Krystal is currently a cast member of the ice-skating show Kiss & Cry and her latest comments on the show have driven netizens into a tizzy (again). She has said that it was difficult to learn from her skate instructor because he’s a singles skater and I’m guessing that it doesn’t translate to couples skating.

Totally understandable.

Fans and most like anti-fans are creating a fuss over this statement, taking her to be a mannerless imbecile, ready to burn her at the stake. Unfortunately for Krystal, this is not the first time she’s been caught being “rude,” so her track record ain’t great. The first time she ever got the rude image was when she appeared looking bored on a variety show about a year ago, and god knows that you’re not allowed to look bored or tired ever! And that if you are a girl, once you get burned for something, you will most likely be stuck with that for a long, long time.

Granted, I think it was a bad move on her part to voice any dislike just because she already has to carry her past rudeness like a scarlet letter, but give me (and her) a break. This is the sort of uptightness from fans and audiences that make any sort of opinion-voicing impossible, and why Korean celebrities are not allowed to express concern and dislike in any way, shape or form.

You might not consider it as much, but this is also the sort of stuff that over time creates bigger problems of those working in the industry–things like non-stop schedules that result in hospital visits for exhaustion, IV drips for 5 seconds before you’re pushed back to doing work, lawsuits that result from overworking. Am I giving Krystal a pass? No. But I do think that people should be less hostile towards idols and especially female idols who express anything but complete love and adoration for everything that goes on in their professional lives.

Your thoughts?