Welcome to the fourth episode of Pass the K-popcorn, where the Seoulbeats team get together to discuss their thoughts on K-entertainment and share their personal experiences.

A month has passed since 2022 started, but the writers and editors at Seoulbeats are still brimming with excitement for the new year. In this episode, they gather to discuss their hopes for the K-entertainment scene in the upcoming year, as well as talk about what they don’t want to be carried over from 2021.

Listen to it here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0X4PSMUZYm8IfdpWUAOcsu?si=5fa39a3464cb4782

0:02:26 Trends from 2021 rolling into 2022

0:04:45 2000 music influences are back

0:07:32 Eric Nam‘s music creation and music influences

0:13:59 The girl group renaissance of pop and Kingdom

0:19:48 Blend of traditional and contemporary sensibilities

0:25:42 Groups leaving their companies

0:33:14 Looking back on 2021’s dramas and heightened realism

0:48:53 Boom in slice-of-life and introspective shows (with realism)

0:55:14 The intrigue with Island (2022)

  • Park Seo-joon in The Divine Fury
  • The Fiery Priest and Save Me

1:03:24 Things we liked in 2021 and want in 2022

(Song Exploder, YouTube [1][2]. Music by lrobinson_sds from Pixabay)