Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review. Here’s all the news you might have missed over the past week:


  • Kim Tae-ri apologized after backlash to her recruiting fans to translate her YouTube videos without compensation.
  • In initial court proceedings, Yoo Ah-in apologized for illegal drug use. Following, the court rejected an arrest warrant citing he is unlikely to destroy evidence going forward.,

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Enhypen took creative risks that didn’t fully pay off in “Bite Me.” Check out our review!
  • Joohoney made his solo debut with “Freedom.”
  • KARD took a turn for the grotesque in “Icky.” Don’t miss our review!
  • Dreamcatcher returned with their signature intensity in “Bonvoyage.”
  • Secret Number channeled their bad side in “Doxa.”
  • Boy Next Door shared the pre-release MV for “One and Only.”
    • The group will officially debut with Who on May 30.

Teasers & Announcements

  • Ab6ix teased a dark MV for “Loser.” The Future is Ours: Lost will be out on May 29.
  • Things also look quite intense in the teaser for CIX‘s “Save Me, Kill Me,” out on the same day.
  • B.I.‘s To Die For will be released on June 1 with two titles: “Die for Love” featuring Jessi, and “Dare to Love” featuring Big Naughty.
  • The MV teaser for Stray Kids‘s “S-Class” promises action. 5-Star is set for release on June 2.
  • Taeyong (NCT) shared the track preview video for his solo debut mini, Shalala — out on June 5.
  • fromis_9 will be back with their first full album Unlock My World and the title track “#menow” on June 5.
  • Xodiac will drop Throw a Dice on June 7.
  • TNX have begun to share concept teasers for their June 8 return with Boyhood.
  • P1Harmony‘s “Jump” looks like a throwback party. Harmony: All In will be out on June 8.
  • VAV will return with “Designer” and the new mini, Subcönscióus on June 12.
  • The comeback schedule for Ren‘s Ren’dezvous was released.
  • DKB also shared the comeback scheduler for I Need Love, out on June 14.
  • Lun8 released the concept photos for their debut with “Voyager.” Continue? drops on June 15.
  • Ateez are ready to be Outlaws for their June 16 comeback with “Bouncy (Korean Hot Chili Peppers).” The tracks promotion also has some… unconventional methods.
  • Kang Daniel shared a prequel for his mysterious June 19 comeback.
  • I.M. (Monsta X) dropped the track list for Overdrive, out on June 23.
  • 8Turn will have their first comeback with Whose Turn on June 26.
  • Wei will be back with Love Pt.3 : Eternally on June 29.

Other News

  • Sungchan and Shotaro will no longer be part of NCT, but it seems the company plans to debut them in a new group.
  • Mijoo‘s promotions for “Movie Star” will temporarily be put on hold while she recovers from Covid 19.
  • Rei returned to Ive group activities.

(YouTube, Naver: [1] [2], Yonhap. Images via: Starship Entertainment, KQ Entertainment.)