Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review. Here’s all the news you might have missed over the past week:


  • The Fifty Fifty contract dispute escalated this week when Dispatch released call logs and text messages from Attrakt CEO Jeon Hong-joon and The Givers that included the disputed copyright breakdown of “Cupid” and the question of members’ health during their hiatus.
    • Court proceedings also began this week for the contract termination with Fifty Fifty alleging their initial contract signing was mismanaged.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Purple Kiss‘s Swan made her solo debut with “Twenty.”
  • Itzy showed off a new side in the pre-release MV for “Bet on Me.”
    • Kill My Doubt will be out on July 31.
  • Teen Top were young and having fun in “Hweek.” Look forward to our review!
  • After an extensive series of pre-releases, Kiss of Life debuted with “Shhh.”
  • Queenz Eye came back with their second single album and “Un-normal.”
  • New Jeans began the wind-up to Get Up with pre-release MVs for “New Jeans” and “Super Shy.
    • The group will make their official comeback on July 21.
  • TXT teamed up with the Jonas Brothers for “Do It Like That.”

Teasers & Announcements

  • After multiple image teasers, the MV teaser for Exo‘s “Cream Soda” was released. Exist will drop on July 10.
  • The first MV teaser for Zero Base One‘s “In Bloom” also dropped. The group will debut on July 10 with Youth In Shade.
  • Nmixx embraced summer in the MV teaser for “Party O’ Clock” off their July 11 single album A Midsummer’s Nmxx.
  • Loona‘s first post-Blockberry sub-unit release, Version Up, will be from Odd Eye Circle on July 12.
  • Sandara Park grabbed a ticket for her own “Festival” in the MV teaser for her July 12 release.
  • Jungkook took a new teaser approach in the campaign short film for “Seven,” out on July 14.
  • NCT Dream shared the track video for “Poison” ahead of their July 17 return with ISTJ.
  • iChillin’ released the highlight medley for I’m On It which will be released on July 19.
  • Mirae will also be back on the 19th with Boys Will Be Boys.
  • The Rose plan to drop the pre-release MV for “Back to Me” on July 21 ahead of their July 29 single album, Alive.
  • Oh My Girl will be back with their fifth mini album Golden Hourglass on July 24.
  • Treasure will drop Reboot on July 28.
  • Infinite teased a July 31 return.

Other News

  • Both KQ Entertainment and Idol Radio released apologies after behind the scenes footage showed Ateez members dancing along to the song “Curry.”
  • Omega X signed with IPQ.
  • Seventeen‘s Seungkwan will be taking a break from activities.

(YouTube, Naver, Dispatch. Images via: SM Entertainment, KQ Entertainment, WM Entertainment.)