• Allie Michael

     I agree that there are those crazy types of fan girls. I myself consider myself a fan girl. I’d say that I don’t fall into any of those three categories but I’d also say that I like K-Pop quite alot.

    I saw somewhere about having the fanclub names such as ELF, HOTTEST, VIP’s, etc.. I don’t think that’s one of the reasons for girls being so attatched/obsessive/crazy.. That’s just what fans for a certain group like to call themselves, it makes them “one whole” if you will.

    I’m 100% American, I don’t know how to speak any Korean other then the obvious, “Oppa” “annyeong” “gamsahabnida” “hyung” And just the basic terms used in Korean Television shows. If I do end up saying any of those terms (I do happen to say “FIGHTING!” quite alot though), its not because I think that I can speak Korean fluently, I know for a FACT I cannot. It’s because I like it, I WANT to learn your language, I want to learn about your culture, your way of life. To me personally, Its fascinating, I’ve always wanted to learn about it.

    If I ever end up looking like a “crazy fan girl” its not because I’m some psycho obsessed freak, its because I want to support the groups. Yes, if I have a picture up of Lee Junho or Jang Wooyoung from 2PM on my computer and someone asks me who it is, I will gladly say that he is extremely good looking and that I am in fact married to him. Haha, But that’s not me being delusional or insane. Because trust me, I know very well that I am not married to Junho!I just wanted to say that some of us fangirls really aren’t that crazy, I feel like there is a great mass that are, but most of us are not, I promise. And for those of you who are crazy fan girls.. I feel like your parents should take away your computer, ipod, radio, mp3 player, or anything that you can access kpop with for a while. (:

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NYAXOHU6I5KUJDNEOS52KIBJGY Lily

    When ever I read a comment saying ‘oppa is mine’ or something like that I litterally go face-keyboard =_= Sure my friends and I sometimes joke around about dating kpop idols but we’re never serious about it.

    My bestfriends that I known for years are Korean. They had taught me some korean but I dont go around thinking I can speak it fluently. In fact I suck at prouncing korean. :P (Actually I suck at speaking in general…)

    Also the only time youll ever see me in crazy fangirl mode is when Im high on sugar.

  • mara del rey

    tsk tsk. this is so true.

    being a fangirl is okay but delusions like this are just SO sickening. makes us other fangirls look bad :/


    period blood??? wtf ewww

  • Naifa

    I’m section 2 I guess xD And I totally agree with section 1 ! They kind of… Urghh… You know ~ Haha ~ And section 3 , WTF is not the right name. Fandoms usually calls them Sasaeng and this sasaengs sometimes really gets on my nerves -.-