• I

    Agreed, also Baek Ji Young should’ve topped that poll for sure, Don’t Forget, and That Woman were HUGELY popular, way more than what Tae Yeon sang.

    • Truckasaurus

      So you agree with the article, that polls are “just for fun…nothing to be taken seriously”, and then you bitch about the results of a poll?


      • chae

        dont see how the first poster was bitching.. more like stating her opinion..

    • yack

      I also think that Baek Ji Young is the popular OST star at the moment. She’s singing one OST after another

  • Sf

    True. Come on OST Queen over Baek Ji Young? Baek Ji Young topped a lot of online charts with her OSTs.

  • Jolly Roger

    Taeyeon winning is a forgone conclusion… nobody can touch her. People can debate about subjective issues like best vocal talents, but Taeyeon is loved by a lot of people AND has an angel voice.