Big Bang’s Daesung recently did an interview where he revealed the heartache he has been going through these past few months. In it he divulged on his faith, outlook on life, as well as antifans who have been making his life even more miserable. He said there was even an instance when a person came by his church holding a sign with the word “killer.” Because of incidents like this, Daesung felt that every time he stepped out of his house, people were always looking with eyes of contempt upon him.

This got me thinking: there are so many of these kinds of “trolls” that lurk around in every society. These people are out to make their lives pleasant by making others miserable. And when you stumble upon a troll you will usually know by some key signs. Trolls have taken to popular portals of social media as well as more “traditional” methods to do their bidding. Though there may be more, I’ve come up with four ways to tell who’s a K-pop troll.


1) Death Trolls

These people are usually the ones starting anti-cafes or even death petitions. Death petitions! I know some of these stars do bad things, but does it warrant them the same punishment as hardened criminals?

They make up some pretty elaborate death methods. Here’s a gem: Climb up to the top of the highest mountain and throw yourself off, then magically resurrect yourself so you can hang yourself off the 13th floor banister. Really? Have we really come to the point where we encourage people to inflict self violence? Unfortunately, messages like these cause many stars to go into depression or even commit suicide.

2) Multiple Personality Trolls

An example of this is when some Hottests became Coldests. I have never seen a fan base turn on a group so fast. When news came out that Jay Park would not be returning to 2PM, all hell broke loose.  Period soaked letters went flying, Taecyeon became public enemy #1, and even angel Nichkhun lost his wings, if only for a second. The internet became flooded with leaked 2pm secrets, hatred was directed towards members of the group, and fan café numbers plummeted. Hate messages and threats rained down hard upon JYP and his company. Thankfully the hate has since subsided, but the label nonetheless still took a huge blow.

Some even tell idols how much they love them, but if affection is not reciprocated, they start bashing. JYJ’s Jaejoong seems to be a prime victim of this phenomenon. With as many followers as he has, it is not humanly possible for him to reply to all of them. I know he’s considered a god but really… Life goes on. I assure you, if your bias doesn’t know of your existence, you will continue to breathe.

3) Fire Starter Trolls

These trolls make trouble just for the heck of it. They bring no real meaning to the conversation but only build anger and frustration. They often incite fan wars and happily watch as fans of groups tear each other down. They know they only have to light the match and they can sit and watch as the fire storm grows.

4) Treasure Trolls (aka Attention Whores)

What they seek is attention, and they’ll do just about anything to get it. And when they get it, they rejoice because they feel like they’ve been rewarded. Thus, “treasure trolls.” They have the guts to tell their bias idol to tweet them because their grandmas’ uncles’ nephews’ sister is in the hospital on life support, or some hobo just broke their leg with a pipe while they were chasing him to recover a purse he stole from a poor defenseless old lady while they were working at the soup kitchen. Now you know good and well you just made that up to get a response. Again, if one doesn’t get the attention they most desperately think they deserve, life goes on.

So, as enticing as it may be, please…