Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review. Here’s all the news you might have missed over the past week:


  • In a surprise announcement to fans and seemingly Kai himself, the Exo member will begin his mandatory military enlistment on May 11.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Le Ssarafim returned with a familiar flourish in “Unforgiven.” Check out our MV review!
  • Aespa (and Naevis) switched their sound up in the pre-release, “Welcome to My World.”
    • Their album My World and it’s title track “Spicy” will be out on May 8.
  • BtoB were reassuring as they reminisced in “Wind and Wish.”
  • Bang Yongguk returned with “Ride or Die.”
  • iKon brought the party to “U” in their latest comeback.
  • Colde teamed up with Lee Chanhyuk for “Heartbreak Club.”
  • Max Changmin and Ha Hyun Woo also came together for “Hybrid.” Don’t miss our MV review!

Teasers & Announcements

  • Oneus released the second MV teaser for “Erase Me,” out on May 8.
  • Aimers continued to tease their May 12 debut with Bubbling.
  • Big Hit started dropping teasers and concept videos for MIDNATT. While the final product is unclear, Masquerade will be out on May 15.
  • G I-dle shared individual and group concept teasers for I Feel, which will be released with the title “Like a Cat” on May 15.
  • The Wind introduced the members through image teasers in the lead-up to their May 15 debut with The Beginning: the Wind Page.
  • Younite put out the track sampler for Bit pt.1, to be released on May 17.
  • Joohoney (Monsta X) shared the schedule ahead of his solo debut with Lights on May 22.
    • In related news: Hyungwon and Shownu will debut as Monsta X’s first unit later this summer.
  • Enhypen showed the “Half” side of their May 22 return with Dark Blood.
  • KARD released the first teaser for Icky, out on May 23.
  • Ab6ix dropped the concept trailer for their May 29 return with The Future is Ours: Lost.
  • KOZ Entertainment began teasing the members of their upcoming boy group, Boy Next Door. The group will debut on May 30.
  • B.I. announced his new album To Die For and its track list ahead of it’s June 1 release.
  • An Infinite comeback might be on the horizon, just in time for their debut anniversary.
  • NCT‘s Taeyong will make his solo debut in June.

Other News

  • Snuper disbanded after seven years.
  • Kim Jaejoong along with the former vice president of Cube Entertainment, Nam Hyun-tae, have started their own agency: iNKODE.
  • Jinyoung (Got7) will begin his military service on May 8.
  • After fan protest, SM rebooked a larger venue for Shinee‘s 15th debut anniversary fan meeting.
  • Xiker‘s Junghoon tore his cruciate ligament and requires surgery. He will take a hiatus to focus on recovery.
  • Se7en and Lee Da Hae were married on May 6. Congrats!

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