Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review. Given the Chuseok holidays, it’s been a slow week, but October is just beginning — and it’s loaded with comebacks. Here’s all the news you might have missed over the past week:

Debuts & Comebacks

  • IVE shared their toned-down, but resonant first title track, “Either Way.” Keep an eye out for our review!
    • The group will return with I’ve Mine on October 13, but not before their next MV, “Off the Record,” on October 6.
  • Kep1er returned with their latest mini Magic Hour and its heart-filled title, “Galileo.”
  • Oneus invited fans to dance with “Baila Conmigo.”
  • Billlie celebrated friendship with their pre-release “B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Best Friend).”
    • The group will be back with their first single album and the title “Dang! (Hocus Pocus)” on October 23.
  • Jungkook teamed up with Jack Harlow for “3D.”

Teasers & Announcements

  • Girls’ World will be back with “Fly High (Thumbelina)” on October 2.
  • ONF will make their long awaited post-military return with Love Effect on October 4.
  • Epex shared the MV teaser for “Full Metal Jacket.” Their 6th mini album Prelude of Anxiety Chapter 2. Can We Surrender? will be out on the 4th.
  • Yesung released hazy teaser images for his next solo mini, Unfading Sense, out on the same day.
  • Ahead of their October 11 single album ON, 82Major will put out the pre-release “Sure Thing” on October 5.
  • NCT 127 sent out an invitation in the form of “Deities of Souls” to tease their October 6 album, Fact Check.
  • G I-dle shared the track list for their October 6 mini, Heat.
  • Just B continued to tease their next mini album Nanugi out on October 9.
  • Bobby (iKon) announced an October 10 comeback with Robert and dropped a teaser for the title track “f.”
  • Xdinary Heroes released an instrumental track sampler for their upcoming mini Livelock — due out on October 11.
  • POW put out an interlude film for their October 11 debut, Release.
  • Lightsum teased their duality with Honey or Spice teaser images for their October 11 mini.
  • Wheein shared a zoomed-in mood sampler for In the Mood, her October 12 album.
  • TXT showed off the “Reality” and “Melancholy” versions of their October 13 album, The Name Chapter: Freefall.
  • E’Last showcased a “Mature” side in the latest teasers for Identification — out on October 17.
  • Sunmi will drop her digital single “Stranger” on the same day.
  • Younite will also release Bit: Part 2 on the 17th.
  • Chuu teased the track “Underwater” off her first mini album, How that will be out on October 18.
  • Kingdom will enter their next historical era, History Of Kingdom : PartVII. Jahan, on October 18.
    • Criticism was leveled against the album’s design for its resemblance to the Quran, and GF Entertainment announced a re-printing of the albums.
  • Young Posse‘s teaser for “Macaroni & Cheese” promised a quirky, cheesy ride. Their first album will be out on the 18th.
  • In the short teaser clip, Seventeen‘s Seventeenth Heaven looked like a light-hearted turn from their previous release. The album will drop on October 23.
  • B.I. will drop the title track for his November 10 album Love or Loved Pt. 2 on October 27.
  • Kiss of Life will make their first comeback in November.

Other News

  • Despite media pressures and rumors, Black Pink‘s contract negotiation details remain unclear which has led to a fluctuation in YG stock prices.
  • Fantasy BoysK-Soul will take a break from activities to focus on his family.

(YouTube, JoongAng Daily. Images via: Big Hit Entertainment, Cube Entertainment, YG Entertainment.)