• Anonymous

    I completely agree. Without even knowing about the SMfied casting I was scratching my head at the Eunhyuk and Tiffany casting for the exact reasons you posted. Euhyuk can dance but isn’t a singer, Tiffany can sing but has never been known to be a good dancer so without even knowing the roles they were playing, I found their casting to be odd.

    • Aya

      true…..i dont know what requirements in korea to nail a musical gigs, but what i know in where i live, you have to be a triple threat (singing, acting and dancing) that’s why being in a musical is a tough job. They even have to reach certain vocal quality (which can be different depending on their vocal ranges) esp for those main characters. so even tiffany can sing doesn’t mean she’s suitable for musical. And for eunhyuk…even though some ppl said if his characters focuses on dancing it’s fine..but really it’s musical, he has to sing, esp if he’s 1 of the lead.

      So..that lead to my question..”what are requirements in korea to nail a musical gigs??”

  • Pg13247

    Well it’s nice to know that Lina and Jungmo are still getting all of these musical oppotunities. Isn’t Lina currently in one now? Will this be another delay in the full CSJH comeback?

    This year from SM it’s been: DBSK –> f(x) –> Dana & Sunday –> Suju –> SNSD? –> ???
    Will this really be a good idea if Tiffany is going to be doing group promotions at the same time? I don’t remember the other members doing a musical during their promotion period, but in between them. 

    • Yoonafan18

      jessica was promoting oh and i think cold noodles

      • Pg13247

        Oh yeah I forgot about that one. I thought it was during Genie because I remember summer-like stage sets for that song

  • maldita

    Honestly, Eunhyuk’s really not that bad of a singer. He WAS supposed to debut with Junsu and Sungmin as an RnB trio before SME scrapped that idea and made Junsu debut in DBSK. I suppose his years in Super Junior has totally dampened any singing talent he has, because they have KRY to handle most of the singing. All Hyuk has had to do all these years is dance and rap in the songs. I do hope Hyuk does pull a Yunho and show everyone he CAN sing. Lord, even Heechul got to do a musical a few years back…

    And OMG I would kill to see Tiffany pull off playing a dancer. LMAO. But really, if I was in Korea, I would watch this musical even just for the flawless Son Hoyoung and Lina.

    • http://colourmesplendid.wordpress.com/ Ree

      Of course, I don’t think Eunhyuk is a BAD singer, persay. But I don’t really think he’s much of a good one either. I’m glad to see him working in different fields, but I’m not sure whether starring in a musical is the best way to go about it. They’re pretty demanding y’know? As for Heechul… I don’t really think his one counts. He did it for a reality show, and whenever people mention musical actors in SJ it’s always KRY/Sungmin, so yeah…

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FS52P3WGP37JJ6YJNRLPPBVS4E A

        Wasnt Yesung in a musical as well, or am I remembering wrong?

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jane-Kim/100003098287400 Jane Kim

          more of them want to see pictures and stories? Accordance with the

  • kc

    chances are I won’t even be seeing this since it’s, well, a musical that I’m not willing to watch bad quality uploads of… 
    Eunhyuk very much is my bias though so forgive me if I say that I find his voice wonderful, though this is coming from someone who has the idea that this guy’s my “ideal type” in a sense that I wanna meet someone like him… so yeah, I’m going to let my fan girl out for once and say that I find what ever he does good…
    ah, letting out the fangirlism is so~ embarrassing ^^
    but anyways, here’s hoping for a good show for these guys, I’m a huge fan of all these guys so I can’t say if I’d really be that disappointed if I went and it didn’t turn out great… cause I mean, like I said, Eunhyuk brings out my inner Fangirl that I keep locked up so well^^

  • http://twitter.com/MonicaDBSK Monica

    Don’t suspect anything about Lina, that girl’s singing is amazing, which is why I died a little inside when I heard she wasn’t gonna be part of csjh’s comeback. Oh and she seems like a pretty decent actress from what I’ve seen in her music video girl days.

  • http://twitter.com/jmaytan J-MayTan©

    Cynical indeed -.-” we shall see how well the musical will be! :)

  • Anonymous

    I would watch just to hear Lina sing. The girl has a gorgeous rich voice that I still maintain NO ONE else in kpop matches in quality. It was such a shame she and/or Stephanie decided not to join Dana and Sunday’s comeback (the two sopranos need an alto to balance!! also the awful SM song choice.. sigh).

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UZ3GOV4QFCYI3BGIWEDKBVACHY puddlemini

      Isnt Stephanie still recovering or is this old news?
      Still wondering why The Grace hasnt made a comeback :(

      • Anonymous

        Stephanie recovered a while back, and in the meantime has had a successful career with the Los Angeles Ballet in the US. Not only is she bound by contract to finish the season, but going back to promote as a singer (which I believe she has said she would eventually do..? Not sure though) would force her to give up another prestigious career she has worked hard for.

  • replica


  • Anastiasia

    I’m so adamantly against Eunhyuk in this musical, this is exactly why people are so cynical when it comes to idols on musical stages. It’s so clear they’re doing it simply to bring in the masses- and I find it horrendously disrespectful to other musical actors who have so much experience behind them. The other cast members are really inexperienced too, it’s almost all a bunch of actors with little singing exerience. I don’t even-

    I understand that when a musical does its first round, it gets well-known faces in it in order to promote it. It happens all the time with ‘Mozart’ ‘Shout’ and ‘Rock of the Ages’. Even ‘The Three Musketeers’. But in those cases they were still thoughtful about the casting and they at least casted singers who could sing. 

    Even if the musical does do well, I’m going to be forever cynical. Mostly because of all the politics behind it. Urgh.

    As for Tiffany, I don’t have a problem with her, but looking at the role she’s described as having, it’s obvious her casting was put as little thought into as Eunhyuk. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UZ3GOV4QFCYI3BGIWEDKBVACHY puddlemini

    If they place more of an emphasis on Eunhyuk the dancer instead of Eunhyuk the singer, that’s fine with me. I feel like the boys been pretty ragged on as being a funny guy; not a bad thing considering Korea pop culture is heavily embracing talented talkers recently but it totally puts on the way-side his baller dance skills.And anyone old school is fine with me; I’m just happy to see them (g.o.d. CJSH) have work in this saturated industry lol!
    That said, Tiffany?! I’m not a hater but I’d love to see if she can pull this off. I can picture so many other idols (if need be) doing this role so I hope she surprises.  

    • guestes

      Same, I think Eunhyuks been getting pretty snuffed as a dancer as of late. Everytime he’s versed in a dance battle he always loses, mostly because he ends up doing some stupid dance that has no artistic merit and is simply for entertainment. 
      Buuut, at the same time. If ‘REE’ is right and they do reuse old tunes, then Eunhyuk may or may not have a problem. 

      I’m excited for Tiffany! I really want to see how she plays the role. Plus, are we forgetting about the acting side of musicals? That’s something they all need to severely work on. 

  • 12pop

    Tiffany isn’t the strongest dancer but it isn’t like she is gonna be up on stage freestyling or doing anything that is way beyond her limit, she will be learning the dancers ahead of time. She has two months to practice the routines, SNSD only have one week sometimes and she is able to pull those off. I do think her dancing has improved a lot since her debut days. Not saying she is amazing but she pulls the SNSD dances off well. Even Hyoyeon and Yuri said she doesn’t make that much mistakes anymore, it’s just because she made the first public mistake on a broadcast she has been stuck with the nickname dilfany. 

    And if we think about her character it’s sort of similar to her pre-debut story. She dreamed of being a singer and moved from la to korea and went through tough training periods. i think she will surprise people.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PSXKVH6YBF3WSTUE47MFEQ2KUQ Anonymous

    i have read n even watch this musical version other countries, n so far as i know, eunhyuk role is more as a rapper in this musical,so i thought thats why they give him thst role. correct me if i’m wrong

  • bubble21

    Can’t wait to watch it cause eunhyuk is finaly.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jane-Kim/100003098287400 Jane Kim

    more of them want to see pictures and stories? Accordance with the

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