Welcome to the eighth episode of Pass the K-popcorn, where the Seoulbeats team get together to discuss their thoughts on K-entertainment and share their personal experiences.

Trick or treat! The season of horror has arrived as we step into October–the month of Halloween. In this episode of Pass the K-popcorn, Karen, Janine, and Sarah celebrate Halloween in advance by discussing the realm of Korean Zombies. Unlike Western stereotypes, Korean portrayals seem to concern more than the individual and question overwhelming structures of power. Listen in for a peek into this horrifying yet intriguing world of the undead.

Listen to it here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/2pbGyTkSfYtNDbgRU5CTxa?si=f1af9306dcda4cf4

0:01:43 Stepping into the world of Korean zombies

  • Train to Busan, The Guard Post, The Wailing

0:11:56 Korean zombie films veering away from Western zombies

  • #Alive, All of Us Are Dead, Kingdom

0:21:41 All of Us Are Dead–A reflection on Korean’s education system and young people

0:28:40 Kingdom–Playing with lore, sustaining the narrative, and political commentary

0:36:31 #Alive–Working with a small cast and musings on human connection

0:39:41 No guns, more fear and creativity

0:45:19 Recommendations

(Music by lrobinson_sds and JuliusH from Pixabay)

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