• http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YP2OQBE372KAGCIBC7F7LU3YPY sarah

    How does girl power have to do with anything with “Bringing the Boys Out?” Girl power is when you kick boy’s butts! SNSD’s song is fierce and The Wonder Girl’s song is romantic. I can’t say which one I prefer since I like them both! :)

  • Muzik

    I personally like the fact that WG doesn’t try to change their image every time they do a comeback. The usual trend of idol groups is cute, innocent in the beginning. Then it’s fierce, sexy, strong, etc. Then maturity, etc. I feel like it’s the same cycle and it gets really tiring. I like the whole WG retro style that they’ve always been doing since debut. It’s a refreshment from all that Yo I’m Gonna Be Cute. Yo I’m Gonna Be Sexy This Time.
    And honestly, I’m just tired of this whole Idol Music Crap in general. I like some, but in general? I could do without this Idol Stage of the Korean Music Industry. I want to go back to the period when Tei, Park Hyo Shin, etc. made regular appearances.

  • Meh

    I cringed so much in SNSD “The Boys” debut stage, much more enjoyable in later stage. Why wouldn’t I cringe if Hyoyeon tried to hide her laugh all the time? Or Sooyoung had this to-smile-or-not-to-smile face when the camera doesn’t shot her? Or a distinct cutesy display by Tiffanny who was a rapper for God’s sake! Except for Yuri and Seohyun, everyone seems not quiet grasped the concept of the song.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000805370346 Sallie Vang

    Better Choreography: WG
    Better Song: SNSD
    Better Vocals: Both

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  • Huong

    You are obviously very biased in your opinion over SNSD.

    • Anonymous

      Bias or not , she DID write the article, which means it IS SUBJECTIVE…sooo yeah that comment was pointless…I on the other hand, agree, SNSD made a catchy song , but WG whole album is worth listening to…I’ve listened to both, SNSD has more of a fluff feel while WG has a sultry feel, quite different

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_M425BHDRQPFPS7YMQL43H3GRUM YaNa

    Honesty I didn’t like both songs at first. I repeated the songs. Liked The Boys more. Wonder girls music video didn’t show that much color and SNSD video was so great. The performance goes to SNSD. Wonder Girls song was catchy and SNSD was something that I can’t explain.
    SNSD cheorgraphy was more powerful and Wonder girls was a bit funny, I found a part that was a bit similar. 
    For Wonder Girls comeback it was okay and for SNSD it was eh… I expected so much for SNSD english song. I did thought that Wonder girls’ comeback was going to be like “BAM” into SNSD faces since they were good back then. I thought that this was going to big competition. I guess not because it doesn’t matter since I don’t love both songs.

  • http://twitter.com/Heeunso Yoon Eun So

    SNSD absolutely. I don’t like WG from the first time with nonsense reason (sorry), from over all reality show that I watched, I find that WG’s members are quite arrogant. And if you really talk about competition, then let me say that WG only has “nobody”.
    Talk about quality, its not that SNSD try to be cute then sexy, they are entertaining and needing something fresh to sell. They are transformed, depends to their age. Common, you can’t be always cute on your 20s and try to be hot on your 18s. And if you talk that SNSD personality are bad, you can watch some of video on youtube before talk. Cause I actually used to be a haters before I know them.
    Over all, please don’t judge something like TOO much if you knew lack of them, that’s really immature.

  • Bookthiefj

    WG s whole album was good . They definitely get my vote on that . All the songs on girls generation s album made me cringe . They are yet to deliver strong music since RDR . And as for comparing them with 2ne1 , are you joking ?! 2ne1 can eat them piece by piece and i am not even a hard core fan . Its just obvious that a strong fan base is what keeps snsd going.

  • Tangledshem

    no matter what people say, or anti’s say (like the author of the article) SNSD is obviously the winner. there is no denying their popularity and SUCCESS in Asia. 

  • retarded_turtle6

    SNSD haven’t released a good song since RDR and that’s the truth…

  • http://twitter.com/LoveBleach99 Sara Sjögren

    Appeal: WG
    Song: WG
    Performances: SNSD

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  • CassieElfSoneShawolExotic4LIFE

    snsd should have used trick as their titled song. trick is such an amazing song and it has that unique fell to it that i have never really heard of in kpop. the boys in korean was surprisingly meaningful but the english version just failed so bad, and the weird part is i expected the english version to be stellar. i really enjoyed be my baby, it was so catchy, but i’m gonna be honest, the live performances killed me, JYP gives them amazing songs to work with, but i just wish they improve much more, or give more of the lines to the other 3. 
    either way, i’m late for this post, but i liked both comebacks

  • Kristy Dong

    well… SNSD sucks!

  • luv4tiff

    honestly all you people who commented on how girls generation can’t sing or can’t dance who are you to judge?? Can you sing and dance at the same time. Because you know what you need to think of what you can do before you judge. Oh yeah and if Wonder girls did that dance Be my baby dance in the US they would get laughed off the stage. I love Yubin and I think that she’s a great singer but the dance is just ridiculous I understand that their choreographer did beyonce’s single ladies dance but it just looks weird and I had their album but I only like about 2 songs everything else I deleted I think that they only thing I didn’t like about snsd’s The boys was the english version but the korean version was great. And how are wonder girls better singers than girls generation I’ll admit WG does have some great singers but um…. what about sohee she can’t sing that well live I’m pretty sure I have a wider vocal range than her…..