After School brought the noise during their comeback performance of their single “Bang!” on Music Bank.

IMO: After School is bringing a different concept into this Kpop season, which is very refreshing. The performance was great with high energy and fan shouts. Standouts: Bekah‘s rapping was on point, Raina hit her high note, Jung Ah showed great confidence, and Gahee shined as usual. I do wish that Bekah would sing louder or lip sync that “uh ah” part, she sounded a little breathy there. But overall, this song was definitely made to be performed on stage!
After School introduces their newest member Lizzy. She seems to fit right in.

After months of training AS finally showed off their drumming skills for their live performance of “Let’s do It“. Although they are just “drum syncing” here it did take alot of practice to learn that routine, I expect.

Uee was positioned behind the other members due to the fact that she may not be participating in these “Bang” promotions in order to film a new drama.