Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review. Here’s all the news you might have missed over the past week:


  • During their 2022 Festa broadcast, the members of BTS announced that they will be taking a musical break to focus on solo projects. The announcement saw a 28% decrease in HYBE stock prices and warranted swift half-corrections from both the company and the members. Although hiatus and break are synonyms, HYBE insists the group is only doing one of those things. Regardless, fans can look forward to new releases starting with J-Hope’s solo album and filmed group content.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • Wonho got a little “Crazy” in his latest MV. Check out our MV review and Façade album review.
  • Bugaboo were bright and colorful in “Pop.”
  • Drippin’ rebelled against the system in “Zero.”
  • Pixy were reborn as “Villian“s.
  • Omega X encouraged fans to “Play Dumb.”
  • BDC kept things slow and nostalgic for “Blue Sky.”
  • Dawn and his dancers made some fantastic fashion choices in “Stupid Cool.”
  • The Boyz released the limited single “Sweet.

Teasers & Announcements

  • Kep1er embraced summer in the MV teasers for “Up.” Their album Doublast will be released on June 20.
  • The album preview and MV teaser are out for Loona’s Flip That. The special summer album is set for release on June 20.
  • Youngjae shared the highlight medley and MV teaser for his June 21 release, Sugar.
  • KARD will also return on the 21st with “Ring the Alarm.”
  • Nayeon has been sharing song spoilers on Instagram. She will make her solo debut with Im Nayeon on June 24.
  • Jungkook and Charlie Puth will come together for “Left and Right” on June 24.
  • fromis_9 shared beachy audio teasers and concept images for From Our Memento Box, out on June 27.
  • Lee Minhyuk (Huta) began to share themed image teasers ahead of his solo return with Boom on June 27.
  • Sunmi dropped the first teaser and comeback schedule for her June 29 return with 37℃.
  • Heaps of rebellious teaser photos and concept videos are being released for Enhypen‘s Manifesto: Day 1, out on July 4.
  • The comeback schedule is out for Aespa‘s Girls. Though the comeback isn’t officially until July 8, the schedule is jam-packed with pre-releases including the MV for “Life’s Too Short” on June 24.

Other News

  • MBC‘s Idol Star Athletics Championship will be returning this Chuseok.

(YouTube, Naver. Images via: HYBE, JYPE.)