• Minachan27

    “Like, kudos to Jessica for jumping three octaves with “Bring the boys out” near the end, but I’m not feeling it.” more like an “enhanced/computerized” three octaves. I would bet if she does the three octaves live the glass would shatter, no, more like the camera man lens would break.

  • http://twitter.com/sing_h jaswin singh

    i really like your view on “the boys”, it’s so TRUE!! especially the music video… it’s so SMent! i really hate SMent. they don’t let their artist grow… 

    • Sali

      And finally, someone noticed the rap. I know SONEs are fans but you can’t really call that rap. 

  • Sali

    The song is bad. That’s the bottom line. If they want something fiercer, maybe something like RDR.

    • schlep

      yeah the song is really….flat.  no fire. no fierceness.  mr taxi wasn’t that flat.  I don’t know snsd songs are always just flat. 

      • schlep

        concept though it to die for and their clothes are gorgeous in this promotional round.  but song sucks ass.  and the rap is embarrassing. 

    • http://twitter.com/AmandaRenee480 Amanda Evans

      And the best part is, besides being a great song, RDR had a good message at the heart of it. 

      “Hey, you say you’re a guy so you can’t help messing around a little
      With absurd logic like that, you never thought I’d break up with you
      I’m sad and lonely, but I’m even more disappointed.”

      “Even if you’re not one of them,There’s plenty of good guys still out there”

      (^ Japanese Ver. Lyrics)

      “The Boys” is just…I’m a bit shocked, actually. It’s like they’ve done a complete 180 with their attitudes and WANT that type of man. More than that, they seem like they’re just building up that man’s ego and putting themselves on a pedestal.

      “Girls bring the boys out
      I wanna dance right now
      I’ll guide you, come out
      All the men of this world, I’m Number 1
      I’m Athena, I give you wisdom
      Check this out
      Try to enjoy it, the thrill of a challenge
      You’re a man of the world that already has everything
      Just like this, keep it up
      Girls’ Generation, we don’t stop
      Bring the boys out”

      “Girls’ Generation make ’em feel the heat
      The entire world has their attention on us
      Bring the boys out
      Boys who will lead the world and girls who are fabulous
      Come gather here
      You know the girls
      Bring the boys out”

      It makes me sad when I see it because there’s so many amazing directions they could’ve gone with the fairytale concept and in the end it was just them singing about how great they think they are.

      • http://twitter.com/cocojung coco jung

        T.Riley wrote this? gawd i can’t understand why he is considered a top producer if he wrote THE BOYS.

        • munkie

          Riley didn’t actually write the lyrics, well at least for the korean version.

        • Anonymous

          Tiffany wrote the lyrics to the English version, someone in SM wrote the lyrics to the Korean version.

          • Harry Potter

            no, she only wrote the rap

  • http://twitter.com/AmandaRenee480 Amanda Evans

    Totally agree with most of this, save for “The Boys is growing on me” part. I still can’t listen to that song. It’s just…no. I can’t do it. It’s too disjointed/all over the place.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought Lazy Girl sounded a bit like Echo. I also thought Say Yes was a bit like Echo, too (or at least had the same feel as Lazy Girl/Echo). After their top notch Japanese album, I was expecting them to go in the same direction for their Korean comeback. But it feels like they took a step backwards. They sounded like they were trying too hard to be more mature.

    And Tiffany…I love Tiffany as a person, but she should not be rapping. Actually, none of them should. It was really, really BAD. I kind of was in shock when they inserted one into Genie for Tiffany during the tour. It sounded like a completely different song for 20-30 seconds and then–wham! Back to Genie. It was strange and really awkward. 

    Anyway. I hope to see better from them next time.

  • Gnattie

    This is a very nice, well written article. I think you were being very fair towards SNSD while also being critical of their work. Good job, Amy!

    I was also really let down by the new album. I was hoping for something groundbreaking, but I consider this album to be duller than what they’ve done in the past. “The Boys” is the only thing really different, and it’s a mediocre song. It isn’t good but it isn’t bad, either. There was all this hype surrounding it and it failed to deliver. Their voices sound enhanced and I don’t think Jessica’s high note is real – I’ve seen too many MR Removed videos of “The Boys” live to think otherwise. The rest of the songs on the album fall into what they’ve done in the past and they’re not amazing, either. Catchy, but nothing that should top the charts (although they are because they’re by SNSD). I’ve heard people complain that “Oscar” is too reminiscient of Britney Spears and “Say Yes” annoys me (“hee ~ hee!”). I can’t tell “Telepathy” seriously because they distinctly say the word as “tele-passy” or “tele-pussy” and I just burst up laughing. “How Great is Your Love,” is a pretty song but it’s ruined for me because it’s simply a Korean version of Jenny Hyun’s “I Still Believe in Love.” 

    The music video confused me. Maybe I was taking it too seriously, but I couldn’t connect anything. In the English version, it sounds like they’re singing about their greatness while walking around in falling rose petals and giving haughty looks at the camera. If I were unfamiliar with Kpop, my immediate reaction would be, “Who are these snooty b*tches?” and instantly dislike them. I don’t understand what the bird has to do with anything, and the slow-mo was flat-out cheesy. You could tell Taeyeon was wearing wigs and I saw too much of Yoona and not enough of the others. I couldn’t understand half the members, including Jessica, in the English version. And the choreography wasn’t interesting at all.

    Another silly thing that that annoyed me were their clothing. I’ve always been under the impression that SNSD either wore the latest designer duds or had their clothing custom-made. NO. A trip to SoshiStyling revealed that most of what they’re wearing is from runways circa 2008, 2009, and 2010. And the clothing isn’t even premium designer. That dress Sunny was wearing? It was Bebe. And in one scene, nearly all the girls are wearing Adidas leggings and Adidas sneaker-heels. The rest of the clothing looked very cheap. Maybe this is trivial, perhaps I’m just too used to seeing Beyonce and Lady Gaga wear clothing and shoes straight off recent runways done by Alexander McQueen, Louboutin, etc., but I was disappointed in SM and SNSD for this. SNSD is supposed to be trend-setters. In the English interview before the mv was released, Jessica delibrately said that audiences should pay attention to their clothing. But you can’t set trends if what you’re wearing was in style years ago. Also, putting color in your hair isn’t trend-setting. Girls at my high school have had red and pink and blonde streaks in their hair for several years now. Purple eyeshadow isn’t trend-setting, that’s been in style for a long time. I think SM and SNSD failed in this area. With as much money as SM makes, I think they could’ve afforded some better clothing for the girls to wear and paid more attention to recent and past trends. Maybe they spent too much on the mv.

    These are things that just bothered me, I don’t know about anyone else.

    All the same, I’m anticipating new music videos for their other songs. The girl will most likely be back to matching outfits and bright clothing. I hope they’ll be better than “The Boys.”

    • http://twitter.com/cocojung coco jung

      i totally agree with you re snsd’s clothing…it is so out of fashion line…outdated…YG clothes his artists with high end designers such sa Balmain,Alexander Mc Queen etc but howcome SM can’t? I am not trying to create wars .i am just trying to make a point that if YG can afford it why not SM when SM is the riches.

      • thunderandsmoke

        I’ve always wondered that too. I mean, even SHINee and f(x) get at least decent underground designers as their main source for stage outfits, and I know there is no way they are bringing in as much money as SUJU and SNSD. Sometimes I think maybe its just harder for them to style 9 young women individual, but at least now they’re trying. SNSD deserves better, they seem to work pretty hard. I would like to note though that when they dress up for other events, like promotions and fan meets, they look excellent. Maybe they style themselves much like their airport fashion.

        • MOXCRunner1

          I am reading this in 2013. Post Sherlock and Dream Girl. Hoooolllyyyy crap, SHINee has outfit problems now. Taemin in particular D:

    • Atrapforfools

      I agree about SNSD’s stylists always missing the boat when it comes to setting trends. This is the nation’s girl group we’re talking about, they should be at the forefront of fashion and beauty trends, and not just when they’re at the airport. They’re always styled horribly for events as well. I mean, they look good for this comeback and I like that they look like the grown women they are, but I feel like their stylish are afraid to take risks. 2NE1’s fashion may be outlandish at times, but it gets people talking. Same with SHINee. I hope now that SoShi has mostly done away with the identical outfits they’ll become more fashionable on stage.

  • asianromance

    I’m not sure if SNSD’s “raps” qualify as a real attempt at rapping.  It sounds sort of like what ke$ha does in her songs – which is sort of more sing-speak or cheer than rap.  Ke$ha is definitely no Missy Elliot.  I loved how their “The Boys” mv showed them off in some of the best outfits I’ve ever seen them wear, but yeah, it would be really nice to have some boys in there or some sort of story (or are they afraid that the fanboys will tear the male mv actors apart).  But after seeing suju’s Mr.Simple video, this video is a gift. 

    I guess I’m enjoying this a bit more than you since I’m trying to ignore the fact that SNSD is trying to break into the American market.  The possibility of success is so slight that I don’t really care much abt their attempt. 

    Now that they’re established, I really wish they would for at least for one album, do something 100% un-SNSD.

  • Anonymous

    I am not even going to add on much since you already said what I was thinking but I am definitely glad to see I wasn’t the only one who really liked their japanese album and felt quite let down with this.  See I am one of those people who liked SNSD when they debuted with “Into the new world” and generally like the girls themselves but I have hated the material they get from SME for years.  When I listened to their japanese album I thought maybe just maybe their korean stuff would improve then I heard boys and the rest of the album and it just leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Anonymous

    I was very excited when I saw the teasers. Like the author said, their Japanese album was done really well, so I was expecting a LOT from their new Korean album. 

    The first minute of video was awesome. The opening notes, the opening scenes, all looked gorgeous. I can even forgive SM for that another 360 degree slow-mo camera (SM!!) in the beginning. But then what? Another singing-and-dancing-in-the-box MV. 

    No freaking storyline. The scenes were like being thrown randomly. Despite the gorgeousness of the girls (Sunny totally steals my attention), I was really disappointed.

    Then I moved on to the album. Listening all the songs. And again, disappointed. Other than The Boys, I found other tracks were mediocre. Where’s the matured concept that they said they were going to do? The album sounds just like their previous albums, and even worst because it’s coming after their well-done Japanese album. 

  • Maddy

    THIS. SO. MUCH. 
    I’m not their biggest fan, but they’ve got potential, and they genuinely seem like a hardworking bunch. But ‘The Boys’ = Major Disappointment. 
    If these girls are gonna get so much hate for being ‘favoured’ by SM, at least they should have material that’s worth it (don’t get why people blame SNSD though. Blame the way SM handles SUJU). 

    • http://twitter.com/JM7228JW J-MayTan©

      IKR!! my money I spent on SUJU…had gone to SNSD…at least give the girls an EPIC song! grrr… and if u havent really read SUJU fansites… ELF r blaming SME…not SNSD…there are big disclaimers underneath most of their articles about that…

  • Gnattie

    HEY! I heard that SNSD is supposed to be on Good Morning America on October 25th. 7 am. 

    • Gnattie

      Wait, no, maybe not. SONEs are all saying this, but I’ve checked Good Morning America’s website, Facebook, and Twitter and there’s nothing about SNSD. So maybe they were talking about SONEs being on Good Morning America? They clogged up the area outside Good Morning America to spread news about SNSD as part of their fan meet (read on Soshified fan meet page) and so they were seen on MTV and other channels. SM hasn’t said anything about SNSD being on Good Morning America tomorrow, either. Aren’t SNSD and the rest back in Korea?

      • Gnattie

        Ignore all I’ve said. Darrick J Lee (whoever that is) tweeted that SNSD’s appearance on Good Morning America has been cancelled. He was also the one to tweet that they were going to be Good Morning America in the first place. Wtf? Shouldn’t Good Morning America or SM have tweeted this?

        • tyounge1991

          Lol that appearance never existed, or GMA would promote it beforehand.

  • http://twitter.com/cocojung coco jung

    am not a sone nor an anti but i was really anticipating THE BOYS will be epic based on the teasers released but to my dismay THE BOYS IS AN EPIC FAIL.it will for sure hut #1 or win awards coz of SONES support but i don’t think the song will entice a new fan.

  • Katherine

    I was genuinely excited for SNSD’s comeback even though I don’t consider myself a Sone but I adore the girls and I’ve always hoped to see them grow as artists and entertainers so when we got those teasers for “The Boys” I was impressed with what I saw and then FINALLY the day came for when “The Boys” MV came out and after watching the MV I just stared at the screen with confusion and disappointment at what I heard. Visually the MV was gorgeous, the girls looked amazing and I even liked the choreography but I just couldn’t get pass how the song ended up getting released as their title track. I honestly didn’t even know the girls rapped in the song until I read an article here on Seoulbeats and someone commented about it and I don’t know if it was just me but did anyone else feel like there was a cheer-leading type vibe to the song ? I remember listening to the song a second time and thinking to myself they should’ve used their “Oh!” concept here instead.
    I listened to their album and it was lack luster, none of the songs resonated with me at all which was really disappointing. I don’t know maybe I put high expectations on them and this album but I genuinely believed that “The Boys” & the album would be something different. SM totally fooled me which sucks because SNSD could do “fierce” so well if they were given the chance too.
    Right now I can definitely say “The Boys” won’t be in my Top 5 favorite Kpop songs for 2011/

  • http://twitter.com/MonicaDBSK Monica

    The only thing I loved about the mv was how gorgeous the girls looked, I can take notes on their hair and makeup. And the other thing is, I got confused. When their individual teaser pics were coming out, I thought the fairy tale concept was so great. Those particular fairytales that they chose all had a moral, a lesson. And I thought the song would somehow incorporate that concept into a song about love and relationship or something. But in the end it’s just about being pretty and popular and able to bring the boys out. Yeah disappointing.

    • saylor

      Their teaser pics were kinda like super junior for mr simple….they had basically NOTHING to do with the song….SM is stupid. That was/is a fantastic concept. If you are going to have a concept for a song, don’t throw it in their stick to it! Embrace it! I think with SM they rely to much on the costume to enforce the “concept” whereas groups like after school are able to go so much farther with their concepts.

  • Xelloss

    I kinda felt that OSCAR would be a more fitting song to debut in the US. I kinda felt that song has a real presence & would be great to dance & perform to. The rap part for The Boys seemed more like cheerleading to me. Agree/disagree?

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/zs7ITR93moWQEekTSwzTHR9j1u.Z2xEl0w--#542b8 LoL

    i was listening to this song on my way to class this afternoon and i noticed something.

    I ACTUALLY LIKE THIS SONG. Yes, it’s not great, but it’s not bad. It’s got this thing about it that makes you want to listen to it more and more. In short, IT’S VERY KPOP.

    I don’t even understand why they released an english version of this song. This song is VERY KPOP! And i just can’t say it enough. I didn’t feel any western or american vibe to it. AT ALL. i won’t blame Teddy Riley for it, since SM is the sucker who fell for his tricks.

    Anyways, I have but one advice to the group. If your group’s designated rappers are Yoona and Tiffany, well….um, how should i put it… STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM RAPPING! Yoona and Tiffany are as princesses as girls can be, so seriously, what made SM think that they can give SNSD a rap song?

    Still, this song and SNSD are the very definition of KPop, weird and wrong, but addicting.

    • Gnattie

      It’s weird that you would say that it’s very Kpop, because I’ve seen a lot of SONEs complaining that it’s too “American.” I think it’s very Kpop trying to sound American.

      I couldn’t get into the song but other people think it’s very catchy, so I guess it depends on the person. It’s definitely not a song for everyone.

  • http://www.uberphones.com Tyler Lee

    It’s hard to hate this album, but I guess if you were hoping for something different then I guess you’d be disappointed. Personally I wasn’t expecting anything radical but I enjoyed the album The Boys single very much, maybe because it sounded exactly like the kind of songs SNSD would do, even though they want to head in a more mature direction.

    I guess because SNSD has had such success with their current image that SM is afraid that heading in a direction may alienate the current fanbase, which is something you really don’t want to mess with. There is the saying, if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

    That being said I would love for an electronic/dance style like Mr Taxi, but regardless whether you love this album or not, they still put a lot of hard work and effort into it, so we should give them credit for that at the very least.

  • thunderandsmoke

    Did Sones not like SNSD’s Japanese album? Did it not sale like hotcakes? Because if it did, why didn’t they just go with that amazing level of production and awesomeness this time around?! If I was a Sone, I would seriously be pissed off. I mean, why don’t the fans demand better, because they really are the ones with the power if they think about it. If they ask for more, if they ask for better, what can SM do but give them what they want. SNSD deserves better than what was throw at them for this 3rd album…waste of time, talent, and money.

  • http://twitter.com/HyunAKnowles HyunA Knowles

    Acts I wish would sue their agencies, part 6.

    I’m a sone and I think this album is garbage. From Genie mini to Hoot mini, they are all flawless. Don’t get me started with Oh! album, it’s epic. And they always have great ballads in their album, but I don’t see anything good from The Boys album, the ballads are meh.

    Forget about SNSD, we still have WG, T-ara, and IU. IU FTW!!!

    • Harry Potter

      i normally don’t see sones asking people to forget about snsd  

  • tyounge1991

    Why do people keep waiting for some ‘groundbreaking’ amazing album to come out Korea?

    I mean seriously, I can name hundreds of albums that changed music everywhere that came out of America, MJ’s thriller is a perfect example of course.

    And I can name a few that came out of Japan that shook up their scene at the time, of that is Utada Hikaru single “First Love”.

    When has Korea ever produced anything ground breaking?
    Sorry but “tell me” nor “nobody” count considering their pitiful sales.

    • Gnattie

      I think there would be groundbreaking music coming out of Korea if artists were allowed to experiment and do what they want with their music. Kpop is so heavily manufactured, very rarely do you see artists writing their own lyrics or playing an instrument or doing anything to rightfully deserve the title of “musician” rather than “puppet.” Kpop follows whatever sells the most and I think groundbreaking music is usually creative and different, something that has to break away a little from the mainstream.

      • http://twitter.com/denzelwynter アシュリ (Ashley)

        They are performers, not artists. Some are there fro the music, e.g. G- Dragon, JYJ, Jun.K . Others are there to be on stage.

      • tyounge1991

        I think there would be groundbreaking music coming out of Korea if they had a lick of creative talent.

        A company can only SAVE money if an ARTIST can write, compose, and perhaps learn to produce their own music, there is NO reason a company in Korea would miss out on a chance to SAVE money on buying music and such.

    • Atrapforfools

      There is a lot of great Korean music out there. You have to look beyond idols and kpop to find it. The Korean music scene is more than idols…

      • cutiepie88

        There are so many underrated artist in Korea it’s NOT EVEN FUNNY heck there are underrated artist in SM (CSJH, miss the old TRAX!!!) but idols are the one taken over scene and until otherwise its gonna stay like that!

      • tyounge1991

        Blah blah blah blah blah. I lived in Korea for ………….17 years, I’m 21 now.

        I know this, who cares when you’re on a K-“POP” blog though?

  • Tigana

    Am I the only one who likes “Oscar”? Everybody keep s mentioning Trick as the only highlight of the release, but I find Oscar equally as enjoyable.
    That being said, I will NOT buy the album. I like GG, but not that much. And I hate The Boys. So, so, so bad. SO bad. Especially the English version; call the emergency, I’m watching the phone ring, I’m feeling it in my heeeeaaaart (insert awkward finger-curling-beckoning-gesture a la Seohyun), my HEEEEAAARTTT!

    • Anonymous

      call the emergency, I’m watching the phone ring, I’m feeling it in my heeeeaaaart (insert awkward finger-curling-beckoning-gesture a la Seohyun), my HEEEEAAARTTT!

      The English lyrics make no sense. And that hand gesture of Seohyun actually starts to annoy me. I can’t remember exactly where and when, but I think she has been using that gesture quite often (idk, is that because of the lyrics that require her to do that gesture?)

      • Gnattie

        Let’s take a moment to appreciate the awfulness of Seohyun’s concept picture above.

        Leopard jacket + bodysuit + white lace tights + black knee-high boots + pearl necklace + veil.

        Poor Seohyun.

      • tyounge1991

        Do they actually say “I’m watching the phone ring” o.0 lolwut

  • http://www.facebook.com/roan.deguzman3 Ro-an de Guzman

    [from Amy: I was disappointed also because I really liked SNSD’s first Japanese album and expected this Korean one to be on par with their Japanese album, but I guess as a rule with SM, I generally like their artists’ Japanese material over their Korean (read: DBSK’s Japanese material > Korean material).]

    That is one of the reasons why I can NEVER understand why most K-tards (read: K-pop fans+retards) kept on yakking and yakking that K-Pop > J-Pop. I have even listened to J-Pop and the entire Japan music mainstream (since the time I was hooked with Anime and its OSTs) and not to be harsh towards K-pop, but as far as music/instrumental dynamics + vocal power, J-Pop > K-pop. Man! I’ve even listened to the songs performed by Namie Amuro, Ayumi Hamasaki, Kumi Koda and even Yamashita Tomohisa (Yes! Yes! That’s Yamapi, the same guy almost got raped and injured by his fans in Gimpo Airport) as well as Arashi, Morning Musume, even AKB48. Trust me, musical dynamics? it is not as one-dimensional as what you can hear when you listen to most Kpop artists and idols, not even BoA, Lee Hyori (I still love Hyori-unnie, though), or Rain. The music of J-Pop artists I’ve mentioned does not fall to pop and dance alone. Some of their songs contained Alternative, Rock, Soul, Trance, Electronica. Also, their vocals are RARELY AUTOTUNED. Try to listen to Namie Amuro’s CHECKMATE album (through downloading from Mediafire) and you will find diversity in each songs in her album. Even if it was electronica, it was done very fine, it was not toooooooo electronic that I-might-get-electrocuted. 

    You can question J-Pop for its quality of music videos, but y’all can’t generalize J-Pop’s PV for its cheapness, ‘coz there are videos that are of good quality. However, we ARE TALKING ABOUT MUSIC! And when we talk about music, it should not fall on MVs alone, but:

    > How great the song is
    > The message imparted by the song is unique, not repetitive, empowers people
    > If the song or music triggers artistic curiosity among people
    > How soulful/powerful the vocal quality of each artist
    > If the album does not end up one-dimensional, and borrows influences from classical, rock etc.
    > If producers or singers are daring enough to experiment every image, music genre, broadening 
       quality of music
    > If the music industry alone is does not only consist of one genre alone, or different artists of different gene exist 
       on the said mainstream

    Which, unfortunately, K-pop and Korean music mainstream lacks of. And if you talk about music and only focuses how great MVs are, how great the legs of female idols, how momjjang male idols are etc…etc…, but the music material sucks, then that defeats the purpose of producing music. If that’s the case, K-pop producers should better produce movies, TV series, Posing Videos or better yet, porn/fetish videos. Japan has their Kumi Koda and her overt sexiness that Korea can never have, but Kumi Koda’s selling point is not only her sexy body or how ferocious her fingernails are, but at how she sells sexiness without obliging women to be objectified + multi-dimensional music dynamics + powerful vocals.

    Also, if K-Pop > J-Pop, then how come no American artists did their collaboration with any K-Pop stars in their own music scene? For the ignorants out there, Kumi Koda got collaboration with Fergie, to think their collaboration track did not have the purpose to be promoted in US. It’s for Japan alone. Also, Utada Hikaru had collaborations with Missy Elliot and some male singer I dunno his name. K-pop singers, on the other hand, no American artists won’t give a collaboration if they don’t debut in the US. BTW… before I forget, it’s only G-Dragon whom Flo Rida had collaborations with. BoA and Seven had collaborations with Akon and Li’ll Kim, but when they only had debut in US. Also, neither American nor Japanese artists DID.NOT.HAVE. any collaboration with SNSD, and out of bajillion Kpop idol groups debuting in Japan, it’s only with After School whom Namie Amuro had one of collaborations with. 

    If you guys want my purpose of ranting this, frank & simple: TO SIMPLY BURST THE BUBBLE OF K-TARDS AND EVEN S♥NES. THAT’S IT!

    • James

      … and yet you’re on a kpop website discussing kpop. thats the power of kpop. its addictive. i dont understand why a song always has to be meaningful and why there has to be powerful vocals. why can’t a song be just fun to listen to and sing along with? to be honest i think thats the whole point of popular music.

      and of course jpop is going to be more diverse. japan is a bigger country -> bigger population -> more artists. but to say that kpop has no diversity is just ignorant. i think you should more research and for example watch the show ‘i am a singer’. that show is full of talented singers and is represented by almost every genre of music. 

      • http://www.facebook.com/roan.deguzman3 Ro-an de Guzman

        [… and yet you’re on a kpop website discussing kpop. thats the power of
        kpop. its addictive. i dont understand why a song always has to be
        meaningful and why there has to be powerful vocals. why can’t a song be
        just fun to listen to and sing along with? to be honest i think thats
        the whole point of popular music.]

        Why the song is always to be meaningful? Granting that the fact I am addicted to Kpop songs and dances, constant listening to repetitive songs sang by idols is “nakakabobo (making people stupid)”.

        Kpop industry has no diversity for obvious reasons:

        > It is now lorded with idols. No question about this.
        > Do they only have POP or BALLAD as music in mainstream?
        > Has reggae heard of Korean mainstream?

        “I AM A SINGER” is just a show in Korea, but think of the industry, despite the artists of different genre featured on the said show, it’s only the idols that keeps on lording the Kpop populace.

    • Harry Potter

      you can try listening to korean songs not made by idols or pop singers for a start. also, the reason why j-pop incorporates other genres like rock is probably because rock is popular in japan.

      mainstream korean music don’t only consist of idol music. if you look at digital charts which reflect the popularity of a song, they mostly consist of songs of other genres as well. if you look deeper into the korean music industry, there are tons of other songs other than the pop music which you listen to.

      to “if K-Pop > J-Pop, then how come no American artists did their collaboration with any K-Pop stars in their own music scene”, i don’t understand how collaborations with american artists would imply that j-pop is better. are you implying that american artists are more superior musically compared to asian artists?

      just like how not all k-pop mvs convey what you call unique, empowering messages, not all j-pop mvs do too. in some of their mvs, akb48 dresses in costumes (sort of like undergarments) you see in mangas, and isn’t this purely for fan service? it doesn’t really send any empowering message, does it? how many people who are not fans actually watch the mvs? the mvs exist only to attract people to the song and buy it so it doesn’t have to be “unique” even if it may be a plus.

      if you love “real” music that much, why not listen to music by “real singers” instead of idol singers? idol singers are mostly liked for their physical appearance and entertainment value.

      • hkg

        I completely agree with everything you said.  The digital charts seem to show the real music scene of Korea and they are not dominated by Idols.  Idol music seems to get all the attention because they have the most popularity internationally but domestically the other genres seem to have a lot of fans as well.

        Also, having American artists collaborate with local artists isn’t that hard to make happen.  If you’re willing to pay the money you can get a number of top American artists to work with your artists.  

      • http://www.facebook.com/roan.deguzman3 Ro-an de Guzman

        actually Harry Potter, it’s not only the songs of idol singers that I listen to. I listen to the music of korean artists that is not oh-so-mainstream (e.g. Clazziquai, Melody, Loveholic etc.) that is why it gave me more reason to write something that I cringe about Korean music mainstream. And you may not believe, but I slowly listened to rock and metal bands of Korea (The crescents, zihard, no brain). Those are the artists that I could not see on the mainstream music of Korea. Now, am I making you realize why I am cringing about the idol mania that’s creeping Korea and Hallyu fandom?

        I am not saying that American artists are superior musically to asian artist, and I do not imply J-pop is better thru this message “If K-Pop > J-Pop, then how come no American artists did their collaboration with any K-Pop stars in their own music scene”. It is never shocking that US has always been dominating the worldwide music scene, and whether they are popular or not in some countries, most US artists are “everywhere”… you know what I mean? Yet, I do not deem American artists to be superior, it’s just so happened that their popularity is not questionable. I’d rather prefer Asian and European music than American BTW.

        Yeah, AKB48 hasn’t have any empowering qualities at all, and all they did is fanservice for their male wota fans. Yet, you won’t deny, their movements in dancing is dynamic and more energetic than SNSD. And, they are sexy.

        Don’t judge me like I only listen to idol music alone. I won’t be ranting at Korean music mainstream if i listen only to idol music.

        Sorry for my bad english though.  

  • Guest_no2

    You were expecting Teddy Riley to make a good song?

    • tyounge1991

      Why not? He’s done it before, plus Teddy didn’t write the song, or come up with the retarded music video, he produced the music, which means even after producing the beat SM ent. still added their own editing to it.

      Teddy doesn’t have to prove himself, SNSD does.

  • http://www.facebook.com/roan.deguzman3 Ro-an de Guzman

    Album-Wise? Seriously? I never realized that GETTING HIGH-CLASS SEXY does NOT actually mean GROWING UP and FEMALE EMPOWERMENT. I have read the lyrics of THE BOYS (Korean-translated-to-English) and they DO NOT ACTUALLY EMPOWERING FELLOW WOMEN. That song simply makes MEN MORE POWERFUL, and girls should only serve damsel in distress.

    The album design as well as video really looked classy; unfortunately, I’d rather find the concepts of AfterSchool in “Bang” and “Virgin”, as well as Brown Eyed Girl’s “sexy/edgy concept”. Do I need to mention that in most fashion stuff, SNSD never had any personality to pull-off? They are not SHE-DEVIL enough for Run Devil Run. Their Bond Girl costumes looked rather cheap. And they looked more on being low-class hookers for BAD GIRL in Japanese album.

    I don’t think SNSD can pull off the tap-dancing concept After School did. No matter how classy the pseudo-fairy tale concept SNSD promotes for the boys, it’s not as challenging as tap-dance and drummer girl concepts. SNSD puts on different concepts but do not put a skill on it. After School’s TAP DANCE concept is simple, but the skill itself is really hard. Philippine Comedian Ai Ai delas Alas can attest you how fucking hard Tap Dance is.

  • http://smashingly-fabulous.tumblr.com/ Abra007top

    Ugh these are my sentiments exactly.  I was so disappointed by the album but actually expected to be disappointed because I have been disappointed since Hoot was released.  I actually liked their Japanese album more this album and they didn’t even promote the good songs from the Japanese album.  So I thought maybe the full album would be better then the song “The Boys” or maybe there would be a hidden gem song, but there wasn’t.  And Mr. J was totally ripped off of “My Baby Rides the Morning Train”!  I just wish we could get a couple of new “Genie” quality dance tracks mixed with the cute fluff.  The video pissed me off too, what the hell was up with the dove and rose petals, so freaking cheesy.

  • Anonymous

    The Boys MV: EPIC FAIL.

    i quiet enjoy the music — it’s typical idol-kpop anyway, no surprise here. and i also enjoy the live performances, it’s considered good for SNSD’s standard.

    btw, i love your review! especially when you highlight the rap’s part. totally agree with you here! ^^

    • Anonymous

      I really want to hear a clear performance of the Engrish version live… but I’m starting to think that won’t happen. Ever.

      Unfortunately I can’t hear any of their real voices in any of the fancams of the SM Town NY concert (just from videos it sounds completely lipsynced, even though people are claiming that at least some of them did sing live), and SM suspiciously replaced the live audio of their video of the concert with the album audio track -_-;

      • 123

        You can! They performed The Boys english version in SNTOWN NYC. Check it out, i was quite impressed with the dance, disappointed that they didnt sing it live… i guess they were trying to emphasize on the dancing? But it was good.

        • Anonymous

          I should have clarified. I want to hear a clear version of them SINGING it live. I already checked out all the fancams, and obviously it was lipsynced.

  • http://www.facebook.com/zomfglikeduhhh Amanda Poof

    dude, exactly my thoughts. the reason i listen to kpop is because i don’t want to hear americanize pop songs..

    • tyounge1991

      The reason you listen to heavily American influenced/stolen Kpop music is because you don’t want to listen to Westernized American pop? =)

      That’s funny, so what exactly defines Typical American pop music? I mean we have pop singers from Leona Lewis, to Adele, to Gaga, to John mayer, to Beyonce, and so on.

      Only kpop fans seem to think they are being forced to listen to the more disney-bubble gum pop singers.

  • Pg13247

    I wonder what the girls really think of the song. Is Tiffany really proud of her rap lines like that or is it just PR-talk? I keep on holding out for one awesome SNSD song because I just see potential behind this manufactured image. When they don’t perform their own songs and do covers/mixes on Sketchbook or Chocolate, they show such passion and energy. Hoot and The Boys have not been that great. The songs aren’t written for the girls, but the girls are forced to fit into the song.

    I wonder if any of the girls have been trained in rapping. SME is really pushing SNSD because that’s their only money maker left. HoMin doesn’t have the same power as DBSK and time will tell if SHINee or f(x) can reach the same amount of success. 

  • Anon

    i’m always baffled as to why anybody expects an “epic” album out of snsd. they’re perhaps the least talented musically out of the top-tier kpop groups and have some of the worst music (suju comes close though). most people who love them generally say they love the girls, love their personalities, love their faces/bodies and kinda like their music. their title songs have gone from bad to worse as their popularity has increased.

    there are kpop groups whose sound has changed and matured and who’re more than capable of producing epic albums (and have done so), snsd is not one of them.

    • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/blog Amy

      Regarding Super Junior, I would say that your comment is not fair — their third album, “Sorry Sorry,” is a great album, their best yet, and one of the best SM has ever put out. And yes, better than other groups’ albums, despite the fact that they are Super Junior.

      • Anon

        yes, it is. but one great album in 6 years is not exactly a great track record.

    • tyounge1991

      SNSD is about as talentless as every other “idol” group in Korea.

      I think most of these expectations come from SNSD’s image, I will give SM ent. their props for crafting such a beautifully packaged image with SNSD, but it creates different standards and expectations which they have never been able to meet – it’s amusing honestly, lol.

      • Anon

        no actually, there are other idol groups who are more talented and i’m not talking about those idols who write and produce music but those people who sing better, dance better, perform better.

        but you’re right sm has done a great job with their image and that’s my point. their image is not one that allows them to produce an epic album.

  • http://www.michelle-chin.com Michelle Chin

    it has a nice hook. that’s it. i won’t say it’s fantamazing or what.. it’s pop music. * shrugs * 

  • Sarah Kay

    I am nearly on my last straw with SM. firstly though, fans – why do you continue to anticipate SM artists. Over the last two years, there has been alot of aniticipationfor groups promoting e.g.the Grace comeback, SHINee Japnese promotions, Suju Mr simple promotions and now this. Don’t anticipate SM comebacks, and YOU WON’T BE DSAPPOINTED! Also, SM when are you going to start promoting TRAX who, in my opinion, is the most talent group (duo) you have. They haven’t promoted since last year!

  • Pingback: Recommended Reading – October 25th, 2011 | International Wota()

  • Anonymous

    SM overstated the abilities of these girls so fans are left expecting too much.

  • http://www.facebook.com/roan.deguzman3 Ro-an de Guzman

    another thing, do not equate Kumi Koda, Namie Amuro, Ayumi Hamasaki, Yamapi to japanese idols. Not even Utada Hikaru. They are above all the idols. They are the royalties, and they are not only known for physical qualities alone.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, all those mentioned ladies are already legends in Japan. Ayumi could started as an idol but she crossed that line long time ago. Yamapi is maybe one of the Johnnies but I wouldn´t consider him idol anymore.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RSI6E7WQ5WBALAQOGGATTAZ5FA bluebear

    AGREED! the MV for The Boys was…awful…but speaking of which, all the videos were bad. All shots of them dancing, which can be saved for performances. There’s never a story plot to their videos that give meaning to the song. And..the rapping is awful. Just bleh…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RSI6E7WQ5WBALAQOGGATTAZ5FA bluebear

    AGREED! the MV for The Boys was…awful…but speaking of which, all the videos were bad. All shots of them dancing, which can be saved for performances. There’s never a story plot to their videos that give meaning to the song. And..the rapping is awful. Just bleh…

  • 123

    snsd the boys is ranked #3 on youtube music charts!

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  • Anonymous

    It may not be an epic album for you but for me it is. In The Boys, the girls have tried new things and did a good job. I love their choreography in The Boys. The Boys Album songs were good. All kind of songs in it. It’s amazing how they can try out so many styles like Oscar and trick to Say yes and How great is your love. Sooyoung have tried out writing lyrics too. This album was great. Half of the songs became my favorite.

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