Here a music video, there a music video, everywhere a music video!

This week on Seoulbeats’ Chat Box, Subi and I talk about music videos, one of the most important components of a K-artist’s comeback package:

  • JYP music videos (1:21)
  • SM music videos (5:07)
  • YG music videos (11:00)
  • 2NE1‘s “Go Away” (14:40)
  • Brown Eyed Girls‘ videos (23:26)
  • Hyori‘s “U Go Girl” (27:59)
  • Live commentary for TRAX‘s “Blind” — watch along with us here! (32:25)


Download the podcast here.

One part of our podcast got lost in cyberspace, so we just have one music video live review instead of two. (If you were curios, we were going to comment on Son Ho-young’s new video with Suzy, “Pretty But Hateful.”)

Shouts to Lydia for getting all the songs from last week’s podcast. Give us your guesses for this week below!

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