Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review. Here’s all the news you might have missed over the past week:

Debuts & Comebacks

  • BoyNextDoor returned with “But Sometimes.” Keep an eye out for our album review!
  • Riize made their debut with “Get A Guitar.” Take a look at our MV review !
  • Twice Dahyun starred in Day6 Young K‘s “Nothing But.” See what one of our writers thought about the MV!
  • Kim Sejeong made a cinematic return with “Top or Cliff.”
  • Purple Kiss had endless fun in “7Heaven.
  • Lee Chaeyeon made her comeback with “Let’s Dance.
  • Rocket Punch hearts go “Boom” in latest MV.
  • Hwasa exudes confidence in “I Love My Body.”
  • Trendz are charming in new MV for “My Way.”
  • Blackswan are playful in “Cat & Mouse.”
  • DKZ Jaechan made his solo debut with “Hello.”
  • BiBi made an eerie return with “Hongdae R&B
  • BTS V could be “Slow Dancing” until the morning in latest MV. Keep a look out for our album review!
  • D.O built anticipation for his solo comeback with pre-single “I Do.”

Teasers & Announcements

  • Cravity are gearing up for a September 11 comeback with “Ready or Not.” 
  • Shinee Key is also scheduled to return on September 11 with “Good & Great.” 
  • Weeekly will return on September 12 with “Good Day.”
  • V will release the MV for “Blue” on September 13. 
  • Ahead of their debut, POW will release “Favorite” as a pre-single on September 13.
  • TXT will team up with Anitta for “Back for More” set to drop on September 15.
  • Loossemble reveal the MV teaser for “Sensitive” set to release on September 15.
  • Dawn will do a double drop on September 15 with “Star” and “Heart.”
  • D.O’s album Anticipation will be released on September 18.
  • Tempest will release Into the Storm on September 20.
  • Yuju teased a spoiler for September 20 comeback with “Dalala.” 
  • The Rose dropped concept photos for September 22 return with Dual.
  • Wei Yohan revealed the mood poster for “Blue in You” scheduled for a September 22 release.
  • Ive dropped the track list for I’ve Mine, set to release on September 25.
  • Kep1er look sunkissed in latest concept photos for Magic Hour, scheduled for September 25.
  • Oneus are preparing for a September 26 return with La Dolce Vita.  
  • B.I will make his return on September 29 with “Loved.”

Other News

  • Momoland Nayun has signed with Mynest Company
  • BBGirls Yujeong and actor Lee Kyuhan’s respective agencies have confirmed the two are in a relationship. Congratulations to the couple!
  • Former TO1 member Oh Sungmin (Jerome) has decided to end his contract with Wakeone

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