Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review. Here’s all the news you might have missed over the past week:


  • Fifty Fifty‘s request to suspend their contract with Attrakt was denied by the Seoul Central District Court. The court ruled that there were no unpaid earnings the group was lacking or instances of the company not upholding their contract as grounds for suspension.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Take a shot every time NCT U say “Baggy Jeans” in their latest release.
  • Cignature captured nostalgic school days in the MV for “Smooth Sailing.”
  • Onewe released two singles, “Salty Boy” and “Omnipresent,” as part of their special album.
  • H1key had fun in the streets of “Seoul.”
  • Kim Woojin returned with “On My Way.
  • Baekho explored tension in the MV for “Elevator.
  • Cravity hit up suburbia in “Cheese.”

Teasers & Announcements

  • SM‘s new boy group Riize will debut with “Get a Guitar” on September 4.
  • BoyNextDoor‘s sophomore album Why… will be out the same day with the MV for “But Sometimes.”
  • Day6‘s YoungK will also put out his mini album Letters with Notes and “But Why” MV on the 4th.
  • Rounding out the Monday releases will be Kim Sejeong with Door and the cinematic MV for “Top or Cliff.”
  • Purple Kiss will drop their single “7Heaven” on September 5.
  • Xodiac will put out their pre-release single “Lemonade” on the same day.
  • On September 6, Trendz will be back with the single “My Way.”
  • Lee Chaeyeon will get the party started with her single “Let’s Dance” on September 6.
  • Hwasa will celebrate herself with “I Love My Body” on the same day.
  • Also on the 6th, Rocket Punch will be back with the playful single, “Boom.”
  • DKZ‘s Jaechan will make his solo debut with JCFactory on September 6.
  • NCT Lab‘s next track will be “N.Y.C.T.” on the sixth.
  • FT Island will be back with their ninth mini album Sage and title track of the same name on September 7.
  • V’s Layover will make it’s long-awaited arrival on September 8.
    • He will follow up the album release with the MV for “Blue” on September 13.
  • Also returning on the eighth is Eric Nam with “Only a Moment” and his new mini, House on a Hill.
  • Cravity will soak up the last rays of summer with Sun Seeker on September 11.
  • Key will take on corporate life in his September 11 mini, Good & Great.
  • Jung Yonghwa dropped the release schedule for his September 14 solo return with Your City.
  • TXT and Anitta have teamed up for the pre-release “Back for More,” out on September 15.
    • The comeback schedule has also been released for their October 13 album, The Name Chapter: Freefall.
  • Dawn‘s Narcissus will feature double title tracks, “Star” and “Heart” when it drops on September 15.
  • D.O. announced his second solo mini, Expectation, to be released on September 18.
  • Tempest will be back with their first single album Through the Storm (or, if we want to be very 18th century, Through the Tempest) on September 20.
  • After a tumultuous start, Fantasy Boys will debut with the space-themed mini New Tomorrow on September 21.
  • The Rose‘s Dual will be out on September 22.
  • Kep1er is gearing up for their Magic Hour on September 25.

(YouTube. Yonhap. Images via: SM Entertainment, KOZ Entertainment.)