With just so much going on in K-pop, we can’t possibly deprive you of another episode of our Seoulbeats Chat Box, can we?

This week, we talk about:

  • The Wonder Girrrrrls (1:23)
  • WG’s song resume vs. SNSD‘s song resume (10:00)
  • SNSD’s “The Boys” (14:28)
  • Does high quality not matter? (21:40)
  • T-T-T-Tasha (29:00)
  • Korea and K-pop fans’ love of polls (38:00)
  • Subi mispronounces “SONES” and we blow her mind (41:15)


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This week, shouts go to hapacalgirl for guessing all the songs correctly from the last episode of Chat Box. Get guessin’ for this week folks, and you can get a shout-out from us next week!

If there’s anything you’d like to hear us talk about in upcoming episodes, let us know in the comments below.