• Serenityq2

    YG came to NY in 2006. i was there front row and it was awesome. do some research people

    • mija

      i was gonna say they were here a few years ago. u beat me to it lol

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3MAXA4XUBRTP3H3WOOKIK3RNMY khady

    “his pet groups” you don’t know much about YG do you? LOL

  • Anonymous

    Yes. YG World/US Tour is wanted by YG fans all over the world. And it will happen eventually.

    When it does, I’ll be in the front row.

  • Anonymous

    Answer: Hell, yeah!

  • Boo

    Asia tour first please! Now THAT is guaranteed to sell.

    As for bringing it to the west, I’m sure YG will do it sooner or later. Maybe later next year or next next year. YG sure does like to keep it safe in terms of foreign ventures.

    • Lydia

      YES! At least out of Japan and Korea first please? I would so kill to go for one.

    • Anonymous

      BB had 2 in Thailand

      • Boo

        I was talking about a YG concert really.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CI2NGOMLBNCWH5U4MKF57VJOHY Swaggerr

    …at least you can enjoy 2NE1 on Monday?

  • http://twitter.com/janellemarie15 Janelle Marie

    Back in 2006 YG brought their family concert to Washington, New York and Los Angeles. It was for their 10th anniversary. This was also the first time Big Bang performed for a North American audience.

    • Guest

      It was the first time bigbang had ever performed overseas anywhere. And it was only 2 months after their first ever public perf and first ever concert perf at the yg family concert in Seoul.

  • http://twitter.com/2ne1angel 2ne1_angel

    Hell yeah!
    In my college a lot of white people love YG!
    Plus, a lot of american artists such as Will.I.Am, Apl.De.Ap, Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre, Ludacris and even stars of Vampire Diaries like 2NE1 and Bigbang!

    i think they are more than ready to have a world tour!

  • Johnny

    Why not? i mean somehow CUBE is holding concerts all over London, Brazil and they make much less than YG how is that even possible

    • http://www.twitter.com/veiledheart VeiledHeart

      THIS. What is up with that? It’s only 3 acts and with the exception of Beast I didn’t even realize they were that popular.

    • http://twitter.com/denzelwynter アシュリ (Ashley)

      The truth is, regardless of artist or label, all k-pop fans will attend k-pop concerts so they can support the movement and hopefully encourage other labels and their favourite acts to atttend their countries.

  • Guest

    as many people have pointed out, yg already was at madison square gardens in 2006 and that was before bigbang became his ticket into the big leagues.

    as for yg being cautious, he’s not, he’s just slow. yg has done quite a few things before other companies. first mini-album, triple title-track promos, promoting all tracks etc etc. if anything, his marketing and publicity is a little over-zealous, especially for 2ne1. bigbang seeps itself, so he doesn’t really go all out for them.

    and as to why yg has been cautious in promoting overseas, even in asia. simple, he didn’t have the cash till recently. yg was big 3 in name only till bigbang. 1tym was successful but nothing compared to god, shinhwa etc., wheesung made tons of cash while he was there but he wasn’t there for too long, se7en was always second to rain. it’s bigbang that made yg yhe yg we know today. they pretty much built the new yg building and continue to finance (as a group and solo) much of yg’s random schemes. yg has spent a lot of money in recent years on new facilities, new trainees, 2ne1, domestic concerts etc etc. maybe his ipo windfall will allow him to truly expand overseas, maybe not. but it’s clear they have a strong fanbase to support a concert or two. half of sm paris was yg fans and fans of non-sm groups because everyone has a stake in making the first ever kpop concert in any country a success.

    • Guest

      * bigbang sells itself. stupid autocorrect!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

        I was wondering how Big Bang seeps itself. Figures. LOL. ;))

  • Renie

    I need one in Texas ASAP!

  • http://babylovepop.tumblr.com loulou_v

    I’d rather like a “real” concert than the whole YG Family, especially Big Bang or 2NE1.

    • lay

      YG Family CONCERT is not a ‘real’ concert? hmmm ….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

    I thought the article would at least have a brief review of YG’s Family Concerts which makes YG ready for the bigger market but I only read how they play the safest.

    Anyway, YG does have a lot of fans waiting and they hardly disappoint.  Hope they do Asia first!

  • http://www.twitter.com/veiledheart VeiledHeart

    It’ll probably happen eventually. They’re just more focused on other things at the moment. 

  • Anonymous

    Not a fan of YG so they can stay where they are.

    • lay

      naaah … you should stay where you are. it’s much better cos you’re nobody.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you, Lame. I’m happy in L.A.

        • lay

          than be happy staying put there. i  believe if they come to the US as wished by most here, you’re not wishing them there makes no difference.

  • eh

    I think a lot of people are just jumping on the SME bandwagon aka CUBE Ent. I rather if YG ever plan to do something like this, they actually plan it like a proper concert. I would also probably prefer it NOT to be a “family” affair and the band and guest headlining. By guest I mean not someone within the company (unless it’s someone who is new).

  • Guest

    It’d definitely be worth it for the fans, but with only two big groups, I’m not sure if they’d make enough money from the two fangroups to cover the cost of a big concert overseas especially if they want to perform in places like Madison Square Gardens.  YG probably knows that too.

    • Guest

      They had a concert at MSG 2 months after bigbang’s debut. They also had concerts in LA and DC. Now, with bb and 2ne1, they should have no problem selling out an arena.

  • http://twitter.com/ovenfreshhhhh ovenfreshhhhh ☆

    They should try having one of their artists debut in the west before they hold a YG Family Concert abroad. I honestly can’t wait for 2NE1 to release their US album. :)

    • Morgzmaj

      2NE1 are in the works working with Black Eyes Peas’ will.i.am for their US debut. I love them and sure they will succeed in the US.

  • http://twitter.com/Koshchk Catty

    Yes! YG family will be always welcomed in Europe.

  • http://twitter.com/GamyeongjaTokki 우소희 ★ 亚柔一

    They should come over here. YG artists are the most popular in the U.S. :)

  • http://twitter.com/syah4brit 동샤히라

    how about touring Asia first.. if not the whole YG.. at least Bigbang Big Show & 2NE1 Nolza.

  • http://twitter.com/beans_are_evil 로라 VIP

    Big Bang and 2NE1 are the favorite bands for french, so of course they should! 

    Madness that there was for SM Town in Paris is NOTHING compare to what will happened if YG annonce a show here xDBut anyway, even if YG don’t come in France, I’m ready to go anywhere in Europe to see them! Héhéhé o/

  • Ela

    I’d prefer a BIGBANG or 2NE1 concert, but YGFamCon would be awesome too, esp if it’s anything like the recent one. I’m in London, but would go anywhere in Europe for them (or HK if the timing works for me).

  • http://twitter.com/CherylTYL Teo Yan Ling

    I want Big Bang concert badly~in Malaysia!


    just hold it in Singapore. 

  • http://twitter.com/venetta venetta

    YG did hold an LA Family Concert a couple of years back. I wasn’t a Big Bang fan yet so I wasn’t really sure how it went down.