Welcome to another edition of SB Week in Review. Here’s all the news you might have missed over the past week:


  • Early this week, there was an anonymous post uploaded on Nate Pann claiming that an actor coerced her to abort her baby and later covered a small portion of the entire procedure. Actor Kim Seonho was suspected, and he later stepped forward acknowledging it was him and issued a vague apology for his actions. The victim later edited her post to add that she had received a personal apology and did not intend for the issue to blow up as much as it did. Meanwhile, the actor has left 2 Days & 1 Night and two of his upcoming movies, and the photobook release of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha has been cancelled.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • IU dreamt of a fantasy in “Strawberry Moon“. Take a look at our MV review!
  • Lee Jinhyuk was about anything but the “Work Work” in his comeback MV. Check out our MV review!
  • Coldplay released Suga‘s Remix for their collaboration with BTS, “My Universe“.
  • Infinite‘s Woohyun explored different sides of himself in “Calm & Passion“.
  • CN Blue were ready for a showdown in the much-awaited “Love Cut“.
  • Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk wanted to “Be” in the moment in his latest MV.
  • CL was feeling herself in her comeback with “Tie A Cherry“.
  • Black Pink‘s Lisa jammed out with Ozuna and Megan Thee Stallion in DJ Snake‘s “SG“.
  • Seventeen were ready to “Rock With You” in their latest comeback.

Teasers & Announcements

  • NCT 127 return with Favorite, their 3rd album repackage, on October 25.
  • Bugaboo debut with “Bugaboo” on October 25.
  • Epex drop “Do 4 Me” on October 26.
  • Just B come back with “Just Beat” on October 27.
  • Park Jihoon‘s Hot & Cold drops on October 28.
  • Somi releases her first album, XOXO, on October 29.
  • November 1 sees 2AM‘s return with Ballad 21 F/W.
  • The Boyz‘s drop Maverick on November 1.
  • Laboum make a comeback with Blossom on November 3.
  • TO1 return with Re:Alize on November 4.
  • “Friends”, sung by BTS’ V and Jimin and a b-side off Map of the Soul: 7, will be part of the OST of Marvel‘s Eternals, which premieres on November 5.
  • Oneus has teased their November 9 comeback — Blood Moon — with a clip for “Intro: Window“.
  • B.I. drops Cosmos on November 11.
  • Monsta X‘s upcoming English album, The Dreaming, drops December 10th.

Other News

  • Girls Planet 999 has come to an end, and the final line-up will debut as Kep1er in December this year.
  • BTS is leaving Columbia Records for Universal Music Group with regards to music distribution and marketing within the U.S. This comes after Universal and Hybe announced a partnership and a new boy group earlier this year.
  • CL has signed with Tap Music, joining artists like Hailee Steinfeld, Dua Lipa, Lana Del Rey, and more.

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