• martian

    I only see this as basically a filler. SM is known to repackage anything and everything they can and want to just to make a few more million out of the fans (which sadly actually works as a marketing technique even if it only includes one new song and a new cover). Usually they look like they would put more effort into second round promos or second round promos are actually better than the actual comeback i.e. RDR and Genie, but I suppose they put all their eggs into The Boys song only itself that the rest of the album contained shitloads of nonsense that wasn’t even worth the money they were selling the album for and the follow up wasn’t thought out very well. They have done better second round promos before, but I am so over Mr. Taxi. It was good in Japanese, its just overdose in Korean.

  • mrsjung

    Mr. Taxi Music Video (Kversion) http://youtu.be/-QDgMh_9Dy0 —- lame. SMH

    • Anonymous

      Their MV is way too epic. Srsly, if SM don’t want to overwork their nine angels (rawr we have to think about them they have thight schedules like Invincible Youth 2 Music Core etcetcetc and shooting MV is tiring y’ now what if they fall sick you’ll just complain to SM again blablabla), they can just make an animated MV (read: Orange Caramel – Funny Hunny, lmao). Or if they don’t want to expense money in an animation video (or heck, an edited various clips like Baby Baby is even better), they can just make a fan competition (with a prize like a CD with these nine angels signature, heck even if it’s only Yoona’s it’s okay, or whatever that won’t cost them so much). I don’t care if they want to work cheap, but work hard or don’t work at all. This MV, along with this repackaging thing, is a mocking from SM. They believe that SONES will always buy whatever trash they give. 

      • Anonymous

        “This MV, along with this repackaging thing, is a mocking from SM. They believe that SONES will always buy whatever trash they give.”

        this is where i draw my line.

  • 123

    Reply to “you crazy sones spell wrong.  your moniker is spelled dggf, only then can people truly know you are a delusional girls generation fan.” 

    All fans of kpop are the same. They’re all ignorant and delusional. Anyone who actually puts kpop on a pedestal is delusional. Especially you international people who don’t know anything about Korea and try to dig up something deep and incredible from kpop are kicking a stone wall. Teens are understandable because they like glittery packaged things and don’t know better but this website in general… it just makes me laugh. 

  • Jeremyrain98

    SNSD may have the biggest, largest fans but I seriously doubt if they have the most loyal ones. I used to be their fan but now I’m sick to look at them. I’m sick of hearing their mediocre music. I’m sick of their bad vocal and horrible “hand-twirling” dancing. I’m sick of their videos- they are no longer fun and enjoyable like Gee or Oh! Lots of luck to SNSD, because they’re really gonna need them, esp when  they “try” to break into American market.

    • Anonymous

      i have same sentiments as you..
      i used to like them as well. they were beautiful and i thought there were something on them  more than beauty. i’ve waited..patiently.. but my prejudice got me wrong. They are just normal ‘idols’ out there. i was expecting more from them like in terms of level up development and give us ‘beyond’ what an idol could have.. but apparently they are stagnant and no moving forward. Its just the company that makes them alive and move  to level up their career but nothing more on their part. 

  • Anonymous

    A bit random, but I just stumbled across this song while looking for some music to listen to:

  • Guest

    this is by far the most overrated girl group. heh

    • Anonymous

      ^ this.

      ~ they are overrated. its because they are under SM that is why it boost their image as soon to be legends… SM is known as creator of legendary groups such as SHINHWA, H.O.T and TVXQ.. it comes along stereotyping phenomenon..seems that people viewed that idol who are produced by SM  will have a legendary name at the end but it’s not really applicable to all and not even with snsd…

  • http://twitter.com/AmandaRenee480 Amanda Evans

    My own thoughts on this topic:

    SNSD’s Japanese album was a big step forward for them in terms of music/style. I’d hoped they would continue this trend with The Boys. When I heard they even wrote a few of the song lyrics on the album, I was excited.

    Then I actually heard the album.

    To be fair, the Boys was definitely different. And yes they wore distinct outfits with a strong heroine/fantasy vibe. Even though I dislike the song, I was at least happy to see them not going back to being cutesy and dressing all the same. The other songs on the album were either more of  the same cutesy retro-pop sound (Lazy Girl, My J, Say Yes, Vitamin), outdated retro-pop (Sunflower, Telepathy, Top Secret), or generic pop that sounds like it could be sung on the Disney Channel and be no better or worse (Oscar, Trick). The only song I liked on there was How Great is Your Love, and even then I found out that it was another song bought by SM. 

    SNSD could have been like IU and had a huge hand in their latest album, picking composers/writers, spending time to create an album to show off their artistry. I mean, they’ve been around for 4 years. You’d think SM would allow them to create something themselves (you’d think). Instead it’s more generic pop and a lead song that could have been so much more in the hands of someone other than Teddy Riley. Don’t even get me started on the Mr. Taxi images from the B Version. They just don’t look good. It’s actually a bit embarrassing and sickening that they’d dress like that. It looks like something out of a perverted man’s fantasy. Also, they’re all matching again. So much for individuality.

    They’re not evolving as artists; they really are doing the same old thing. They’re letting SM hand them whatever and they’re not doing anything to change it. And because of that, I’m losing respect for them. It’s a shame, because they could be really good.

    • Anonymous

      “How Great is Your Love” is not SM’s original song? o.o What’s left then? I pretty much like Trick, but the other songs are just another “SNSD-filler-recycle” for me… -__-

      • http://twitter.com/AmandaRenee480 Amanda Evans


        ^ The original version. I actually like it better. Don’t get me wrong, I like the song. It’s gorgeous. But Jenny sings it better and the runs she does with her voice don’t sound so forced. 

    • K Ramadhani

      I’m hoping for something simple like how jyp respect yeeun, putting her song on track no 1 and let them promote g.n.o

  • Anonymous

    they are overrated. thanks to their company they are always given a good break. i wonder if they belong to a totally different company, will they be who they are today? nah~~~ again thanks to SM(though i dont like SM but i’ll give them credits for this). these girls are stuck up and contented. nothing much improvement on their part.

    they say they improved a lot..in what aspect exactly? just because they change their image from navy to cops? they are fiercer??they are trying hard to be sexy all the time just to show that they have great change..were in fact, some of the members are awkward and having difficulty, seohyun.. she seems uncomfortable. what im trying to say is that, idols shouldn’t try to look sexy thingy all the time, talent, singing, dancing are still the best.

  • http://twitter.com/ryzlbrmudz Rayzel Bermudez

    This is exactly the reason why I rarely even listen to girl groups, except for a select few. There’s always that generic pop music, identical outfits and choreography that’s fun and easy, but less than anything powerful. I can’t even express how happy I would be if a new girl group came out with a dance style like Beast or BoA. 

  • Johnny

    They are overated because of their fans eats up anything they put out. Success year after year what does it really mean if its not even a challenge to win Daesang at year end awards? Any group can put out the crappiest song possible but if they have a large fanbase expect it to win lots and lots of awards. SM know they dont even to try to put musicality in their groups music because in the end the win no matter wat

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZYL37XT5WPZ2WFUIMMBV7OECB4 D G

      You are an idiot.

      How exactly do you get a ‘big fanbase’ if you dont put out entertainment that people enjoy?  You are just like the snobbish elitist biased ‘fans’ who are upset that SNSD is #1 and your bias isnt.

      • http://twitter.com/AmandaRenee480 Amanda Evans

        Please, just stop. You’re making a fool of yourself. No one here is going to listen to you if you don’t start talking like an intelligent person. =__= It’s fine to have opposing views, but don’t get upset because people think differently than you. 

        • Preach!

          this DG person is almost everywhere, replying to everyone who dissed her/his beloved unnies lol *yawn*

      • Anonymous

        so basically, you are saying that SNSD was just merely for entartainment purposes, for enjoyment, eye-candy nothing more or less…. 
        oh yah sure.. this will gonna make them a “BIG JOKE LEGENDS of ALL TIME”! LOL!.. then, ok, lets say for argument’s sake.. i’ll let you call them legends if that’s what you want.!

        dont ever say to me that im biased and jealous because my bias were not no.1 or legend… sorry to burst your ego.. but my bias have been a legend long ago ..  your bias might kneel down on my biases in commemoration of what they did in KPOP .. SNSD are fully enjoying that privileges… thanks to the REAL LEGENDS OF KPOP.. they can easily venture to japanese market without hardwork..

        even if i have biases, i can name IDOLS who are turning to be one of the LEGENDS in the future… but sorry to say, your SNSD do not belong to my list…

      • Guest

        I notice you didn’t call them singers.  You called them entertainners.  I agree with you there.  They are nowhere near to being singers.  And even as entertainers, their act is starting to get boring.

        • Guest

          even that, their personality on variety shows are FAKE. and scripted

      • Guest

        yeah. entertainment for perverted ahjusshis by flashing panties and exposing thighs. -.-

    • http://twitter.com/AmandaRenee480 Amanda Evans

      Yeah, that’s basically how it works. Idols aren’t awarded for being good singers. They’re awarded for being popular, good-looking/pretty, and well-liked. That’s NOT how it should be, but it’s the way it is right now, unfortunately. I hope that changes in the future and that artists win based on skill and good music, not popularity.

  • asianromance

    I really liked “The Boys” and had hopes for their growth (and finally, no matching outfits!), but finding out they’re promoting Mr.Taxi and in these outfits made me – in the manner of speaking – throw up in my mouth a little bit.  The outfits would have worked with a stronger song. I’m not hating on SNSD.  I know these girls don’t have much control over over the choice of promotion song, look, etc.  But the track they are going now seems like “The Boys” is more about being a gimmick than actual growth.  If the girls are too exhausted to learn new choreography -and I’m sure they are- then SM should just let them rest up a month or two.  SM doesn’t seem to understand that distance makes the heart grow fonder sometimes.  Stop being so available.  Make your fans wait a little bit- make them want you.  

  • soshi_fanz sones

    Your posts and articles made me realize them.
    But, don’t blame them, because they just do what the SMs asked.
    Also confused, why did they re-promote the song, in another language? That’s nonsense! I just love the originals. For example, Gee. When they sang the song in Japanese, the beat is quite weird. I’m a SONE, and I really hoped the best for them.

  • Kangaeru

    This article made me think about and realize things, so first of all thank you. :)

    SNSD is my favorite group in the world and I can admit I like Wonder Girls’ music better overall. I had a time in my fan-life where I couldn’t admit that and now I have matured, both as a person and a fan. So anyways, I mean I can now really admit that yes, I hated most of SNSD’s new concepts. I have never really been excited about their new title song or their outfits…and that sounds really bad in actually typed out words…….it sounded more nicer and fan-like in my brain….haha. But anyway I became a fan during their Kissing You days from what I remember and I do own all their albums but I kind of got used to being disappointed by them, now that I think about it. It’s really strange writing this all out, but this site’s articles just compel me to share my thoughts even though I don’t like leaving comments. I got sidetracked again…..but this article is so deep for a fan, for a SONE. at least one like me who knows that I am still a fan after being disappointed over and over again. It’s a conversation starter (like every other article I’ve read on this great website that I regrettably only happened to really pay attention to starting like 3 days ago….but that’s a comment for the whole website so….hahaha, I’m still getting used to the awesomeness of seoulbeats.) 

    When I heard they were doing Mr. Taxi for their follow-up, I was crushed, but when I saw the Mr. Taxi photos I felt like I should buy the the total rip-off “repackage-different-version-whatever” album. Of course the site I saw the photos was full of hype because it was filled with SONE’s… So it’s really great to be able to reflect on it in a fairly neutral and much more reasonable environment like this website. I actually didn’t think about SNSD having fetish-like concepts until I read articles here. I started getting interested in (and fond of) female Japanese idols this past year and felt really disturbed with the culture they have, but didn’t think to reflect back on SNSD and the Korean girl groups in regards to the whole feeding the fans’ fetish-obessions..though I have to admit it is much more subtle in Korea….., so in turn it’s harder to catch on to and possibly more “dangerous”. 

    SM is pretty much the only one of the big 3’s where I can confidently say they seem to stomp any of “da swagga” the idols might have been born with out of them. Because they over-process the idols’, the kids’, everything. I know SNSD members have personalities because I’ve stuck with them for so long, if they were “strangers” to me I wouldn’t have given them the chance in my mind. Like I feel bad especially for Hyoyeon because for a long time she had to hide her “swagga” and now it’s kinda gone, not all the way but…. all the girls lost so much in the SM process. 

    The girls are regaining their #1 spot in my brain because I took some months getting acquainted with AKB48 and Morning Musume this year and I almost forgot why I love SNSD. But I do love them like a fan, and I have hope for them, cause I’m a fan. But it’s going to take time for them to really gain my trust and respect back for them because my “first-love infatuation” stage is over and I need a reason (other my obsession with wanting to be loyal to them) to stay with them. (just to be clear, I’m not really “in love” with them :) haha i enjoy metaphors) I think I really needed to process this somewhere out in the open, and seoulbeats just became that much more awesome, at least within my brain.  haha. Thanks though seriously, this site is gold to the K-pop lover.

  • Dave

    In the end they’re just doing what sm told them to do. I don’t care nor anticipate much musicwise from them. All I know is I’m waiting for their nurse-themed cosplaying to happen. They’ve done school girls, dolls, sailors, cheerleaders, dominatrixes, Austin powers/ bondchics, maids….all that remains in the cliche porn theme is nurses….and maybe school teachers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Zhen-Jiang/100003229803466 Zhen Jiang

    SM should be really ashamed of themselves.
    But they wont.

    sad, really.   
    Plz at least try to maintain the quality of SNSD’s albums.   It’s really jarring to go from greatness(japan 1st album) to some mediocre crap that is korean 3rd album. 

  • Esaiyanjin

    i’m Quiet dissapointed after download “The Boys” and saw the quality of the album was worser,
    The boys are quiet like Super Junior’s album, ithink.
    I hardly reply it twice for this one since i reply the old album for many times already. . .
    Hope SNSD MV and Music get better than this one.

  • http://twitter.com/CPBeaar Celine P.

    lol  ‘worser’..

  • Olivia

    Wow, so much snsd hate in here. I like some of the discussion in the articles, but this place is a serious breeding ground for antis of snsd. Yeah, I’m done with this website.

    • Guest


    • Anonymous


    • sujulove

      I agree with you

  • http://mithunonthe.net/ MithunOnThe.Net

    The girls are overworked, plain and simple! They need a break and SM need’s to take one too! The rookies are getting better and better and I don’t see SM and JYP dominating the next two years.

  • SSantus

    WOW I love how almost all the articles are negative feedbacks of snsd.. and all the other artists… Truthfully, I love Kpop, and snsd too.. So this website is def not my site to go to… You guys are so negative

  • mojomay

    While I do believe that the Korean Mr. Taxi promotions was way out of left-park for everyone–fans and non-fans alike– I disagree that this was a “step-back” or an “image regression”. After all, this is just ONE repackage/version B concept. From the way things are due to their Japanese promotions and The Boys promotions, it is probably just like you said; this was most likely due to the fact that the girls don’t have the time or energy to learn a new dance from any of their 3rd album songs. I believe you’re blowing this out of proportion. Don’t assume they’re going back to their Kissing You days just from a set of pictures. 
    And I will admit I am a fan of SNSD, and as an international female fan you should stop stereotyping Sones as these “perverted uncle fans” that love to see the girls in these “fetish-like” costumes. Many of my uncles including my dad like them for their talents and don’t even pay attention to the costumes they wear. And I know that you mentioned that the reason why you write about SNSD in many of your articles is because they are one of the archetypes for Kpop acts in general, but please, there’s a difference between using them as an example and just pure nitpicking every fault. And no, I’m not a butthurt fan bashing Seoulbeats. I find your arguements on them intriguing and true. However, your articles have been lately giving for the general part a negative connotation about them that’s promoting bashing from the other commenters and then they justify it when someone finds something offensive in their comments. 
    To get straight to the point, just please use other examples for your concerns regarding Kpop in general because I KNOW that SNSD aren’t the only ones using “fetish-like” costumes or doing something just for the fans’ money. And I’m noticing that your commenters — all fans, not just Sones– are getting tired of the overuse of SNSD in your articles.

    • Anonymous

      actually your comment is the only one that i toatlly can agree with completely ! (no offense to others) and i agree 100%!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Grace-Shen/100000888923875 Grace Shen

    I hated Korean Mr. Taxi. Once you get used to them speaking in Japanese (especially because they promoted it already), speaking in Korean just makes the whole song seem out of order – even if Korean is their native language. xD Really wanted them to promote Trick instead.

    But I sort of hate that you bash on SNSD nearly every article more… ._.;;

  • anonymous

         Personally I feel that SM needs to get the clue that their major k pop groups (super junior, girls generation,etc.) are growing up especially super junior almost half the members are going to be thirty soon they just can’t be singing about things such as Mr. Simple and Acha or being Superman. Personally I really love super junior but I want to see them sing a song like in heaven by JYJ (who were part of sm) a song that can really touch the heart instead of just showing off their abs and gaining more school girl fans. 
          As for SNSD I agree the company should stop forcing them to be school girls they’re going to be in their mid twenties I mean when Oh! first came out it was very catchy and I loved gee but that was before I want to see SNSD have more of a Miss A or charisma. I liked the boys it showed a more mature side of SNSD but still half of the girls were wearing princess gowns.
        To sum up everything I wrote sm entertainment needs to allow their artist to grow up and share their beliefs.  

  • pikaSNSDfighting

    I loved the Mr. Taxi era, but I can’t disagree that ‘The Boys’ wasn’t the best SNSD album. I enjoyed the dance, but.. that’s just the thing. The ‘dance’. It’s the only one they’ve done this year! And honestly the song is a mess. The album is also all over the place. I favored Trick and Telepathy.. but honestly that’s it. I hope to see more improvement with the next album though. SNSD fighting! One bad song isn’t gonna stop ‘em ;)

  • Anonymous

    i am soooooo sick and tired  of evrybody saying things like ” im anticipating theyre return because this song was so and so or this song was too unorganised” or the antis saying things like ” sm always wins in the end or snsd is only popular cuz theyre pretty and have a large fanbase”! you know what ! you guys are getting me so worked up that i even thought of a song they should sing! i really really want it to be an upbeat ballad like adele’s “rumour has it” not EXACTLY like that but a song that showcases theyre singing talent! especially taeyeon she even said on a show she was tired of the songs they gave the group and belived that it didnt fit the group… so this time so nyeo si dae, shoujo jidai, shao nu shi dae, snsd, girls generation! please sing a ballad every group has at least 1! even 2pm does and they are partying beast idols… i love you and your music and am a dedicated sone but can admit that actually i think wonder girls songs are much better! so i am waiting for you to do a touching song or a ballad… snsd jjang hwaiting!

  • Anonymous

    and realy this article hates on snsd alot not even the article the site.. this site is like the anti-snsd epitome

  • wesley medina

    For me, I think they really should push “Trick” as their next single. Everything on that song just “works”. That and it sounds REALLY good in the car. LOL. XD

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003629986793 Vikram Naiker

    I disagree with this article its like this site is anti-snsd ;( i go to allkpop now. to be honest i loved “the boys” it had gotta be the most catchy song by snsd and gee and oh are really catchy. We should appreciate that they tried a different concept i don’t think they wanted swag but more a interdependent look. and i only recently got into kpop and the first song was i saw was the boys and i was like OMG when the rose petals came and like when they started singing Ahhh *i love kpop*. that goes for the same for when i tried introducing kpop to my class i just showed them “the Boys” and they loved it <3 this has got to be my fav sm video cuz they took much more effort on making the girls look like goddess. I think that this was everything I wanted but more. sure the concept pictures didn't have much to do with the song but it the same with other sm teasers like Mr simple, electric shock & sherlock teaser pics but the pic are center around a theme :D that's just how sm works :) and HOW CAN U HATE MR.TAXI!!!!!! D:<  Its my 2nd fav song in the album its as catchy as "The Boys" its got amazing dancing and the girls are just making u wanna dance. "The Boys" has already got more than 50 million view in less than 1 year on Youtube and is now the 4 most watched K-POP music video on youtube number 1 is Gee by snsd, number 2 is Mr. taxi by snsd and number 3 is oh by snsd. Wow! how ironic is that, the top 5 most watched kpop music videos 4 out of 5 of them are snsd :D this just shows that snsd is ONE OF Asia's best artists. So seoulbeats plz get your facts straight before you put a pointless article like this :)