• http://www.twitter.com/hipployta Hipployta

    Eh…everyone destroys photos on Strong Heart…which is probably more telling than it should be LOL 

  • Anon

    As long as an idol doesn’t look overly fake (I think we can all agree on a couple celebs who went knife-crazy), I don’t think it’s an issue. the entertainment industry is known for its superficiality. idols who are beautiful get called plastic; idols who are not-so-perfect looking are called ugly. it’s lose-lose.

    Plus, most netizens forget that puberty makes a HUGE difference. I’m 20 now and when I look at pictures of myself at 12, I look sooo different. I look like I had eyelid surgery and shaved my jaw when my eyelids lost a lot of their swelling when I lost my baby fat. Puberty: it matters!

  • Guest

    I think the only idol I didn’t see destroyed her picture in Strong Heart is Dara, during her second appearance of the show

    • PasserBy

      I clearly remember that. She just smiled shyly because Shindong said the she was also beautiful/pretty then. She has a natural pretty face. Impressive genes I guess.

    • Anonymous

      Lol I remember recently Ryeowook was on the show and his predebut photo was him as a fattie and he looked at it and laughed. And I think when yesung’s was revealed, he just sat there with no reaction at all. xD

  • usagi_chan1516

    Wowwwww !!  Kyuhyun got a nose job and double eyelid plastic surgery! Plastic!

    • Green Pig

      I can’t tell if it’s sarcasm or not. But if you’re serious, his nose in other predebut photos and videos actually looks the same as now.

      • usagi_chan1516

        Just in case, i wasn’t being sarcastic, i was shock O.O

  • TmL

    I find it hilarious when pre-debut photo’s come out and the idol has clearly had work done, but the more delusional stans insist the difference is due to: Weight-loss, makeup, hair cut, no glasses, camera angles, it was windy when the photo was taken, or something equally ridiculous.

    I mean come on, almost everyone has their ugly phase during puberty. The fact that fans deny their idols obvious surgery is what makes it a bigger deal then it really is.

    And seriously no amount of weight-loss can give you double eye-lids, or a smaller and sharper nose. I’m sorry the human body is capable of miraculous changes, but that is just not possible.

    • http://twitter.com/doramachan Mara

      i don’t know about double eyelid and such, but when i lost weight my lose looked significantly sharper and was noticeable to others. perhaps this may be true for the odd idol.

      having said that, fans are always in denial of their bias. i don’t like anyone in particular so i thought it would be fair to add my anecdote.

      • http://twitter.com/doramachan Mara

        sorry for the typo: nose, not lose.

    • munkie

      i’ve heard people can develop double eyelids naturally as they grow older or maybe it’s more like they’ve always had it, but it wasn’t really apparent. i know in some photos of me as a kid, it looked like i was monolid but if you see me now, it’s obvious i’m double lid(i was a chubby kid). and also, i think weight-loss can do wonders. yes, it’s not going to give you a completely new nose but if you look at TOP, he still has that bearlike nose from his fattie days, but it’s also slimmer/sharper since he lost all that fat on his face.

      • TmL

        There’s a difference between growing in double eyelids from childhood, and the sudden appearance of them on your debut day when you didn’t even have them in your last year of high school, which was 1- 2 years ago. Lets be honest the majority of idols fall into the last group.

    • Apl

      My sister’s eyes grew into double eyelids… and mine are slowly too. My dad now has double eyelids too when he had very very single eyelids in the past. It’s in our genes LOL.

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes you can tell, sometimes you can’t. I can barely look at pictures from my awkwards years, let alone show them on national tv. There will alwAys be accusations, so why bother. It’s an occupational hazard……. you can be accused of plastic surgery or be called ugly. If you feel happier with yourself… do what you want. People are sort of cruel when it domes to looks of famous people. I think it’s always going to be a lose-lose situation.

  • http://twitter.com/doramachan Mara

    sometimes people use baby/childhood photographs to provide evidence of surgery. i would rather see a picture of an idol during late adolescence to compare their current picture with. most people’s feature change a lot from their childhood but look pretty much like how they did in their teens.

    like, how old could wooyoung possibly be in that picture above? 8 years old?

  • dechen

    its a bit off topic..but has anyone heard of SNSD appearing on Live with Kelly and David Letterman next week??? allkpop is going crazy over this…lol

    • Anonymous

      Letterman is RUMORED, not a fact. I highly doubt they are going to be on letterman. It appears that they are in fact going to be on live with Kelly though.

      • http://twitter.com/alianessa Alia Nessa Utami

        Letterman is confirmed https://www.facebook.com/notes/smtown/girls-generation-to-appear-on-americas-public-main-tv-shows-as-the-first-korean-/317927168250124

    • Anonymous

      Yes, they’re supposed to perform on the show.

      I love how irrelevent Live with Kelly was until SNSD was slated to perform on there; now it’s apparently the most popular, influential show in the US lol.

      • dechen

        i have a bad feeling about this!!! will still check it out though.. Is it on abc or cbs??

        • Anonymous

          I’m not sure! ABC, I think. I never heard of this show until now. And yeah, I also have somewhat of a bad feeling about this, like their appearance will be cancelled or a mishap with happen, but I’m just going to shrug it off.

          I only heard that they will be performing, which typically ends a show, correct? I don’t watch a lot of talk shows, but the ones I’ve seen typically have the performances dead-last before quick cuts to commercial.

        • mimo

          I don’t think it is going to end well either… dead sure they are trying to aim for an older audience compared to Wonder Girls. But….. no comment :S.

      • Anonymous

        It was slightly more relevant when it was “Live with Regis and Kelly”, and moreso when it was “Live with Regis and Kathy Lee”. People watch it for the interaction between the co-hosts and the celebrity interviews, not for the musical guests. Even if (*IF*) they preform it wouldn’t be a big deal. This audience is not their target demographic.

        • http://twitter.com/SoNyeoZaKey wildFancy

          yeah..the listeners are mostly aunties~

    • Guest

      WHY?! NOOOOOO! SNSD needs to die already.

  • Guest2

    I don’t care if any group I like has plastic surgery,as long as they don’t go too far like Jocelyn Wildenstein,which would be a cause for concern-her story is sad,she got extreme plastic surgery so her husband would quit wanting other women,which didn’t work.It’s thier body so if they do or if they don’t get plastic surgery,then it’s all good either way.

  • happyslip

    Shocked to see Kyu’s predebut pic lol. Anyhow, I like checking out predebut pictures once in a while because some of them are very surprising. Could care less if the idol had surgery or not. I like this particular idol and she had surgery, but another fan labeled me as a hater when I pointed it out. LOL, ok. It’s not like I’ll stop listening to their stuff once I find their not so attractive predebut pictures anyway.

    • Guest’s Twin

      Though he has had surgery, that’s an exceptionally horrid picture of him. There’s actual videos on the web before debut from the vocal contest he participated in~ He looks… quite good actually..

      • happyslip

        I know. Doesn’t make that picture any less shocking to me. I only saw it today.

        As I’ve said, I don’t care if he looked bad. Yes I get shocked/surprised every now and then but for the most part, it doesn’t affect how I view a certain idol.

  • b5b

    but jaejoong already had big eyes before he debuted o_0

    • brock1

      Come on, now. 

    • Bookthiefj

      There is a pre debut video of him with a girl friend and he looks pretty much the same as now , except a lot younger and chubby . So have to disagree on him going under the knife

      • Meh

        he subtly hinted that he did do plastic. his nose and eyes are definitely different. though i think he looks absolutely gorgeous now imo.

        • Bookthiefj

          If you are referring to the interview , where he said his fans know it all , I don’t think that was a yes on his part .

  • Meh

    LOL kyuhyun’s pre-debut pictures are hilarious! I have a folder of pre-debut kyuhyun pictures just so i can tease my friend (kyu fan) with it. We just laugh at it occasionally cos we don’t really care if they got plastic surgery, it’s so common nowadays anyway. As long as they became more good looking and not worse.

  • maldita

    I honestly have no problem whatsoever with these celebs getting plastic surgery. It’s their job to look good and if they feel like they need it, go ahead. As long as they don’t go overboard like Heidi Montag or even Kwanghee, who cares if they had plastic surgery?

    Look at Tiffany. I love her, but girl obviously had some done quite a few times. It’s like every comeback or so, there’s something a bit subtly different with her face. But hey, she looks great, and she knows it. :)

    • Anonymous

      Cosmetic surgery can be a bit frightening because some people don’t know when enough is enough. Nothing worse than seeing someone who looks good go one step to far and look like a parody of themselves. Most people (myself included) don’t understand why Heidi Montag when back for another round of unnecessary surgery when she looked fine. Cher can’t move her face at all now. Tiffany is in her early 20’s so there’s no reason for her to have multiple procedures done unless it’s corrective.

      That and I think people wish idols would reveal who their cosmetic surgeons are because a lot of them do really good work.

      • maldita

        Yeah, I just hope these idols don’t get addicted to plastic surgery in the long run. If I ever go for plastic surgery though, I seriously want SME’s plastic surgeon. I’m forever in awe of their nosejobs. Hardly anybody ever puts Changmin in the “plastic” list when his nose is subtly but significantly different from how it was before. That’s how good his surgery was.

  • Anonymous

    One think that strikes me as odd is a lot of stars are much darker in their pre-debut pics. Do they bathe in BB Cream during their trainee days?

    • Arbitrary_greay

      Lighting and, if need be, photoshop. Lighting may be the most important part of cinematography.

    • Boo

      In Asia, pills to lighten your skin is extremely common as well as shots (if you can afford it). It’s also quite effective. 

      • mimo

        Don’t forget those ultralight/laser treatments that kill melanin pigment to lighten your skin. These “whitening bars” all over the place in Asia… well specific parts of Asia anyways.

        • Boo

          It’s quite sad really isn’t it? It’s not healthy. And it’s very easy to tell those with natural looking white skin and those that got it artificially.

    • Food

      Lighting? I’m quite pale and my skin color looks completely different in certain pictures. And also, the whitening soap bars and pills only work to a certain degree; not enough to make it an actual different. 

  • Bookthiefj

    I really don’t understand why double eyelids are a big deal in SK . In fact , I came across the term for the first time in my life after bein introducd to kpop and this comin from an Asian who has double eyelids . Fixing your eyelid doesn’t alter your appearance significantly like a nose job . The way Shindong boasted about it for weeks together was , frankly , nauseating .
    I honestly feel sorry for teens , who feel pressured to undergo a surgery for the sake of looking better , instead of accepting who you are ! Wish people would just understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder !

    • Guest

      It’s so they can look more Western, and thus more “beautiful”.

      Yeah, it’s another effect of the West of SK.

    • jw225

      why? to make the eyes look bigger. that’s one reason.
      even in the United States, asian girls want to get surgery for double eyelids. in high school, i tried to talk someone out of it. she was seriously saving up money to get it done. i don’t know if she ever did since we lost contact after she graduated.
      in any asian culture, big eyes are highly valued. japan, korea, china, etc. whether it’s to look pretty or look young or something else, there’s a fixation on big eyes.

      i’m asian too. so i can say from experience that it starts from very young. you hear everyone ooing and aahing over babies with big eyes. “ooh, look what beautiful big eyes! very bright! how cute~~”
      and then growing up in the West, the idea is compounded by other kids (and even some adults) making fun of asians for having so-called “small slanty squinty” eyes. i got asked many times how i could see anything at all. or comments like “ah, is that why you have to wear glasses? everyone in your family has glasses.”

      to an extent, i can understand the pressure that they feel just from normal daily life. and add to that, a big part of any celeb’s job is centered around their looks.
      in general, i don’t like plastic surgery very much. but i dislike it even more when people who did go under the knife continually deny it and act as though nothing happened.

  • Boo

    I love how that plastic dude (i cannot for the life of me remember his name) appeared in strong heart and admitted wholeheartedly to plastic surgery. He was quite hilarious and the positive feedback was greater than the negative. I applaud him. People are going to call you out on it anyway. Might as well own up to it. If you make it known that it doesn’t bother you if people know about your surgery then they can’t use it against you. :)

    What bothers me is how people hold up this idea of the perfect beauty like it’s an achievement. It’s hardly an achievement if you were born that way. If anything, it’s your parents’ achievement IDK. Like any ideal/achievement, people will naturally aspire towards it and this is the part that I don’t get. You hold up this idea of the perfect face that everyone should admire and when people do something to try to achieve it, they get called out and dissed. Why? 

    We all admit that Kpop relies a lot on looks. You can’t debut if you look like an absolute troll and expect fame and love. There are exceptions but hardly the norm. There are probably a lot of talented people in the Kpop game that did not have the looks, but had the talent and the dream so they went for surgery. Because that was the only way they thought they could debut. 

    • Bookthiefj

      I think you mean kwanghee of Zea ! Its the only thing he talks about on shows .
      I remember another time in Strong heart , Daesung of big bang said that he is the face of the group for which Leetuk joked that Dae probably underwent surgery to look the way he is now . I know Dae is not your typical eye candy , but I can’t imagine bb without him . His voice is to kill for and he is successful , so hope loads of ppl get inspired by him and focus on improving their singing ability for starters

  • Ayaolaes15

    the only idols that i find very natural and very close to their pre debut photos so far are:
    sandara park, micky yoochun, kim junsu, suzy, seohyun, yoona, …

    dara is really very natural. indeed.
    yoochun still he is.. he maintained his single eye lid..his nose is just the same..and you can see he looks like his mom, very beautiful genes.
    junsu.. i cant see anything there that he fixed. although his nose is a little round but he never fixed it though.
    the rest of the girls.. no doubt. just that.. they got whiter…

    and i forgot Yunho. his face is a little the same but his teeth are actually fixed.(is that classified as P.surgery?)

    just seeing my comment, i noticed that all DBSK were there.lol
    jaejoong? i cant figure out if he really did it..that’s one hanging question.
    but even so, i saw his pre debut photos.. he was still as handsome as now. Just that.. he got so much Toned and muscles compared to cutiepie pics of him that spread all over internet..but his eyes are really wide and he is milky white skin.

    • Anonymous

      Yoochun has a slight double eyelid, 
      he looks the spittin image of his mum 
      Resemblance is uncanny
      Pic of mama Park:
      eyes, nose, cheekbones, lips everything 
      and Yoochuns mom is so beautiful i wonder if she ever modeled?

      Jaejoong had big eyes naturally but he got the folds deepened through PS i think

      • just

        i think micky has naturaly double.. but his eyes are the type that wont still look as if doubled..
        unless, he had surgery at a very very young age…and jj.. if he had surgery done on his eyes.. damn! that was when he was at a very young age… his eyes here are very big already and he only seems 13-15http://jaeyuu.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/2yx4zlw.png 

        • Alp

          Some parents are crazy enough to have their children do it at an even younger age.

        • Anonymous

          I dont think yoochun did PS judging from his childhood pics/ his brothers/ mothers face 

          JJ admitted to PS though (his nose)
          but it doesnt change my viewpoint on him

    • Anonymous

      Yoona did a bit of subtle work with her nose and her jawline. That’s what I truly believe.

      Doesn’t make me like her any less for it.

      • http://colourmesplendid.wordpress.com Ree

        Biggest pet peeve: when people think acknowledging plastic surgery = hating on the idol >.>

  • starfishsz

    it doesn’t really relate to the article but I -think- I’ve read somewhere that Hyomin admitted to having plastic surgery and that she actually is kinda disappointed with the outcome (or that she wouldn’t do it now). can’t remember where I’ve read it and if it’s really true though..

    kpop really changed my view on plastic surgery. I think if the idol feels better and more confident after the surgery, I don’t see any problem with that. the only problem is that if he/she claims (or the fans) that he/she is naturally beautiful – that’s something I don’t approve.

    • Anonymous


      looks like double eye lid surgery? she looks really good except i think her nose looks so unnaturally thin and high. maybe that’s why she’s “disappointed”? 

      • starfishsz

        I tried to find that article but I seem to search at the wrong places (or maybe I’m really imaginaning things:D) but I do think she had a double eye lid surgery.

        here’s a part of an interview from a year ago

        Question 6. “Have you honestly done plastic surgery?”
        Answer: O

        Hyomin: “We won’t say who fixed what and where, but for now, we’ll say O. Society has become really appearance-oriented lately. Our job requires us to give joy and entertain a lot of people. It’s impossible to do that if you’re not pretty. There is obviously a part of us that want to be pretty, but because the public looks at our visual, I think it’s possible to fix a few things as long as you’re not greedy in order to live up to those visual expectations.”

  • eboy07

    Yuck back in the days SNSD really look like something you dont wanna tap.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/WWZG7BQSH2OQPQMJXMBYTQRPQU Ghdksd

      Why would you want to ‘tap’ 12 – 13 year olds?  You do know that most of the pics listed in the article of idols when they were pre-teens (under 13) or just the start of the teen years.

      • Anonymous

        bwahahahah pedo alert –> eboy07

  • Anonymous

    and when i thought that this article is DBSK free, you mention Jaejoong XD
    DBSK makes SB’s world go round!

    • http://twitter.com/rabeckham27 rabeckham

      but ofcourse XD

  • Anonymous

    Yeah. Jaejoong definitely had a lot done. It was during the time they were in Japan. I do like his old nose better. Now it’s sideways and unnatural.

  • kpopfan

    The natural ones are Victoria and Khun! Though maybe they should not be included since they’re not Korean. But I believe there are still so many idols who look natural, at least the guys.
    Hyomin and Park Bom, as beautiful as they look now, look very plastic. Sorry!

  • http://twitter.com/rabeckham27 rabeckham

    Dunno why people are always going on about Jaejoong’s eyes, he has naturally bigger eyes.. ( anyone in doubt can contact me on Twitter i will show you the pre-debut pics :P) but he did not deny that he had surgery and he did say that he doesn’t like his nose, that its too big for his face so i would place my money on a slight nose job..
    that said Jae’s surgery did not change his appearance, he was handsome to begin with and he always has amazing hairstyles that enhance his looks!

  • isti

    Even if idols do go thru surgery…there are levels that need to be taken into account. There’s Ze:a guy who went so far that it had me going O.O!!! and then there’s others like Kyuhyun (I think) who did their eyes.

  • Anonymous

    Most people generally don’t care about guys getting plastic surgery. They only go apeshit when they find out girls get them. Like, you never see people called Minho (nosejob) plastic, but you always hear Goo Hara get called a plastic bitch. (had a shot to the nose)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1452789711 Serra ‘Miyu’ Abak


    Thank you! Who cares if they got plastic surgery!? It honestly doesn’t make me respect them ANY less (and sometimes more if they admit to it!)!

  • smurf

    jessica was so pretty…

  • JW

    To be honest, what I like about the look of “current” is that they are always more polished than of course the pre-debut self. Yes idols should never have to deal with losing fans because of how they looked back then, BUT I must admit some of these pics on the Internet changed my impression for some idols big times. Not that it’s wrong for idols to look different (come on we’ve all been there) it’s just I personally prefer the “improved” idol looks whether the body or the face. That’s why I am all for the plastic surgery business and wish all the idols can admit what they’ve done instead of pulling all that “oh I’m a natural beauty” cliche. Am I going to judge? Probably when it comes to extreme circumstances (meaning completely different people) but is that going to effect how I like my idols? Not at all.

  • XD

    Wow. I actually think Jay Park looks better in his pre debut photo. It must be his hair. XD

  • Blossemcup4

    When I look at pre-debut photos I never consider whether they had any work done or not because it just doesn’t occur to me. I can never really tell when a star gets double-eyelid surgery; I just can’t tell the difference. I find it more fascinating to see idols’ baby pictures because I like to see how similar they look from to now and they always look really cute; you can’t go wrong with an Asian baby. It doesn’t really matter to me whether they get surgery or not just as long as they don’t overdo it and wind up looking like aliens and regretting it.

  • Braveviet

    nothing new to read about and agree with this. Just one thing, many people said Jaejoong had eye surgery I totally disagreed. He always has big eyes. One thing I might doubt on his face is his nose. But well it doesn’t really matter

  • http://twitter.com/ryzlbrmudz Rayzel Bermudez

    Well, it really is the other person’s choice, but personally I don’t approve of plastic surgery. Some people always feel pressured to fit the standards of what is considered “beautiful,” and although plastic surgery in Kpop may even be common (?) I don’t want to generalize, but it’s still sort of a turn-off. I just wish people were less insecure about their looks, and happy the way they are. I mean, if you have a troll face and you carry yourself with confidence, then mad props to you. So in a way, when people get plastic surgery… it doesn’t really make them any more beautiful in my eyes.

  • guest24

    really need to comment on this since you put kyuhyun’s photo =P
    so kyuhyun had double eyelid surgery, so what? i still like him anyway btw, i don’t really oppose plastic surgery for idols, i just consider that as one example of fan service

  • http://twitter.com/Starlight_Sings Starlight Sings

    Im not sure if you are saying that the people you have shown pre-debut pictures of have had surgery.
    But it doesnt seem like it…i recognized every person and I think that they all look pretty much the same.
    I know kyu did double eyelid surgery but there isnt really much of a diffrerence.

    And make up and puberty can change a person completely…not sure if people know this but when a teenage boy begins to go through puberty the first thing that grows is their nose.
    Then the rest of the facial features also mature……thats why most teenage boys look so awkward lol

  • http://twitter.com/fiezalena Fiezalena

    Woah..Seohyun , Yoona and Jessica are pretty..:)