Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review. Here’s all the news you might have missed over the past week:


  • SM Entertainment is off to a rough start this month after Exo members Baekhyun, Chen, and Xiumin (CBX) filed for exclusive contract termination citing unpaid wages and unfair contracts on June 1.
    • Following a series of back and forth press releases, SM agreed to release the settlement data to CBX.
    • CBX have also filed an official complaint to the Fair Trade Commission against SM.
    • To learn more about CBX and the tumultuous situation surrounding SM 3.0, check out our article here!

Debuts & Comebacks

  • CIX told a cinematic story in “Save Me, Kill Me” 
  • Ab6ix lost their way in “Loser.” 
  • BoyNextDoor showed off their boyish charm in “Serenade.” Keep an eye out for our album review!
  • Nine to Six made their unit debut with “Don’t Call Me.” 
  • Stray Kids were “S-Class” in their latest MV.
  • B.I. returned with the compilation MV “To Die For.
  • MCND felt so high in “Pop Star.

Teasers & Announcements

  • NCT’s Taeyong will make his solo debut with “Shalala” on June 5. 
  • Fromis_9 will release their first album Unlock My World on June 5. 
  • Xodiac will return on June 6 with “Special Love,” ahead of their album Throw A Dice scheduled to release on June 7. 
  • TripleS + (KR)ystal Eyes will also return on June 6 with “Touch+.” 
  • TripleS AAA will also drop “Cherry Gene” on June 6. 
  • The New Six (TNX) will return on June 7 with “Kick it 4 Now.” 
  • P1Harmony dropped highlight melody for “Jump,” set to drop on June 8. 
  • BTS are set to release “Take Two” on June 9 to celebrate the group’s 10th anniversary. 
  • AleXa released a concept teaser for her June 9 return with “Juliet.” 
  • VAV dropped the track list for their June 12 come back with “Designer.” 
  • DKB is set to return on June 14 with “I Need Love.” 
  • Ateez released individual concept photos ahead of The World Ep.2: Outlaw, out on June 16. 
  • Kang Daniel will release his new album Realiez on June 19. 
  • I.M stunned in concept photos for his solo return on June 23 with “Overdrive.” 
  • SHINee will release their 8th album Hard on June 26. 
  • Wei continued to tease their June 19 return with Love pt.3: Eternally.
  • NCT Dream will return in late June with pre-single “Broken Melody
  • Kim Jaehwan will be making his comeback in June.
  • Han Seungwoo will return as a soloist at the end of June.

Other News

  • Former Momoland member Daisy announced everything between her and MLD Entertainment has settled as of May 16th. 
  • New Thai member Nami will be added to Busters
  • Tahiti‘s Jisoo announced her pregnancy with her non-celebrity husband. Congratulations to the couple!
  • T.O.P personally confirmed that he has left Bigbang.

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