It’s already August, meaning 2/3 of the year is wrapping up — and so is summer! While we can’t talk enough about how fast time is going, reaching this point in time has made me reflect on how this season went. Once highly anticipated, it was now just another season as I went to my usual 8 to 5 job, working on my computer desk to earn the bills. But after clocking out, I still made time to enjoy the beautiful sunset that summer skies always paint – whether through a walk, listening to music, or going out for ice cream. 

However you would enjoy a sunset, here is a curated playlist that’ll help you to truly unwind and enjoy the cotton candy skies after a long day. Whether you hustled, laughed till your stomach hurt, crammed summer school assignments, or got sunburnt from the pool — this is for anyone and everyone who enjoys zoning out to one of summer’s best treats. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts, before fall colors settle in to bring forth a whole new aesthetic.