• angel29

    Wow, the one step forward is SNSD dressing up different from each other.  (rolls eyeballs) 

    And still SNSD gains fans faster than they lose them, I think.  You have to admit it, Lee Soo Man is doing something right.  I don’t know what it is but he is doing it right.

    • katherine

      The one thing SM did get right was allowing the girls to appear on so many variety shows.It for me personally opened me up to the girls and their personalities, to some people the girls may come across as snobby or condescending with their “attitude” but to me they are harmless and majority of the girls seem down to earth and have great sense of humor (Thanks to Family Outing that I decided to take a glance at this group).

      As for Mr.Taxi I can see where you are coming from in regards to them being so busy that they couldn’t find the time to do choreography for their new songs on their album and I don’t mind the song BUT that group picture just looks wrong, seriously what is up with all their poses ? especially Seohyun’s, Taeyeon & Yuri’s. – Gives off this wannabe Zoolander vibe lol. 
      I don’t know who came up with the idea of dressing them like that but they need to be fired. Like come on SME you gave the girls each an individual look for ” The Boys” which to me has been there best look since their debut, why not carry it along into this song and keep their individuality ?.
      Has SNSD regressed … Just got to mention “Oh” & “Hoot” for me to say YES. After Genie was released and their promotion period died down, I was curious to see where they would go next and with each song release I got disappointed every time. At the end of the day I don’t care how awesome a MV is orplace importance on what concept a group is coming up with, if a song isn’t good then it isn’t good no matter how hard a company tries to package it. 

      • angel29

        I agree.  They gain a loyal fan base not through their music but through intense image building (in many aspects and not just appearing in variety shows).

        And I don’t like Mr. Taxi.  How that song even became a title track is laughable to me.  The image is for older listeners but the sound is for young teens.

        They’re trying to grow up yet they don’t know how.  Why they can’t copy the formula of Run Devil Run makes me wonder.  Was that just a fluke that they found a really good material? 

    • Anonymous

      I sorta meant for Kpop as a whole, having individualistic outfits is a step (or half a step) forward. I felt as if they progressed at least conceptually, if not musically or performance-wise, but than regresses in all three areas.

      I think a lot of SNSD’s popularity doesn’t just have to do with pervy old men (ew) but the Halo Effect. Many of SNSD’s fans are young teenage girls that need role models to look up to and they see SNSD, who are pretty and give off an image at being superbly talented. With the Korean media adding to this, it’s easy for someone, especially someone that’s young and gullible, to buy into.

      • angel29

        Oh, hi. I did get what you were saying the first time around.  I *rolled eyes* to mock the fact that that was the only improvement that was seen from their end considering the hype of the comeback.

  • Inquinn

    Each time SNSD have to go with these ‘costumes’, I’d immediately pity Seohyun.

    • mrsjung

      This. Not a sone, but I like her. She’s the only one I genuinely like in their group and she look so awkward in everything that has to do with “sexy concept”. lol

      • http://twitter.com/Laava90 Lava

        I’m so glad someone thinks the same as me, she always seems so awkward in any kind of ‘sexy’ performance 

      • aya

        ah yeah i like seohyun too.. shes a decent girl..

    • Anonymous

      that girl can do so much better outside SNSD. Idk, I don’t think she has the IT factor to be an idol. 

    • Anonymous

      I know right?  Sometimes I wonder if SMs contracts weren’t so iron-clad how long Seohyun would stay with the group.  Its obvious the girl is quite intelligent and very conservative, I can only imagine the thoughts that goes through her head whenever they have to these costume oriented promotions. 

    • Guest

      I feel the same way as well. I don’t know if anyone has seen the MAMA red carpet, but that poor Seohyun kept trying to cover her cleavage and I just felt so bad for her.

  • Anonymous

    Personally all their concepts remind me of some gigantic orgy in a porno designed to cater to middle age perverts.

    But then again, since it is their target market, I say go for it!

  • http://twitter.com/Miharuu_Issa Sagami Miharu

    I agree with this so much. i have a love hate relationship with SNSD since i knew them, at the beginning leaning more towards hate. Being the “top girl group in Korea” like SONEs are saying it’s really disappointing. Musically they haven’t grown not even a bit, their MVs are getting worse and they don’t participate in the album making at all ( and no, one member out of nine writing the lyrics for one song doesn’t count, Seungri’s VVIP album had 6 out of 7 or 7 out of 8 songs written by him)

    I actually didn’t like their clothes for “The Boys” but in comparison with the others they are definitely the best just for the fact they cover most parts of their body in comparison with their skimpy outfits before and still look as beautiful, even much more, since now they have classiness too.

    What surprises me about SNSD is how uncomfortable they seem on stage ( especially Seohyun..and after watching WGM i sometimes don’t get why she is in an idol group; the girl is so special and could do so much more with her life…). As before mentioned in some articles here most idol groups just act like robots on stage trying to be so synchronized that when one of them makes a mistake it just falls apart and this applies to SNSD too. I read one comment here with YG telling 2ne1 not to try so hard at being synchronized but to try to enjoy it. I really loved the comment and i wish more groups took this into consideration when going up on stage. 

    I’m not even going to start on the MAMA performance, considering the fact they won Best Artist(?) and Best Female Group, their performance was horrendous, not knowing what to do when making a mistake and making it a really awkward stage to watch.

    It also affects the group when you don’t really have many actual singers in the group. Taeyeon has a great voice but she lacks emotion. Jessica is very in control of her voice but sometimes she is given parts where she sounds like a dolphin. Tiffany actually has a nice husky voice, but instead they make her rap, which doesn’t suit her at all. Sunny and Seohyun have nice voices ( i’m glad they showcased Seohyun’s voice in The Boys) and the rest aren’t really good at singing. Hyoyeon is great at dancing ( or should i say “was”) but they made her dance such simple dances and kept her in the back for so long that whenever she gets the spotlight she just exaggerates her moves, and it looks forced.

    I wish SM showcased their talents more and covered their faults better ( hey it was possible for Dara who can’t sing almost at all and still they made her sound good even making her voice give a fresh flavor to the songs) so why can’t they do it with them?

    • Anonymous

      Nice comment! My thoughts:

      More than any other company, SM appears to be the most concerned with the image of perfection. Most of their idols are strikingly good-looking, reasonably talented, and surrounded by enough hype to give people the impression that they’re demi-gods. For me, it has largely to do with the Halo Effect, which I talked about a little bit below in Angel29’s comment. Many people realize that SM’s image of perfection is just a facade but SM will be damned before they admit it. So they’ll continue to hype their idols, ignore their faults, robotically train, and absolutely control them. It actually sounds like a miserable existence to me.

      I agree with you on SNSD. They are such sweet, likable girls but they’re stuck in limbo and have even regressed in some aspects :( .

  • http://twitter.com/arigatomida jesse

    I honestly think SM is just milking SONEs. The repackage album is practically the same album. The only difference is, the photobook. 

    • Kliks

      There’s not even a photobook, it’s just a bunch of 9~12 postcards with the same old poses they keep doing… sigh… BTW, weren’s sones saying that the maxi-single would be from a new song? Poor sones, it’s difficult to keep making up excuses when SM keeps releasing crap trough SNSD mouths…

      • Kliks


    • Anonymous

      Their upcoming American release is going to further milk SONEs. It’s a maxi-single with one regular version of “The Boys,” and acapella version, and five remixes of “The Boys.” WTFudge.

      • Kliks

        And don’t forget about the repackage of their 1st japanese album… Yes, is being released by the end of this month and it will include the japanese version of The Boys (yes, again), one new song and some remixes… but I know most sones will buy it for the new pics it has… could this get worse?…

      • Guest

        wait…they expect americans who are not sones and have never heard of snsd to buy that? are they serious? what a joke!

  • happyslip

    I was hoping for a different song, but it’s okay that they didn’t have one. I was a little disappointed at how The Boys turned out overall and pretty much then I stopped thinking about their repack because somehow, I felt that they weren’t going to do something special for it anyway.

    They need to have some kind of break. Like 6months to a year off. Sigh but we know that it’s close to impossible, seeing as how they have become SME’s main moneymaker now. They’re so, so tired and it shows. 

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully SM will follow other management companies and have the the girls release solos or unit groups. I agree that SNSD has gotten stale. 

  • Guest

    snsd’s progression or regression is directly connected to how much money sm makes from each concept. the numbers prove that snsd’s “fiercer” concepts don’t make as much money as their cutesy ones. run devil run, genie and the boys were not as successful as oh and gee. by snsd’s own very high standards for digital sales, the boys has been a disappointment. korea likes snsd best when they’re prancing around in short shorts. hence, snsd will prance around in short shorts as long as korea and sm wants them to. if snsd’s girl power concepts were the ones that were the most successful, sm would start their mvs with a quote from germaine greer and they would burn their short shorts as a stand-in for their bras. 

    snsd has always been the weakest of the top idol groups musically. and that’s never going to change because their weakest music is the best for business.

    • linda

      “if snsd’s girl power concepts were the ones that were the most successful, sm would start their mvs with a quote from germaine greer and they would burn their short shorts as a stand-in for their bras.” 

      Seoulbeats, put this on the next SB Comments of the Week. This comment deserves a medal.

  • Krazee4kpop

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to be a fly on the wall in a meeting about how and what to promote next. 

    Not just SNSD, but any Kpop idol group. Which song to pick, what concept to go with it… school uniform – done, military – done. So, what next?

    Whatever next – we fall for it anyways. Can we charge SNSD of regressing – I think before we can answer that question, we should look at ourselves – as a fan and a member of the audience.

    Which ever direction a Kpop idol group takes – can be influenced by the market. That’s us. 
    If we don’t practice blind faith and that means – if we don’t like it, we just don’t buy it – that just might give Kpop idol groups and their management companies – a chance to re-assess themselves and the decisions they make pertaining to what they put out. Again, it would be interesting to see how much of the decision making process the members actually get to participate in… I suspect they may not be able to have much say in the matter.

    In the case of SNSD, if it does turn out to be the same old song and dance – we may be able to help the girls – by telling them, we are not falling for it.

    Maybe, we [as fans] need to take a step back – so that they can take two steps forward.

    • Anonymous

      I do hope that happens in the coming year. I don’t know what SM has in store for 2012 but if it’s more of this, people are bound to get dissatisfied eventually and SNSD will steadily start dipping in popularity. I base this on nothing but a hunch. But if this happens, maybe SM will actually use its head and pull SNSD out of limbo… or maybe they’ll put their efforts into another group and just let SNSD dangle (doubt this could happen but a lot of SM’s decision-making doesn’t make sense to me).

      As for what’s next… postal workers? Nurses? That’s where my money is.

      • saylor

        diggin the postal workers idea…they could get an endorsement from korea’s postal service.  pizza delivery girls it could be like one of those sexy concepts (now that would get them noticed in the US lol). they should just do a sailor moon theme or a solar system theme. there are nine planets, nine girls it works (PLUTO is a planet! seohyun can be pluto since she’s the odd one out). or a greek goddess theme. 

        • Anonymous

          Sailor Moon is my childhood! Lol I’d love but doubt it’ll happen. Two of the girls would have to be Uranus and Neptune, which would make all the shippers happy lol.

          Sailor Moon = Taeyeon (I guess, since she’s the leader)
          Sailor Mars = Tiffany
          Sailor Jupiter = Sooyoung
          Sailor Venus = Jessica
          Sailor Mercury = Seohyun (since they’re both intellectuals)
          Sailor Uranus = Yuri
          Sailor Neptune = Yoona
          Sailor Pluto = Hyoyeon
          Sailor Saturn or Sailor Mini-Moon = Sunny

          … Tuxedo Mask = Siwon

          • Gazza

            Nice! But I’d switch tiffany and Jessica around

          • saylor

            i think it’s mostly because jessica’s blonde that she gets to be sailor venus.  I think she suits the Sailor Venus role actually.  I’m actually loving this concept idea.  Taeyeon can have a black cat in the music video since the trend is to have cats in the video.  And jessica can get a white cat! lol she got the dove last time.  and siwon as tuxedo mask …WIN!

          • Anonymous

            LOL! Love this! Tuxedo Mask is either Siwon or Minho xD

    • mija

      I wondered about what goes on in those concept meetings too. I picture SNSD sitting at the round table like quiet little mice while the SM executives tell them exactly what the new concept is and how they are gonna promote it without asking the girls for any input. I guess thats the life of an idol.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly SNSD has always come off to me as SM or the CEO of SME taking their perverted fetishes and putting them into real life form which is really unfortunate because if you watch any interview of these girls they are nothing like these promotions portray them to be.  Many of them are really sweet and hilarious girls and far from these fetish images that are put on them. The unfortunate thing though is that it is these exact images that sell for them so as long as these type of concepts gets SME the most money it is what they are going to be forced to do and for that I really feel bad for them. I personally blame SME and Sones for this because Sones will buy anything to make sure their groups stays on top and SME knows that so why give the girls better music or better concepts when they sell a lot as is. I mean lets be real, while there are singers that wish to become bonafide musicians in SME, SME is not a company that cares about music or artistry, they want to make the most money and that is it. Take their repackage album, its pretty much the same as their recent album with very little new material on it yet you know SONEs will be buying that up like hotcakes (this goes for SUJU too).  Personally I liked them at the beginning because their songs were decent and while I will never think SNSD is the most vocally talented group around they were stronger in that aspect when they debuted but the constant crappy songs and male oriented fetish concepts on top of their regression vocally and as performers has kept me from being a fan of them which is sad because there is some feasible talent underneath all that packaging.  

    Personally I don’t know how girls like Seohyun do it because everyone knows that girl is really smart and very conservative, I can only imagine what goes through her head when they have to do these things.  But I will definitely give the girl props because while she is relatively boring in real life she is probably the strongest performer in the group.

    • Anonymous

      I have to agree with you. SONEs and SM have been the most destructive thing for SNSD. SONEs lap up everything SNSD does, even if it’s bad, and vehementaly defend SNSD, which in turn causes SNSD to not get enough criticism. Part of me believes that reason for SNSD’s, well, sloppiness lately isn’t just a result of SM or tiredness but also a result of SNSD becoming too comfortable with their #1 girl group in Asia title. It doesn’t really seem to matter what SNSD does, they’ll still win awards and people will still praise them to high heavens… for now. People disagree with me but SNSD isn’t going to be the #1 girl group forever. If they keep going at this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if another girl groups usurps their throne in a year or two, maybe even less.

      As for Seohyun, I would know what she’s thinking when she see’s all this. She is a very smart, very dedicated girl. As a performer, she’s emotionless but one of the best singers and a pretty good dancer (I would say she’s as good as Yoona). She is very conservative, and this is shown in her personal style as well. Usually when you see her out-and-about, she wears something feminine, loose, and long. Although Seohyun is one of the better singers in SNSD, I actually think she’s better suited to becoming a lawyer, a politician, or a doctor. She already has the study skills needed to become these things.

      • saylor

        there are other companies that don’t let their groups fans from preventing their idols from some modicum of musical progress. Gee and Sorry Sorry were the worst thing to ever happen to SNSD and Suju.  For Shinee it was those multi colored jeans.  

        SM is a freakin scary place, they just seem really ruthless.  I don’t like SNSD as a group.  I like them as individual girls and i really wonder what scary things they have probably done behind the scenes, the sacrifices, the things they’ve probably been forced to do, because I don’t doubt that SM has put these girls through hell to get them to certain places.  

        i would hate to be a part of that family.  everyone just seems miserable and robotic.  the constant need to be perfect must be soul crushing and when a less “perfect” group that doesn’t look as pretty or etc makes it over you it probably hurts them more. like SNSD probably got really jealous over 2NE1’s success and Kara’s success because they work round the clock and get criticized endlessly for the smallest thing.  why? their company does not protect them enough.  their company does NOT look out for their well being.  

        these girls probably feel like they failed if they don’t show up for one interview or something, as performers their company needs to watch out for them and nurture them.  

        the worst part is putting on a face.  I’m not a sone nor an anti but these girls are overworked and they have been for almost 3 years.  they are not good performers and lack energy and charisma on stage and now more than ever before they are just done.  all they can do now is wink and smile.  

        i kinda wish snsd would sue sm.  that would be epic and give me new found respect for these girls.  hopefully something happens, somebody steps in.  

        dear sm your idols images are TOOO perfect, they need a break, they need flaws. 

        • Anonymous

          SM SCARES ME. You know how there’s like an evil businessman occasionally depicted on TV and he’s like the definition of evil? That’s how I think of SM.

          • Anonymous

            Have you ever seen “Deal or No Deal”? I always picture SM to be like the banker. =/

        • Anonymous

          I will not lie, SM scares me the most whenever i see Teamin. IDEK

      • dt22

        I am with both of you about SONEs! I just discovered kpop this year but I never have seen a fanbase so blinded by their bias groups and SONEs are at the top of that list. Its one thing to defend you group from antis or whatever. But to spend your last dollar on an album that you admitted was bad before you bought it but “wanted the girls to make an all kill on the charts” or “because they worked hard” or insert whatever excuse is something I just don’t get. SONEs have a lot of power, they can demand better by not spending their money!

        • http://twitter.com/Miharuu_Issa Sagami Miharu

          I read a comment on allkpop where someone talked about how bad The Boys is and guess what a SONE said : Music has no quality (like music can’t be of good quality or bad quality)..and she underlined it ( and had about 100 likes).. i haven’t heard such stupidity since i started listening to kpop. Sones are taking it up a notch, I understand taking the side of your favorite group but saying  something like this and so many people agreeing with it is just too much..

      • kaila

        I think it’s an insult to the fans because SME is always thinking, “let’s just get the cheapest stuff, shittiest song, and half ass everything because those stupid Sones will lap up whatever we release anyway.” I think if the album is half-assed, I don’t think people should buy it and show SM that they can’t just put out anything. I know they want to support their girls, but it really is just making them regress more and more since they don’t even have to try.

        I also agree with you about them being too comfortable with their #1 spot. I think someone needs to dethrone them so they will actually start trying. They can dance on stage with garbage bags as costumes and Sones will eat it right up.

        I feel for Seohyun really. The girl is all political and intellectual but she has to dance on stage in weird fetish costumes being gawked at by old men. Why did she even audition in the first place?

  • Anonymous

    I was surprised when I heard that there’s no REAL repackage album for The Boys. And Mr.Taxi in Korean.. meh, I don’t know. Mr. Taxi was originally in Japanese, and it sounds awkward in Korean. Is this the first time an SM group remake an original Japanese release into a Korean?

    Cops theme. Oh great, dominatrix style. I start to think that SM really just want to attract the oppa fans of SNSD. That sounds so wrong. 

    • Anonymous

      Wasn’t DBSK’s Love In Ice originally Japanese?

      • Anon

        yes, and so was their purple line. 

        but other than purple line – which was more of a one-off performance to hype up cassies for the korean comeback at the end of the year – dbsk never promoted with a korean remake.

  • Andi

    There’s all this hype that surrounds SNSD, but in all honest they are one of the more boring popular girl groups. Nothing about them really sticks out to me. Sure, a few of the girls are talented and some of them have great personalities, but there’s really nothing to them besides catchy songs. In terms of interesting concepts and innovation in K-Pop, 2NE1 and T-ARA have SNSD beat. I definitely think SNSD as a whole need to progress and grow as artists. Actually, this seems to be a common problem with SM artists. Just look at SuJu; all their singles since “Bonamana” have sounded exactly the same. Is this simply SM’s creative team getting lazy, or are the group members themselves just not interested?

    • Anonymous

      The thing with SME is that even though there are definitely some talents in the company that want to be more than dancing robots, SME doesn’t care about that.  At the end of the day SME isn’t in kpop to make artists or talented singers or whatnot, he is in to make a product that sells and he is really good at doing so.  Sometimes I wish fanbases weren’t as fanatical as they are because maybe just maybe if they stop buying all the mediocre crap that companies like SME give them their idols could finally get music that they themselves want to do. 
      As much as I like T-ara, CCM is very similar to SME in that they will promote what they think sells often at the expense of the group which is sad because in terms of girl groups , T-ara is one of the more vocally talented groups out there.  CCM is better however at giving T-ara decent music though, that is if anyone can get past the promotional singles and actually take a listen to their full albums and mini albums,  they would find themselves pretty surprised that there are some gems of songs on those albums. 

      I think YGE is the only company out of the big 3 that really cares to make artists and performers out of their groups.  Yes groups like 2ne1 are manufactured and noone is denying that but what YGE does that other companies fail to do is nurture their talents and give them the skills to have a career once the glitzy lights of idoldom are gone. Whether you like YGE or not you have to admit that when it comes to owning a stage and really performing, not just following choreography like a trained monkey, YGE artists are a step above many of the groups out there and I think is has much to do with the YGE trains as it does with the type of artists they have.   I think YGE is one of the few companies in which I can see many of their artists have feasible solo careers if the whole group thing ends.  

      • Guest

        i was just at the yg fam concert and was once again struck by how good they all are on stage. even the non-yg trained “maknaes” psy and tablo fit right in. it’s like a playground and they just play on stage. 2ne1 was the weakest of the performers i saw and they were still better than most of the sm artists i saw at the sm concert.

        and those yg artists who won’t have or don’t want solo careers will probably stay with yg and work behind the scenes. the number of ex-yg artists who are still in the company, not just on the artistic side but also on the administration side is astounding. and i think their continued involvement plays a big part in the kind of artists yg has that are currently active.

        • Boo


          YG gives them the freedom to grow musically and it shows. It really does. The way he also treats his talents as artists is also admirable because it will push his talents to work hard to become one. 

          • Guest

            my fave thing about yg is that once every few months every single person involved in the creative side of yg – from choreographers to producers and songwriters to dancers to current artists to non-active artists to stylists – go down to the practice rooms and watch each trainee perform solo. they’ve done this since yg instituted a training programme and if you hear bb talk about it, it’s both intimidating and inspiring. when you’re constantly put under the microscope like that and are given access to all these professionals who’ve been where you are, you can’t help but learn. 

            i also like that yg’s current artists are involved in the audition process. people like danny and daesung have overseen auditions and accepted/rejected people. that kind of involvement in the growth of the company helps the artists themselves feel like they have a stake in the company.

          • saylor

            this is the reason YG is a boss company.  They are going to have longevity and genuine love compared to SM.  It’s these guys that are going to get noticed internationally for their ability to produce quality music, absolutely fun work environment, and their willingness to take RISKS musically and financially.  The best is they nurture everyone, not just the artists.  Very impressive YG.  

          • Boo

            Oh wow. I never knew about that. My respect for YG has just completely soared. Now I really am looking forward to the new groups he’s planning to debut. 

            I also love how he doesn’t display all his artists in variety shows. When people buy their music, it’s because they really like it not just because they’re fans and they have to and their oppas and unnies worked REALLY hard. If his artists are good then they will gain popularity one way or another. 

          • iwe

            Believe it or not, YG fans are the same way. They eat up whatever the groups put out. While YG is clearly the better company, it’s a little too far to say that people only buy their music because they like it.

          • Boo

            Okay I concede to that. :)

          • Guest

            yes, yg fans are the same way. they’re fans after all. but i do think ifans of yg are far more critical than say isones. bb’s latest mini got a lot of criticism and 2ne1’s music has been making a lot of fans less than happy since last year.

            but given yg’s huge digital sales where every single yg artist who’s released an album this year has had digital success (of varying levels, yes), it’s not just rabid fangirls who’re buying this music.

            a good percentage of people who buy this music are buying it because they like it and not because they like the band that’s making the music.

      • chelle

        …Only 3 of the girls in T-ara can sing and two of their members barely have 2 words in their new song in CC. Vocally talented as in soyeun, eunjung and sometimes hyomin yes. The rest…not really.

      • usagi_chan1516

        Only 3 girls in T-ara can sing properly…how can they be one of the more vocally talented?? O.O

        • Anonymous

          Hyomin/eunjung/Soyeon are definitely strong vocalists probably stronger than quite a few groups out there, but i wouldn’t discount some of the other girls talents. While jiyeon and boram definitely lack the kind of power and range that the main three have they are pretty decent singers they just aren’t given much opportunity to really sing in the stuff they release. Boram and Jiyeon both have really nice soft vocal tones if you take the time to listen to their solo releases (jiyeons OSTs and Boram’s solo albums) . Hwayoung has flow for an idol rapper but I agree I don’t see her point in the group. Qri is jut a pretty face.

          • http://colourmesplendid.wordpress.com Ree

            I agree that Jiyeon and Boram have very nice soft voices when recorded (more Boram than Jiyeon, I actually like Boram’s recorded voice better than I do Hyomin or Eunjung’s).

            But I’ve heard Boram sing live, and I can’t say I was particularly impressed at all. Especially considering there wasn’t any choreography or bad sound mixing that could mess with her performance. 

            Jiyeon has improved, but she’s still rough around the edges. 

            I don’t think they’re bad singers by any means, but I’d argue that half of SNSD are better than them, and I’d put them on the same level as Yuri and Sooyoung. 

            Although T-ara is definitely stronger vocally than SNSD is, no argument from me there. (especially back before the addition of deadweight Hwayoung). But I attribute that more to the number of members in each band than the members themselves to be honest. In the larger grand scheme of things, I wouldn’t say they’re one of the stronger girl groups vocally. They’re strong enough, I’ll give them that. But not exactly top tier stuff. 

            I’ll give something to SNSD over T-ara though, based on their management. Every single girl in SNSD contributes to the group in some way, even though they aren’t exactly amazingly vocally talented. Whether it be through singing, variety gigs, or popularity. I attribute this to good marketing on SM’s part. 

            Whereas in T-ara — Boram, Qri, and Hwayoung do like… nothing. They don’t even make use of Boram’s recorded voice half the time, and she doesn’t do anything else outside the group. Qri is really pretty, and I find her prettier than Jiyeon, and I really don’t get why Jiyeon is promoted as the ‘face of the group’ still, when half of the members are more attractive than her. Qri is also not a bad actor, yet they don’t make a show of her acting gigs like they do with Hyomin/Jiyeon. Hwayoung is… lol. 

          • Anonymous

            You nailed it. While I love “Cry Cry”, I’m frustrated at its injustice in line distribution. Okay I love Soyeon and Hyomin’s voice but must it be they sing all lines? Eunjung got few and fewer lines in each comeback, Hwayoung does nonexistent rap, Qri only do the opening, and Boram? “Let’s dance~” Yeah, sure Boram! Let’s dance! ><

  • http://twitter.com/nowheregirl1993 Fatouma

    What SNSD lacks in musical talent, they gain from how SM pushes this girls forward in various streams of KPop Entertainment, in variety shows, CFs, etc. What benefits them even more is that a lot of the girls have great personalities, are relatable and interesting as individuals, as artists or singers, eh not so much. And to be honest, as much as the ‘fetish’ concepts have a strong niche market in Japan, Korea is almost always in love with cute (not in a lolita way), which SNSD can hand over to them. Despite trying to be more ‘mature’, the Boys seems like a bad version of the already terrible Danger by f(x), with the unsuppressable cuteness. It seems like they’re daughters trying to be like Mom or something. I’m not a Sone, but I really haven’t seen a girl group that has really surprised me with their music. 2NE1, F(x), Miss A, etc. With their respective debuts, their music was catchy, up-lifting, and good to listen to. But now, they’ve just rehashed the same material over and over again, and becoming over-hyped by their respective fandom. SNSD isn’t the only group that has been overhyped or under performed for me. It’s almost all the girl groups lately, safe for BEG, who almost nail it for me every time (except for Abracadbra, which was almost horrible but I couldn’t get it out of my head/stop dancing to it)

  • dt22

    I sort of feel sorry for SNSD. They are the biggest money
    making girl group in Korea and they are in a company that only cares about
    money so SM is going to continue doing what works… if it is not broken why fix
    it sort of thing. But that is not benefiting the girls as artists at all. You
    can tell they don’t really like their own music. I read on more than one occasion
    were Taeyeon has cried when she first hear a song, mostly one of their cute
    songs but she is forced to sing them and it shows in her robotic, emotionless performances;
    or when Hyoyeon thought about leaving the group because she did not like waving
    lollipops on stage. But they decided to stick with it so I can’t feel that much
    pity for them. Not to mention as said on a previous article they are so
    manufactured, from looks to choreographed winks so even after they have past
    their prime as the top kpop girl group. I don’t know if the majority of them
    would be able to make it life after SNSD.
    I think a lot of them have regrets
    even though they continue to smile and say that SNSD will last forever as it
    plans for  ”world domination.” Sure they
    have fame and some sort of relative fortune (I still would like to know how
    much kpop stars make), but let’s get real they are fantasy products for
    perverted middle age male fans that have no chance in dating them in real life,
    which results in them attempting to kidnap the girls on stage.  So they can bring the boys out and tell the
    devil to run as they want but in the end they are going back to uniform outfits
    to cater to their uncle fans whether their sexy cops like Mr. Taxi or juvenile school
    girls like in Spring Day. As long as they are in SNSD that is all they will be,
    very sad because most of the girls do seem to really have nice personalities
    and want the opportunity to do the sort of music that they like. I don’t know
    how they do it, because if I were them giving up my youth, changing my looks,
    the majority of them foregoing school, can’t date, over worked, under paid, and
    company controlled all to reach my dream of being a singer/dancer of music that
    I don’t even want to sing and dance, well I would be strongly rethinking my
    purpose in life.

    • dt22

      Sorry about the spacing, I don’t know how that happened:(

    • Anonymous

      I also feel bad for SNSD in this regard. They have absolutely no controll over what they do. Occasionally, SM gives them a minor amount of control, like Sooyoung writing the lyrics for “Spring Day,” probably to give the appearance of the girls having a say in what they do. But they don’t. Their outfits are decided for them, their songs are decided for them, and even those little hand gestures are choreographed for them. Nothing is their own. And they’re stuck in limbo, catering to their fans and perverts everywhere. And I suspect that they’ve been in this limbo for so long that they might not be able to progress, if they’re given the chance.

      As for their payrate, I can’t be sure of it but I suspect that it’s more than the average idol. They get free handbags, shoes, and clothing from designers (all famous celebrities do) but in their recent American radio interview (it’s actually from back in October but Soshified posted it a week or so ago), when the interviewer asked them if they’re millionaires, Tiffany said, “Well, there’s nine of us,” implying that they don’t make nearly that much money.

      • mrsjung

        As for the lyrics for Spring Day… i think ALL of them tried writing the lyrics. I read somewhere that SM presented the original version of the song and ‘encourage’ them to write the new lyrics for it. They were given 2 weeks to do it. Sooyoung’s lyrics got chosen. The same thing happened with Yuri’s “Mistake” in their Hoot album. lol

        • saylor

          GOD SM WTF. You’re like Survivor Island or America’s Next Top Model.  You are a really wierd company because that does nothing for these girls artistically.  wierdos. 

    • yuka5470

      for another times in my life time when i read your comment, i feel soooooooo glad JYJ break out and suing SM ent.

      it’s maybe new to SNSD fans, but this was what we feel as cassie few years ago.

      young boys forced to worked out till they faint, bleed, and still under-paid, have no freedom when they want to improving their talent as an artists, crazy schedule. these people just want to be treat as a human not a product. they just want to have a say in their life. give them some freedom (at least to choose their outfit, choosing their title album, or compose one or two songs) and i believe these artist will stay loyal to the company.

      and reading some comments here, i can see that everyone agree that SM start stuck in place, see no improvement in any of their artists, while their stocks still falling since JYJ out, and soon or later they will fall behind other BIG companies.

      well, in my opinion, karma start working for the said hallyu-wave leader…
      you may think that my words are quite funny and laughable, ohh…you just don’t know how we, JYJ fans (who have to endure the pain for all the ridiculous restrictions for the last 2 years) all think the same things, that One day, lady karma will come and knock to SM’s door and they will have to pay for what they’re doing to the innocent kids they tricked and reaped off from all of these years…

  • saylor

    are they really cops? i thought they were like high class limousine drivers.  

    • Anonymous

      It depends on how you look at it. My immediate first impression was that they’re cops, because of the leather and the blue uniforms and the hats, but some other people also thought they’re limousine drivers.

      • Nana

        OMG I KNOW WHAT IT REMINDS ME OF. BRITNEY SPEARS IN WOMANIZER O.O and that chauffeur in a Carlsberg ad from before 

  • http://twitter.com/JAManzer Jeff Manzer

    I don’t know if its really two steps back, but it seems like a waste. If they are getting burnt out, they should just go low key for awhile. Maybe they should skip one promotional cycle, and  figure out what direction the group should go. 

  • Pg13247

    The fandom really annoys me in that they will defend and hype up any songs popularity even if it’s not that good. SNSD should get criticized more so they can improve, but the fans only accept everything that SNSD does. “The Boys” definitely did not deserve a 5-win streak on MuBank. 

    It’s so frustrating to see the way SNSD has been handled over the years. I was a fan since their “GG” days back in 2007. They seemed so much more at ease when doing power-pop songs with a bright message like “Himnae” and doing SES-covers. I was hoping for them to go towards to softer ballad side starting with “Dear Mom” and “Star x3”. Gee probably was the worst thing that happened to them as it made SME realize that they struck gold with catchy cute songs.

    I find them more entertaining on variety shows than their weekly music performances. The exception is when they get to go all out on “Sketchbook, Chocolate or Lalala”. They seem to really shine there and that’s what draws me back to the SNSD fandom. If they were allowed any sort of creativity they could pull something fun and impressive off.

    Another problem is that there are no current successors in SME. SHINee is kind of rising, but they’re a boy group. f(x) really hasn’t taken off like SNSD did just from one song. Maybe M1 or M2 would divert some of the attention away from SNSD to let them rest. They seem like they are running on fumes and it sucks to see them giving such terrible performances and then they get criticized on that but SME doesn’t seem to notice/care. They can definitely shine on the stage, but they haven’t been given a proper rest since 2008.

    • Anonymous

      About SHINee, I’ve heard their popularity is declining in S.K. because they’re getting older. But they’re one of the most popular international bands (same sort of appeal to young teenage girls as the JBs have). Could anyone enlighten me on this?

      I totally forgot about M1 and M2. It feels to me like SM is letting SNSD be stuck in limbo on purpose. Maybe it is so that their new groups will be allowed to shine? I don’t want to believe that SM is going to just push SNSD off to the side (they’re the Hallyu Queens, afterall), but a lot of SM’s decisions don’t make sense to me and I can’t tell what they’re going to do next.

      • guest

        I dont see how ppl keep saying SHINee’s popularity is declining in Korea. This yr, even without any new release, they still claimed #1 most searched on Naver by women & still selling around 70k of the old albums, & the amount of fans presented at Dream Concert or Idol Sport Day were incredible too. 

      • usagi_chan1516

        I think the term “Band” is too big for SHINee…they’re a boy group, not a Band U.U

  • serendipity

    Wow, you said what I wasn’t able to put into words all this time! All their outfits look like something people would wear if they’re into roleplay during sex, you know, the whole cop, marine, taxi driver, little school girl with lollipops, cheerleaders… It’s kind of gross really, SM needs to stop getting their outfits from adult shops/costume stores.

  • Ed_dog

    I think some of you need to step away and re-examine things a little bit.  These were nine girls plucked from total obscurity by SM, who then invested a lot of time and money training them for one purpose:  return on investment.  SM doesn’t give a crap about their growth as artists or as people, as long as the cash keeps rolling in.  I read somewhere that the recent Japan tour took in over $300 million.  Do you really think that SM is going to do anything to jeopardize that kind of earning potential?  As long as people are willing to buy whatever crap they are selling and pay to see them continue to do what they currently do live, there will be no significant changes. 

    As far as some of the girls seeming unhappy, I’m going to have to say that’s too bad.  Now, having them sign long-term contracts when they are still young teenagers may or may not be right, but it is what they did.  If they didn’t realize what they were getting into back when they signed, they certainly understand it now.  It’s a highly restrictive, highly controlled, sheltered life they have to live, but live it they must.  At least until the contracts expire.  Besides, when you really think about it, it’s not all that terrible.  They are loved and adored by millions of people all over the world, I’m sure they want for nothing materially, and although I fully realize they work their butts off, there are a lot of harder ways to make a living.

    In a perfect world, they would be much more free to determine what they wear, what they sing, where they go, etc.  But when you boil it all down, they are nothing but a product, wholly owned by SM, whose only motive is profit.  You may not like it, you may not think it’s moral or ethical, but it’s a fact. 

    Now having said all of that, I personally love them.  I know exactly what and who they are, yet I can’t get enough of them.  I guess that makes me part of the problem, but I just can’t help myself.  It’s difficult to explain really. 

    • meTOday

      lol 300 million…yen right?  this cant be in dollars

      • Ed_dog

        Oopsie.  What I read was indeed incorrect.  It was closer to over $30 million, not $300.  The point still stands.  

    • Guest

      and this makes snsd and sm special because? don’t jyp and yg do the same thing? don’t they have groups that are just as successful? yes, sm’s motive is profit but it’s not like jyp and yg are running charities. they also want profit above all else and they also control and manufacture their groups. yet, they manage to be profitable and and have their groups show a modicum of movement forward, whether it is musically or conceptually, with every release.

      just because snsd is sm’s golden goose currently, doesn’t mean that sm cannot be criticised for their tactics and sones cannot be held responsible for their part in it.

      • Ed_dog

        Oh, please, criticize away.  I never said it made them special.  All I’m saying is that they are not going to fix it right now if it isn’t broke, at least from a revenue standpoint.  I agree that there is going to have to be some change and growth pretty soon.  These are not little girls any more.  You can only pull the cutesy-poo stuff off for so long, and some of them are approaching their mid-twenties.  And if they have any expectations of having any kind of success in the US, they are going to have to grow out of it real quick.   

  • kh

    I LOVE this article- sums up almost every feeling I’ve very had about SNSD. I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with them: On one hand, they’re reasonably talented and show potential for being great artists, but on the other hand, I hate all the crap that Sm makes them go through. They’re basically sex objects, with each concept seeming to glorify a particular type of sexual fetish- schoolgirls waving around lollipops, marine, cop etc. I’ve always wondered though, what the girls’ true thoughts are? I know many members have spoken before about not really liking their songs/concepts, esp. taeyeon I think. But it’s not as if they get a lot of choice. Plus for Seohyun, who always strikes me as an intelligent, conservative girl, how did she feel when she had to wear tiny tiny shorts and shiny thigh high boots all the time? At the MAMA awards this year, she looked so uncomfortable with her red carpet dress, she had her hand covering her cleavage the entire time. it’s times like this I pity them (and idols in general), when they don’t even get a say in their wardrobe choices, for goodness sake. 

    Also, most of their success comes from pandering to the korean male “ideal” for women, which really irritates me. I know it’s a cultural thing, and I really hope I don’t come across as being racist, but korea really needs to change it’s perception on women. They’re expected to be stick thin (ex-After school’s Bekah and SNSD’s Yuri were considered “fat”), to have the perfect V-line and s-line and whatever else-line, to be cute and “youthful” like children whilst still being “sexy”- and to be honest that just comes across as pedophilic to me. In terms of stage outfits, I thought “The Boys” was a great step forward (except Tiffany’s infamous shorts), until I saw the concept image for Mr Taxi 2.0 It’s all been seen and done before, but I think SM’s deliberately playing it safe because they 1)they know it’ll work 2) they can concentrate more on their upcoming groups

  • Nana

    I don’t even…

    They’re going to be like dolls all the way to their expiry date. Methinks SM went “The Boys” route to appease international fans, then dropped the whole façade like a hot potato to cater to the uncle fans in ROK. No no no no no.

    I don’t even like dolls, their unblinking stare scares the crap out of me. Did Tiffany’s face change (again)?

    • Gazza

      No, I think it’s the lipstick- which I actually quite like

  • Nabeela

    Fabulous Natalie!!!
    i absolutely abhor the cop outfits
    personally, i like snsd all cutesy and grossly adorable, just because thats how i came to like snsd in the first place
    seeing them trying to differentiate into a polar opposite image is just mind boggling

    but then again, these girls are so far ahead into their careers, and have such a strong fanbase, we can all give our 2cents on how much we hate or love them
    theyre always gonna make money either way

  • http://twitter.com/mizzmyzderee Viole

    I’m sorry but I really get the feeling that you guys here at Seoulbeats complain TOO much about SNSD! And although as a SONE I do agree with a lot of the things you’ve said, posting similar articles saying almost the same things is a little ridiculous! 

    • Anonymous

      The criticism towards SNSD  is completely warranted and long over due. 
      I appreciate seoulbeats for articles like this that welcome you to use your brains and not worship everything that KPOP dishes out.

    • rebecca

      For being “Asia’s #1 Girl Group” they really aren’t very talented or special. They are bound to have more criticism if they claim to be #1 but other girl groups are clearly better than them at almost everything. I think they should be criticized even more so they stop half assing everything just because fans like you will eat anything up they put out. It really is an insult to the fans if you think about it. SM thinks you guys are idiots.

      • Anonymous

        ~Standing Ovation~

      • angel29

        I wanted to say this last line as straight as you did, I just could not muster the courage for fear of uhm… yeah… anyway… that is so true.

    • saylor

      SONES don’t complain enough, if at all. It’s sad that people who aren’t SONES are showing genuine concern for SNSD’s growth as artists, performers, and humans.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think it’s a problem at all that they/we complain. If anything, it’s sad that we the neutral/non fans apparently care more than you guys do. You guys should be writing these articles of concern, not us. 

      You call yourselves fans, but you can’t be bothered to give deserved criticism? You can’t not worship the ground these girls walk on? You can’t be concerned about their futures in the music industry (if they have any) once their contracts are up?  When you spend all of your youth being told ‘Shut up and look pretty, we’ll do all the thinking for you.’ how do you transition from that? This question honestly doesn’t cross your minds?

      rebecca said it best: SM thinks you’re all morons and if you’re not offended that SM treats internationals and KSONES in this regard, then there’s a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

    • Anonymous

      If you look at the comments… it’s not just the writer (and again, this article was only the opinion of ONE writer), but the majority of the readers agree with the criticisms too. And it is not out of hatred or spite, it is out of genuine concern for the girls as artists. The writer herself said in her article that she likes SNSD. But she also expects better. Unfortunately, what comes with being labelled by the media and the fanbase as the #1 girl group is that people are going to expect them to live up to the hype… and lately you can see that (outside of Sones) this isn’t the case.

      It might not come off that way, but the majority of us (at least on this site) are supporters, and I wish Sones would realize that before immediately going on the defensive. We want the girls to grow, we know they have the talent if utilized properly, we know they can do better (having seen that spark from the ITNW days), we also know that all the decisionmaking lies with SM and that the girls themselves cannot be faulted for that.

      But being satisfied with mediocrity is simply enabling SM to get away with all the lazy corporate shit it’s been pulling with ALL of its groups (not just SNSD) lately. If you notice, Seoulbeats has been complaining about SM material for quite a while now. Suju, DBSK, SHINee, and f(x) material have all been complained about multiple times in the past few months… not just SNSD.

      While the quality of their material may be fine for the forever loyal fans, here’s some food for thought. I’ve noticed lately on the internet that quite a large chunk of the people complaining are newer fans — meaning that they missed out on the big ‘boom’ in 2009 and didn’t get to experience at first hand the power of SNSD back in the days when they WERE on top of their game. They’re the ones asking ‘Why is this group always being given preferential treatment? I’m not seeing what’s so special about them, maybe it’s just me, but I just don’t get it.” whereas people who have been in K-pop longer don’t really need to question how they got to their status because they were there when it happened (same thing applies to WG).

      This is NOT a good thing. It means that your fanbase is not growing as much as it did in the past, and trust me, new blood is important. It’s what keeps the fanbase going as time moves on. I think it would be in the better interests of the girls if Sones would stop treating them like perfect angels, and let SM know that you guys have expectations too, and that they should be allowed to grow into real artists the way that I’m sure some of the girls (especially Taeyeon) yearn to do. You can’t just rely on past glory to justify their status, this is not going to prove anything to the newer fans that come into K-pop EXPECTING the best from SNSD but being disappointed by the quality of their current material. By holding the girls above any criticism and validating SM’s decision choices, Sones are inadvertently hurting the longevity of the group as a whole.

      Just some food for thought.

  • Anonymous

    I also have a love-hate relationship with SNSD. It’s just I can’t really like them as a group. I just like the girls individually (except for Tiffany that I can’t really like or adore her even though I never know or meet her in real life. It’s just she is faking it all the time. Sorry for being mean to say this, though). 

    I like them being on variety shows. They have nice personalities and they are fun to be with. But performing on the stage, all I can see is that they are just like robots who dance along with they are told.   The songs they released are catchy and fun but I can’t feel the emotion and the message. I can’t see their growth. It’s sad that even The Boys album that they said they are so proud of, it doesn’t show anything new to the table. Most of the songs are cutesy and pretty much the same as their previous albums. It is just media hype which disappointed me. I know that they have been working and touring too much and they don’t have time to rest and collecting new materials to put into their album. I know that SME feel insecure inside. They fear that one day if the girls are not promoting, they will lose fame and popularity to other groups. I think they have to let it go and focus on the future. 

    • redheartclassic

      Tiffany always comes off as rude to me, no matter how much I try to like her. She’s SO defensive, oh my god, when it comes to competition with her group. She always sounds so offended when people ask her how so-and-so are doing/why are they more popular than you guys. Maybe she just needs to learn how to speak more eloquently because half the time she sounds like a valley girl, something along the lines of Paris Hilton.

      • Pg13247

        I wonder if managment forbids them from speaking of other groups since the netizens/antis/fans will just use it as fanwar material.

        The others aside from Tiffany have spoken very favorably of other groups. Hyoyeon and SISTAR and there was lots of hugging between some WG members and SNSD members at a recent MuBank.

        • fageras

          lol i for one thought the hugging between WG and SNSD was very forced. maybe it’s just me

          • Anonymous

            It might of been forced for some of them but I think a few of the snsd members are genuinely close to some of the wonder girls. I know Sooyoung and Sunye are close and I think taeyeon is from the same hometown as one of the wonder girls members and that they are friends but can’t remember who.

          • Anonymous

            You aren’t alone, my friend.

          • Katherine

            Its well known among Wonder Girls fans that SunYe is really good friends with Sooyoung, Tiffany & Jessica same goes for Yubin & Taeyeon.

          • Anonymous

            Sources? Idols say a lot of things that aren’t true, dear.

          • Anonymous

            They never said too much of anything, it was their actions that told the story.

            Back in Dream Concert 2009, when WG participated, Jessica and Sunye hugged each other when the concert finished. They were both on the other side of the stage, but both of them made the effort to reach each other just to interact and have contact. The WG have also stated they would like to go to karaoke with SNSD. Sunye was also photographed outside KBS/SBS station carrying a physical copy of The Boys album. Fans speculated that the two groups exchanged copies of their albums.

            SNSD was asked about the WG’s comeback in a recent interview, and Taeyeon stated that she’s curious about their song because she is “very close with one of the members” of the Wonder Girls. It’s well-known that she and Yoobin are close friends. 

            Googe is your friend, use it. Not every idol group members are bitchy and mean towards ‘rival’ groups and not all of them are just faking their supposed friendships. They probably aren’t best friends who tell each other their deepest secrets and concerns, but they must get along very well and can call each other ‘friend’.

          • Boo

            I’ve heard Sun Mi was a Taeyeon fangirl. :)

      • dt22

        You are so right about her being so defensive about competition. Especially lately since they have done more English interviews.. talking about SNSD next step is dominating the world and how the girls are going to be together forever. You can tell she is SNSDs spokewoman for their English fanbase but some of the things she has said recently in English just makes her seem fake and trying too hard to sell SNSD to Western audiences.

        • Pg13247

          It’s worrying how Tiffany says that the girls will be together forever more often now, especially when in the past some of the other members have said the exact opposite. They don’t plan on SNSD going on forever and this lack of musical growth could harm their potential post-SNSD music careers.

          • Anonymous

            The girls tend to contradict themselves a lot in their interviews, I’ve noticed. One example: they’ve always insisted that they never fight but Hyoyeon and Jessica revealed recently that they almost got into a fist-fight. I still think they’re very close, though. But I can see the girls going their separate ways at some point, maybe Hyoyeon to become a professional dancer and Taeyeon possibly try to start a solo career or do something else music-related.

          • Pg13247

            That is such a lie if one of them insisted that they never fight because that’s just not true especially living with 8 other girls, OR someone is really suppresing their feelings. They said that they are more like sisters than friends which probably means many quick arguments where you’ll make up just as quickly. Those incidents are just not “funny” enough to be told on variety shows.

          • Anonymous

            A lot of the girls have expressed a desire to get married early. 

            I can only see Yuri, YoonA and possibly Taeyeon having a career in the entertainment industry after SNSD takes a their final bow.

  • Anonymous

    You pretty much summed things up. I never liked SNSD in the first place, but Mr. Taxi (at least the Japanese version) did give me some form of optimism. They actually sounded their ages and not like they were trying to voice act anime tweens. I think one of the biggest problems (if not the problem) is that SNSD are one trick ponies. They keep trying to become “independent/bamfs” and the fact of the matter is: they’re as sweet and fluffy and demure as cotton candy. Every attempt at being tough makes them look like rich Beverly Hill valley girls (no offense to valley girls) badly imitating TLC, Beyonce, Rihanna, etc. when they’ve never set foot outside their pampered, plush community of country clubs and private schools. There’s a reason for the saying ‘stick to what you know’, but the problem is that sticking to the tried and true does not hold interest for long in the music industry. There needs to be some growth musically, emotionally, in maturity. SM’s never going to let them go of the bubblegum pop even though they’re too old for the act. Cute and innocent can grow to maturity while still remaining wholesome and not annoying. Just look at IU. Yes, she’s as sweet as a button, but she doesn’t push it to annoyance and doesn’t force it. She’s wholesome as pie and she still shows growth through her music (maybe because she actually knows music and how to song write/compose/sing?) without losing the cute factor. She shows maturity even though she’s not doing a sexy concept. If SM insists on cutesy, SNSD could do cutesy successfully if they didn’t force unneeded sexuality with the fetish outfits that just come across as creepier than it already is. Better yet, if SM actually let SNSD branch off and do their own thing (a successful artist isn’t just pretty, and someone who can hit high notes. They have a sound that’s “them” and they have personality, which shows with the right music), they might actually grow. 

    Then there’s still the problem of them being in Korea and in their comfort zone. In Korea, they can release crap and delusional fans will buy it in droves. In Japan, they had to step their game up because fan adoration from Korea wasn’t going to save them from any backlash or bad sales. They actually had to work for their fanbase. That’s why Korean acts and songs (usually) get better in Japan. The acts don’t have backtracks to fall back on in lives. They have more to lose if they fail to impress (profits lost from 2 companies instead of just 1 = more work for the other groups in the home base company and the act in question to compensate = groups/group members with IVs in their arms). In Korea, SNSD don’t have much to lose with their fanbase being as dedicated as they are. That’s why they’re sloppy. They know they can get away with murder by now.

  • Boo

    SM needs to give them a vacation already. My poor girls. I wouldn’t mind if they just ended things with The Boys. They have nothing to prove already seeing as they’re at the top. I will always believe that SNSD is talented because Into The New World proves that they had so much potential.

     It’s SM really that needs to get it’s shit together and not just for SNSD either but also for SHINee, f(x), SJ, TVXQ, etc etc. STOP BEING SO CHEAP SM. Or make it less obvious or something. Ugh. Burn that stupid box. 

  • Pg13247

    SNSD has this fame that so many other idols can only dream of for their whole career and still not achieve it. They actually should take even more risks since their fans will provide support anyway. 

    Fans don’t give enough criticism so SME will just do “more of the same” since the fans will buy it up regardless. Mr. Taxi as a follow-up act is SO SO disappointing.

  • http://twitter.com/alianessa Alia Nessa Utami

    I agree so much. I’m not a full-time SONE or anything, but I like the girls personally and constantly follow their news. The consecutive recent release of albums from them, such as Japanese repackaged album (WTF is that? And only to sum up their shipping sales into 1 million copies, the reason that is), a rehashed US maxi single (The Boys with 5 remixes and accapella version? >.>), and a looking-more-like-B-version repackaged Korean album. Considering that SNSD is SM’s most profitable group at the moment, it’ such a pity that SM doesn’t maximize the girls’ potential to the brim and instead gives them stuffs with half-assed-efforts put in.

    Anyway, I perhaps understand just a tiny bit reason why SM chose this song as follow-up promotion. Mr. Taxi is the most successful song out of The Boys album aside of the title track itself, some Koreans love the song (the song scored rather high broadcast points, which means many people requested it on radio, TV shows sometimes use it, and so forth), and with the over-packed schedule SNSD has right now, it’s almost impossible to learn new choreography. Still, I don’t think it’s a smart choice to promote this song again and again since a lot of International fans are sick of it already. Moreover, adding no new track for the repackaged album is such a no-no too.

    I just hope the girls will get the treatment they deserve some time soon. It’s saddening to see that they start to perform with no emotion or passion at all, when it’s the 4th year since the debut. They should progress (at least in Korea) overtime, in order to live up their title as Korea’s National Girl Group.

  • chelle

    Since SNSD has legions of SONES that gobbles up what they bring than SM should have freedom in giving SNSD quality material. They already have the title so SM shouldn’t be afraid in artistic innovation

  • Anonymous

    The Boys is different because it sucks! It’s definitely no Gee.

  • http://profiles.google.com/jcho49 J Cho

    Does Seoulbeats like any girl-groups besides 2NE1? haha jk kinda not really…hmm…

    • iwe

      seoulbeats is pretty fond of wonder girls, miss A, and brown eyed girls, secret, t-ara, rania, ya know, groups who are actually talented or show growth in their music……

      • troll


      • http://profiles.google.com/jcho49 J Cho

        talented is such an objective word don’t you think in this day and age? :/

        • saylor

          …do you mean subjective or objective? 

          • http://profiles.google.com/jcho49 J Cho

            i meant I fail at life and I need to sleep aka subjective =_=

    • Guest

      I don’t think they like 2ne1 that much. haha

  • Beegeok94

    I wonder what Sones in general think abt the rip off repackage album. If jype do this to me, I will probably fly to korea and burn the whole building down. 
    jk./ still pressed abt Hands Up album tbh. If it weren’t for junsu and junho’s self-composed songs., I wouldn’t even buy it. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1112091495 Annie Xiong

    What I’m still trying to figure out is why they have Cop outfits when the title CLEARLY says “Mr. Taxi.” 

    • springheart

      Cops catch Taxi drivers? I have no idea either. 

  • Anonymous

    Well SM  seems like its mostly about maximizing profits while minimizing expenses. First of all a totally new song would entail whole new expenses for concepts and costumes, Plus every minute SNSD is not in the practice room learning a new song or concept that keeps from earning for SM by doing commercials or shows. 

    • Boo

      It’s like they’re a toy factory rather than an entertainment company that handles people. It disturbs me.

  • Guest

    Honestly, the only thing keeping SNSD’s career alive is the fans.

  • Anonymous

    There is no need for new sound, new beats, new songs or new outfits if fans are still gonna buy their products/ concert tickets anyway. See SuJu’s albums? They spent enough building up the hype, how it’s time to rip the benefits. Afterall they only have a few years to do so, considering the typical idols’ shelf-lives 

  • http://kpop-rumblings.blogspot.com/ Enigmatic Sphinx

    As a fan, it’s now starting to reach the point where I like the girls, but hate the company and their constant attempts to milk as much money from us as possible, while cutting as many corners in a way that would make Scrooge proud. This album is really… what’s new besides a different cover?

    And it was not as if it was a great album.

    At this point it’s as if SM is happy to coast on “blind goodwill” and “fanpower”, disregarding how they are annoying those who clamour for real music and growth artistically. Look, the WG have done it, as do the BEG, so why not SNSD.

    Not only will this burn them out, doing things without thought for the process, it also does not help with post-idol careers (and i can see some of them talented enough to consider this).

    If you did not participate in choreographing/composing/planning/conceptualising, doing your solo will be a challenge.

    Sadly, this would probably be disregarded by fans, who feel this is just dissing and not see the “black swans” that lie ahead for SNSD. I can only hope 2012 will be better.

  • http://twitter.com/sasha_evilsin Alexander Pavlov

    Now you know how JPop fans feel when all those KPop groups come to japanese market with recycled songs.

    • Anonymous

      Second this. 

  • alexandre

    Yes indeed, I also noticed how SNSD’s musicality has been been declining or should I say stayed the same from the beginning. SM whilst understanding their desperate but sneaky attempts to market, seems that they don’t care at all how their money maker is doing  as long as money keeps on pouring in their pockets. They said that “The Boys” is nothing like the group’s old songs.Yes I saw a bit of an improvement on that part but still the thing was a meh for me. I saw how SM stayed true to its MV production. MVs that are all face and eye-candy but absolutely no substance. The dance, well don’t even get me started. It was typical and boring. The couture and costumes were great though but during their other promotions they went back to their default: wearing the same short shorts not caring if it looks absolutely short on Yoona or Sooyoung’s long legs. I mean come on, SNSD could’ve worn better than those skimpy fabrics. SM always promotes them through  variety shows but I don’t see the relevance of these in contributing to SNSD’s growth. Exposure maybe. You get to see who the girls really are but unless they plan on making you their BFF then I guess that’s pretty useless.

    I know a lot of people blame it on SM and the Sones. For SM I don’t think I need to elaborate. Look at SNSD and you be the judge. For the Sones well they keep on sucking SNSD and every single thing about them like they’re oxygen or something. I cannot even fathom and begin to explain how these people have enough personal attachment to SNSD enough to make them hoard every single SNSD merchandise. These fans are definitely not helping. Instead of helping their bias group grow musically and talent-wise, they hinder their development by being contented with  mediocre if not horrible material. And that will only make SM and SNSD think that their best is really great. When in fact it is just their fans who think so. Sones should think about where their money is going. Yes ,in Lee Soo Man’s pocket. And it would not have been so bad if the profits go to SNSD. But no. Yet let us not put all the blame to the fans , the company or even the group. Why don’t we stop and look at what K-pop is also about? If K-pop was more on talent and less on the popularity shizz then it would’ve been a breath of fresh air. Let’s not deny it , shall we? Why do you think all the more popular groups get all-kills even though they have really terrible stuff when all the while other groups who are not that popular but have better songs don’t get recognition at all? Why do you think the popular groups win triple wins in music shows? It’s cause Kpop is built  by hype and popularity while compromising talent. Honestly I can’t really blame the Sones or other fanbases. If they got caught up by Kpop then it is possible that all they care about is hype , popularity and eye-candy forgetting that raw talent is what idols must need inorder to be on top and not the constant reliance on delusional fans who buy their half-assed albums right away.

    • Pr3vail

      This!! Maybe you should write for Seoulbeats, that’s the best comment I’ve ever seen on this blog.

      • alexandre

        Thank you for the compliment!It’s actually my first time writing a comment here in SB. I probably need more time before I can write an article here. :)

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZYL37XT5WPZ2WFUIMMBV7OECB4 D G

        Of course she should write for Seoulbeats.  She is anti-SNSD, so she would be perfect for this website.

        Of course, this website doesnt report on any of SNSD tremendous success around the world except nitpick on SNSD. 

        • alexandre

          Anti-SNSD?Did I claim so? I just pointed out what I think is wrong with SNSD.But I didn’t bash them like saying *insert really immature insults on SNSD* and such.As far as I know an anti would apply for that but not for myself that merely stated my views. Unless I say it, please don’t assume.

        • Nerlin

          maybe you should get out of seoulbeats. its getting annoying here. everyone’s entitled with their own opinion.

  • Revolutions1234

    Well the more popular SNSD becomes, the more tightly controlled they are in my opinion. I think right now SM is more afraid than ever to let the girls’ popularity dip even a little bit by letting them miss a promotional cycle and rest properly because it is true that they are SM’s main money makers, now that DBSK (as a group of 5) has been reduced to 2 (and no offence to the other bands, but these 2 groups are the main cash cows).

    If only SM could find another group with as much selling power as SNSD/DB5K, then they will start to let SNSD get more rest as compared to the current state. How ever, with regards to musical growth, I would daresay that the girls would still not have a hand at writing and composing their own songs in the near future. This applies to all SM groups – I mean, how many songs have we actually heard that are composed and written entirely by the members? DBSK took years to do that, and mostly during their Japanese albums, not Korean. 

    Perhaps SNSD would be able to find more musical freedom in Japan. 

  • Bstar5

    Unfortunately the very first time I heard of SNSD was in a Wednesday special that came on KBS WORLD in 2010 called “SNSD and Uncle Fans”. The documentary made it seem like they were created specifically for that market. It wasn’t until I saw their Guerilla Date that I got to see they were so much more than their image as a musical group. I have to admit even though I’ve grown to adore them through variety shows, that early image is still stuck in my head. I was underwhelmed by The Boys as a song ( mostly because of the chants) but I loved that they finally ditched the fetish costumes for fierce individual looks. I think the girls doing Mr. Taxi in those costumes after The Boys promotions is a major step backward for them. If they truly release a real repackage album after this they will be able to reedeem themselves by not showing up wearing postal worker, nurse, sailor moon, vampire, faerie, superhero, flight attendent, or french maid costumes. Even the aegyo needs to be toned down because unlike IU, Hara and Nicole, SNSD visually look more like women than girls. The Boys success as an album proves they don’t need to regress in their concepts to succeed.

  • Anonymous

    I never expected too much from SM’s follow up promotion… but srsly, Mr. Taxi? Aren’t they also promoting this as a “side-track” during their comeback? o.O

  • Fruewee

    iu and wg are the examples of what a good album are.. snsd got taeyeon, helloo one of the best voice imo. but they keep doing the same thing and the most annoying same type of MV. geez, they make millions of dollars please sm give them a decent mv.

    • http://kpop-rumblings.blogspot.com/ Enigmatic Sphinx

       ‘Money always takes the path of least resistance’

      If they could make the same amount of money trying less hard, then SM would always choose the easiest way out, never mind the music.

      Again I blame the company, not the girls. Hope fans can see the difference between plain bashing and constructive criticism.

  • agedvanilla

    oh god did anyone read the allkpop article about snoop dog featuring on SNSD’s maxi single (i hate the term maxi single…i feel like they are going to give a box of tampons along with each CD).  anyways allkpop hype machine at work again.  two of the most laughable statements are the following 

    “America has already built an appreciation for K-pop’s trendy music and modern choreography, and therefore SNSD’s US debut is expected to garner much attention. There are a limited amount of girl groups in the States that incorporate dance choreography with music, and this alone should help the girls stand out.”

    SM is really trying to hard to push them into the American market. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

      If some fans are concerned for 2NE1 because there is one member who is sub-par, just think what kind of acceptance SNSD will get.  Again, SME is taking the next step without getting the basics right.

      But what will SNSD be selling in the US?  Will it be music or image?   If it’s the latter, then they can conquer just about any market they please, but they should be ready to take heavy criticisms along the way.

      • chelle

        I don’t think their image can conquer any market, asian countries sure, european maybe, America…..no.

        SNSD was never an artist that brought musical quality (at least right now). Which needs to change if they want to even hope to last in America. Their image is what sells and gains fans. In the US it is a bit of both and critcs are not silent like they are in kpop (or at least what I perceive them to be).

      • agedvanilla


        i doubt they’ll care about criticism as long as they make bank…SM that is. Even if they embarrass these girls, they’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.  Katy Perry traded in her music for a better image…she’s doing great. 

        The concerns for 2NE1 aren’t just because one member is sub-par…there’s a lot more against them then there is for them.  Including their music…hello they with will.i.am.  He’s not exactly known for his deep, profound music…which is something 2NE1 ain’t really know for either.  Maybe in Korea, but in the US…we’ll see. 

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, they won’t care. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay. That’s why SME gets so much criticism. It doesn’t seem like the company cares about much more than making a profit. They’re not advancing into the US market to promote the quality and unique genre of kpop in terms of musicality – it’s all about image. That’s why they changed their concept for The Boys; they think that’s the image that will appeal most to American audiences. And that image is one that is completely new to SNSD. A kpop act changing themselves completely to fit the US market is about the worst thing it can do. If you want to make some kind of mark, you have to bring something new.

          And I think @yahoo-LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE:disqus knows there are way more concerns about 2NE1 than Dara, she was just addressing that the lack of talent in SNSD is more serious than it is in 2NE1. And if people are worried about 2NE1 for that reason, than things for SNSD look grim.

          In regards to 2NE1, like you said, they’re music is more aligned with his than, say, Snoop Dogg’s is with SNSD. At least YG is taking a path that makes sense and not just plucking whoever he can get from America.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

            Yes to everything. 

            The question now is how can SNSD change it’s image this late and be successful in their
            attempt?  Their discography and videos within the last two years will
            contradict what they are trying to do.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they
            start getting implants in places other than their lips.  Is LSM the type to go that far to make a US bid work? 

            concerns me as a kpop fan is that should SNSD penetrate the american music
            industry (well enough to at least make a dent) with their present set of
            skills, they might jeopardize kpop and give the industry a bad name.  Think of Justin Bieber jokes.  Kpop, in general, wouldn’t
            want to be next.

            Regarding 2NE1, club music ain’t supposed to be deep or profound so I don’t see why
            that should be a concern and why Will.I.am was even raised in the first place for that reason.  It’s not like 2NE1 intends to be religious,
            political or philosophical. Kpop is still just pop. 

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZYL37XT5WPZ2WFUIMMBV7OECB4 D G

            I laugh at Blackjacks who think ‘gangsta ghetto’ ugly Asian girls would do better than SNSD in the US.

            At least SNSD couldnt have flopped as badly as 2NE1 did in Japan (with all of the hype and promotion with the YGAVEX connection)

          • agedvanilla

            lol so you agree SNSD will flop and 2NE1 will succeed in the US?  god if even sones say this, then SM man step back and let it go. it’s not a dick measuring contest…seeing who can get to America first. 

          • Anonymous

            I’m honestly laughing at all your comments right now. You seem so frantic.

            The point of this comment thread is to calmly discuss these things. Your fanatical comments are giving me a headache.

          • Hanakiminozakaninokimitache

            one word: BUTTHURT keke

          • lay

            awww … calling 2NE1 ugly in defending your girls’ lack of talent?? you sound pathetic. but i guess it can’t be helped eh? there’s nothing else you can gloat about your girls except for their looks. yeah … pathetic.

          • Yoyo

            lol. but the thing is, snsd is made of plastic.

          • alexandre

            I see you have no reason as well as proper judgement. I am a big fan of 2ne1 although I am very skeptical about their upcoming US album. I don’t know if they will succeed or not but all I can do is hope for the best. But here you are making predictions on their US crossover even though they haven’t started yet. What are you some Kpop analyst? No one can actually tell whether SNSD or 2ne1 will succeed not until they do it. You are not some fortune teller who can tell the future or someone who can determine a group’s success(well not unless you are one). But really, go to allkpop if you want some Kpop admiration and over the top idol worshipping. We appreciate your response to our comments but please, please try to be  mature and prudent.

          • alexandre

            I meant SNSD doing US crossover not 2ne1

          • agedvanilla

            lol but blackjacks treat 2NE1’s music as if it’s the second coming. that’s what really gets me tickled.  in korea it might be, but the US nah.  And SM obviously doesn’t care about our opinions.  it’s SONES who need to be prepared to take heavy criticisms….just like blackjacks will need to prepare. yeah prepare for justin bieber like jokes guys, that kid has musical talent…yet people hate him for his image and his batshit crazy fans. can’t wait for beliebers vs blackjacks, those fights are going to be majorly epic. 

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

            Nope, not treating it as if it’s the second coming.  We do have our doubts but we’re keeping our fingers crossed.  At least, that’s my position as well as many others here.

            But, yeah, at this point, I believe 2NE1’s chances are better than SNSD.  SNSD needs to clean up.  SME needs to make talent and music it’s priority before I can even reconsider my opinion. 

            Sad to say you’re right.  SM doesn’t care about our opinions and that’s not good for SNSD at all.

          • saylor

            yeah didn’t say SNSD was at their best.  what I am saying though is that blackjacks need to stop acting like sones.  there are a lot of crazy blackjacks out there too who put 2NE1 on way to high a pedestal and treat 2NE1 as if they were the second coming and as if they were game changers.  again in korea they are game changers, but in america?  just as there are sones that go crazy about SNSD’s music being fantastic, there are blackjacks that treat every song 2NE1 has made as if it’s the most amazing thing ever created…..but I really shouldn’t be annoyed by fans like you…I realize that now.  There are much worse offenses in this world…like that batshit crazy moron below me. 

          • saylor

            oh btw i am agedvanilla, just saw that now.  they are saved on whatever computer i am using….i always forget i have that one…saylor’s my predominant one.

          • seoulsx

            Didn’t Yuri debut on the Boys with plastic surgery on her nose? It’s sad. She was so pretty before and now looks unfamiliar. The girls are being ushered to grow up into mass marketing tools, and i’m hoping that the lowest international common denominator doesn’t win out- implants and botox. If that happens, then why would i even seek out kpop. I could just turn to american pop.

  • mrsjung

    SNSD will release a repackage album in Japan too…. and guess what? There is a Japanese version of The Boys too. 
    And knowing SM, I bet they will make the Japanese version of The Boys as the title track of their repack album. *facepalm*

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

      And SM sure knows how to milk the cow dry.  Repackaging seems to be the theme, until it becomes stale which is a long way to go given the number of SONEs willing to shell out for the love of the girls. 

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZYL37XT5WPZ2WFUIMMBV7OECB4 D G

        Do you have a problem when Bigbang repackaged ‘BIGBANG 4th Mini-Album’ with ‘BIGBANG Special Edition’ ?

        Or is your outrage only reserved for SM artists?

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LL4QDJLVFDT2RDIZYBALSE75JE angel29

          Comparing them is completely unfair to SNSD.

          Besides, are you referring to the Big Bang 4th Mini which had 6 new songs as opposed to the Big Bang Special Edition which carried over 3 of the songs from the mini “Somebody to Love” “Cafe” and “Tonight”, plus 3 more new songs “Love Song” “Stupid Liar” and “Baby Don’t Cry”, plus  chart topping songs including GD&TOP’s “High High” and “Oh Yeah”, Seungri’s “What Can I Do?”, and Taeyang’s “I Need a Girl”? 

          NOPE.  Got no problem with that.  I’m glad that the Special Edition came out because I did not have the individual releases and two of the three new additions are now in my list of BB faves.  The thing with BB is that they think about their re-releases, including their compilations.  Need I say more?

          • pororo

            where is that DG girl? lol

    • agedvanilla

      im kinda excited for the remix of Bad Girl by the Cataracts.  It looks good. 

      • agedvanilla

        ..I mean it sound promising. 

  • http://kpop-rumblings.blogspot.com/ Enigmatic Sphinx

    SNSD’s end, while an inevitable thing, is currently quite overstated. They have a few advantages on their site, like having an instantly recognisable image, and a fair amount of members which are good at what they do.

    Currently, as long as the k-pop situation stays this way, they will
    last. But when the musical scene and demands change (and it will), they
    may come off as being unable to cope with the changes, and it will be

    That is a very scary reality, and they currently look like they are “too big to fall”. But Korea’s music history is full of names that were big in their day, yet faded out as quickly as they shined, and left no impression on the musical landscape, Hong Jin Young being an example.

    • seoulsx

      What really boggles me is that Sunny’s uncle is the founder of SM Entertainment. How/ why would he let his niece’s group fail?….You’d think he would focus more attention on SNSD b/c Sunny’s in it.  For a long time, I was assuming SNSD had more publicity behind it than other groups was because of Sunny’s connection.

  • Anonymous

    In due time SM, in due time. I only have one word for you – senescence. 

  • aya

    as much as i want to totally ignore these girls and their fandom SONES.. but sometimes, you can’t control yourself. im not a bad guy for nothing. i was trying hard to ignore them but not until this day… i was all over AKPOP today..under 6 theory forum.. i’ve found a post where SNSD will release a Japanese version of “The Boys”… and my first reaction was… really? again? another one? how many version are they planning to make? am i gonna hear some dutch or mexican version? really.. call me sarcastic.. but to tell you one thing, read all the comments there.. *facepalm** im speechless.. they are all(sones) goin’ gaga over that version.

    It was so sad to say and face the reality that nothing good is happening in SNSD’s career. It seems that SM staffs and over all crews are lacking in Research department. are they not reading feedbacks?opinions?and suggestions? This makes me feel that SM was really a company that only cares about money. . . day by day it increases the  suspicion in me. it scares me…

    Looking on their past albums and comebacks. i could already enumerate 1 or 2 that was the best. but that was long ago… alarming? yes. coz until now, i can’t figure out if they can be classified as among the “legends” of kpop because even though everyone are saying they are good, the album was perfect, the girls has great development… obviously those are coming from sones. . the fact is, the die hard fans are more loud than those who can really appreciate quality(music).

    There was another incident, the MAMA performance.. urgh..
    im not hater or so.. in fact i like all other perfromances.. SJ, 2ne1, Miss A. . .
    but look what they did over that freakin stage… and you call them Artist of The year. i see
    sones: “im sure they are tired because of full sched”, “that’s because they have been promoting over a month, give them a break thats already a good performance”, “even though they lack sleep im glad they can still stand on stage and perform”

    but… to tell you this. DBSK had been promoting end of September 2008, going back and forth to Japan and Korea(treating Japan like a neighborhood), doin rehearsal of Mirotic different choreography version just to prepare for all Awards that they are invited in that same year.. but you can’t expect from them a less-quality performance. SNSD’s schedule aren’t even 1/4 of TVXQ’s sched. We need performers! Not someone to pity and cared for everytime you’ll make an excuse for a bad performance.

    the thing is, they are overrated. by sones in particular.
    the more sones who come to worship them the more haters they’ll get and the more reason for SNSD to be just as they are without moving forward. SONES are not hepling them. As time goes on, they’ll just be playing safe to maintain the crown as “best female group”.

    • Anonymous

      actually, im just waiting for japan to kick out all those kpop idols who will sell same music but only a japanese version.. im waiting for their rant!.. 

      you know, japanese market is a big thing, if they thought they can fool the japanese by always using this front “Hallyu craze” they will not win in the end. I know it will happen anytime soon. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZYL37XT5WPZ2WFUIMMBV7OECB4 D G

      LOL @ the coward who read something on 6theory but ran over to Seoulbeats to make a comment where all the ‘anti-SNSD crowd’ can agree with you.

      I am sure you have a similar problem with TVXQ, 2NE1 or Bigbang (or any other kpop artists) releasing their Korean songs into Japanese also.  Did you know Bigbang just released an album on 12/13 with all of their biggest Korean hits remade into Japanese.  Did you know 2NE1 released their 1st Japanese single “Go Away” (which flopped selling only 13k in their 1st week) which was a remake?  TVXQ remade ‘Why keep Your Head Down’ and released it in Japan.  …. Or is your outrage for remakes only for SNSD?

      Nothing good happening in SNSD’s career?  Except being the #1 girl group in Korea (#1 in Asia and the World also), having the #5 best-selling album in Japan, soldout tours all over Asia, and being signed by Interscope Record in the US.  Yeah, nothing good is happening …

      SNSD could stop today/do nothing else in the future and they already cemented themselves as legends of kpop. 

      All the papers in Singapore, Korea and Asia, TV programs in Asia all praised SNSD performance.  Your opinion =/= everybody else’s opinion.

      All of the rest of biased ‘rant’ is a joke that I will not bother to reply.  Make a thread in 6theory forum with the same rant and I will destroy it there because doing it here in the comment section of Seoulbeats is tiresome.

      • Anonymous

        LOL on you SONES who are crazily lurking over AKPOP like its your own thread! dont you have your own thread/site?
        do you know how AKPOP sucks in reporting, translating, and intentions in making fanwars not news.?? a lot of people are leaving that site because it sucks and only sones are dominant there, only reflects how narrow minded and shallow you are. you can be satisfied with just a piece of shit laid on top of the table.

        “#1 in Asia and the World also” – ok i’ll talk to you later if i see SNSD so over famous in Antartctica and Africa and America..you know, its part of the world too :).. You really sound pressed and delusional. HAHAHA.im speechless.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZYL37XT5WPZ2WFUIMMBV7OECB4 D G

          Learn to read, I said 6theory forums, not AKP.  There is a big difference between the two.  So your ‘rant’ means nothing.

          Name a bigger girl group around the world than Girls Generation in the year 2011 … go ahead name one to prove me wrong.

          There is no bigger girl group ‘in the world’ than SNSD in 2011. So fake laugh (HAHAHA) and be speechless … or answer who is bigger girl group than SNSD ‘in the world’ in 2011.

          • saylor

            you crazy sones spell wrong.  your moniker is spelled dggf, only then can people truly know you are a delusional girls generation fan.  

          • 123

            you cant even name a group thats bigger than girl’s generation so shut up.

          • Ana

            Well I can name one. In terms of sales and profits AKB48 pawns snsd. And they are also technically bigger.. lols but anyways SND may be the biggest girl grouping Korea, but by no means are they the most successful in Asia.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZYL37XT5WPZ2WFUIMMBV7OECB4 D G

            I said ‘in the World’, not just one country.  Nobody outside of Japan gives two shits about AKB48. 

            Meanwhile, SNSD has conquered Korea and Japan.  SNSD just held two soldout concerts in Singapore (to join their soldout concerts in Taiwan and the upcoming one in Hong Kong).  SNSD has signed with Interscope Records, etc etc etc.

            So go ahead and name another bigger girl group ‘in the world’ than SNSD.

          • anna

            Wow. Can I ask you something? Are getting paid my SNSD’s PR people? Or maybe you are a family member? ………………………………………………………………..

            Wait a second, I know think I know who you are!!! How did you find Seoulbeats Lee Soo Man? Your English is pretty good! Anyways, just wanted you to know that you shouldn’t worry because SNSD will always have crazy ass fans who will love them and cherish them forever. So go ahead, continue to exploit them. They won’t care. They will eat your shit up. But just wanted you to know that SNSD might still need to work on “conquering” Japan. They are about, oh i don’t know, 1,0000,000 albums short of beating Japan’s biggest girl group. It might be kinda hard though cause I heard that Japanese people actually care about the music. *Gasp* You didn’t know that? Well I’m glad that I could help you out.. Anyways take care okay? And find another hobby other than counting money!

          • http://twitter.com/00erica00 Erica Chan

            I think every single Asian who has heard of J-pop knows AKB48, however, its not for the right reasons. We all know just how AKB48 sells their albums,,,

          • Giest

            opps. minus 1 like to your comment. i ACCIDENTALLY liked. but i pity you girl. WAKE UP. you are wasting your precious time in the world by worshipping them to no end

      • Guest

        *sigh* you again, DG? snsd sucks, sing horribly out of tune (except a few members). well all sones are delusional

      • Guest

        Legends of Kpop? oh dont make me laugh

      • Guest

        must you defend all comments critisizing snsd? you see, this is why i hate sones. they’re so stuck up. and did Aya mentioned her opinion = everybody else’s opinion? i think not. -.-

  • Bervalvic

    My answer to everything; sue SM. Sign onto another label. If the US thing fails they should really leave SM or demand some sort of control over their image and sound, wishful thinking I know.
    US debut, get a better producer. I don’t really care much for Teddy Riley, he isn’t the ish to me. The Cataracts or some beats by Parrell or Timbaland might get them somewhere. Let’s face it they would have to sell some degree of sex but it doesn’t have to be slutty. SNSD are no Adele’s, Gaga’s or Beyonce’s. But they could be borderline Destiny’s Child and The Pussycat dolls, two successful girl groups. The clothing concept for the boys was pretty good, it was mature and not revealing too much so i think an image like that is okay but it won’t be enough. SNSD most importantly must sell an image and then the music that shows their personality like everyone else in the  biz. I also think each member needs an image that puts them out there so they wont blend in with each other.

  • itf7

    Disclaimer: i am in no way dissing any group. The real problem with SNSD and even other groups in kpop is the lack of growth. if they want to remain idols for more than 4-5 years, they’ll need to reinvent themselves and grow as artists, whether it is in their performance, their styling, their songs, anything. I think Beast is the best example. Although they were somewhat popular at their debut, its their growth and change that really started earning them more and more fans. even the girls themselves: they became incredibly popular after they had a shift in their outfits and songs. with the short memory and patience of the kpop audience (generally speaking), if something doesn’t change, ppl are gonna get bored (not counting those fans that just follow a group out of sheer loyalty). although “the boys” was a really good song, this comeback had more of an impact because of the fact that there was change! (good or bad – you be the judge) that’s what need to be happening if those girls want to be in for the long haul.
    PS: this applies to many other groups that have become stagnant (2ne1, f(x), SuJu, 4minute, etc…)

  • martian

    I only see this as basically a filler. SM is known to repackage anything and everything they can and want to just to make a few more million out of the fans (which sadly actually works as a marketing technique even if it only includes one new song and a new cover). Usually they look like they would put more effort into second round promos or second round promos are actually better than the actual comeback i.e. RDR and Genie, but I suppose they put all their eggs into The Boys song only itself that the rest of the album contained shitloads of nonsense that wasn’t even worth the money they were selling the album for and the follow up wasn’t thought out very well. They have done better second round promos before, but I am so over Mr. Taxi. It was good in Japanese, its just overdose in Korean.

  • mrsjung

    Mr. Taxi Music Video (Kversion) http://youtu.be/-QDgMh_9Dy0 —- lame. SMH

    • Anonymous

      Their MV is way too epic. Srsly, if SM don’t want to overwork their nine angels (rawr we have to think about them they have thight schedules like Invincible Youth 2 Music Core etcetcetc and shooting MV is tiring y’ now what if they fall sick you’ll just complain to SM again blablabla), they can just make an animated MV (read: Orange Caramel – Funny Hunny, lmao). Or if they don’t want to expense money in an animation video (or heck, an edited various clips like Baby Baby is even better), they can just make a fan competition (with a prize like a CD with these nine angels signature, heck even if it’s only Yoona’s it’s okay, or whatever that won’t cost them so much). I don’t care if they want to work cheap, but work hard or don’t work at all. This MV, along with this repackaging thing, is a mocking from SM. They believe that SONES will always buy whatever trash they give. 

      • Anonymous

        “This MV, along with this repackaging thing, is a mocking from SM. They believe that SONES will always buy whatever trash they give.”

        this is where i draw my line.

  • 123

    Reply to “you crazy sones spell wrong.  your moniker is spelled dggf, only then can people truly know you are a delusional girls generation fan.” 

    All fans of kpop are the same. They’re all ignorant and delusional. Anyone who actually puts kpop on a pedestal is delusional. Especially you international people who don’t know anything about Korea and try to dig up something deep and incredible from kpop are kicking a stone wall. Teens are understandable because they like glittery packaged things and don’t know better but this website in general… it just makes me laugh. 

  • Jeremyrain98

    SNSD may have the biggest, largest fans but I seriously doubt if they have the most loyal ones. I used to be their fan but now I’m sick to look at them. I’m sick of hearing their mediocre music. I’m sick of their bad vocal and horrible “hand-twirling” dancing. I’m sick of their videos- they are no longer fun and enjoyable like Gee or Oh! Lots of luck to SNSD, because they’re really gonna need them, esp when  they “try” to break into American market.

    • Anonymous

      i have same sentiments as you..
      i used to like them as well. they were beautiful and i thought there were something on them  more than beauty. i’ve waited..patiently.. but my prejudice got me wrong. They are just normal ‘idols’ out there. i was expecting more from them like in terms of level up development and give us ‘beyond’ what an idol could have.. but apparently they are stagnant and no moving forward. Its just the company that makes them alive and move  to level up their career but nothing more on their part. 

  • Anonymous

    A bit random, but I just stumbled across this song while looking for some music to listen to:

  • Guest

    this is by far the most overrated girl group. heh

    • Anonymous

      ^ this.

      ~ they are overrated. its because they are under SM that is why it boost their image as soon to be legends… SM is known as creator of legendary groups such as SHINHWA, H.O.T and TVXQ.. it comes along stereotyping phenomenon..seems that people viewed that idol who are produced by SM  will have a legendary name at the end but it’s not really applicable to all and not even with snsd…

  • http://twitter.com/AmandaRenee480 Amanda Evans

    My own thoughts on this topic:

    SNSD’s Japanese album was a big step forward for them in terms of music/style. I’d hoped they would continue this trend with The Boys. When I heard they even wrote a few of the song lyrics on the album, I was excited.

    Then I actually heard the album.

    To be fair, the Boys was definitely different. And yes they wore distinct outfits with a strong heroine/fantasy vibe. Even though I dislike the song, I was at least happy to see them not going back to being cutesy and dressing all the same. The other songs on the album were either more of  the same cutesy retro-pop sound (Lazy Girl, My J, Say Yes, Vitamin), outdated retro-pop (Sunflower, Telepathy, Top Secret), or generic pop that sounds like it could be sung on the Disney Channel and be no better or worse (Oscar, Trick). The only song I liked on there was How Great is Your Love, and even then I found out that it was another song bought by SM. 

    SNSD could have been like IU and had a huge hand in their latest album, picking composers/writers, spending time to create an album to show off their artistry. I mean, they’ve been around for 4 years. You’d think SM would allow them to create something themselves (you’d think). Instead it’s more generic pop and a lead song that could have been so much more in the hands of someone other than Teddy Riley. Don’t even get me started on the Mr. Taxi images from the B Version. They just don’t look good. It’s actually a bit embarrassing and sickening that they’d dress like that. It looks like something out of a perverted man’s fantasy. Also, they’re all matching again. So much for individuality.

    They’re not evolving as artists; they really are doing the same old thing. They’re letting SM hand them whatever and they’re not doing anything to change it. And because of that, I’m losing respect for them. It’s a shame, because they could be really good.

    • Anonymous

      “How Great is Your Love” is not SM’s original song? o.o What’s left then? I pretty much like Trick, but the other songs are just another “SNSD-filler-recycle” for me… -__-

      • http://twitter.com/AmandaRenee480 Amanda Evans


        ^ The original version. I actually like it better. Don’t get me wrong, I like the song. It’s gorgeous. But Jenny sings it better and the runs she does with her voice don’t sound so forced. 

    • K Ramadhani

      I’m hoping for something simple like how jyp respect yeeun, putting her song on track no 1 and let them promote g.n.o

  • Anonymous

    they are overrated. thanks to their company they are always given a good break. i wonder if they belong to a totally different company, will they be who they are today? nah~~~ again thanks to SM(though i dont like SM but i’ll give them credits for this). these girls are stuck up and contented. nothing much improvement on their part.

    they say they improved a lot..in what aspect exactly? just because they change their image from navy to cops? they are fiercer??they are trying hard to be sexy all the time just to show that they have great change..were in fact, some of the members are awkward and having difficulty, seohyun.. she seems uncomfortable. what im trying to say is that, idols shouldn’t try to look sexy thingy all the time, talent, singing, dancing are still the best.

  • http://twitter.com/ryzlbrmudz Rayzel Bermudez

    This is exactly the reason why I rarely even listen to girl groups, except for a select few. There’s always that generic pop music, identical outfits and choreography that’s fun and easy, but less than anything powerful. I can’t even express how happy I would be if a new girl group came out with a dance style like Beast or BoA. 

  • Johnny

    They are overated because of their fans eats up anything they put out. Success year after year what does it really mean if its not even a challenge to win Daesang at year end awards? Any group can put out the crappiest song possible but if they have a large fanbase expect it to win lots and lots of awards. SM know they dont even to try to put musicality in their groups music because in the end the win no matter wat

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZYL37XT5WPZ2WFUIMMBV7OECB4 D G

      You are an idiot.

      How exactly do you get a ‘big fanbase’ if you dont put out entertainment that people enjoy?  You are just like the snobbish elitist biased ‘fans’ who are upset that SNSD is #1 and your bias isnt.

      • http://twitter.com/AmandaRenee480 Amanda Evans

        Please, just stop. You’re making a fool of yourself. No one here is going to listen to you if you don’t start talking like an intelligent person. =__= It’s fine to have opposing views, but don’t get upset because people think differently than you. 

        • Preach!

          this DG person is almost everywhere, replying to everyone who dissed her/his beloved unnies lol *yawn*

      • Anonymous

        so basically, you are saying that SNSD was just merely for entartainment purposes, for enjoyment, eye-candy nothing more or less…. 
        oh yah sure.. this will gonna make them a “BIG JOKE LEGENDS of ALL TIME”! LOL!.. then, ok, lets say for argument’s sake.. i’ll let you call them legends if that’s what you want.!

        dont ever say to me that im biased and jealous because my bias were not no.1 or legend… sorry to burst your ego.. but my bias have been a legend long ago ..  your bias might kneel down on my biases in commemoration of what they did in KPOP .. SNSD are fully enjoying that privileges… thanks to the REAL LEGENDS OF KPOP.. they can easily venture to japanese market without hardwork..

        even if i have biases, i can name IDOLS who are turning to be one of the LEGENDS in the future… but sorry to say, your SNSD do not belong to my list…

      • Guest

        I notice you didn’t call them singers.  You called them entertainners.  I agree with you there.  They are nowhere near to being singers.  And even as entertainers, their act is starting to get boring.

        • Guest

          even that, their personality on variety shows are FAKE. and scripted

      • Guest

        yeah. entertainment for perverted ahjusshis by flashing panties and exposing thighs. -.-

    • http://twitter.com/AmandaRenee480 Amanda Evans

      Yeah, that’s basically how it works. Idols aren’t awarded for being good singers. They’re awarded for being popular, good-looking/pretty, and well-liked. That’s NOT how it should be, but it’s the way it is right now, unfortunately. I hope that changes in the future and that artists win based on skill and good music, not popularity.

  • asianromance

    I really liked “The Boys” and had hopes for their growth (and finally, no matching outfits!), but finding out they’re promoting Mr.Taxi and in these outfits made me – in the manner of speaking – throw up in my mouth a little bit.  The outfits would have worked with a stronger song. I’m not hating on SNSD.  I know these girls don’t have much control over over the choice of promotion song, look, etc.  But the track they are going now seems like “The Boys” is more about being a gimmick than actual growth.  If the girls are too exhausted to learn new choreography -and I’m sure they are- then SM should just let them rest up a month or two.  SM doesn’t seem to understand that distance makes the heart grow fonder sometimes.  Stop being so available.  Make your fans wait a little bit- make them want you.  

  • soshi_fanz sones

    Your posts and articles made me realize them.
    But, don’t blame them, because they just do what the SMs asked.
    Also confused, why did they re-promote the song, in another language? That’s nonsense! I just love the originals. For example, Gee. When they sang the song in Japanese, the beat is quite weird. I’m a SONE, and I really hoped the best for them.

  • Kangaeru

    This article made me think about and realize things, so first of all thank you. :)

    SNSD is my favorite group in the world and I can admit I like Wonder Girls’ music better overall. I had a time in my fan-life where I couldn’t admit that and now I have matured, both as a person and a fan. So anyways, I mean I can now really admit that yes, I hated most of SNSD’s new concepts. I have never really been excited about their new title song or their outfits…and that sounds really bad in actually typed out words…….it sounded more nicer and fan-like in my brain….haha. But anyway I became a fan during their Kissing You days from what I remember and I do own all their albums but I kind of got used to being disappointed by them, now that I think about it. It’s really strange writing this all out, but this site’s articles just compel me to share my thoughts even though I don’t like leaving comments. I got sidetracked again…..but this article is so deep for a fan, for a SONE. at least one like me who knows that I am still a fan after being disappointed over and over again. It’s a conversation starter (like every other article I’ve read on this great website that I regrettably only happened to really pay attention to starting like 3 days ago….but that’s a comment for the whole website so….hahaha, I’m still getting used to the awesomeness of seoulbeats.) 

    When I heard they were doing Mr. Taxi for their follow-up, I was crushed, but when I saw the Mr. Taxi photos I felt like I should buy the the total rip-off “repackage-different-version-whatever” album. Of course the site I saw the photos was full of hype because it was filled with SONE’s… So it’s really great to be able to reflect on it in a fairly neutral and much more reasonable environment like this website. I actually didn’t think about SNSD having fetish-like concepts until I read articles here. I started getting interested in (and fond of) female Japanese idols this past year and felt really disturbed with the culture they have, but didn’t think to reflect back on SNSD and the Korean girl groups in regards to the whole feeding the fans’ fetish-obessions..though I have to admit it is much more subtle in Korea….., so in turn it’s harder to catch on to and possibly more “dangerous”. 

    SM is pretty much the only one of the big 3’s where I can confidently say they seem to stomp any of “da swagga” the idols might have been born with out of them. Because they over-process the idols’, the kids’, everything. I know SNSD members have personalities because I’ve stuck with them for so long, if they were “strangers” to me I wouldn’t have given them the chance in my mind. Like I feel bad especially for Hyoyeon because for a long time she had to hide her “swagga” and now it’s kinda gone, not all the way but…. all the girls lost so much in the SM process. 

    The girls are regaining their #1 spot in my brain because I took some months getting acquainted with AKB48 and Morning Musume this year and I almost forgot why I love SNSD. But I do love them like a fan, and I have hope for them, cause I’m a fan. But it’s going to take time for them to really gain my trust and respect back for them because my “first-love infatuation” stage is over and I need a reason (other my obsession with wanting to be loyal to them) to stay with them. (just to be clear, I’m not really “in love” with them :) haha i enjoy metaphors) I think I really needed to process this somewhere out in the open, and seoulbeats just became that much more awesome, at least within my brain.  haha. Thanks though seriously, this site is gold to the K-pop lover.

  • Dave

    In the end they’re just doing what sm told them to do. I don’t care nor anticipate much musicwise from them. All I know is I’m waiting for their nurse-themed cosplaying to happen. They’ve done school girls, dolls, sailors, cheerleaders, dominatrixes, Austin powers/ bondchics, maids….all that remains in the cliche porn theme is nurses….and maybe school teachers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Zhen-Jiang/100003229803466 Zhen Jiang

    SM should be really ashamed of themselves.
    But they wont.

    sad, really.   
    Plz at least try to maintain the quality of SNSD’s albums.   It’s really jarring to go from greatness(japan 1st album) to some mediocre crap that is korean 3rd album. 

  • Esaiyanjin

    i’m Quiet dissapointed after download “The Boys” and saw the quality of the album was worser,
    The boys are quiet like Super Junior’s album, ithink.
    I hardly reply it twice for this one since i reply the old album for many times already. . .
    Hope SNSD MV and Music get better than this one.

  • http://twitter.com/CPBeaar Celine P.

    lol  ‘worser’..

  • Olivia

    Wow, so much snsd hate in here. I like some of the discussion in the articles, but this place is a serious breeding ground for antis of snsd. Yeah, I’m done with this website.

    • Guest


    • Anonymous


    • sujulove

      I agree with you

  • http://mithunonthe.net/ MithunOnThe.Net

    The girls are overworked, plain and simple! They need a break and SM need’s to take one too! The rookies are getting better and better and I don’t see SM and JYP dominating the next two years.

  • SSantus

    WOW I love how almost all the articles are negative feedbacks of snsd.. and all the other artists… Truthfully, I love Kpop, and snsd too.. So this website is def not my site to go to… You guys are so negative

  • mojomay

    While I do believe that the Korean Mr. Taxi promotions was way out of left-park for everyone–fans and non-fans alike– I disagree that this was a “step-back” or an “image regression”. After all, this is just ONE repackage/version B concept. From the way things are due to their Japanese promotions and The Boys promotions, it is probably just like you said; this was most likely due to the fact that the girls don’t have the time or energy to learn a new dance from any of their 3rd album songs. I believe you’re blowing this out of proportion. Don’t assume they’re going back to their Kissing You days just from a set of pictures. 
    And I will admit I am a fan of SNSD, and as an international female fan you should stop stereotyping Sones as these “perverted uncle fans” that love to see the girls in these “fetish-like” costumes. Many of my uncles including my dad like them for their talents and don’t even pay attention to the costumes they wear. And I know that you mentioned that the reason why you write about SNSD in many of your articles is because they are one of the archetypes for Kpop acts in general, but please, there’s a difference between using them as an example and just pure nitpicking every fault. And no, I’m not a butthurt fan bashing Seoulbeats. I find your arguements on them intriguing and true. However, your articles have been lately giving for the general part a negative connotation about them that’s promoting bashing from the other commenters and then they justify it when someone finds something offensive in their comments. 
    To get straight to the point, just please use other examples for your concerns regarding Kpop in general because I KNOW that SNSD aren’t the only ones using “fetish-like” costumes or doing something just for the fans’ money. And I’m noticing that your commenters — all fans, not just Sones– are getting tired of the overuse of SNSD in your articles.

    • Anonymous

      actually your comment is the only one that i toatlly can agree with completely ! (no offense to others) and i agree 100%!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Grace-Shen/100000888923875 Grace Shen

    I hated Korean Mr. Taxi. Once you get used to them speaking in Japanese (especially because they promoted it already), speaking in Korean just makes the whole song seem out of order – even if Korean is their native language. xD Really wanted them to promote Trick instead.

    But I sort of hate that you bash on SNSD nearly every article more… ._.;;

  • anonymous

         Personally I feel that SM needs to get the clue that their major k pop groups (super junior, girls generation,etc.) are growing up especially super junior almost half the members are going to be thirty soon they just can’t be singing about things such as Mr. Simple and Acha or being Superman. Personally I really love super junior but I want to see them sing a song like in heaven by JYJ (who were part of sm) a song that can really touch the heart instead of just showing off their abs and gaining more school girl fans. 
          As for SNSD I agree the company should stop forcing them to be school girls they’re going to be in their mid twenties I mean when Oh! first came out it was very catchy and I loved gee but that was before I want to see SNSD have more of a Miss A or charisma. I liked the boys it showed a more mature side of SNSD but still half of the girls were wearing princess gowns.
        To sum up everything I wrote sm entertainment needs to allow their artist to grow up and share their beliefs.  

  • pikaSNSDfighting

    I loved the Mr. Taxi era, but I can’t disagree that ‘The Boys’ wasn’t the best SNSD album. I enjoyed the dance, but.. that’s just the thing. The ‘dance’. It’s the only one they’ve done this year! And honestly the song is a mess. The album is also all over the place. I favored Trick and Telepathy.. but honestly that’s it. I hope to see more improvement with the next album though. SNSD fighting! One bad song isn’t gonna stop ’em ;)

  • Anonymous

    i am soooooo sick and tired  of evrybody saying things like ” im anticipating theyre return because this song was so and so or this song was too unorganised” or the antis saying things like ” sm always wins in the end or snsd is only popular cuz theyre pretty and have a large fanbase”! you know what ! you guys are getting me so worked up that i even thought of a song they should sing! i really really want it to be an upbeat ballad like adele’s “rumour has it” not EXACTLY like that but a song that showcases theyre singing talent! especially taeyeon she even said on a show she was tired of the songs they gave the group and belived that it didnt fit the group… so this time so nyeo si dae, shoujo jidai, shao nu shi dae, snsd, girls generation! please sing a ballad every group has at least 1! even 2pm does and they are partying beast idols… i love you and your music and am a dedicated sone but can admit that actually i think wonder girls songs are much better! so i am waiting for you to do a touching song or a ballad… snsd jjang hwaiting!

  • Anonymous

    and realy this article hates on snsd alot not even the article the site.. this site is like the anti-snsd epitome

  • wesley medina

    For me, I think they really should push “Trick” as their next single. Everything on that song just “works”. That and it sounds REALLY good in the car. LOL. XD

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003629986793 Vikram Naiker

    I disagree with this article its like this site is anti-snsd ;( i go to allkpop now. to be honest i loved “the boys” it had gotta be the most catchy song by snsd and gee and oh are really catchy. We should appreciate that they tried a different concept i don’t think they wanted swag but more a interdependent look. and i only recently got into kpop and the first song was i saw was the boys and i was like OMG when the rose petals came and like when they started singing Ahhh *i love kpop*. that goes for the same for when i tried introducing kpop to my class i just showed them “the Boys” and they loved it <3 this has got to be my fav sm video cuz they took much more effort on making the girls look like goddess. I think that this was everything I wanted but more. sure the concept pictures didn't have much to do with the song but it the same with other sm teasers like Mr simple, electric shock & sherlock teaser pics but the pic are center around a theme :D that's just how sm works :) and HOW CAN U HATE MR.TAXI!!!!!! D:<  Its my 2nd fav song in the album its as catchy as "The Boys" its got amazing dancing and the girls are just making u wanna dance. "The Boys" has already got more than 50 million view in less than 1 year on Youtube and is now the 4 most watched K-POP music video on youtube number 1 is Gee by snsd, number 2 is Mr. taxi by snsd and number 3 is oh by snsd. Wow! how ironic is that, the top 5 most watched kpop music videos 4 out of 5 of them are snsd :D this just shows that snsd is ONE OF Asia's best artists. So seoulbeats plz get your facts straight before you put a pointless article like this :)