I’ve been feeling a lot of love for SNSD’s “The Boys” stage outfits as of late. For once, the girls aren’t wearing matching uniforms but rather individualized outfits. Of course, the outfits match to some degree, using specific color schemes and often a royalty theme to bring the look together. But instead of skimpy shorts and tight tops, most of the girls wear tight pants and structured blazers, not showing a lot of skin but still giving off a sexy look. The concept has a distinctive “royalty” feel, with some of the girls dressed up like “princes” and some of the others wearing floaty skirts and sparkly tiaras to look like “princesses.”

Their makeup is heavier, consisting of smoky eyes and glitter. False eyelashes are worn to bring out the girls’ eyes and the lips are colored in nude shades. Many of the outfits look like military uniforms, with buttons and tassels and epaulettes, but balance out the masculinity with feminine details such as lace, embellishments, and ruffles.

The blazers, form-fitting pants, and knee-high boots make the girls look sharp, sophisticated, and sexy. Embellishments and glittery tiaras add girlish touches to the look. Notice how not a lot of skin is shown – an improvement from what the girls once wore.

I love the jackets Hyoyeon and Seohyun wore for their Style Icons performance. The strong shoulders and military style give the girls a commanding look while the lace and brocade balances out the masculinity with femininity.

Red, white, black, and navy blue are a common color scheme. The girls are seen wearing marching band-like clothing. From this performance, I loved Yoona, Yuri, and Hyoyeon’s outfits the best.

For most of the performances, Jessica has worn flirty A-line dresses. Other members, like Yoona and Sooyoung, are often dressed in boyish clothing, my guess to look like “princes” or “boys” to fit with the song and supposed fairy tale theme. However, Jessica is nearly always wearing something soft, pretty, and feminine. This is most likely to go along with her “Ice Princess” persona.

Tiffany often wears white and lace and a sparkly tiara. Her dress oddly reminded me of Wonder Woman, but in a good way. For one performance, she wore a bedazzled lace blazer and matching white pants, still looking like a princess, though in a more “prince-like” outfit. Also seen in her picture is Sooyoung, wearing red (a good color on her) and looking a lot like a school girl. Sooyoung’s outfit is cute but looks a little odd next to the classy outfits of her band mates. Worse, it sort of calls back to the old days when all of SNSD wore knee socks and short skirts.

Why people say Yuri is the sexy, curvy one, I have no idea. To me, Sunny is the member with the most curves. Since breaking away from her aegyo, Sunny has adopted a more mature look onstage, looking like a confident woman instead of a meek and cutesy young girl.

My favorite performance outfits were those at the Style Icon Awards. They’re softer and paler than any of their other outfits and look more expensive as well. Brocade, lace, glittery jewelry, and more were used. I really love all the outfits, from Jessica and Tiffany’s girly dresses to Sooyoung, Yuri, and Sunny’s princely looks.

In a recent performance, the girls were wore suits. No booty shorts, lace, or glittery jewels in sight. These stage outfits were a nice mix up from what the girls usually wear.

The only thing I’m disappointed about is that “The Boys” appears to be the only stage performance the girls have individual outfits for. As seen with their performances of their other songs, such as “Spring Day,” SNSD is still wearing matching outfits. Actually, the girls recently wore matching outfits for their Music Core performance of “The Boys.”

We should’ve known it would be too good to last.

What do you think of these outfits? Which are your favorite? Do you love them or are you missing the old uniforms?

In case you’re like me and are wishing that you had clothes like these, I managed to find some similar clothes at one of my favorite shopping outlets, Free PeopleThis dress reminds me of the lace one Jessica wears, as does this dress. The girls wear lace-up boots, much like the Jeffrey Campbell boots seen here and here and here and here (I know, the prices are insane!) The military look of two of those boots goes along very well with SNSD’s concept. This jacket is similar to the lace blazer Tiffany wears, but without the jewels (DIY, anyone?) At Nordstrom’s, there is this jacket, which looks very similar to the white jackets some of the girls wear. I actually do have an exact find: these Ash sneakers, which Sooyoung wears with her school girl outfit.

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