Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review. Here’s all the news you might have missed over the past week:


SM Entertainment Co-CEO Lee Sung-soo uploaded two videos to his personal youtube channel. In one he accused Lee Soo-man of tax evasion and fraud; in the other, he announced his resignation as CEO.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Shinee’s Key was the “Killer” in latest comeback. Check out our review here!
  • tripleS were “Rising” starts in debut MV.
  • StayC showed off their cute charms in “Teddy Bear.” Look out for our review!
  • Tri.Be embraced their youth in “We Are Young.” 
  • Just B came back with “MBTI” featuring AleXa
  • Purple Kiss made their sultry return with “Sweet Juice.” 
  • TNX returned with “Love or Die.”

Teasers & Announcements

  • The Boyz shared the highlight melody for Be Awake; set to drop on February 20.  
  • E’Last released concept photos for February 20 comeback with “Thrill.” 
  • Woodz is scheduled to drop his pre-single “Abyss” on February 22.
  • Lucy began to spoil lyrics ahead of February 23 comeback with Insert Coin. 
  • Ab6ix Park Woo Jin is preparing to make his solo debut with oWn on February 27.
  • Hwang Min Hyun shared the mood board for Truth or Lie; set to release on February 27. 
  • OnlyOneOf continued to tease March 2 return with “seOul drift.”
  • Exo’s Kai will return with “Rover” on March 3. 
  • Cravity dropped schedule for Master: Piece March 6 release.  
  • Shinee’s Onew will make his solo comeback on March 6. 
  • Cherry Bullet will make their return on March 7. 
  • Yuju will also return on March 7 with O
  • Twice dropped track list for “Set Me Free;” set to drop on March 10.
  • Fromis_9 confirmed they will be coming back in mid-March. 
  • IVE is confirmed to make a comeback in April with their first regular album. 

Other News

  • Sogumm announced her departure from AOMG
  • SF9 Jaeyoon will make his military enlistment on March 21st.
  • BPM plans to take legal action against those spreading malicious rumors on their artist. 
  • All members of Brave Girls have left Brave Entertainment following contract expirations. 
  • Woo Hyelim has left rrr Entertainment after choosing not to renew her contract. Momoland has disbanded.

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