Kim Sae-ron might be the most sought-after little girl in the biz right now. She was the center of Won Bin‘s attention for a whole movie’s length (!), got to go on award-dates with him (!), and just finished a brief stint playing the younger version of Hwang Jung-eum‘s character in the weekend drama Can You Hear My Heart?

She was also born in 2000, which makes her an 11 year-old, disgustingly. What were you doing when you were 11? Oh what, you were getting ice cream all over your face? Decrying the agony of getting braces? Well, you lose to Kim Sae-ron.

Kim is one of those youngsters who are a joy to watch on-screen, because just like her adult counterparts, she brings a lot of warmth into her characters, and her acting belies her age. (Much like Yoo Seung-ho and Kim Soo-hyun do for their teenage characters.) She has the ability to transcend her 11 years, which is an admirable thing to do. When I watch her act, I get really emotionally attached to her characters and their problems, because they are vastly relatable to my own, despite our huge age difference.

Can’t wait to see what this girl has lined up for herself–she’s got a long career ahead of her.