Since last year, Weeekly have been slowly but surely carving out a name for themselves in the K-pop world, and with their latest comeback they continue to build upon their promising reputation. A fitting release for the summer season,  “Holiday Party” demonstrates the group’s consistent charm but avoids being repetitive.

Just over a year old, Weeekly have already become somewhat synonymous with their own brand of bright and bubbly atmosphere in their songs and MVs. With their fourth EP, Play Game: Holiday, they keep that energy going.

It can be easy to dismiss good ol’ bubbly K-pop amongst heavier and more intense releases, but the way Weeekly embrace girlhood is badass in their own way. Despite bustling with a certain teenage energy, they step away from the trope of the lovestruck teenage girl and put out releases with messages implicitly and explicitly referencing youth and friendship (or both). The catchy and colourful “Holiday Party” is no exception. While the MV is nothing unexpected of the group, it does contain minor details that keeps “Holiday Party” engaging.

In line with previous releases, “Holiday Party” is seemingly simple and eye-catching. The narrative of the MV is easy to follow; Weeekly receive a mysterious invite to a party, they come up with a plan to get there, and then they party it up. However, a closer look reveals many familiar parallels between “Holiday Party” and Weeekly’s other releases. It comes as no surprise that three of the group’s latest releases, including “Holiday Party”, were directed by the same person: JIMMY (VIA productions).

An obvious common element is the bold factors. In the case of “Holiday Party”, pink is a dominant colour scheme, which is evident in everything from their outfits to their sets. For example, the pink desert lounge in which they watch movies, play mini-golf, and destroy a piñata seems typical of a Weeekly MV. However, there are some distinctly blue-tinged scenes, which indicate their presence in space. They travel through a door with the title ‘Galaxy Train’, to find a place to party that is literally out of this world. The concept of travelling to alternate worlds should be familiar to viewers of “After School”, as it also featured some multidimensional travel. While a consistent element, it ties in seamlessly with the song:

I’ll stop the clock so can you turn off your phone?

Like a playground from out of this world

Let’s open our own fun party

There are familiar elements in the details too. Engaging graphics that emphasize sound effects and gestures contribute pops of fun to any scene, and “Holiday Party” contains its fair share. Minimalism is not a term Weeekly seem to be familiar with as almost every scene contains a multitude of colours, props, graphics, and seamless transitions. Far from being overwhelming, these techniques and details keep the MV energetic and bright as the ladies of Weeekly have a good, wholesome time. 

Part of Weeekly’s charm is their earnest embrace of youth from the perspective of girls. Indeed, many of their MVs featured a school setting or other direct references to student life. However, this is where “Holiday Party” strays from their previous releases. Perhaps “Holiday Party” signals a shift away from a distinctly student-centred concept, as they continue to grow from girls into young ladies. An alternate outlook is that “Holiday Party” is summer break. Summer isn’t quite over after all, and what better time to let off some steam than a holiday? Either way, this minor shift is what keeps “Holiday Party” fresh. While it may lack the beachy scenes required for a summery MV, this particular release captures the essence of any holiday well spent with friends.

Let’s have a party like it’s a holiday, pit a pat

Dance very rashly, party game

All night, let’s be loud and play

Until the morning

The song, while simple, is catchy and a great motivation to have some good, wholesome fun with your friends. As the song’s counterpart, the MV is a hectic but amusing montage of girls doing exactly that. A task like laundry, with the right people, is an adventure in the form of an accidental foam party.

“Holiday Party” captures the best of Weeekly with some fresh details to keep it both fun and charming. Whether it gets you feeling nostalgic for your simpler days or it encourages a last bout of fun for the summer, “Holiday Party” seems to be a solid step in the right direction for the promising girl group.

(YouTube. Lyrics via Klyrics. Images via Play M Entertainment.)