.  Same thing can be said for Japanese fangirls (particularly JE fangirls), except I would addend it to say that TONS of fangirls think that because they know “ogenki desu ka”, “baka”, and “aishiteru” that they are fluent in Japanese.  As a student of the language for several years, it makes me want to bap them on the head.  :D

    • whatthefrell

      I gotta say in defense of these people, not necessarily myself included,
      as I would prefer to know the language better before insinuating I
      know more than I do, but in all fairness, I think it might be more an
      effort to express an appreciation of the language and culture,
      then an act of pretending to actually know the language. 

      Curious, is a person such as yourself also offended when,
      for example, to express laughter or a chuckle, people use,
      as has been done in responses to this post,
      “ke ke ke” as opposed to say the English “ha ha ha.”

      In all honesty, no harm, no foul, right.
      However, I can appreciate the host’s pride expressed for their language and culture.
      As I’ve stated in previous posts, black Americans have seen their culture
      adopted repeatedly over the years. 
      I imagine for some it has been difficult to stand by and watch it happen.
      I imagine there’s something similar taking place here.
      While you are touched and pleased with the appeal.
      It can sometimes feel like something is being taken or stolen from you,
      that you may never get back. 

  • ME

    Bwahahahaha…. this is why I love (and hate) Kpop. You can see dramas in any kind of entertainment business. Yes, I agree to most of the comments here, that this fan(lu)natic mostly relates to age-wise. Although I wonder, what really happen in the mind of the person who bashed Tablo (recently I read, he bashed Insooni’s daughter) – his in mid 30something…
    Guess that maturity has nothing whatsoever relates to age.

    I once, have this over the top crazy idolizing one of the K-idol group. That was when I first found out about KPop. I thought no other groups exceed or even in the same league with this group. They were so godly pretty, have awesome voice and dance sharply and manly (oh), well… until today some of those qualities those made them awesome still applied (kekeke… I still have to go to rehab), etc… I bought their CDs, download their songs, got jealous if any girl related to them, wrote an essay worthy of my thesis, and identifying myself to them (kind of read their mind to justify their act)… until they disband.

    Ugh, hell… reality hits and bites like no other.

    Funny thing is, back then I never know I have this idolitis crazeness… I really though I was sane as much as you were, especially if I read other comments or blogs about Kpop. As my Korean language… go figure… 

    Now, when you act, think, socialise and focus your world around idol and everything about them, isn’t it a wonder fan acting and does like that? 

  • nunu

    hahahaha….agree with this. some fangirl over reacted with her fav artist.

  • whatthefrell

    Section 3 fan-girls are inexcusable.
    Section 1 and 2 are mostly annoying, most especially when they
    slam/spam a site with useless, substance-less, repetitive commentary.
    But the Section 3 fan-girls… some should seriously be arrested.

    Those that submit and encourage such hate in the name of someone,
    or some group they do not even know, driving an already troubled, once hopeful
    innocent to commit suicide is uncalled for.

    Then you have those such as the suspected fan-person who took the
    comments of Park Jaebom written during a time of great stress and loneliness,
    and dredged them up years later, when all issues had been resolved,
    and the future was bright for all of 2PM. 

    Then you those who wish death upon an individual.
    Comments wishing for someone to choke and die, or to get hit by a car,
    or for their plane to crash, or for their parents to die (yes, I’ve seen all of these),
    or even claiming they would do it themselves if they ever cam upon this person
    — really… really?!!

    All in the name of some one or some group you do not even know,
    have never met, and most likely never will.

    Seriously, why can’t we all just get along.
    There should be enough love in this world for everyone.
    Whatever happened to wishing all parties involved the best.
    There is no good in ugliness and negative; positivity and love is best.
    Either will come by to haunt or bless you.

    I expect the anonymity of the web helps to fuel their inconsiderate,
    insensitive, hateful nature.  Such negativity cannot possibly
    be good for the soul. 

  • Anonymous

    i want to laugh along this post, but the last paragraph wiped the smile off my face……… :'(

    anyway, juri is the boss!

  • L.Chibi

    I’m so glad I fit in none of those sections. I may be a fangirl, but even with my favorite member of each group, I don’t just neglect the other members since they are together and that means I should at least know all their names if I’m going to be interested in the music of the group too. and those Delusion fangirls really irritate me. they have lost their minds…I can’t believe it’s even possible girls could just mindlessly say all that stuff without even thinking how crazy and scary they sound. Sorry, girls. Oppa isn’t interested. get it through your heads. and lastly, those WTF fangirls…are even more crazier…what that girl did is just sick. ewww. I’m not surprised that kpop idols are sometimes afraid of their own fans. totally reasonable.

    it just really sucks that all these fangirls listed above (more on section 2 and section 3) give normal fangirls a bad name. Normal fangirls (sounds weird, but there are normal ones out there like me), just listen, appreciate, and like a kpop group’s music. No OPPA THIS OR letters written in blood that. We just like our music, our fave member, and our kpop group. Thanks to them crazy ones, all the kpop idols will think ALL the fangirls in the world are insane.

    I also don’t know if this is true, but I think most obsessive, delusional fangirls are the ones that really dedicate themselves to the fandoms. (correct me if I’m wrong). But, I try not to group myself in the fandoms because I don’t know if I’m on that level compared to the other fangirls. I’m just a normal one that would really appreciate not seeing [Insert OPPA’s name here] FIGHTING!! in every kpop youtube video I watch 58435349 times.

  • 88Scatter

    To say further, looking at everyone else’s comments, I think we’re looking at the possibility that these fan groups with the most crazy and delusional fans are basically cults and cultists. It’s like a religion for them as they literally worship their idols like gods – hardly any different to Christian fundamentalists and Muslim fanatics – you insult their ‘god’ one bit and you’ll literally be under a barrage of heavy verbal artillery fire.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if we see acts of violence by these whackjobs becoming more common
    in the next 20-30 years. The cases of Section 3 are bad enough – damn, who knows how many more were simply covered up by the idol’s agencies and never made public? It’s a truly terrifying social issue.

  • Theorist

    Well written. haha It can get real crazy. They can really over react. I admire the writer who wrote this ^_^. WTF @ the section 3. Never knew such people exist would do that kind of shit. -_-

  • genostar335

    I recently took my girlfriend out of her Kpop mindset . She’s Korean and only been in the states 6 years, but had an undying loyalty to B2ST. Over a few months she came to realize that they are not the center of the world. I am very proud of her that she has completely left the type 2 category. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3SBV4WHJNF5YAPT3VEBDPNTDM4 rhenikha

    i agree that many fangirl are exceeding the limit of being a fan. and i think thats because they put so much effort on being in the kpop world (e.g. going to every concert, fan meeting, buying all their merchandise even though they are already bankrupt). i my self is a fangirl for almost 5 years now, yeah its been a long time but hey dont judge me coz i ain’t what you think. as a fangirl myself i only download their music, follow them on twitter, watched their MV on youtube or any show they are in and look at their pictures in the internet and thats it. 

    yeah its normal to dream or imagine about you being with your bias/idol or even marrying him in your dreams. but remember that their is only 1% in this world that you will have that chance so always think the reality 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4F7KFUMVGHJSWUTNLIXSFVAAIY Tally

    hey i was curious. Is there a way to send fan mail? im not going to be a creeper and wright it in my period XD. id just like to send a your awesome type of letter. i never get to go to kpop concerts so i thought it be cool. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4F7KFUMVGHJSWUTNLIXSFVAAIY Tally

    hey i was curious. Is there a way to send fan mail? im not going to be a creeper and wright it in my period XD. id just like to send a your awesome type of letter. i never get to go to kpop concerts so i thought it be cool. 

  • kyesarin

    Korean fans are scary!…

    I never, ever not even once I knew about stalking a celebrity or harassing a celebrity until I got involve with k-pop. I feel bad for korean celebrities that have to deal every single day with those crazy fans. I know not all korean fans are like that.

    I read something about a few fans breaking into MBLAQ’s dorm!!, what the heck seriously! can you even do that and not get arrest by it?!

  • Allie Michael

     I agree that there are those crazy types of fan girls. I myself consider myself a fan girl. I’d say that I don’t fall into any of those three categories but I’d also say that I like K-Pop quite alot.

    I saw somewhere about having the fanclub names such as ELF, HOTTEST, VIP’s, etc.. I don’t think that’s one of the reasons for girls being so attatched/obsessive/crazy.. That’s just what fans for a certain group like to call themselves, it makes them “one whole” if you will.

    I’m 100% American, I don’t know how to speak any Korean other then the obvious, “Oppa” “annyeong” “gamsahabnida” “hyung” And just the basic terms used in Korean Television shows. If I do end up saying any of those terms (I do happen to say “FIGHTING!” quite alot though), its not because I think that I can speak Korean fluently, I know for a FACT I cannot. It’s because I like it, I WANT to learn your language, I want to learn about your culture, your way of life. To me personally, Its fascinating, I’ve always wanted to learn about it.

    If I ever end up looking like a “crazy fan girl” its not because I’m some psycho obsessed freak, its because I want to support the groups. Yes, if I have a picture up of Lee Junho or Jang Wooyoung from 2PM on my computer and someone asks me who it is, I will gladly say that he is extremely good looking and that I am in fact married to him. Haha, But that’s not me being delusional or insane. Because trust me, I know very well that I am not married to Junho!I just wanted to say that some of us fangirls really aren’t that crazy, I feel like there is a great mass that are, but most of us are not, I promise. And for those of you who are crazy fan girls.. I feel like your parents should take away your computer, ipod, radio, mp3 player, or anything that you can access kpop with for a while. (:

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NYAXOHU6I5KUJDNEOS52KIBJGY Lily

    When ever I read a comment saying ‘oppa is mine’ or something like that I litterally go face-keyboard =_= Sure my friends and I sometimes joke around about dating kpop idols but we’re never serious about it.

    My bestfriends that I known for years are Korean. They had taught me some korean but I dont go around thinking I can speak it fluently. In fact I suck at prouncing korean. :P (Actually I suck at speaking in general…)

    Also the only time youll ever see me in crazy fangirl mode is when Im high on sugar.

  • mara del rey

    tsk tsk. this is so true.

    being a fangirl is okay but delusions like this are just SO sickening. makes us other fangirls look bad :/


    period blood??? wtf ewww

  • Naifa

    I’m section 2 I guess xD And I totally agree with section 1 ! They kind of… Urghh… You know ~ Haha ~ And section 3 , WTF is not the right name. Fandoms usually calls them Sasaeng and this sasaengs sometimes really gets on my nerves -.-

  • Sad_gurlfren

    Ohmygod…Is that period blood letter the one that Taecyeon (2pm) get from his crazy fan??..and seriously “oppa,saranghae”..they didnt even know you..and FYI,to all those crazy fan out there..I advise you to stop harrassing them and get a life people..Oh and stop posting something like “Ohmo,ottoke oppa Im in live with you..”..but actually you’re not in love with them anymore when they didn’t have any make-up on and finally look like normal guys..Thank you and sorry if I offend anyone but Im just expressing my feelings..