• Allie Michael

     I agree that there are those crazy types of fan girls. I myself consider myself a fan girl. I’d say that I don’t fall into any of those three categories but I’d also say that I like K-Pop quite alot.

    I saw somewhere about having the fanclub names such as ELF, HOTTEST, VIP’s, etc.. I don’t think that’s one of the reasons for girls being so attatched/obsessive/crazy.. That’s just what fans for a certain group like to call themselves, it makes them “one whole” if you will.

    I’m 100% American, I don’t know how to speak any Korean other then the obvious, “Oppa” “annyeong” “gamsahabnida” “hyung” And just the basic terms used in Korean Television shows. If I do end up saying any of those terms (I do happen to say “FIGHTING!” quite alot though), its not because I think that I can speak Korean fluently, I know for a FACT I cannot. It’s because I like it, I WANT to learn your language, I want to learn about your culture, your way of life. To me personally, Its fascinating, I’ve always wanted to learn about it.

    If I ever end up looking like a “crazy fan girl” its not because I’m some psycho obsessed freak, its because I want to support the groups. Yes, if I have a picture up of Lee Junho or Jang Wooyoung from 2PM on my computer and someone asks me who it is, I will gladly say that he is extremely good looking and that I am in fact married to him. Haha, But that’s not me being delusional or insane. Because trust me, I know very well that I am not married to Junho!I just wanted to say that some of us fangirls really aren’t that crazy, I feel like there is a great mass that are, but most of us are not, I promise. And for those of you who are crazy fan girls.. I feel like your parents should take away your computer, ipod, radio, mp3 player, or anything that you can access kpop with for a while. (:

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NYAXOHU6I5KUJDNEOS52KIBJGY Lily

    When ever I read a comment saying ‘oppa is mine’ or something like that I litterally go face-keyboard =_= Sure my friends and I sometimes joke around about dating kpop idols but we’re never serious about it.

    My bestfriends that I known for years are Korean. They had taught me some korean but I dont go around thinking I can speak it fluently. In fact I suck at prouncing korean. :P (Actually I suck at speaking in general…)

    Also the only time youll ever see me in crazy fangirl mode is when Im high on sugar.

  • mara del rey

    tsk tsk. this is so true.

    being a fangirl is okay but delusions like this are just SO sickening. makes us other fangirls look bad :/


    period blood??? wtf ewww

  • Naifa

    I’m section 2 I guess xD And I totally agree with section 1 ! They kind of… Urghh… You know ~ Haha ~ And section 3 , WTF is not the right name. Fandoms usually calls them Sasaeng and this sasaengs sometimes really gets on my nerves -.-

  • Sad_gurlfren

    Ohmygod…Is that period blood letter the one that Taecyeon (2pm) get from his crazy fan??..and seriously “oppa,saranghae”..they didnt even know you..and FYI,to all those crazy fan out there..I advise you to stop harrassing them and get a life people..Oh and stop posting something like “Ohmo,ottoke oppa Im in live with you..”..but actually you’re not in love with them anymore when they didn’t have any make-up on and finally look like normal guys..Thank you and sorry if I offend anyone but Im just expressing my feelings..