• Scarlett

    Just don’t understand the appeal of black and white mv. Sure it’s classic, but it can also be simple & boring. I think suju sorry sorry is the only mv I’ve liked black & white. Heck I closed the mv after 1 minute. At least snsd had fabulous fashion that kept me mesmerized…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CI2NGOMLBNCWH5U4MKF57VJOHY Swaggerr

    WG, both MVs are equally boring but I could stand WG’s a bit more than SNSD’s. 

  • Anonymous

    Both song are terrible but I can tolerate WG’s up to certain level.

  • Asqme

    Ah. I love SNSD more but WG defs had the better comeback! Teddy Riley is an ass.

  • Katherine

    Whenever I think of GG I don’t think of “Girls Generation” I always think of “Park Myung Soo & G-dragon” lol * referring to their groups name for Infinity Challenge*

    • saylor

      yeah god jessica did a lot of cringeworthy stuff in this song. gg, the dove, she doesn’t even really sing the last high note. poor sica. 

      • annie

        Jessica shouldn’t be allowed to sing honestly.

        • Anonymous

          Some people like Jessica’s voice but I think she sounds like Barbie or a chipmunk. It’s very high and nasally. This is especially noticeable when she sings in English. Her singing voice reminds me of Britney Spears in a way.

          In the group, the best singers are Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun, but they have their faults. Taeyeon and Seohyun are very lifeless and robotic onstage while Tiffany really isn’t anything amazing. She’s often off pitch or off key and looks like a poser onstage, especially when she tries to be cute or sexy or “gangsta.” I think her voice just stands out because it’s obviously better than her costars. The best dancers are Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Sooyoung, but that’s all they really contribute to the group. To me, they’re dead weight. I hate saying this because Sooyoung is actually my favorite member, but Yuri and Sooyoung, along with many of the other girls, are dead weight. They’re just there. Still, SNSD wouldn’t be the same without them and wouldn’t be as popular without those girls’ added sex appeal.

          • what is life

            “Tiffany really isn’t anything amazing. She’s often off pitch or off key”

            I really need to disagree with this, deeply. She wasn’t anything great at the start of their career, but she’s gotten a lot better now. Frankly, I don’t think anyone in that group is amazing except Taeyeon. And I REALLY think people need to stop picking on every wavering of pitch whilst dancing when they’re judging the girls as singers. I actually sing myself, and can I say, that singing whilst dancing is A LOT harder than it’s made out to be. And so naturally, some performers are going to waver in pitch slightly and even sometimes go nasally. I mean, it doesn’t excuse you if you’re really bad live (like Sunny, the rest of SNSD, Donghae, or all of MBLAQ) because that’s lack of stamina, and it’s something that really needs to be fixed. But taking everything into account, Tiffany honestly doesn’t do a bad job of performing live. She was consistent in most Genie/Run Devil Run/Whatever performances. You’re making it sound like she goes off-key often, when honestly that isn’t the case. I mean, even Yesung from Super Junior has pitch problems when singing live whilst dancing. As does G.O, CL, Sunye, a whole lot of people. 

            The reason why Tiffany is a good singer, but Sunny isn’t is that Sunny’s bad live singing stems from a lot more than just dancing at the same time. She has quite a few technique issues, and she really does go off at the simplest of lines. And what Sunny does is that she pretty much keels over live, not just slightly go off pitch. She has potential, but she needs to refine her technique. 

            If you really need to judge their vocals, then I say watch performances of them just singing (on radio, or shows like Music Travel) is the way to go. That’s them in the raw. No backing, no need for shoddy MR removed, just their voices. That’s really the best way to judge someone’s singing. Take that into account before watching live performances, then weigh the factors together. That is really the best way to go. 

          • Anonymous

            You make a valid point. It is hard to sing well and dance at the same time. I judged the girls too harshly. I haven’t listened to many of their radio performances but I recently heard a snippet of Taeyeon and Tiffany singing together. I thought they were pretty good. I feel like it’d be easier to judge their singing voice if they were singing in English. It’s weird, but a person singing in your native language makes all the difference in how they sound. I’ve heard Tiffany sing in English (good), Taeyeon sing in English (good), and Jessica sing in English (bad, but that’s my opinion). In their Access Hollywood interview, Tiffany openly admitted to “a lot of editing” when it came to their English version of “The Boys,” and I’ve never heard them actually sing it live (SM NY was lip-synched) so I can’t properly judge the other member’s voices.

          • what is life

            I agree that Tiffany is overrated, especially since I’m more of a Taeyeon kind of voice person. And the fact Seohyun is a better singer than her but doesn’t get nearly as much credit. But, I still do believe Tiffany is a good singer, I think what people tend to mostly see in her is the timbre of her voice. Which is a very pleasant and husky one. To me, Seohyun’s voice is a bit too plain and covered (I personally actually like Sunny’s clearer, and higher tone, better than hers too), which may be why she’s sidelined a lot. But I genuinely don’t think that makes Tiffany a not good singer. 


            Maybe I have low standards (I’m also one of those few people who think there is vocal talent in SJ outside of KRY if not just one), but I find a lot of the criticism people give some KPop stars really unfair. (I’m sorry if my comment came off as attacking, btw). I’ve seen the likes of NeYo, Jay Sean, and Chris Brown all live, and I can say that their live performances aren’t completely flawless either – they’re good, but not flawless. But there isn’t nearly as much of a heavy emphasis on live singing in Western Pop as there is K-Pop. I’m not saying that K-Pop is more talented — obviously it’s not. But people have it grounded into them so deeply that K-Pop is untalented, they over hype the lack of talent. Like, I’ve seen people go on and say Junsu from JYJ has bad technique, and it DUMBFOUNDS me. So like, yerr. 

          • Anonymous

            No, I agree with you about NeYo, Jay Sean, and Chris Brown. I’ve never really cared for them. Kpop stars do sound like they get more criticism (maybe because we’re more tuned into Kpop in this regard?) but there are many Western stars that people agree can’t sing. Of course, their hardcore fans say otherwise, but most people agree that Britney, Kesha, and Katy Perry aren’t good singers. Good performers and good at selling an image, yes, but everyone I know that has been to a Katy Perry concert says she sucks live. So maybe it’s because Western fans don’t tend to be as delusioned (I don’t like that word, I think it’s too harsh, but I can’t think of a different word) when it comes to singers? Idk. Different mindset, I guess.

            Taking Tiffany back into consideration, I’m not a fan of hers (don’t dislike her) but I do think she’s a good singer and one of the best in SNSD. One thing that she has going for her is that it looks like she really does love performing. While her bandmates often look bored and emotionless when they perform, Tiffany, for all her faults, looks like she loves performing and tries, which makes her a more charismatic performer. In fact, I would call her as good as Taeyeon, simply because Taeyeon is so emotionless. Taeyeon has a great voice but I’ve never seen her put her heart and soul in what she does. Her jobs looks just like that to her – a job. Same with other members.

            I sound like I’m really hard on Tiffany lol. I am! But she’s actually one of my favorite members in the group. I like SNSD but I don’t consider myself a fan of theirs.

          • saylor

            I think Tiffany exudes the most charisma though, in her performances.  She makes up for the rest of the girls in the energy she brings on stage.  Yeah sometimes it’s poserish, but most of the time she generally looks like she has a lot of fun singing and dancing (however awkward her dancing is).  so she is totally necessary in snsd.  I’m not a fan of either Taeyeon or Seohyun.  They lack personality when they sing and bring no energy to the song.  I personally think they are emotionless as well, but I’m not a vocal coach or anything.  They don’t have any fun with it, unlike what I see when Tiffany performs.  

          • Sss

            Jessica may not have a good appealing voice for some, but at least her techniques and control saves her from being a bad singer. I think people are relying too much on voice rather than singing abilities. Taeyeon and her has the best techniques in SNSD compared to the rest. Her range is quite good compared to Taeyeon since she can hit higher notes than her and her low notes are not bad for a soprano. She uses her head to belt high notes rather than her throat which is good. Tiffany and Sunny awfully lack of techniques. Tiffany literally belt out that F#5 with her throat while Sunny just can’t control her voice, even when she sang in head voice that C6 note. Seohyun just sings like a robot. Overall, I would say Taeyeon > Jessica > the rest.

        • Femme

          <3 ur comment

    • Anonymous

      Whenever I hear GG I think of Starcraft…….. LOL

  • saylor

    Wonder Girls.  They have a lot of fun in their performances, especially for G.NO.  Love it.  The Boys gets really boring and nothing is remarkable about SNSD’s performance.  

  • Anonymous

    I choose Wonder Girls, not only because of the points you stated but also based on their albums as a whole. On SNSD’s Boys album there is probably three songs that I can jam to on repeat while there were many that still had that tween cutesy stuff that nauseates me because it makes the girls sound a lot less vocally capable than they are  and really limits the musical growth that these girls should be showing 4 years in their career. I mean take “How great is your love” those costumes and song were so juvenile, I am genuinely surprised the girls weren’t laughing in the performance. These girls are not 15 yo and SME really should give them more material other than 3 songs per album that show that these girls are 20+ year old women.    Wonder World though was a really solid album in which I was able to listen most if not all of the songs on repeat for many days, and even though I have liked WG since Irony, I can’t say that all of their albums were good but this album was. Also unlike SNSD, we can see and hear the growth in their voices and the music which is something I expect to see from sunbaes in the industry.  Also WG’s joint song G.N.O was to me both vocally and performing wise much stronger then both “Mr Taxi” and “How great is your love” which were the joint comeback songs for SNSD.  If I hadn’t known that WG came out the same year as SNSD, a performance like GNO gives the impression that they had been in the business for years before SNSD. 

  • Sandra

    Despite not enjoying Be My Baby at first that much, I found myself singing it whenever I did stuff around the house, and dancing to it without even knowing! (Caught by my sister, “ARE YOU DOING THE BMB DANCE?” oops, haha. The Boys’ dance is very ugly to look at, the whole throw your hand over your head and turn your face >.<) The song has grown on me a lot. However, for The Boys, on yesterday's Music Bank backstage, Yoobin's short attempt of the rap already killed SNSD's. The words "SNSD" and "rap" should never, EVER, be in the same sentence. They sound like pre-teen kids. The song sounds choppy and outta place.

    Wonder Girl's album is perfection also, I can totally see myself jamming to GNO when I hit the clubs. I like almost every song on the album, clearly not letting JYP compose everything was a good idea, as he only composed about 2 songs. As for SNSD's album, even the title track wasn't good. Everything sounded like fillers that are very forgettable.

    YeEun, SunYe, and YooBin killed in their performances and were very charismatic. YooBin is so hot! Probably hottest I've seen of her. I don't think Sohee and Lim did THAT bad, but they were not as good as the other three. Taeyeon was the only one that sounded good to me in their performances, as usual. Yoona improved a lot, wasn't that bad like she usually sounds. Jessica shouldn't be allowed that much lines because her voice sounds like nails scratching a chalkboard. *shudders* I'm going to honestly say both groups did about the same performance-wise. Despite Taeyeon being so good at singing, someone please tell me, WHY IS THE GIRL SO BORING??? She has no emotions or charisma whatsoever when she sings! She should maybe get some tips from charisma-queen Sunye. The girl oozes charisma because she's not afraid to make ugly faces in front of the camera when she sings!

    Winner: Wonder Girls by about 20 miles

  • alden

    Wonder Girls by a lot, if you see their GNO performances, you can clearly tell that their stage is better than SNSD’s because they genuinely look like they’re having fun. SNSD look like they are being forced to  perform. and also because their album was a lot better than snsd’s

  • http://twitter.com/MonicaDBSK Monica

    I like both groups, but I’d have to choose wonder girls for this one. I totally agree about wg avoiding the ridiculousness, especially in their music video. Also, I liked wg’s album as a whole more than snsd’s. Also, I love wg’s GNO performances, it looks so fun, and they look like they’re genuinely having fun. However, I hate wg’s be my baby oufits and love snsd’s styling/outfits/makeup/hair, but that doesn’t go over much with me.

  • Bua

    I actually like The Boys more than Be My Baby despite the terrible raps lol. Performance-wise, I like SNSD a bit better as they use less backtrack to cover their voices. I can hear their voices much better. I also like The Boys’ Dance & I think the girls did really well in their live.

    For SNSD, imo Seohyun is the best performer vocally. Taeyeon is the best singer no doubt but I don’t think she sounds that great live. I notice that she’s always a bit shaky when comes out to sing the first line. Jessica also did great but I don’t think she’s good enough to sing her last high note cuz she usually didn’t sing and when she sang that line, it sounded out of tune. The rest, I won’t talk about the quality of their rapping ability cuz obviously they don’t have, did quite a good job in their live too. I think only Sunny is a weak performer. She’s so weak at dancing that it’s painful to look at her dance.

    For Wonder Girls, Yeeun, Sunye & Yubin are fabulous performers. They sing/rap and dance decently. While Sohee, her charisma is great but her singing is so weak that she needs backtrack to cover it. As for Lim, her biggest problem to me is not her singing but her personality cuz it looks so bland to the point that it’s almost boring to watch her perform. I think she just lacks confidence. In GNO, she did well and looked much more charming than in BMB. I think she needs to develop her confidence then she will blend into the WG much better. And one thing I like about this performance is that they look so cheerful and happy that I smile along while watching them.

    Although I like The Boys a bit better but if you talk about the whole album, I gotta choose WG all the way. Out of SNSD’s album, I only like 2-3 songs but I like the majority of WG songs and can listen to them all day long w/o getting bored. So to me, it’s the Wonder Girls for this showdown.

    • lily

      i agree with you, sohee is crazy charismatic but the girl just can’t sing! when she’s not dancing though, like on the radio shows, she sounds pretty good though. and i thought i was the only one who noticed taeyeon’s first lines are always very bad.

  • Anonymous

    WG had a better comeback and a much-better album than SNSD.

    I agree and disagree a little on SNSD’s stage performances. Yes, their choreography is awkward and disorganized, to the point that I was wondering if it was meant to be, but I’ve noticed they’re very robotic when they perform. I first noticed this when I was looking for stage performance pictures for my article, “‘The Boys’ Crazy,” and I saw that the girls were rarely smiling and just looked bored. Besides the fact that I loved their stage outfits for “The Boys,” I got no pleasure from watching SNSD perform. People talk about how much Yoona and Sunny have improved but are their parts in this song really hard to sing? I don’t think so.

    Lol I remember when “The Boys” came out, many Western Kpop fans were like, “GG? Good game?” Because “GG” is what you send to a gamer before you die in like Call of Duty or something. I thought “get it in” was more amusing. But, yeah, this song doesn’t have much Western appeal.

    You know what’s weird? I haven’t seen a lot – or any – promotions for the maxi album SNSD is supposed to release tomorrow. Like, they had a 3-minute interview with Access Hollywood (which I’m sure was filmed back in October) but that’s it. I actually forgot they were releasing another song until someone brought it up on Tumblr a few days ago. I’m more excited for Legend of Zelda: Skyward Swords being released Sunday.

    • Katherine

      Random aside: My brother brought a Wii a day or two ago just for the Legend of Zelda game lol. He is so hyped up to get it. I’m not much of a gamer but I definitely will be checking the game out. ^^

      Back to topic – Honestly to me I personally feel Wonder Girls owned this comeback as opposed to SNSD. Through their albums you can tell the vast difference between the two groups. “The Boys” honestly the album just sounds so mediocre, none of the songs have left a strong impression on me whatsoever. (I felt let down cause I really liked their Japanese songs)
      As opposed to “Wonder World” every song has been on replay, even the songs that people find cringe worthy *Act Cool or Girls Girls*. The quality of the album has me impressed and I feel like the album caters to a wide audience with its different genres/sounds – pop/rnd/rock/electro etc. Wonder Girls have grown as artists.

      • http://twitter.com/stelmw02 Lastelza

        i agree. but then, blame SM for always putting random songs they bought together into an album. their artists should really take more part in their album to make it sound like it’s theirs because lately the stuff SM has released sounds pretty much the same. and i’m talking about ALL their artists.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000430277033 Katie O’Brien

          If we’re talking about all SM artists here, then I personally think Super Junior could have had more input into their album. They can write songs, very nice songs actually. People say the only ones who buy SJ albums are ELF, so why not let the group experiment, they have nothing to lose, and people might actually like it. SNSD should be given more input into their own work, even if its mediocre like the songs SM shove into their albums, I could respect the fact that the girls tried. This goes for all SM groups, they need to write more of their own songs.

    • jhg

      It’s getting released on the 29th.

  • Anonymous

    SNSD are better performers technical-wise, but I prefer watching WG perform. They have this energy that a lot of groups lack. 

  • Anonymous

    WG’s album is BOOM!

  • Anonymous

    for me its wonder girls. the boys is a terrible song, i can’t even listen to the whole song without cringing. be my baby is catchy, i find myself singing the song when i am doing errands.

  • Roberto Campohermoso

    snsd win for me
    wg mvs are mostly better than GG but half of the group cant sing live
    really you have members in snsd who arent great singers really just average but they have 9 members
    WG’s have 5 it really matters more

    • saylor

      most of them don’t sing for the boys…they chant…awkwardly. i think wg’s lives are okay, but i’m not a vocal technique or whatever person. 3/5 members are decent.  1 member improved. and 1 member is noticabley nervous during BMB, but completely fine during GNO (which is strange).  whereas snsd each person get’s about 1 line front and center and don’t really sing that much of the chorus  i feel like if we judge by mr removed’s, then it’s often wg’s mr removed’s that are the most honest.  snsd’s feel slightly altered, especially considering all the mr removed’s i’ve listened to of the boys include jessica’s last line from the song.  it’s well known fact that she doesn’t sing it…why is that included.  is it just vocoder effect?  i have no idea how this works.  someone please enlighten me. 

      • lalala

        i feel that sohee is only bad when she’s singing and dancing, but when shes not dancing, it’s pretty decent.

        (youtube) /watch?v=t5H0S8GcG7U

        i can even go as far as saying that she might even be better than the weaker vocalists in snsd (WHEN SHE’S NOT DANCING THOUGH). it’s less noticeable because the weaker vocalists in snsd only get like one line, not enough to tell

    • Anonymous

      Only 3 people in SNSD can sing: Taeyeon, Tiffany, Seohyun. Jessica’s nasally, whiny voice is terrible. She only has her technique going for her but she really has no range. 3/9 is a huge discrepancy, the other 6 range from mediocre to bad. Some members don’t even sing in some of their songs, or some members only get 1 line while others (the good singers) get 2 verses all to themselves.

      Having more members doesn’t equal better vocals, nor does it make up for those who aren’t good singers, because the majority are just dead weight and add nothing to the group in terms of singing, especially when the hard parts are always sung by the most reliable members (Taeyeon and Seohyun) and the not-so-good singers are reduced to singing the bridge/refrain part of the song that uses a lot of autotune and backing vocals in the first place.

      You might as well have a 3-member SNSD who can sing live and sing the other 6’s lines. The others are there for eye candy and posing.

      Wonder Girls only have 5 members. 2 are great vocalists (Ye Eun and Sunye), 2 are so-so but always stable in live performances (Lim and Yoobin), and 1 is a hit and miss (Sohee). The lines are evenly distributed in the Wonder Girls, so more skill and work is required from Sohee, Lim, and Yoobin and 90% of the time, they deliver in live performances.

      3.5/5 for the Wonder Girls. 

      3/9 for Girls’ Generation.

      You were saying about who can’t sing live?

      • Roberto Campohermoso

        i like wg and yoobin is my favorite but more than 3 people can sing well in snsd and they have better live performances their dances are better 2 WG’s has tons of talent liking one group better doesnt mean the other is bad

      • Sss

        But Jessica can hit higher notes than Taeyeon. Taeyeon struggles at F5 while Jessica can hit higher than F#5 using her head, not her throat like Tiffany. Her range is pretty good for a soprano since she can hit low notes better than Sunny whose low notes are airy as hell.

        • WonderfulSone

          … It’s not about who can go higher. It’s  about who actually sounds well. And as a Sone, I would tell you that Jessica doesn’t sound good. Taeyeon wins her over everyday.

          • Sss

            Singing isn’t just about sounding good or having a good voice. What’s the point if you sound good but you can’t use your voice properly? Jessica’s voice isn’t appealing to some but her techniques and range pay off. Range has nothing to do about sounding good. But tbh, both Jessica and Taeyeon’s singing are deteriorating while Tiffany and Seohyun are improving. Seohyun will win over Jessica and Taeyeon soon.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VD5OQJTYMX3XOFJ3FN62GXJUZI Crystal Lavigne

          Haha yes so true. Taeyeon wins Jessica hands down

  • http://twitter.com/2pmcoolgirl 2pmgirls

    for me i love WG songs and performance. they have a mix of east and western taste in their music and for the person that just know them by watching their vid or listen their songs for sure think this singer and songs are indeed from asia and the whole songs in the album is worth to buy..

  • :D

    Wonder Girls owned their comeback. And their album was amazing. Honestly, The Boys was a terrible song. It lacked a proper climax – and if you call the rap th climax then I might cry. The transitions were horrible. The dance was all sorts of awkward also. All in all a disappointment from the biggest girl group of Korea.

    Before their comebacks I had been totally SNSD-biased because WG had never caught my attenion. But now I’m a total fan. :)

  • http://twitter.com/mandujjang1 mandujjang

    wondergirls for me, their title track was meant for koreans and it does sound kpop-y
    and they have an awesome album to back it up too

  • saylor

    I think SNSD’s “weak” dancing is mostly due to not getting enough practice time.  I mean they were promoting in Japan for almost 3 months.  Usually when they get proper practice time their dancing is really good and it stands out, but not enough of it is detrimental to their overall performance.  What’s worse, is that it seems to be getting worse, not better so it shows they don’t have time to improve.  WG’s dancing is good because it’s “easy” (although I don’t think it’s that easy) and they had a little longer to practice.  they were probably also really excited to learn something other than Nobody lol.  But SNSD usually has military precision even when not in the same clothes, just here sm got sloppy and didn’t give snsd enough time to practice.  plus it’s not easy choreography.  most of the girls were probably more worried about the leg drop then anything else in the dance so they spent most of their time practicing that instead of the whole dance.  i think they all do that really well and personally it’s the most exciting part of the song, it’s their climax in a lot of ways because nothing else is as exciting as that.  i never really see hyoyeon do it so I’m not sure why you think she’s the best at it. 

    • http://twitter.com/stelmw02 Lastelza

      as a dedicated follower of the wonder girls, i have to disagree with the point about the girls having more time to practice. they have not been in the spotlight for more than a year and a lot of people other than their followers don’t know exactly what they were doing. these girls were very busy with practice for the teen nick movie, special olympics, and other promotions in various other countries. their activities were not publicised of course so some may have thought they were just relaxing instead. they pretty much only spent a few weeks to practice their choreography after the shooting for the teen nick movie.

      but the same with snsd who were promoting quite hard in japan. so i have to say, both groups were not given enough time to prepare.

    • Brendahanslove

      Honestly, both groups didn’t have enough time. But to say BMB is easier is a bit insulting. As a trained dancer, I think both dances were easy. Based on personal opinion though, I actually think The Boys was lacking and boring in choreography. Despite military precision in dance, SNSD fails to deliver. I find the song horridly boring and their lives worse. Bores me to deathly tears.

      • saylor

        I think they are better dancers than WG overall.  I’m not a fan of this song or their choreography, i just think the leg drop thing was probably the thing they concentrated the most during their practice sessions because it would look bad if even one girl didn’t do it or stumbled, that’s why i thought why it’s harder.  and it’s a harder song to dance to IMO.  i still think the wonder Girls choreography is relatively easier, than snsds.  I’m not trying to be insulting just a little fair to snsd, because i do think they are better dancers. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jane-Kim/100003098287400 Jane Kim

      more of them want to see pictures and stories? Accordance with the

  • http://twitter.com/bossPhoebe Phoebe Reign

    To be sincerely honest, if only Wonder Girls had released this album earlier this year, THEY WOULD HAVE MY VOTE FOR ALMOST EVERYTHING IN ALL AWARD SHOWS.

  • http://twitter.com/aya_aika Aika


  • http://twitter.com/stelmw02 Lastelza

    For me, the wonder girls won the comeback this time. there may be only two amazing vocalists, a rapper and two weak-mediocre vocalists in the group, but as they are an ‘idol’ group, i like them more because of their charismatic performances instead. they actually, GENUINELY look interested in performing to the audience. that’s how i see it. I think BMB is an okay song. not a ‘wow’ song. but it works because it’s very much their style. but what also makes it works is not just the styling of their clothes (check out David Koma’s 2011 fall collection) or their choreography, but their oozing CHARISMA as performers. their body and facial expressions make the song more than bearable to watch day after day. i look forward to seeing their performances because of their expressions as they sing the song to the audience. that’s what i think makes them different to snsd.

    snsd have great vocalists and their dance is always so synchronised, which i like. but they don’t seem all that interested in performing. i don’t even watch some of their performances anymore because some of them seem bored when performing the song. as a viewer, who doesn’t even like the song that much, i can’t seem to like it any more because the girls are not making it any interesting for me. good job to their stylists this time round however. some of the clothes the girls were wearing, especially the royal princess/prince theme is quite amazing.

    in terms of album, i have both of theirs and i listen so much more to the wonder girls’. non-stop actually. it has its own playlist that i replay every day. whilst with snsd’s, i’ve only listened once to all of the songs and have two songs from the album that i’ve listened to 2-5 times. the quality of the album is hands down the wonder girls’ win. it’s totally their style except better and more sophisticated than their previous album. the fact that the girls have played quite a big role in producing some of the tracks is a great bonus (sunye as vocal director, yeeun as composer, yubin and lim as lyricists and sohee as stylist). i think SM needs to take notes from JYP and YG and start producing songs from their own company rather than buying from other producers especially foreign ones. they also need to allow their artists to grow and actually compose their own songs rather than just writing the lyrics of a bought song. by doing this, their artists can each have a slightly distinct sound to one another instead of sounding exactly the same, like they have recently.

    i like both groups, but my vote definitely goes towards the wonder girls. they have proved many WHY they are one of the TOP girl groups in Korea.

  • Anonymous

    snsd, their outfits were awesome, compared to wondergirls WTFery. the song was different then their usual stuff,  unlike the wondergirls that stuck to 60-80’s feel of music. their music video sucked, if they were going to go for the whole simplistic concept they should have added something to lure us in instead nothing really happened. even though i think snsd’s comeback was better, i was quite disappointed in both comebacks. 

  • KB

    Hahaha! I heartily agree with your comment about Jessica’s “GG” line. It’s been 10+ years since the first age of K-pop idol groups and they still can’t not include terribly cheesy and/or grammatically incorrect English in the songs.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jane-Kim/100003098287400 Jane Kim

      more of them want to see pictures and stories? Accordance with the

  • Nana

    When I heard Jessica go “GG”, I was ROFLMAO-ing for a good five minutes. Preluding your song with “GG”? That’s almost like saying “instant failure”.

  • Anonymous

    I honestly don’t care if you can sing or not in the MR removed.
    If I can’t tell you’re singing live due to the backing track being horrendously loud then my judgment is that you can’t sing.I don’t need a machine to remove what another machine vocally altered – your company clearly lacks confidence in your abilities to sing when there’s a studio version of your voice in the background.A great example of this contrast is BMB, while there is a clear vocal track for Sohee and Lim, there is barely one for Sunye and Yeeun – you can literally hear Sunye’s voice crack at some points.

  • LL

    I’m sorry but I have to disagree with Yubin rapping well. To me, that one single part ruined the whole song and was so hard to listen to. The chorus of “The Boys” was pretty cringe-worthy too, but it was bearable compared to Yubin’s rap. It just sounded so out of place in the song and she sounded like a robot. But I still say the Wonder Girls were better with their comeback because at least their song was cohesive with one major flaw (the rap), whereas with SNSD, the whole song was a mess and didn’t flow at all. There were bits and pieces of “The Boys” that I liked, but as a whole, it just didn’t make sense.

    • Gazza

      Yubin’s rap is actually my favourite part… I like to think of it as the Wondergirls singing “please, be my baby” really sweetly to some guy, and the guy’s all blase (imagine the accent on the e) about it, BUT THEN Yubin decides she’s done playing nice, and so grabs him by the collar, does her rap, and scares the crap out of him. He then meekly submits to the Wondergirl charm.

      (But seriously, look at Yubin’s face in the MV- you don’t wanna mess with her)

  • Aya

    hmm..i chose wonder girls. Not a fan of both groups, but i like hyoyeon and yubin, though.

    At first impression i liked SNSD, i like the beat…..at first. Until the chorus appeared. And that was a turn off, and it’s not getting better because i got bored with the song. so i only like, the 1st minute when it came out and i dont care anymore…lalala. Although i really..really like sunny in the video…dang, girl! you’re hot!

    For wonder girls, it’s the opposite. At first i was like, wtf! And only took 2-3 times until it stuck on my head. Although i’m a lil bit disappointed about making sohee sings the most part. me wanna hear sun ye and yeeun more!

  • pikachu

    Wonder Girls wins for me too because I see good growth in them musically and I love the album. Both of the single is mediocre but I enjoy BMB more because it just makes me happy and puts me in a good mood. The boy, i don’t know how i feel about it in fact I don’t feel anything from that song. Isn’t the Korean lyrics suppose to be about woman empowerment but it looks and sounds like a song to show off. As for the live I think both group has their flaws and has their goods it’s just a question of, do you prefer to watch a performance with good vocal with no emotion or you want to watch a performance with an ok vocal but you enjoy the song with them. I choose none because one WG vocal makes me don’t like the performance and two SNSD lack of emotion, charisma, and bad song makes me x out of my window in just 1 minute. I’m starting to think the hoobaes are much better than these two group in terms of their live Rania, Miss A, 2ne1, SISTAR, Secret to name a few. 

  • Gazza

    Look, I’m sorry for writing this in this particular article, but can you guys get someone to proofread the OPs before they’re posted? I’ve been noticing all kinds of typos in the majority of the posts I’ve read recently, and it irks me greatly. I am more than willing to offer my services in this regard if you want- it’s just content of Seoulbeats is usually of a higher calibre (or caliber, take your pick) than most places on the internet, and having the grammar to match would just be so nice.

    • Youngji

      thanks for the note gazza — can you please shoot us an email at info@seoulbeats:disqus .com if you are serious about helping us out?

      please note that we do have editors who read the posts before being published but some things to slip by us — we are constantly working to improve the site and the content and any help from our readers would be much appreciated.


      • Gazza

        Looking back at that comment, I just noticed a mistake I made, so I can appreciate where you guys are coming from, and really do respect the work you do- and if I can help you guys out in any way, I definitely will!

  • Anonymous

    imo Wonder World is the better album than The Boys.
    so imma give it to Wonder Girls.

  • http://www.facebook.com/roan.deguzman3 Ro-an de Guzman

    I have just made an article about Wonder World some few days ago.

    I agree that on their comeback performance, Wondergirls lacked synchronization. Also, live performances aren’t that impressive. The only impressive is Sohee, and nowadays, the only person bearing the label that Sohee used to carry is Lim. Lim is promising, but should be there any improvement in vocals? Sohee has far more improved. JYP should focus on their comeback promotion more than shoving them to America. It’s not that impractical to make them stay in Korea, and they can even make more bucks that shoving them to America. In return, the girls would be very happy if they stay in Korea. To quote Daniel Gauss, the girls really had a hard time in the States. They were not let to explore US, New York in particular. They were like, locked up in their homes.

    While SNSD made such improvement when it comes to image, I give Wondergirls more credit. Wondergirls do not need to scream girlpower, but the quality of album, image, and improvement, two thumbs-up on Wondergirls. SNSD’s girlpower is not girlpower enough. They are just bad-ass. That’s about it. The rest of the songs in their album isn’t that promising, as some of their songs usually resorts to “Gee” days. Both girls came from oppa/ahjussi-bait image, but it’s Wondergirls that finally graduated from that image.

    • http://twitter.com/tfankpop wonderstruck

      Gauss claim about the girls being locked in JYPE US is easily crushed by the pictures sent by the girls in their free time in 2010 and 2011, especially the ones that circulated this summer. The girls had a vacation on their own – Yeeun went out of NY with her American friends, Lim was chaperoned around natural parks in New Jersey by their manager Jane, Sunye spent one week in Haiti with a Korean Christian’s church charity team.

      I believe the delusional guy misunderstood their hard working for slavery.

      • http://www.facebook.com/roan.deguzman3 Ro-an de Guzman

        sweetheart, don’t you understand that in K-pop, everything can be fabricated upon? So, if Gauss is likely to fabricate things, then so to JYPE. They can make it appear though pictures BUT DOES NOT MEAN IT IS A FACT. Even SME is capable of fabricating things out, so as with JYPE. JYPee can even make himself look kind on pics, eventhough he is that evil, depraved faggot.

        • Anonymous

          You lost all credibility with your argument when you used the word “f—-t”.

          Nakakahiya ka.

  • Sali

    Both song and album. I have to give it to WG. BMBB is not that great of a song but it is more tolerable than the train wreck that is “The Boys”. And comparing the album, you will have to be a delusional SONE to say “The Boys” album is better than “Wonder World”. But I give props though to SNSD. I’m liking their stage outfits more than WG’s.

  • eh

    I have always enjoyed SNSD when they dance, because no one does it better than them. I don’t mean their crappy choreography or hand movements; but the fact they are so tight. Wonder Girls — well I’m not a fan of them and their choreography was boring; don’t know why Sohee and Lim got so many lines in that song – but overall I do prefer their comeback to SNSD.

  • Yeppers

    The verdict on the Western effect? Wonder Girls wins, for avoiding the ridiculous.What?!  Put those girls on a stage with that song and dance and ppl would be laughing their heads off in the states!

  • CAlli

    I personally prefer SNSD’s comeback.  They may not have the typical kpop hook song, but the song shows off their vocals and I enjoy watching their performance more than WG’s.  I was also pleasantly surprised with their MR.  Moreso than WG’s less than impressive MR.  BMB is typical wonder girl and so is the dance. 

    • saylor

      I don’t think those mr removers are honest. Because They include jessicas last note…she doesn’t sing that

      • Anonymous

        I think the author accidentally got a bad MR removed for SNSD. Reason being, you have to hear the audience in the background or else the music wasn’t properly stripped and the video could’ve been altered. Not everyone knows this. MR removed are tricky. This could be the music stripped from their studio version of song, where the voices are also altered, and played over the performance.

    • Kliks

      Sorry to correct you, but the song shows off their LACK of vocals, if anything Taeyeon is the only one holding a true note, the rest are only chanting, almost like talking…

    • mrsjung

      lmao you consider their “rapping” showing off their vocals? 
      And I’m not even sure if their “rapping” is considered as legit rapping.  

  • Bervalvic

    Vocals: go to SNSD, everyone sounded fairly good and improved my thought on yoona’s singing.

    Choreography: I actually like WG’s better because it was more entertaining where SNSD came off amazing dull minus Hyoyeon second solo part which added some UNF and the drop. Other than that WG choreography came off a bit more challenging.

    Image: Because SNSD’s customes were better they win

    Video: WG wins. SNSD video looked cheap and SM is just going to keep spitting out cheap  videos, why? because they are popular enough that they dont have to try. JYP gets props for effort

    Stage Presence: I’m not sure I’m pretty much tied with this one

    • Anonymous

      i am neither a wonderful nor a sone so my opinion is not biased!
      i think WG have better vocals! the whole album is full of jewels..
      SNSD’s choreography was better..but the song was weak..
      for me WG wins hands down!

      • http://www.raginginspiration.tumblr.com Pakau Vang

        Thank you (: I just get so jittery when i see a non-wonderful say something nice about Wonder Girls~

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  • Eswell

    Wonder girls comeback was so unoriginal and too safe. It was something that they would typically do. After watching WG perform live a couple of times I realize that they lack the energy and fierceness that SNSD brings out from every angle of their face. SNSD always goes out of their way to show something completely different from their last comeback. People say they try too hard but that’s the least they can do when they have the pressure of having the title “Nation’s Number 1 Girl Group” and is observed by EVERYONE. 

    • Sali

      Really? Always come out with something new? Hmm, this is the only second time they went away from the cutesy image. Gee, Genie, Oh!, Hoot. They are all cutesy song. Please don’t cloud your judgement with your fanaticism. 

      • dancingpanda

        really now? debut with into the new world, run devil run, mr. taxi… not even counting the not-cutesy songs they sang a few times in between like star star star, dear mom, show show show, this is at least the 4th song they’re promoting that strays from the cute. and how is genie cutesy?

      • eswell

        Did you just say Genie and Hoot are cutesy songs? Have you been living under a rock while they promoted those two songs? 

    • Bua

      Hmmmmm? something completely different? How’s The Boys completely diffrent from RDR, Hoot, Genie. From the begining I have seen 2 types of SNSD songs 1) cutesy 2) sth more mature but def not completely different. I say Me, In of WG is something completely different not only different from their usual stuff but different from the whole K-pop girl groups.

      As for their stage, I wouldn’t call The Boys fierce. Fierceness in my book is miss A’s GBBB, 2NE1’s I Am The Best, BEG’s Sixth Sense, Wonder Girl’s Me, In – those ARE fierce. The Boys is very far from fierce.

      As for the lack of energy, I will say WG’s BMB perf is not consistant. They can be full of energy at times but they lack energy when Lim and Sohee start to focus on their singing (for once) and tone down their dancing.

      For SNSD, they are more consistent but sometimes I feel like they are so emotionless that it makes the song boring.

      • Eswell

        I completely disagree with you. If there is anything SNSD has its energy and fierceness. Exactly what WG doesnt have. SNSD is not just cute. When they debuted with Into the New World, they brought out so much energy. Run Devil Run was a very charismatic and fierce song. Hoot was retro and sexy. Genie was military fierce and sexy. And then they had songs like Girl’s Generation, Kissing You, Gee, and Oh. WG always ends up doing the same old retro. They look like tired mid 30 year old ladies desperate for a relationship when they sing BMB.

        • Ellia

          Are you kidding me? Fierceness from snsd? I don’t see any fierceness from their songs at all. Even the boys is fail because they can’t bring the music with a good attitude. Give The Boys to BEG. The song would be in different level!

  • Sali

    The biggest weakness SNSD have right now is that they only have one power vocal. I know SNSD will say Jessica. But have you heard her in those high notes. You will cringe to death on how annoying her voice gets up there. Tiffany I think its the next best singer but her range is really low.

    SNSD has better vocals performance-wise mainly because their songs are too safe. Nothing really spectacular and lacks technique. And please, there’s a difference in reaching those high notes and screaming those high notes (sorry Tiffany. I love you. but You’re supposed high note in Hoot isn’t really a high note.) 

    • 123

      I think all of wg songs are vocally too safe and easy to sing along. 

      • Sali

        All? Hmmm, Me, In is safe? GNO is safe?

  • Anonymous

    WG for me , SNSD’s songs n vocals just aint my cup of tea , i have a thing for voices that are of low tone for women , so voices like jessica’s n seohyun’s will never impress me , though i have to say , adding lim in wg really does nothing to the dynamic of the group , i feel like she’s just out of place n not comfortable on stage , i could understand why sohee is there , at least u can see that she tries n does have a certain presence , but lim , sorry , JYP made a wrong move !

    • Bua

      Agree on Lim. I feel truly sorry for the girl but she’s just there to make it 5. She’s not good at singing nor dancing. She’s good in English and OK at rapping. But these qualities of hers don’t really contribute to the group much when she rarely talks and why do they need her rap when they got Yubin? Seriously if anything WG needs a solid vocalist who can sing verses nicely for them. Those like Fei or Suzy will do. But since nothing’s gonna change (if it is I swear this group must be cursed for sure), I hope Lim will keep improving her live singing and stage presence and make herself a ‘true Wonder Girls’.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jane-Kim/100003098287400 Jane Kim

      more of them want to see pictures and stories? Accordance with the

  • Anonymous

    i absolutely vote for WG!! their new album is just wow!
    SNSD songs are pretty  much the same for me..they are feel good but not something i really really love..but on the other hand this is the first WG album i heard and i am already in love! cant wait to check out their old work!

  • http://yahoo.com belenladion


    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VD5OQJTYMX3XOFJ3FN62GXJUZI Crystal Lavigne

      There’s a few things WG have which SNSD doesn’t.

      1. Energy during stage performance. If you actually compare BMB with TB, WG looks like they are have fun performing while SNSD looks bored. Please don’t tell me that SNSD is tired or whatever… WG worked equally hard. Or maybe even harder.

      2. WG vs SNSD – character. I’m not saying who is more humorous whatsoever. I’m talking about the CHARACTER yknow. Personality~ WG is humble and they know when and what to say. They think before they speak or act out. SNSD? Well, apparently, they don’t really do that. They are already acting like “Queens” of KPOP even before they rise up to the TOP. Yknow like “SuJu isn’t 1”? And when they finally became the Queens of KPOP, look at how they behaved when SuJu was performing.

      Damn I think I should stop. If not the list would go on and on and on

      • Kyana Takafuji

        how can you say that about either groups? Do you know them personally? If not how can you just make assumptions. Because they could act one way on stage and another off. 

  • http://yahoo.com belenladion


    • Bua

      lol is this a typical SNSD butthurt fan? Always childish like yourself. Can’t you talk like a mature person like majority of the people. Guess never LMFAO

      • Apple

        My god, SONEs seem like the most immature people on the planet! Are you guys all children?

        • Kristy Dong

          they are always blaming about WG… = = Why did Sones always fighting with Wonderfuls? Wonder Girls and SNSD are very close-friends!

  • http://www.raginginspiration.tumblr.com Pakau Vang

    I’ve read and read. We can’t say who the winner is because there’s a lot of “I”, “Me” and opinions within this article. There are some things i disagree on and some i agree with but i won’t bother to write it all down because 1) it’s an opinionated article and 2) i’m lazy. PWHAHAH. and determining who’s the winner? this all depends on the person. 

    -I personally think Wonder Girls are the best in the world because i’ve grown to love them over the many years of being with them (via computer). I know their personalities and their hardships.Their comeback song is catchy and will be in your head for a very long time!
    – For SNSD, i know very little about them. I like a few of their songs… their comeback song? Eh, it stuck with me for a while but soon disappeared. 
    -Plus, Wonder Girls don’t really care for competing or “winning” something but bringing the music to life for people.

    So it doesn’t really matter to me. All i know is Wonder Girls is always a winner to me.

  • lalala

    WG look like ” tired mid 30 year old ladies desperate for a relationship when they sing BMB.” 

    Thought that was pretty true after reading it in the comments lol.

    • http://www.raginginspiration.tumblr.com Pakau Vang

      If that’s so, what does that make you? I’m curious. 

  • Sophie

    WG are not even in the competition, they are this isolated girl group with no competition. I think for SNSD, 2NE1 is a better rival because they actually bring it on. I was disappointed with WG’s boring comeback with no fierceness.  

    • Guest

      I know, WG are too “humble” to be a part of the competition. And Im glad that SNSD finally acts like they’re the boss in The Boys. Its time they bring out some confidence. 2NE1 is good at that too. WG…. i dont consider them rivals with anyone… they’re just there. 

      • http://www.raginginspiration.tumblr.com Pakau Vang

        Why must one have a rival? I know in the music industry it’s all about money and stuff, but really?  It’s funny how you guys say the girls” Bring it on.” it’s clearly just an opinion. And i actually like “humble” people. Do you know the definition? not arrogant; modest: to be humble although successful & courteously respectful. I don’t think you have a place to be judging WG. & this goes to @49bf95110291d8948f42a07bc6d00e0d:disqus as well. And all those who think WG is just some piece of trash. 

        I can’t stand people who bash on other groups. It’s seriously immature. 

        • Sophie

          everyone here bashes SNSD, you didnt preach your morals then did you? you’re just as biased as any sone and same goes for everyone here trying to make a point. 

          • http://www.raginginspiration.tumblr.com Pakau Vang

            I’m aware of my bias group. But i didn’t bash on SNSD, did I? It’s natural to be defending the group you like, especially when someone is speaking bad about them. Seems like you’re a sone(?), which i have NOTHING against but i’m sure you don’t like it when other bash on your bias group. So then why do it? It’s hypocritical.

  • kc

    WG- brought the same old routine just with a better updated song…
    SNSD- brought out an original and feisty but slightly questionable song… 
    T-ara-brought out a good song and good Choreography and did something other then a bopeep copy…

    seriously, when it comes to the girl group battle I think T-ara should win simply because they brought quality and a better side to them selves… but well, since they’re not apart of the big three they probably won’t win…

    I’m not gonna bash on either group, I think they all came out with their grr faces, I just think T-ara did it better and I wish they’d get some praise for it. but yeah, I think we got some good stuff out of this, I wish that WG would of used any of their songs on their album other then this one, and I wish SNSD woulda gone a little less chanty with the boys but over all those are my only real complaints…
    so…yeah, good job girls.

    • Anonymous

      I loved T-ara’s song but I think the choreography was kind of a mess. It kind of seemed like the choreographers just put in random elements for the heck of it (random tango dance, random umbrella girl). I don’t know, it didn’t really flow I guess? Also, I don’t really follow them but when I saw their live performance I only remember one girl singing a lot while the others hardly did anything. Still though, out of the three songs, Cry Cry was my favorite!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VD5OQJTYMX3XOFJ3FN62GXJUZI Crystal Lavigne

      I kind of like Cry Cry better than the two songs. But if you compare the albums, WG hands down. And I think WG used this song because it’s retro-ish and it’s catchy and lively~~

  • Katherine

    Can’t believe that I just clicked now when Jessica says “GG” in the song – I always thought she said “Chi Chi” lol.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YP2OQBE372KAGCIBC7F7LU3YPY sarah

    How does girl power have to do with anything with “Bringing the Boys Out?” Girl power is when you kick boy’s butts! SNSD’s song is fierce and The Wonder Girl’s song is romantic. I can’t say which one I prefer since I like them both! :)

  • Muzik

    I personally like the fact that WG doesn’t try to change their image every time they do a comeback. The usual trend of idol groups is cute, innocent in the beginning. Then it’s fierce, sexy, strong, etc. Then maturity, etc. I feel like it’s the same cycle and it gets really tiring. I like the whole WG retro style that they’ve always been doing since debut. It’s a refreshment from all that Yo I’m Gonna Be Cute. Yo I’m Gonna Be Sexy This Time.
    And honestly, I’m just tired of this whole Idol Music Crap in general. I like some, but in general? I could do without this Idol Stage of the Korean Music Industry. I want to go back to the period when Tei, Park Hyo Shin, etc. made regular appearances.

  • Meh

    I cringed so much in SNSD “The Boys” debut stage, much more enjoyable in later stage. Why wouldn’t I cringe if Hyoyeon tried to hide her laugh all the time? Or Sooyoung had this to-smile-or-not-to-smile face when the camera doesn’t shot her? Or a distinct cutesy display by Tiffanny who was a rapper for God’s sake! Except for Yuri and Seohyun, everyone seems not quiet grasped the concept of the song.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000805370346 Sallie Vang

    Better Choreography: WG
    Better Song: SNSD
    Better Vocals: Both

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  • Huong

    You are obviously very biased in your opinion over SNSD.

    • Anonymous

      Bias or not , she DID write the article, which means it IS SUBJECTIVE…sooo yeah that comment was pointless…I on the other hand, agree, SNSD made a catchy song , but WG whole album is worth listening to…I’ve listened to both, SNSD has more of a fluff feel while WG has a sultry feel, quite different

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_M425BHDRQPFPS7YMQL43H3GRUM YaNa

    Honesty I didn’t like both songs at first. I repeated the songs. Liked The Boys more. Wonder girls music video didn’t show that much color and SNSD video was so great. The performance goes to SNSD. Wonder Girls song was catchy and SNSD was something that I can’t explain.
    SNSD cheorgraphy was more powerful and Wonder girls was a bit funny, I found a part that was a bit similar. 
    For Wonder Girls comeback it was okay and for SNSD it was eh… I expected so much for SNSD english song. I did thought that Wonder girls’ comeback was going to be like “BAM” into SNSD faces since they were good back then. I thought that this was going to big competition. I guess not because it doesn’t matter since I don’t love both songs.

  • http://twitter.com/Heeunso Yoon Eun So

    SNSD absolutely. I don’t like WG from the first time with nonsense reason (sorry), from over all reality show that I watched, I find that WG’s members are quite arrogant. And if you really talk about competition, then let me say that WG only has “nobody”.
    Talk about quality, its not that SNSD try to be cute then sexy, they are entertaining and needing something fresh to sell. They are transformed, depends to their age. Common, you can’t be always cute on your 20s and try to be hot on your 18s. And if you talk that SNSD personality are bad, you can watch some of video on youtube before talk. Cause I actually used to be a haters before I know them.
    Over all, please don’t judge something like TOO much if you knew lack of them, that’s really immature.

  • Bookthiefj

    WG s whole album was good . They definitely get my vote on that . All the songs on girls generation s album made me cringe . They are yet to deliver strong music since RDR . And as for comparing them with 2ne1 , are you joking ?! 2ne1 can eat them piece by piece and i am not even a hard core fan . Its just obvious that a strong fan base is what keeps snsd going.

  • Tangledshem

    no matter what people say, or anti’s say (like the author of the article) SNSD is obviously the winner. there is no denying their popularity and SUCCESS in Asia. 

  • retarded_turtle6

    SNSD haven’t released a good song since RDR and that’s the truth…

  • http://twitter.com/LoveBleach99 Sara Sjögren

    Appeal: WG
    Song: WG
    Performances: SNSD

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  • CassieElfSoneShawolExotic4LIFE

    snsd should have used trick as their titled song. trick is such an amazing song and it has that unique fell to it that i have never really heard of in kpop. the boys in korean was surprisingly meaningful but the english version just failed so bad, and the weird part is i expected the english version to be stellar. i really enjoyed be my baby, it was so catchy, but i’m gonna be honest, the live performances killed me, JYP gives them amazing songs to work with, but i just wish they improve much more, or give more of the lines to the other 3. 
    either way, i’m late for this post, but i liked both comebacks

  • Kristy Dong

    well… SNSD sucks!

  • luv4tiff

    honestly all you people who commented on how girls generation can’t sing or can’t dance who are you to judge?? Can you sing and dance at the same time. Because you know what you need to think of what you can do before you judge. Oh yeah and if Wonder girls did that dance Be my baby dance in the US they would get laughed off the stage. I love Yubin and I think that she’s a great singer but the dance is just ridiculous I understand that their choreographer did beyonce’s single ladies dance but it just looks weird and I had their album but I only like about 2 songs everything else I deleted I think that they only thing I didn’t like about snsd’s The boys was the english version but the korean version was great. And how are wonder girls better singers than girls generation I’ll admit WG does have some great singers but um…. what about sohee she can’t sing that well live I’m pretty sure I have a wider vocal range than her…..